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Same Illuminati people will run the One World Government, a world in the hands of a very few people. One without the other is an imbalance. This is why people say, “Oh don’t talk to me about the conspiracy, it’s negative.” No, knowledge is never negative, ignorance is negative. That’s not about ignoring or not wanting to hear negative stuff. It’s about escapism from what was really going on. Your will to change and improve as an individual has to be stronger than the will of the globalists to control you in order to free yourself from their invisible force of manipulation

Same Illuminati people will run the One World Government, a world in the hands of a very few people. One without the other is an imbalance. This is why people say, “Oh don’t talk to me about the conspiracy, it’s negative.” No, knowledge is never negative, ignorance is negative. That’s not about ignoring or not wanting to hear negative stuff. It’s about escapism from what was really going on. Your will to change and improve as an individual has to be stronger than the will of the globalists to control you in order to free yourself from their invisible force of manipulation

The Illuminati and the forces behind the Coming One World Government who will run and control Planet Earth

They lock onto people at the electromagnetic field level and then begin dictating certain agenda through that — including the perceptions and behaviors of the possessed people. They talk about the Gnostics where the Archons are able to create something that they call Hal. It translates as “wait for it.”

What are virtual realities? They have the ability to make people see things that aren’t actually there. How do they do that? By manipulating the way that people construct reality in the few cubic centimeters at the back of the brain, that’s how.

They’re turning women into men and men into non-entities; everything is turned upside down.

This is the force of hybrid bloodline which is why these elite families are so obsessed with bloodline. They are forming a hybrid energetic field, which is much closer to the energetic field of these Archontic entities. People who are at the top believe they are a separate species.

In fact, they are separate species, because they have been creating bad energy or frequency closely related to these Archontic entities that operate outside of human sight. The possession of these bloodlines is far more powerful than it is of the general population. So when you look at the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s and all these British Royal family people, you are looking at these Archontic entities incarnated into human existence. It would be like if you had a remote robot, or when they send the Mars Rover to Mars, it’s being run from Houston. They have no empathy. They have no conscience. They are running this whole society to bring a total human control.

We need not to play the stadium of violence and stuff that we are talking about, because that’s the stadium, that’s what they want or that’s their game. We need to play this awakening transformation out in the stadium in which it’s actually coming from. It is another human perception of reality. This is why it’s so important when we put this information out about what the plan and the agenda is. We never give the impression that it’s a done deal and it’s going to happen. It’s just information to alert people so they can act appropriately at the right moment.

One without the other is an imbalance. This is why people say, “Oh don’t talk to me about the conspiracy, it’s negative.” No, knowledge is never negative, ignorance is negative. That’s not about ignoring or not wanting to hear negative stuff. It’s about escapism from what was really going on. Your will to change and improve as an individual has to be stronger than the will of the globalists to control you in order to free yourself from their invisible force of manipulation.

The so-called spirituality wouldn’t talk about negative conspiracies. That’s an imbalance, but if we talk about only the five sense level of the conspiracy, and not that the deeper levels of the nature of reality from which that five sense level can be understood from a much great understanding, that’s an imbalance as well.

There’s a huge awakening and the globalists are in trouble. They want people to basically believe that they are powerless. When we see this giant build-up of police/state control is a good indicator that the system is desperately trying to get humanity back on the reservation. The prime reason for this massive imposition and escalation of the Orwellian state globally is that they’re trying to get more power. As the human mind awakens and expands its sense of the possibility. Instead of living your life looking through the wrong end of a telescope and seeing everything as “I can’t, it’s impossible and everything is limited” you start to expand your awareness of possibility and when you do that everything changes.

If you’re looking through the wrong end of a telescope will have no alternative to the official story because you haven’t got any alternative. If you expand your mind and your awareness to the problem to offer a solution, becomes a byproduct of the attack on gun ownership. Then you do have an alternative to the lie and suddenly the lie is under a challenge.

Text Source: The End of Illuminati – The Losing Power of Secret Societies by Greg Norton.

Weishaupt wanted to destroy Christianity and replace it with Deism, the religion of reason. Some Deists believe that God never intervenes in human affairs. The Illuminati don´t anyone to intervene in their global affairs.

The leaders understood that their success depended on secrecy, and once the world understood their true intent, it would be too late to stop the plans or fix the damage.

Only the inner circle understood the group’s real purpose: to win power and riches, to undermine secular and religious government, to obtain mastery of the world.

Everyone else was told that they were creating a one-world government to prevent all future wars. Weishaupt instructed them to “speak sometimes one way, sometimes another, so that our real purpose should remain impenetrable to our inferiors.” Illuminati members become and do whatever is necessary to accomplish their objectives.

We would like to point out that this is a minority of a minority, a small group of souls who belong to the so-called dark forces, which are comprised of about 20% of the extraterrestrials who have influenced humanity since the beginning of civilized Earth.

