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Literary alchemy is a snapshot of this anotheosis by alchemical transformation. When the kundalini reaches the last and highest center, sahasrara chakra (thousand-petaled lotus) in the brain, he becomes perfectly detached from his body and mind and his soul is freed from all limitations caused by time and space

Literary alchemy is a snapshot of this anotheosis by alchemical transformation. When the kundalini reaches the last and highest center, sahasrara chakra (thousand-petaled lotus) in the brain, he becomes perfectly detached from his body and mind and his soul is freed from all limitations caused by time and space.

Evolution during many incarnations of his Soul. As the chakras open, Consciousness expands from individual to group and Divine. There are three main stages in this longterm process:

  • passing the Path of Evolution with the Consciousness of an average person, when the three lower chakras (Muladhara, Svadhisthana and Nlanipura) play a decisive role in development;
  • the formation of the Soul on the Path of discipleship and development on the basis of the Energies transformed by the supra-diaphragmatic chakras (Anahata, Vishuddha, Aina and Sahasrara);
  • acceptance of the First and subsequent Four Initiations during the main life activity on the Energies of the two higher chakras – Ajna and Sahasrara.

In the lower center rests othe One who created the World, Coiled-up-Ring-Power» – Kundalini-Shakti, which in the process of the manifestation of the Universe sequentially separated from itself all the other centers and centers of Forces. According to the eastern tradition, «Kundalini creates and maintains both the World and the body, and, ascending up from center to center, dissolves them in itself.» Thus, a person is freed from the chains of the manifested World and acquires his true Nature.

But for this to happen, the (dement-Kundalinis must, having changed its horizontal position (in the form of a fiery scroll rolled up in three and a half turns) to a vertical one, straighten up and rush along the hollow canal of the spine, which must first be opened in a special way.

Rising from chakra to chakra, the Kundalini Fire awakens each of them in turn, endowing a person with supernormal forces inherent in the corresponding chakra.

In the area of the brain, Kundalini must merge with the highest chakra – Sahasrara – the center of cosmic Consciousness, thereby transforming and transmuting a person into a cosmic Being.

Life and Death are only two states of one Energy: in the first case, this Energy is in an active state, and in the second -in a resting, temporarily «sleeping. state. Only the actively manifested part of the Kundalini Energy is our life, the rest of it sleeps, as if it were not there at all.

Although we speak of Kundsdini as a °sleeping. Power, in fact it does not «sleep. at all- it is the central Power of the body, to which all the Energies working in it belong Considering the above, we can conclude that we are still only partially alive.

In our daily Life, this Power remains unclaimed and usually only a very small part of it functions, that which a person unconsciously provoked to be active. And since most of us are not constantly in a balanced state and in harmony, even this insignificant part of the Kundalini is directed against ourselves, causing many of our sufferings.

When this Power sleeps, our Consciousness is awake for the World around us, when it awakens, a person «falls asleep. for this World to acquire a different experience of Existence in completely different dimensions. When the Kundalini enters the chakras, they bloom; when she leaves them, they fade and go out.

We can say that Kundalini is, as it were, the focused Energy of the human Soul and body, it is the entire potential of a person and all his capabilities. The ways of awakening Kundalini are the ways of realizing the potential given to him by God.

The human body is a universal, permanent gerxrator of all kinds of Energy. This is what we call life the ability of a person to constantly create vital energy., coloring it into a wide range of feelings and anotions. If this ability disappears, then the person is already dead, altthough even after the Death of the physied body, the release of Energy from it and from the subtle bodies of the Soul amtinues.

A person fast is torn apart by contradictions; continuously generating Energy, he is constantly forced to solve the problem of its use. Precisely because he most often does not know where to apply it, he simply throws it out in the form of minimal outbursts and sensory outbursts, which are the main reason not so much for moments of joy and pleasure, but as an inexhaustible source of suffering and grief.

The release from the excess of Energy is accompanied by a feeling of only a short-term relief, because the Energy accumulates again and the body again faces the problem of how to get rid of its burden. The pleasure from the resulting relief is always negatively colored if it was just an act of releasing Energy outward, and not a creative process of its implementation inside the body.

True bliss is possible only when Kundalini blossoms inside, when you do not conflict with it, do not contradict each other, but on the contrary; use it as a source of inspiration and an assistant in your creativity, in whatever field it is manifested. This powerful Energy, if not consciously used, becomes a destructive, destructive Force; being used FULLY, it creates.

Thus, the Kundalini, as it awakens, steadily increases the vibrational action of not only the centers, but also each atom of Matter in all three bodies – etheric, astral and mental. This has a double effect on the entire body.

When the kundalini reaches the last and highest center, sahasrara chakra (thousand-petaled lotus) in the brain, he be-comes perfectly detached from his body and mind and his soul is freed from all limitations caused by time and space. Here the Yogi realizes his eternal existence and enjoys the bliss of the superconscious state.

You can imagine the crown to be a pole from a magnet and the conscious universe another. There are many references to our higher selves, our true selves which command our physical selves. This magnet is our connection to that higher self. If the energy flow is not aligned, you will be pushed away from your higher consciousness, and if it is too strong, you will be crushed. Consciousness is everywhere; it is the universe, so maintaining a balance between you and it, is the ultimate goal in becoming your higher self.

Awakening ajna opens unexpected realms of transformation, improving your state of consciousness and the ability to perceive your effect on others.

The crown chakra is the link to divine intelligence, wisdom, and understanding. A person with a balanced crown chakra feels a oneness with a higher universal power, enjoys a spiritual connection to something bigger than the individual self, and is open-minded. A balanced crown chakra allows a sense of peace in the knowledge that life has a deeper meaning than what’s on the surface.

