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Ego, mass consciousness, negative fear programming, the human body bio-computer, FEAR keeps people ASLEEP, predictable lifestyle, transhumanism and technocracy creates mechanized and automatized beings more like predictable machines that can be programmed to do want the global controllers want´s, the more the computers thinking for humans the less brain awareness humans need to use and this is loss of will and creativity, The autopilot state of the mind is what prevents the third eye of intuition from be activated. The ego and intellect is the opposite to intuition, and may even be the enemy within because it prevents anything from be changed and evolved. The ego, intellect and autopilot prevents the third eye of intuition from opening.  Low vibrational frequencies controls all this progress of the human mind and humans even welcome this reality.

Ego, mass consciousness, negative fear programming, the human body bio-computer, FEAR keeps people ASLEEP, predictable lifestyle, transhumanism and technocracy creates mechanized and automatized beings more like predictable machines that can be programmed to do want the global controllers want´s, the more the computers thinking for humans the less brain awareness humans need to use and this is loss of will and creativity, The autopilot state of the mind is what prevents the third eye of intuition from be activated. The ego and intellect is the opposite to intuition, and may even be the enemy within because it prevents anything from be changed and evolved. The ego, intellect and autopilot prevents the third eye of intuition from opening.  Low vibrational frequencies controls all this progress of the human mind and humans even welcome this reality.

Mass consciousness will not work for nothing else than carnal desires of man or the desire consciousness.

The human being is considered to be nothing but a bio-computer made up of organic matter. And computers do not have a free will. They are meant to be manipulated and programmed.

Mass consciousness is a programming mentality program to become like all the others that also is programmed to be like all the others. And if one not follow this programmed progamming one will be excluded or the ego needs the collective cobsciousness to be able to exist. Humans can still decide how this influence us. We cannot change others. We can only change ourselves. One cannot change others or their programming to become like the others to fit in, one can only change the own programming to not become like programmed machine. When others understand how this programming is working through the mass consciousness they will be anle to free themselves from the enslavement-matrix-programming.

By changing ourselves, we also change the world because we are constituent parts of the world. Consciousness is the essential determinant and the instrument of free will. Therefore, in manipulation the `lever’ is first positioned on people’s consciousness.

If transhumanism and technoracy is growing humans will be treated as machines and not humans, and as consequense; computers do not have a free will. They are meant to be manipulated and programmed. Machines cannot become like humans, but humans can become like machines. They will be manipulated and programmed in same way machines and robots is been programmed; to follow the instruction. This is lost of the free will they think is their free will.

The Elite are presently working very hard at cultivating FEAR among the masses. They do this by staging, or broadcasting, natural or man made disasters, wars and pestilence around the world at regular intervals. FEAR keeps people ASLEEP. Someone who is ASLEEP has no FREE WILL. They are enslaved. FREE WILL is one of the fundamental laws of this universe. The Elite have broken that law by taking away the FREE WILL of billions of living beings in this planet.

When fear is programming the human mind to be in the sleep state and lack of free will they become susceptible to fear, and fear is component that holds control and power over the mind and make it susceptible for programming of the global elite.

Fear keeps the real Higher Self asleep, fear breaks down the power of free will, fear blocks new information and fear creates a mind that want a controlled and predictable life. Humans then welcome all ideas from the controllers.

The more automatic, mechanized, monotonous and routine-oriented humans become the less aware the need to be. When computers thinking for humans or humanity the mind has become increasingly unconscious.

When less part of the brain capacity is needed you are not even exerting your conscious awareness enough to even be aware of what you are even doing at the moment you are doing it. This is in combination by making make everything so predictable as possible reality and life becomes mechanized and robotized. This make it even easier for the controllers to control the mass consciousness and control everybody destiny. Fear keeps the higher self asleep and fear welcome automatic, mechanized, monotonous and routine-oriented lifestyle and think this make everything so musch easier. Want they don´t have concsdered is if this may be part of the global elite agenda to control and enslave humankind. Fear is component that holds control and power over the mind and make it susceptible for programming of the global elite.

The ego has become the god of this world the ego don´t want any changes that can threaten its domination and control over others, so it stimulates emotions and thoughts so it can stay in power. Fear activates the auto-pilot pattern thinking system. What the ego fear is the activation of their higher intuition because ego can´t control intuition because it is beyond the state of ego-duality. Ego can´t reach this state or levels of consciousness because it will be dissolved. Ego is duality and Divine is Oneness, so when ego is dissolved one re-connects to the real diviner higher self.

Mass consciouness is connected to ego-base programming to become like all others who follows the global elite programming agendas. The higher self follwos divine instructions and understand there is a mind control programming agenda in place in this world.