However several of these misguided souls wield a lot of Earthly power, in terms of wealth and influence. From a fourth density point of view (and higher), this power is an illusion, and that is precisely why this group would like to eliminate the souls who pose the greatest threat to their plans. This dark sect feels threatened by anyone who would expose their inner and outer workings.

It is this small group that opposes advancement in the sciences and medicine, by pushing drugs and food additives that are known to be dangerous.

A somewhat larger group of dark Illuminati are not hell-bent on destroying 90% of humanity, but do desire to retain what power they seem to already possess, and want to increase this power exponentially by creating a one world government under the control of a one world banking system.

These souls are behind the consolidation of the major media outlets and the drumming up of mass hysteria regarding terrorists.

The New World Order is Really Old The old world order, masquerading as the new world order, will never come to fruition because too many souls are waking up to the fact that the only real security comes from within. Although some are discouraged and feel like simply giving up and going along with the herd, a large number of souls are “mad as hell and will not take it anymore.”

There are many programs and projects underway to help the dark ones fulfill their agendas.

Consumerism is a form of economics that depends on souls’ addiction to improving or modifying the physical body (and mind) in order to overcome the deep sense of inadequacy. There is always a need for more and more and more. Not just more, but better and better. Products are continually improved. While this might be beneficial to a certain degree, companies go far beyond merely improving their products. A device that is fully functional and serves its purpose is periodically discarded in favor of something that fits the latest trends, or is now in style (according to some arbitrary decision made in a board room somewhere).

Clothing and jewelry that may serve a useful function are suddenly outdated and a new line of fashions are now in style (according to some arbitrary decision by a fashion designer somewhere, along with a whole lot of slick, glossy advertisements in trade publications, magazines, and other media). The basic message underneath consumerism is quite simple: You are inadequate and your life will get better if you buy the right brand of this or that, or more of these, or less of those. If you are advised to buy less of something, you can be sure that this is to create a temporary state of lack so that something else can be bought to fill the empty hole.

The only empty hole, in reality, is the one you create in your own consciousness by believing you are lacking or limited in some way. As you let go of the belief that the one with the most toys wins, and recognize your inner prosperity, fullness and completeness, you will no longer have any desire to spend endless hours shopping in malls, or browsing through online catalogs.

For many conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati is the ultimate secret society, a cabal that stretches its tentacles of control to encompass the entire world. According to these theorists, the members of the Illuminati are the real rulers of the world, and they have been pulling the strings from behind the scenes for centuries. They have infiltrated every government and every aspect of society around the planet—and some say that their ultimate goal is to accomplish a satanic New World Order, a one-world government, that will prepare Earth’s citizens for the coming of the Antichrist. The term “Illuminati” was first used by Spanish occultists toward the end of the fifteenth century to signify those alchemists and magicians who appeared to possess the “light” of spiritual illumination from a higher source. The term may have originated in the Gnostic dualism of the forces of Light and Darkness, and many individuals who claimed to be Illuminati, those enlightened by a higher wisdom, joined the Rosicrucians and took refuge in France to escape the fires of the Spanish Inquisition. The Illuminati of history, rather than legend, was a secret society known as the Order of the Illuminati and was founded in the city of Ingolstadt in the southern German monarchy of Bavaria on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt, a twenty-eight-year-old professor of religious law. Beginning with only five members, Weishaupt’s order grew slowly, numbering about sixty in five cities by 1780. The professor deliberately blended mysticism into the workings of the brotherhood in order to make his agenda of republicanism appear to be more mysterious than those of a political reform group. He joined the Masons in Munich in 1777 and adopted many of their classes and orders and promised his initiates that they would receive a special communication of occult knowledge as they advanced higher in the ranks of the Illuminati.

The Rothschilds and the Illuminati connection

There are plenty of sources which claim that the aforementioned Mayer Amschel Rothschild became increasingly wealthy, and that it was his money which funded The Bavarian Illuminati, which I referred to earlier. Indeed so plentiful are the independent unrelated sources about the Rothschilds, that one must conclude that there is something amiss with this family. 461 One author claims that it was Rothschild who had drawn up the plans for The Illuminati organisation as far back as 1770, and Gary Kah in his book ‘En route to Global Occupation’ also details the Rothschilds’ financial backing for them. 462 463 Even Rabbi Marvin Antelman has argued for direct Rothschild involvement, along with Adam Weishaupt’s role. 464 Bearing in mind our knowledge about the Bavarian Illuminati, this means that Rothschild had managed to work his monetary schemes, not just within Cabbalist circles, but also within illuminised Freemasonry, because The Bavarian Illuminati had infiltrated Freemasonry at that time; specifically through the Masonic conference of Wilhelmsbad. In fact according to two other sources, this meeting was at Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s castle in that town. 465 By this time, the Rothschilds had also managed to financially influence a number of governments in Europe too, through their increasing banking power and loans to various governments. This pattern has been repeatedly followed by the Rothschild dynasty; today they have incredible wealth and power. Interestingly eminent British historian Nesta Webster, also independently associates Mayer Rothschild with the Bavarian Illuminati. Springmeier is more nuanced with his treatment of the Rothschild support of the Bavarian Illuminati, although he does contend that by 1782 such was a possibility.