Occult psychology views the mind as divided into the masculine active consciousness and the feminine passive unconscious. The art of mental cre-ation is an alchemical process of impregnating the unconscious mind with a seed or germinal idea, grasped by the consciousness.

Sahasrara means thousands of petals or unlimited magnitude. These unlimited petals are the doors of knowledge. These are doors or ways of liberation. In the Hindu religion, peace is not the ultimate goal of humankind. Vedas say that the ultimate goal is to gain liberation from this cycle of birth and death. The goal of expanding human consciousness is to solve the broader questions of the universe. People believe that once this chakra completely opens up, knowing anything becomes easy. Your consciousness and the consciousness of the universe become one at this point.

The final chakra on our journey to enlightenment is the crown chakra, or Sahasrara. Sahasrara translates to “thousand-petalled”, this name stems from the thousands of different aspects of consciousness which this chakra is responsible for. As the name suggests, this chakra is found in the crown of our heads. It is said to be the most subtle and detached chakra in our bodies, only ever being utilized by those who have dedicated themselves fully to the pursuit of enlightenment. It is said that all the other chakras emanate from this one chakra.

When one is able to raise their Kundalini up through all of the chakras and into Sahasrara. they achieve Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

This is a state of bliss and higher consciousness in which we are unwavered by whatever happens in the physical world. Those with the crown chakra opened can invoke a state of higher spirituality —one in which they are able to sever their ties to the earthly world and spiritually travel to other realms, see the past and future, and convene with spirits.

The Sahasrara is often associated with consciousness, connection to the spiritual world, liberation from earthly bonds, spiritual bliss, and higher wisdom or divine knowledge. This chakra is our primary link to the universe outside of our plane of existence.

This is our source of divine energy and the consciousness that makes us human. This chakra is a cork in our bottle; it holds us in our physical body, often for our own good. But those who master themselves and the world around them are given the strength to remove that cork and venture outside of the world they knew before.

The crown chakra has no element per se but is rather represented by the universe and the divine light that fueled creation. This chakra is completely detached from our world, and therefore no earthly element could represent it.

This chakra’s link to the divine light is because the Sahasrara is the center of our consciousness, and our consciousness is what makes us. The colors of this chakra are pure white and gold. White represents the purity of mind and spirit needed to reach here, as well as the purity of the spiritual world. Gold symbolizes the divine light of creation and the power of the Kundalini that has awakened us.

The Sahasrara chakra is visualized as a thousand-petalled lotus.

These petals are arranged in 20 rows each with 50 petals. The petals of this flower are multicolored and surround the center like a rainbow. The center of the flower is golden and within it is a shining triangle. This triangle can be both upward- and downward-facing. The Sahasrara chakra has no specific connections to any diety. This chakra is more representative of our journey to divinity. If a human is able to unlock it, they reach apotheosis, a level of divinity and spiritual strength that is celestial in its power.

Apotheosis – Enlightenment

Enlightenment is simply the recognition of your true essence as awareness; it is not something that you become, because the fictional self cannot become anything. The one that is aware is already it; it is already perfect and cannot become anything other than its already perfect nature.

This is why many spiritual seekers get confused because they continue to seek enlightenment as if it were some mystical state. Enlightenment is not a special experience that one can achieve after a certain amount of spiritual work—whether in the form of mediation, prayer, or self-inquiry. It can be the hardest thing or the easiest thing depending on the perspective. If one is seeking it as an objective experience, then one will take a thousand lifetimes. But if you realize that the eternal is without objective quality and is only here and now—then it is instant.

There was a story where after a Zen master heard his student saying, “I’m meditating to become a Buddha,” the master started to polish a rock. Upon seeing that, the student asked, “why are you polishing a rock?” The master answered: “I’m trying to make a mirror,” the student followed, “how can you make a mirror by polishing a rock?” Then the master replied, “how can you become a Buddha by meditating?”

Amber Wolfe, psychotherapist, defines personal alchemy as activation of individual choice. The individual chooses to transform oneself by consciously applying the power of the Self s internal aspect with nature’s external forces. The individual can then achieve self-transformation.’ Personal alchemy then turns the base material (human or little god) into gold (fully realized godhood). Personal alchemy is the means. Apotheosis is the goal.

In the Christianized Grail narratives, the shining figure of Christ is often portrayed within the Grail. This is an image of the radiant force of Spirit—sometimes called the Cosmic Christ—entering the soul.

The supernal force is also pictured as a light descending into the vessel. The beam of light is a masculine symbol: the highest transmutation of the Sword as a pure ray of the spiritual Sun: the first Light that emanates from out of the Void as the creative energy that gives rise to all the worlds.

This is the Light that pours down from above into the chalice of the soul, known to different traditions as the Vedic Soma, the Christian Holy Spirit, or the alchemical Heavenly Dew.

The masculine Sword has become a ray of pure Light streaming out from the Source of All to enter the feminine lunar Chalice. When the Light descends into the Grail, the ultimate goal of the spiritual seeker has been achieved. It is the supreme union of Soul and Spirit: the Divine Marriage, the Union of Opposites, the Conjunctio, or Alchemical Wedding—the apotheosis of the Grail Quest.

In, “The Age of Gold.’ Melodini writes. “the real aim of alchemy is to attain the apotheosis of the human mind through conscious creation.” It is this conscious attempt to free the spirit that is the abiding driver of all gnostic or hermetic pursuit and the ability of alchemy to capture that drive which makes it a fundamental of the esoteric tradition en masse,

Literary alchemy is a snapshot of this anotheosis by alchemical transformation.

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