Man’s history has been one of development from the state of mass unconscious reactions to that of a slowly recognised group responsibility. The low-grade human being or the unthinking individual has a collective consciousness. He may regard himself as a person, but he does no clear thinking as to human relations, or as to the place of humanity in the scale of being. He is easily swayed by the mass or collective thought, and is regimented and standardised by mass psychology. He moves in rhythm with the mass of men; he thinks as they think (if he thinks at all); he easily feels as the mass feels, and he remains undifferentiated from his kind. Mass psychology swing the masses to their will because they work with the collective, though undeveloped, consciousness.

When you are able to get your conscious mind in control and shut off the auopilot of your ego, you start to be able to make your life to a magical adventure. We have to figure out how to put the ego in the background and keep it out of the driver seat. The ego is the default operating system and its basic purpose is survival. By turning off the autopilot one turn off the default routine functions, and through this one is able to re-program the mind in new directions, and can tap into the unlimited creative power of the real Self.

The ego want´t to control and dominate and using fear. Fear is linked to control, and control is linked to autopilot thinking pattern. Autopilot is a response to fear. When humans are scared they switch to automatic.

The autopilot state of the mind is what prevents the third eye of intuition from be activated. The ego and intellect is the opposite to intuition, and may even be the enemy within because it prevents anything from be changed and evolved. The ego, intellect and autopilot prevents the third eye of intuition from opening. From a brain wave perspctive the beta waves (left brain hemisphere) suppresses theta waves (right brain hemisphere) and beta waves is been govern by the ego, intellect and autopilot and prevents divine/bliss theta waves from awakening and influenicng with its healing powers.

Beta brain waves is the autopilot of thinking that prevents divine theta waves from be activated and beta brain waves (autopilot) is what prevents the third eye of intuition from opening. Fear closing the third eye and autopilot is the response of this fear, and the autopilot is the default setting where the ego controls, operates and dominates the lower matrix. When one learn to shut of the beta brain waves one also shut of the default setting of the autopilot.

Fear lies at the very heart of much of ego’s driving force. As much as it may disguise, delude and deceive itself, fear is what drives the ego toward narcissism (control), arrogance (compensation) and defense.

Fear is a mind programming where fear is the component that holds the materialistic state of mind together by fear, and love frequency removes fear.

They need to feed us an endless stream of reasons to fear not surviving, to connect us more powerfully into reptilian-brain reality – therefore Matrix reality. This is all part of manufacturing a false reality for the body-computer inhabited by souls. Another major aspect of this manufacturing is to shut down the corpus callosum so that communication between the two hemispheres of the brain is crippled. When this happens, people become what is termed “left brain prisoners.” The Matrix in contolled by the influencies of the left brain hemisphere, and the left brain hemissphere is also represented by the ego and the ego is the fear mongerer, and the ego is connected to mass consciousness, and mass consciousness controls the matrix,

Fear is an energetic threshold that will hold you back until you finally find the courage to break through it. It actually truly creates a metaphysical barrier.

Making people believe only what you want them to believe by continually telling them it is true and preventing any other information from reaching them. Pressuring someone into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means. Persuading by means of propaganda or salesmanship.

The ego is fragile and when it cannot understand an impending threat it will hide, leaving the energy system to operate in primal instinct mode. In this state, all rational thoughts become repressed.

Cognitive anxiety is a result of a broken feedback loop within the stream of consciousness. If the feedback loop is not resolved, it will remain in the forefront of the thought cycle. The ego creates chaos but cannot control it. Therefore, all irrational thoughts cannot be resolved by the ego. In order to resolve anxiety, the energy system must seek out strategies to help turn off the broken feedback loop and process it through the categorization filing system within the stream of consciousness.

Anxiety is poison to consciousness. Anxiety is a combination of many illusions including fear, insecurity, mistrust, and doubt. When all of these illusions take over, inner turmoil disrupts the stream of consciousness, inner turmoil results. The ego feeds off the chaos, promoting a heightened awareness of the false reality belief system. All projections, perceptions, and reflections within the false reality belief system block the truth from ever permeating into the stream of consciousness in the anxious energy system.

Fear and anxiety are distinguished in that fear is a response to the presence of a real threat and involves our automatic fight or flight mechanism, while anxiety is usually a general feeling of apprehension without a specific or known threat. What happens when fear takes over is that the energy that was running your internal immune system now switches your autonomic nervous system over to a sympathetic nervous system response.

What is crucial for the globalists in order to keep the pubic unaware is by keeping information from entering the conscious mind, and the corpus callosum is the alpha bridge between left and right brain hemisphere. Negative programming and fears makes the alpha bridge to dissapear.

The power elite continue to bombard the collective unconscious with fearful programming and fear-concepts in order to hold your wandering minds at bay.

When the corpus callosum is shut off it just not block new information, fear blocks ones visions, it blocks new ideas, it blocks new concepts, fear blocks the third eye of intuition, and this blocks and prevents hyper-communication, and blocks new dna strands from be activated. Fear, stress, worry, or hyperactive intellect prevents successful hyper-communication or the information will be totally distorted and useless. In nature, hyper-communication has been successfully applied for millions of years. Fear is the autopilot thinking pattern and the autopilot of the mind is the controlled mind and is the opposite to intuition (third eye).