There are individuals who feel that they are enlightened; they are the inteligencia. These individuals first spawned in Europe and they created an ultra-secret organization called the Illuminati. The word “Illuminati” literally means … the enlightened ones. Those who have the answer to all problems. They can run banks, educational systems, and governments. They have been enlightened by Lucifer, whom they claim is the very individual who is now working and guiding all nations into a one-world government, and his adepts. Those who worship Lucifer, by name, will be those ruling this government.

The Rothschilds and Freemasonry

It is worth noting that the evidence proves that a number of Rothschilds were also Freemasons, not just Cabbalists. Freemason William Denslow, who wrote the reference book ‘10,000 Famous Freemasons’, refers to a few Rothschilds who were known to be Freemasons, and that they were of the highest degrees.4647 Fritz Springmeier also claims that:

The House of Rothschild practices and emphasis on Babylonian magic… According to their own secret family genealogy, which is recorded in a sacred secret book, the Rothschilds are descended from Nimrod, the great Babylonian warrior ruler’.

We know that they infiltrated the highest ranks of Freemasonry, and thus illuminised Freemasonry along with The Illuminati proper, also desires a ‘World Empire’. But now we have the powerful Rothschild family, some of whom are members of the present day Illuminati, are Cabbalists, the funders of the original Bavarian Illuminati, as well as being associated with the highest ranks of Freemasonry, all inter-relating together. The Rothschilds also adopted the Cabbalist Star of David as their personal symbol,

Many of the global organizations and movements, essentially act as a ‘front’ for the Illuminati’s hidden agenda. Thus the Rothschilds are like a common denominator between all these things.

  1. The secret society is in communication with alien life-forms, which are the real powers behind the society. This may be beings from another dimension. Perhaps the two are the same.
  2. The purpose with the society is to create a ‘One World Government’ with them in charge over mankind but above them in the Hierarchy is the Luciferian, ‘alien’ force.
  3. The way to control the masses is through mind control and occult, power, used with the intent to manipulate. This also means that the occult idea of reality will be planted into the society through Media, music, Hollywood and otherwise, currently happening on a daily basis.
  4. The reward will be power and money, in exchange for selling the soul to the above forces. This is a high price to pay for success. In 1922 Lucifer’s Trust was created in London but later changed its name to Luci’s Trust, as the first name was too obvious. The Trust is non-governmental and officially recognized by the United Nations. It is also an extension of the Theosophical Society,

Luci’s Trust is sponsored by many and organizations.

Luci’s Trust has its only religious chapel, the ‘Temple of Understanding’, where Satanism is practiced; in the UN headquarter in New York. Interesting is the fact that Luci’s Trust openly declares that a secretive group of illuminated, New Age notables is now running the planet from behind the scene.

David Rockefeller is part of Lucis Trust’s management.

The, presently, number one member of thy dynasty, David Rockefeller takes an active part also in the control of the “Lucis Trust”. The name of this private, elite society refers to the light or Lucifer. In addition, David Rockefeller is the member of the Board Cadence Industries, which publishes several newspapers, the task of which is to make the youth acquainted with the occultism.

Among a group of international trustees who run the Lucis Trust are the leading lights of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), including David Rockefeller’s nephew, John D. Rockefeller IV, Robert McNamara, Norman Cousins and Henry Kissinger. As Terry Melanson pointed out, “this would then tie Bailey’s influential occult organization into the international conspiracy of elitists, including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergs, and the Trilateral Commission.”‘

In his book ‘Terrorism & The Illuminati, Canadian author, David Livingstone’s own investigations revealed that the Lucis Trust is run by an international board of trustees, whose membership is said to have included: John D. Rockefeller, Norman Cousins, Robert S. McNamara, Thomas Watson, Jr. of IBM, and former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, Henry Clauson, a Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33rd Degree, Southern District Scottish Rite, and Henry Kissinger, thus tying Bailey’s organization into the various Round Table groups, including the CFR, the Bilderberger group, and the Trilateral Commission.

Same people will run the One World Government, a world in the hands of a very few people.

There are many prominent names associated with this dream of a New World Order down through the decades. No one can be sure of all of their motives; perhaps they really were altruistic. There is no doubt and no secrecy, however, about what many prominent people, like David Rockefeller, thought: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

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