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The dark cabal’s agenda never serves the best interest of humanity; they want you to fund the next world war. Illuminati and all other secret societies of the dark cabal knows just how close we are to a victory that is to restore all to full consciousness

The dark cabal’s agenda never serves the best interest of humanity; they want you to fund the next world war. Illuminati and all other secret societies of the dark cabal knows just how close we are to a victory that is to restore all to full consciousness.

This cabal seems to want to ensure that there is little chance that ordinary people do not to restorel to full consciousness. Besides secrecy and deceit, this cabal uses fear, intimidation, and ridicule as a defense in maintaining their control. Since fear is such a strong motivator, and we tend to fear what we don’t know, this cabal is in a position to control us by keeping the masses in the darkness.

Governments around the world are not working for the best interests of humanity, or for the interests of the people who supposedly elected them. Otherwise why is the world in such a mess… crashed economies, austerity measures, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, famine, disease, pollution, endless bloody wars and, of course, uncontrollable (?) ‘Terrorism’

Many conspiracy modelers put the Freemasons, at least the more esoteric cabals within that large group, at the heart of the dark-grid machinations behind govern-ments. The term Illuminatus (plural: Illuminati) is used confusingly, both to indicate enlightened, benevolent spiritual leaders and the infernal leaders of the Antichrist pulling the strings of money, religion, and political power.

Of course it serves the agenda of the dark grid well when a topic such as this is rife with confusion and con-tradiction. Researcher Nicholas Hagger calls this shadow government of bankers, oil men, and others, the Syndicate: “These global interests, focused today around money and oil, act in concert,” he writes, noting “its influence is so pervasive, its ideas so rational,” and its size bigger and more powerful than even its own members realize, that presidents and prime ministers blindly “act in its interest without considering the logical outcome.” Nicholas Hagger, The Syndicate.

Their agenda is to establish a One World Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries. Their intention is to develop complete and total control over every human being on the planet.

The Global Control System & Its Ultimate Aims

As we see the earth from our vantage, there is indeed an established authoritarian global control system that artificially manipulates the collective perceptions of humanity. A variety of modern techniques are employed to do this successfully, but some are more common than others. For examples, mass transmissions of misleading information, subliminal messages, fear propaganda,

soda) conditionings, organized religion, racism, politics, nationality, classification, culture, pseudo sciences, illicit behavior and violent entertainment% etceteras. Just to name a few of those that are more or less known. But this ongoing global manipulation program has an even more sinister purpose behind it.

The real motive is to weaken the moral fiber and suppress the spiritual nature of mankind in order to ascertain your eternal allegiance and servitude to them and their celestial masters.

Excessive amounts of resources are used to pursue four main objectives rigorously to achieve this:

  • Mislead the human psyche by distorting and falsifying all accessible informations—notably history as well as current actualities.
  • Disconnect man from the infinite source of his being by concealing and twisting the true nature of reality, the universe, and the fundamental unity of all that exist.
  • Promote narcissism and vainglorious pride as laudable expressions of great successes and achievements in order to exalt egotism and thereby constrain humanity to the divisive realm of duality. This generates conflicts, which maintain a persistent climate of fear and insecurity among the populaces of the planet.
  • Control the global narratives of history and current issues, living habits, and socioeconomic activities of all mankind through deceptive information, dogmas, programming, mass hypnosis, conditionings and indoctrinations.

For centuries, moving according to a scripted plan, which was spedfically designed by this dark cabal of extreme personages has secretly manipulated and directed human affairs to accumulate vast resources and wealth, consolidate and centralize all global authorities in order to create what they notoriously hail as a New World Order”— which is a plutocratic planetary government that is answerable to no one but itself.

And they are now vigorously trying to finalize that long-cherished goal. As we’ve said before, most of the current problems that affect particularly the biosphere, the eco-system, the economics, the political and social structures of the planet are anything but normal or accidental events.

They are deliberately orchestrated, and are intended to do one thing: provoke global chaos. But why do they want chaos?

Because it can quickly destabilize and break up society, which is exactly what they need in order to execute their plan, by proposing new solutions to reorganize the world after their own choosing. In fad, according to their doctrine, political turmoil and social disruption are the most effective means to bring about drastic and comprehensive legal reforms rapidly.

So, disorder is the critical keystroke in their nefarious machination to finalize their conquest for full-spectrum global domination and officially impose their new order.

This is the forerunner, which prepares the terrain for them to implement and enforce radical changes; such as abolishing existing laws that guarantee civil liberties and passing new ones that revoke them, and so forth.

Sociologically, the conflict creates a dean platform for them to continue to enfold and prosecute their nefarious agenda with impunity and no opposition.

Politically, it not only offers novel opportunities to do what they could not do before without force, but it also provokes a massive trust and authority vacuum, which they can easily fill up with little to no resistance under the circumstances.

At this crucial moment of tremendous political, social and economic upheavals, the greatest danger mankind has ever faced in history is the possibility of this dark cabal getting its way in provoking a Third World War.

This is the last violent scenario they are hoping for to bring in the “New World Order.” It is the final drama on their script that must transpire before they completely disenfranchise and enslave humanity, or rather, whatever that will be left of it.

As we’ve said before, an infernal conspiracy to cause this unthinkable situation and attain their ultimate goal, which is to decimate over 90% of the global population, has been unfolding for many centuries now.

Since they reached the final phase of their plan a few decades ago, much was done to provoke and escalate social unrests, economic hardships, corruption, famine, pandemics, crimes, terror, and political instability throughout the world.

They silenced, suppressed, and concealed the works of all genuine scientists. They censored and counterfeited real science by replacing it with a politically bias and subservient pseudo-scientific community.

They infiltrated all the leading established religious institutions in the world. These organized cults were never genuine, but some of their leaders have been issued new orders.

With a handful of exceptions, the dark ones dominate the political, monetary, and legal systems of virtually all nations. No mainstream movements or organizations exist without their permission. They have covertly placed all global communication networks under censorship and compelled them to diffuse only the version of events that suit their agenda.

Overall, there is hardly any philosophical idea, religious thought, or scientific invention conceived in the last three centuries that has not been tested for its usefulness, as a control device or employed, in one way or another, to manipulate the global population, with the endgame of planetary hegemony and human destruction in mind. These ads and many more, we have observed and documented since the start of our mission here.

The Three Pillars of the Cabal’s Power Structure Government, Science & Religion
The overarching matrix of the dark cabal is quite a complex and sophisticated global control system, which is established and supported by the three most predominant institutions in the world:

  • 1 Government—the sole legitimate entity with the “legal authority” to enforce the cabal’s wishes on society.
  • 2 Religion—the traditional belief systems.
  • 3 Science—the technological inventions and applications of modern life.

Together, these three institutions constitute the foundation upon which stands the cabal’s edifice of authority and control over your planet. Every culture on earth is fundamentally influenced or dominated by one, two or all three of these pillars of power.

To the majority of the inhabitants on your sphere, government is never an option, but a necessity. Religion is also an indispensable factor in the lives of most Urantians. And science is firmly integrated in the social fabrics of all the progressing civilizations. Therefore, it is obvious why the dark ones chose these three main components of civilization to wield their influence and control the world.

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