An anxious concern or worry is unbelief, is a fear which stops—blocks the free love-light flow of the divine energy Source from within. Fear blocks communication with God. Fear blocks bliss and theta brain waves.

Book of Ephesians: “We are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (6:12).

Escape from this war within the matrix on Earth is through consciousness, not the mind. The great awareness we call consciousness liberates you. Mind traps you in the third-dimensional ego states of being, but consciousness is larger than the ego, and expands to include a multi-dimensional self-awareness.

“The ruling elite have devised ChemTrails as a means of covertly micro chipping us all in order to create antennas inside of us via nanotechnology so as to make us totally controllable via a “Psychocivilized” (electronically mind controlled society).

This new era, has already started with the forced reengineering of our planet and us humans. ChemTrails are not only changing the environment we live in, but are changing us from the inside out. Planetary re-engineering goes beyond controlling the weather. The people behind geo-engineering are after the human race. Transhumanism.

Transhumanist intend to replace all natural laws with their own set of rules which will make it easier to control it all. It is nothing more than an agenda to destroy humanity and human nature. It seeks to devolve and enslave humans in a way that will be irreversible.

If transhumanism can destroy humanity and the human nature, this mean that ‘AI’ may even be more dangerous than nuclear weapons

In the movie The Matrix, humanity is enslaved by an artificial intelligence we ourselves created. Humans are kept in pods while their bodies are used as energy sources to support the machinery of artificial intelligence. To keep us enslaved, the artificial intelligence creates a massive, interactive, virtual reality for humans. And by meticulously controlling the neurons in our brains, the artificial intelligence manages to deceive us into thinking this virtual world is the real world.

Though we are in fact enslaved in cocoonlike pods, we experience ourselves and our world just as we do now. Everything seems normal. Everything feels real. The neurologically controlled virtual reality that keeps us imprisoned is the Matrix. The most profound aspect of The Matrix and its sequels is the powerful way in which the Matrix metaphor fuses biblical truth with the findings of neuroscience. On the one hand, the meta-phor illustrates the biblical concept of a “pattern of this world” (Rom. 12:2) that has an evil, cosmic force—a “god of this age”

Knowledge protects one’s intellect from being outpowered by those of mischievous doctrines, and dogmas, and equips one to win a psychological war for mental independence.

By denying you access to particular knowledge, the enemy tries to keep that power for itself, and keep you in a state of ignorance. Yet, what it has ignored is than it is severely ignorant itself, as evident by its erratic approach to power.

As the ego or the egoic mind is the matrix composed by all the thoughts, beliefs, concepts, ideas, biases and assumptions that you picked up along the way, are not yours and that create within you a false sense of self and a false notion of who you are, the “Higher Mind” is, in fact, your real mind, made of your true essence and it contains your most pure sense of self.

The masses are made up of individuals and to change the consciousness of the masses — the consciousness of the individual must alter. As we alter our consciousness and awareness, we will understand who we are, why we are here, and what part we are destined to play in creating this new age.

How does this control-matrix called “corporate thinking” work? We all desire to be accepted. Every one of us has an inherent need for the approbation and acknowledgment of others. Because the enemy knows this, as soon as he gets control of a group, he brings all who may object to his will under control using the fear of not being accepted. It is called the “fear of exclusion.” This type of fear is an intimidating fear.

Some people live in what is called “people bondage.” People bondage is when people cannot separate their personal lives from other people’s thoughts and opinions about them. Because they cannot separate the two, they are perpetually governed by the opinions of others.

Fear and intimidation controls mass consciousness, and producing a “corporate thought pattern”, that keep people in bondage and separation, and subconsciously this creates a fear of exclusion. This state of fear and intimidation is been affected through the “tribal consciousness” that is part of the lower matrix (ultra ego) and this mind-prison.

For eons, human will has been controlled by the collective will. For example, the will of the tribe has dictated the will of its tribe members, i.e., “my will and tribal will are one.” However, the individualization process requires that we develop a sense of our own will. Only when we can make decisions based on our inner guidance can we liberate ourselves from the dictates of the collective will, external authorities, as well as the manipulative and exploitative political and economic systems.

From an energetic perspective, when our electromagnetic field and psyche are merged with mass consciousness, the tribal mind controls our mind and emotions. We are at the mercy of the directives of our tribe. We thus make ourselves available to be manipulated and exploited by the prevailing social and economic system. In fact, we are not only dependent upon external authorities, we are open targets for their abuse. If we are a slave to external forces, our will is not free. Our individualization process and separation from group consciousness requires that we focus on ourselves and become masters of our own energy.

Fortunately, we can participate in shifting the global paradigm by extricating ourselves from the prevailing matrix and by reclaiming our will. Connecting with the power and truth of universal forces within is the only way to reclaim our authentic will. When we embody the strength of the Divine and our soul, we can be released from the web of mass consciousness. Our tribal affiliation is replaced by our oneness with universal Spirit. The right use of will is then possible. As we become able and willing to listen to and follow our inner guidance, we cease to listen to and follow the directives of social, religious, parental, and other authority figures. Ultimately, we experience that our will and Divine Will are one.

Corporate thinking, people bondage, fear of exclusion, tribal consciousness, mass consciousness creates a advanced system of control mechanism, and these methods can be seen in today´s organized gang stalking. Negativity, stress, fear, anxiety, pain, mind terror is what keeps humankind trapped in the matrix.

The definition of intimidation: Intimidation is the art of deterring someone through fear. The ultra ego wants to deter you from new ideas, new visions and new territories. That is why he is alarming you, frightening you and warding you off.

Revealing their true self causes ridicule, persecution, and never ending insults of projections of being labeled as delusional or heretics against the false reality belief system within the mass of collective energy.

The process of spiritual evolution to become a spiritual master requires us to reverse this by undoing all the mass-consciousness programming.

Negative ego/fear-based/separative consciousness, imbalanced thinking and limited lens seeing from mass consciousness earthly programming, it will contaminate your Spiritual channeling, teaching, healing, psychic work, scientific teachings,  and earthly service work.

 As we discover each new thought, belief and emotion that you have consciously hidden away, we are going to set some recodes deep within your mind.

You have been programmed to run with the herd and to do as they do, but you can break free from this small mindset.

A Paradigm is a set of thoughts which form the basis of a belief system. When we define who we are and look clearly at our beliefs we either live in love or fear, in poverty or prosperity, in disease or wellness. One’s inner paradigm is his or her belief system that has been placed there from years of programming sometimes before birth. The “Collective Consciousness Paradigm” is a set of beliefs shared by the masses.

Unhook from Aging Right now we are facing a “programming” of mass which causes aging to occur. You can reverse the causes and ideas for aging by unhooking from beliefs about aging. Do yourself a favor and do everything you can to reclaim your divine mastery in all areas. You can empower your cells to pull their from another healthy version of you! In fact, you can work with your divine blueprint and set your ideal age. Keep the wisdom, and unhook from aging!

When masses of people believe something for centuries, it has a huge impact on Mass Mind Consciousness and can easily become part of our programming, without our awareness.

The critical faculty is an “energy barrier” between the conscious and subconscious mind. It has the job of preventing anything from reaching your subconscious unless it agrees with what is ahrarbi programmed. This is another reason why change is so difficult. Besides having an “operating system” that says you’re not supposed to change, you have a non-physical barrier in your mind that’s as hard to penetrate as steel that prevents anything new from getting into your subconscious.

Fortunately, you can break through the barrier and reject what the masses accept, and accept what the masses reject

Man is no more conscious of communication than a fish would be conscious of the waters of the sea. A tidal wave of television programing has covered our land during the past twenty years.

Fear comes from the base of the human ego, whose data emerges as self-created illusions, and is one of the greatest blocks to your flow and progressive movement on your earth dimension. It is that which keeps you from fully realizing and experiencingyour potential power and from going to the top of the tree and to the outer limbs. It is that which imprisons your mind and gives power to others, to governments, and rulers of this world.

The real issue we must come to terms with is that, for millennia, we have been programmed to be powerless and, consequently, dependent upon others for our survival, especially in the areas of spirituality and health. Of course, fees were involved, and this exchange has significantly contributed to our current global crises. Yet there is an easy way out of our self-imposed matrix: we can simply reprogram our lives. By acquiring and acting upon new awareness, we afford ourselves an opportunity to rewrite the programs of cultural limitations. The first step in reprogramming is deprogramming. We do this by examining the program from outside the matrix.

We have felt powerless because we have been TOLD we were powerless! .

We program our lives through our positive or negative thought patterns. Tracking our thoughts makes us aware of our program cycles. If it is difficult to track all the thoughts that enter our mind, we can pay attention to the ones we dwell upon most frequently. These repeated thought patterns determine whether we are in a positive or negative program cycle. Positive program cycles boost our ‘will’ power, while negative program cycles give a fillip to our ‘won’t’ power. The good news is that these program cycles can be reset by giving new instructions to our conscious mind. Our mind is a tool we can use in any which way. We are not its helpless victim but its master because in any given moment we have control over our current thought. We relinquish this power because of our herd mentality. We have been told what to think for so long that we have forgotten how to think. We blindly follow others, do as they do and think as they think. We feel afraid of thinking or behaving differently. We believe whatever our social, political, religious, media and other authority figures say.

The controllers want humans to be enslaved followers and to not find their higher self and become a master of their own energies.

The Global Elite, are simply a group of people who realized what the true nature of our Universe was, eliminated everyone else who knew this information, and used the information to harness the power (chi, ability to do) of the uninformed masses. The global elites know the truth about the Universe. They know that we create and the power of thought. Therefore, mainstream news channels and media are doing the work for the global elites, which promotes fear, ego, negative public opinion, competition, hate, separation, and lower vibration mental states. They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars (the low vibrational state of ego and break through the veil of ignorance) and free ourselves from the prison – the matrix. The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe  actually works.

The Global Elite, are simply a group of people who realized what the true nature of our Universe was, eliminated everyone else who knew this information, and used the information to harness the power (chi, ability to do) of the uninformed masses. Their methodology is very mechanical in nature. They use sacred geometry, power points on the Earth, as well as mind control via the media and chemicals. Plus a continuing elimination of those individuals as well as native people and cultures who hold the sacred knowledge of creation.

Their bread and butter is FEAR. When we are fearful, we are weak and a low frequency or vibration. The lower state of the ego is more fixed in the vibration of what we call ‘negativity’. As you are born into a physical body and learn how to control it with your physical brain, you automatically become absorbed into Mass Mind. The three dimensional world and reality is disconnected from the divine source becaus elow vibrations not vibrate fast enought to be in touch wither higher levels of consciousness. The ego waves of fear has come into every center of consciousness. These dark masses of energy bring our vibration down and keep us heavy in the lower frequencies of the physical world and reality.

The mind, the intellect, the lower mind (not the soul or the higher mind or intelligence) thus arises from a basic fear reaction to this state of unknowingness. This basic fear polarizes as desire and crystallizes as the ego, not the pure I of the conscious Self.

Fear keeping separation in place and prevent all forms of spiritual progress. They inducing negativity, stress, fear, woriies, anxiety and panic into the mass consciousness to keep the state od duality in action. Beyond the veil of ignorance is the Higher Self and in the state of Oneness there is no fear, so to prevent humankind from transforming themselves from the ego-identity (of fear) to the state of Oneness (state where there is no fear). Fear feeding eth ego-diality state on Earth. In the three dimensional reality/world “Matter mentality” suppresses “Spirit mentality”, in this state it is Matter over Spirit, but when one has transform from ego to spirit its “Consciousness over Matter”. At this state one can create with Consciousness. This new state can not just create it can also heal, and one will have access to unlimited knowledge about life and existence, and living in present reality of here and now. One will also be able to see into the future. In this new state of mind there is no past or future. just present and one will be able to live in present time of reality. FEAR keeps these spiritual asleep and affects the free will to do want others want you to do and think.

The Elite are presently working very hard at cultivating FEAR among the masses. They do this by staging, or broadcasting, natural or man made disasters, wars and pestilence around the world at regular intervals. FEAR keeps people ASLEEP. Someone who is ASLEEP has no FREE WILL. They are enslaved. FREE WILL is one of the fundamental laws of this universe. The Elite have broken that law by taking away the FREE WILL of billions of living beings in this planet.

Fear and illusion are synonymous. Fear has no reality whatsoever. Fear is that component of the illusion that says you can be destroyed somehow, or you can be harm or you can experience pain which is perceived to be all very real to the ego. The large part of the illusion lies in who you believe you are. In the perceptions of many lifetimes you believe you have a physical body that can be destroyed or can be hurt. You believe that you can be controlled. You believe that you can control others. There are a lot of beliefs that you have. Now, these beliefs say that you are in danger, and so the beliefs d say you are in danger translates to fear. Fear started expressing through emotions. Now fear began to express itself emotionally in many ways as the ego reacted to its perception of its experiences. Fear reacts in the emotion of happiness.

The illusion is the ego’s limited belief of who you are. The illusion is that little tiny pie-shape of your total consciousness, when reality is the totality of who you are. If you knew your reality, you would have no reason for fear, because there would not be anything that would take place that would create the reactions that you are having in this limited state of illusion. “Fear and illusion” versus “Divine Love and Reality”. Fear expresses as an emotion, a part of the ego system, a belief system of this limited part of your knowing of your consciousness. Fear expresses as the ego belief you are separated from your soul’s

Fear attacks the amygdala, the reptilian, survivor portion of the brain. The induction of fear bypasses the operation of the frontal lobe, the logic, reasoning, and reality center of the brain.

Fears and intimidation blocks the access to easily obtain information.

Fear is generally the reason those with access to higher conscious awareness are persecuted.

Fear is low vibrational frequencies, so to be able to control all people of the masses minds and destiny it must keep everyone in the state of low vibrations. So this world creats hidden methods to control the human mind from spiritual progressing. The ego of mankind holds back humankinds porgress in this world. Inudicing stress and negativity, harassment and stalking (persecution) is other methods that folllows when one starts to change their inner vibrations. The ego has become the new hive mind and this is today´s organized gang stalking, organized bullying, and organized gaslighting. It is no longer one person who is the the gasligher, it is the whole society who has become the new collective gasligher. They all follows the collective mass consciousness programming. That´s why organized gang stalking is everywhere because it is the matrix of the mind or the mind prison that enslaves the mind.

If we want to raise our vibration, we need to prevent fear from controlling our state of being. When we find ourselves in a state of fear, we need to have a way to release fear. Learning to release fear is important because most people regularly experience fear in different forms, inducing seemingly challenging, difficult, and emotional situations that are not real but imagined. These fears keep us locked in the matrix, the morphogenetic grids of our awareness, of our active consciousness. It is also our collective consciousness that induces fears because mass consciousness is the ego or the tyrant of this world. This is how we create the vicious circle of fear in our lives.

The theta brain wave is sought after most with meditators and mystics, mainly because, with the right conditions, it’s said to open up the pineal gland – and the theta brain wave state is also the collective subconscious mind that holds all of the experience and human programming in the grid of the Matrix. Theta brain-wave state that connects him with a higher god-source power and bring enormous transformation, conscious access to it. Your greater capacity exists in such subtle energy of self that you can only know it in this relaxed theta state. A great benefit of thinking in theta connected to Source is that you disconnect from the limiting and fearful thoughts.

When the right and left brain is balanced one is able to connect up more easilyto obtain information. When your´re centered and balanced, your energy will start expanding; it´ll start going up your spine again, then it expands out of the body , but including the body, into the experience that we tend to call bliss.

The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is. Those of you in this third dimension see your Earth from a third dimensional point of view. Those of you who are in the third dimension see the third dimension as physical solid substance. Because of the vibration of the electromagnetic energy field, you are seeing it through light refraction. That light refraction, from your point of consciousness, is as real to you as anything is on this physical planet Earth in the third dimension. Change the electromagnetic energy field, you also change the light refraction. And that light refraction changes what you experience and what you see. That is why we teach that what you are truly seeing out there is an illusion, and it is an illusion based upon light refraction.

The veil of ignorance and the ego prevents new light and new information to be progress and develop the human mind to higher level of consciousnesss.

Fears and intimidation blocks the access to easily obtain information.

When fear blocks the ability of visions, it prevents us from seeing reality as it is. and make true learning, or real change. It blocks and creates major restrictions to knowing the real Higher Self and creates an illusions one is living in a comfort zone, and when one start to leaving the comfort zone the ego reacts with negativity, fear, stress, anxiety or panic, and if one continues to progress against these emotions and thoughts, then the mass consciousness will start organized gang stalking actions (spiritual and psychological warfare to prevent one from make any changes and leaving the matrix).

When fear blocks visions, it blocks us from seeing reality as it is, and this blocks new input of information, and when this input of new information is blocked, this then blocks the process of learning, and when the learning process is blocked, then the ability to change is blocked, and when the ability of changed is blocked humankind is imprisoned in the looping matrix of old concepts of duality. Freedom is the ability evolving and freedom is the ability to be able to change. And this controls the 2 dna strands from progressing.

Fear blocks visions and and it blocks new input of information, and when this input of new information is blocked, this then blocks the process of learning, and when the organized gang stalker program creates sleep deprivation this means; “When we don’t sleep well, we lose the ability to integrate and synthesize information and this hindering spiritual growth. The organized Gang stalking hindering the process of new information from be configurated into the human body system. The organized gang stalkers does have any education in these advanced methods of psychology and everyone seems to know how to use this knowledge. Darwin evolutionary theory may just be a deception. Feedback loops are the normal cycles of information integration. If a feedback loop is broken and the information being received cannot be processed and stored in the appropriate category within the stream of consciousness, then cognitive chaos arises. Organized Gang Stalking using gaslighting psychology and the goal is to create confusions in the mind, create breakdowns and triggering cognitive chaos.

Fear not just blocks the flow of energy, visions, it blocks the pathways and it blocks the source of information. Fear makes the alpha bridge to dissapear, and the alpha bridge carries the codes that the theta divine brain waves need to start healing the old evolutionary brain. When the alpha bridge is re-builded one get access to divine theta information of bliss, and through this new information; humankind can reprogram the whole brain and evolving new spiritual gifts.

When fear blocks visions its blocks the third eye of intuition. The power of intuition dissolves ego and duality. Insights and visions reveals the path to salvation and fear hindering this process and the archons prevent the soul from ascending and obstructing the pathway to higher consciousness, and therefore using all forms of negative, fear mongering, stress inducing, senstizing methods create harm by using harmful covert and overt methods of spiritual and psychological warfare (organized gang stalking).

When these concepts is in action and working its creates a enviroment where the Ego bends every effort to quicken vibration and when humans can´t raise their inner vibrations they are disconnected from divine communication, disconnected from their divine higher nature, disconnected from intuition, disconnected from spiritual gifts and abilities. When humans is trapped in the one dimension of vibrations they become prisoners of evolution. Trapped within the evolutionary history they have created to make others believe in. When humans can´t access higher levels of consciousness or get access to information from the real source of light reality become distorted.

Humans becomes wimps that do not stand up for their freedom. They fear their government. Doesn’t it tell us something when we fear our government? Our government does not fear us, but it is afraid we may learn the truth.

When fear is programming the human mind to be in the sleep state and lack of free will they become susceptible to fear, and fear is component that holds control and power over the mind and make it susceptible for programming of the global elite.

During the twentieth century, more people have been turned into dupes along those two false-trail pursuits than any competing obsessions.

The effect of that sort of misdirected search for the ultimate, global master-conspiracy is principally twofold. The dupes themselves are misled away from the secrets being hidden in this manner. Secondly, the discredit which is directed to fall upon the lured turns most others, foolishly, away from all searches for the secrets of those “inner elites” which have in fact run the world’s affairs during approximately three thousand years of known history.

The daily news programs concentrate the majority of their programming on getting us to accept what they want us to believe, and incorporating it as part of our natural environment. The entire population is unknowingly subjected to many covert subliminal transmissions through overt mind manipulation programming through major media, entertainment, news, video, games, and significant programming. The Global Elite easily promote overall programming of the entire population through telecommunications around the world, used to manipulate and control national and global views through planted stories in the media. Extensive social manipulation and programming are brought about through consciousness modification programming involving health and mood-altering substances placed in the air, food, and water supply. The media is no more than a disinformation campaign to discredit the truth and promote any government agenda or program.

Even new age philosophy has been infiltrated and manipulated to keep your general perceptions continuously controlled and manipulated. All of history has been thoroughly manipulated so that you will only know what they want you to know. Everything around you is designed so that you only see and hear what they want you to, to keep you ignorant to the reality of the way things really are. The educational system reinforces preplanned programming, while the media verifies lies to keep building and forming our culture.

The global elite has created a egotistical-social-superstructure to be winning the battle for global self-consciousness. Technocratic controlled governments become the new Global Dictatorship by the Ruling Class or Super Elite.

[Ground Wave Emergency Network] towers, microwave cell-phone towers, and the soon-to-be-mandatory High Definition Digital TV that will enter your home via: a) cable, b) satellite, c) HD TVs, or d) those oh-so-easy-to-obtain ‘digital converter boxes’ that the government is so anxious to help you obtain and underwrite most of the cost on your behalf.” Because of surreptitious programming broadcast at high or low frequencies outside the range of conscious perception. All content aside, the television has become a dangerous mind-control device. Why the need for such control? The would-be masters of the world desire an undisciplined public, ignorant of the basic principles of individual liberty. They wish to keep them confused, disorganized, and absorbed with unimportant or distracting issues.

Agents of the world’s elite have been long engaged in a war on the populace of Earth. Greed is the motivation for this war, a greed so pervasive that it encom-passes the planet and all of the beings on it, but in recent times a philosophy has been used to justify that greed. It is the philosophy of mass control, that ultimately aims at dic-tating every aspect of human life—even remolding man’s perception of reality and himself. Although the lust for control can be discerned since the beginning of recorded history.

The war is the war on consciousness. Let’s start with the media and its impacts on society.

All media is out to control us. There are many TV shows and broadcasts that promote good vibrations, were created for pure entertainment, and to focus on personal self-development

Mainstream media, highlighting the ways the global elites and these mainstream corporations and governments manipulate human consciousness through subliminal messages, symbolism, and false propaganda. The reason for this mind control—or conscious control, is to ensure that we don’t think for ourselves and to keep us in a low vibration consciousness level so that we keep turning to the media to solve our every issue and so that we fight to keep the status quo. They want us in a low vibrational state because it keeps us from raising our vibrations and becoming aware of who we are and our Divine gifts. It keeps the global elites in control by having us “freely” hand over our Divine power. It keeps the global elites in power. The global elites need us to be in a low vibrational state to keep the status quo. Those who seek to control the masses thrive of fear and use that fear to create that which they wish to see in the world.

The global elites know the truth about the Universe. They know that we create and the power of thought. Therefore, mainstream news channels and media are doing the work for the global elites, which promotes fear, ego, negative public opinion, competition, hate, separation, and lower vibration mental states.

Remember, we are all creators of that which we experience. The same can be said for the collective experience. One mind creating is powerful, but two minds creating is extra powerful. Can you imagine all the minds of the world collectively creating and our power and energy combined? It’s a power that we can’t even begin to fathom, a power that could move mountains and part the seas. If we were to become aware of the power of the collective consciousness, then we would no longer sit in front of a box (the TV) listening to what it is telling us to be, do, and feel. We would no longer buy magazines and newspapers full of false news and that only produce negativity. But of because this is not what the powers that be want for us. People strongly believe that TV is here to help us, teach us, and entertain us. While that belief this is partly true, it is not the purpose of mainstream programming. The TV is not your friend. It doesn’t want you to love who you are or love others. It doesn’t want to teach you positive things, to be your own person, or to think for yourself, and it most certainly doesn’t want you to remember who you truly are.

When you look at mainstream TV from this perspective, you will see the real agenda behind this programming. Seeing TV from this perspective will enable you to enjoy the entertainment aspects while removing yourself from the attempts of false programming upon your subconscious. One clue is in the name: television programming. “Program” as in “to program you.” Let’s define the word “program.” There are many different definitions of the word “program,” and that is no accident. These multiple definitions were created to give us a false idea about what is truly going on. We find this a lot in the English language. One word with on hundred meanings. This situation serves to create more confusion and mental manipulation.

Regardless of the other hundreds of meanings, the definition of “program” we are focusing on is this perspective meaning “to tell a device or system to operate in a particular way, or part a particular time.” This definition is the truth the agenda is when it comes to TV, magazines, and radio, for that matter. They are there to program you, to program your subconscious (the system) regarding what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, what to feel and when to feel it (operate in a particular way), and how to perceive yourself, people, and the world. You are subconsciously being programmed to be how the global elite wants you to be, and they do this by creating mass public opinion and corporate profits. The media’s new agenda seems to be to distort your moral compass and family values. Take soap operas for instance, the main theme of these shows are affairs, death and disease. Just take a minute and think about that, how TV or media have caused you judge and label things and people.

Did you know that when the patent for the TV was issued, scientists did some research on its effects on the watcher? This is what they found: Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near ‘/z Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computers monitor’s and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set.

There is much more they say on this topic, but I want to focus on the statement, “It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set.” The media can not only implant ideas through the images on a TV screen but also affect the viewer’s emotions natural bodily functions. The global elites know that if we all put our energy into a cause created by them, then we will create that very cause ourselves. Therefore, they create endless fake wars, terrorist attacks, and other false flag events that they promote through TV. They know that these energies, events, and experiences can only be created by us for their gain and agenda, but only if we give them our energy and permission.

Again, we are going back to the law of free will. Nothing in the universe can harm us or take or use our energy useless we give it permission to do so. If we didn’t give our conscious energy to the things we see on mainstream media, the corporations and governments would simply hold no power. The only way the global elites can bring these energies and experiences into fruition is by using our collective creative energy against us to create that which they wish to see, which is exactly what they do. But why? There are more of us than them, so they want to prevent an uprising, so to speak. That is why the global elites try to convince us that endless wars are going on. They want to control the whole world, and to do so, we must give permission. The only way they can get us to give them permission is to make it seems like we need them to be safe and survive. This propaganda is all an attempt to keep us in survival mode so that we don’t raise our vibrations and start to bring forth new energies of Divine love and unite. They know that unity creates power, which would overthrow their plans. What we have forgotten is that every emotional reaction and word spoken adds energy to the cause, each person causing that certain thing or energy to gain momentum. With all creative processes, enough energy given to the cause will create it to happen in the physical.

Don’t be who they wish you to be. Be that which you are! That which you were born to be! Bring in those divine vibrations and say goodbye to the global elites for good. Only when we stop getting sucked into the TV, papers, and all things external and focus on the internal will we change the outcome. It simply takes a change of thought and redirected focus.

It is estimated that the human body is made up of 70% water. That would mean that if certain vibrations have a negative effect on water, then those same vibrations would and do have a negative effect on our bodies and consciousness.

Subliminal messaging has been used by the global elites since time began to keep us in a low vibrational state. They do so through repetition. We associated certain symbols with a certain emotion. Subliminal messages aim emotionally trigger us, and they are used not only subliminally but also through media outlets. Much of what is seen on TV and in magazines is set to create an emotional response. This emotional response is the creative energy or driving force behind the creation of much of the world we see today.

TV and media have only one use: to produce an emotional reaction. While you give your energy to the negative events shown in the media (which have basically been made up), others can use their energy to create these events to benefit the powers that be. They prevent or distract you from using that same emotional or creative energy to create that which you wish to see in your reality and, even more so, distract you from uncovering who you truly are, finding your happiness, and feeling your joy and peace.

The media does this work by triggering a change in emotional states, and they are doing without you even knowing or being aware of it. It’s this emotional hijacking that creates all sorts of problems in the individual and collective consciousness. The global elites want to replace positive vibrations with negative vibrations.

The global elites’ main source of consciousness is manipulation. These mediums are all designed to distract us from the real issues going on in and around us, create fear in ourselves, create negative public opinion, and persuade us to buy, buy, buy so we that we get into debt, debt, debt. They do all this while also causing competition (separation between people and nations)—who’s got the latest gadgets, what wealth, health, and success look like— so that we hand over our creative consciousness to those who wish to use it against us. Don’t look to governments to govern you. Govern yourself, your thoughts, your healing, and your creations. Come together with like-minded souls and simply be the change you wish to see.

One need not to become an introvert and retreat from society. Rather, simply take a step back from that which you’re attached to—in this instance, emotionally attached to—and focus on your being through meditation, writing, adventures in nature, and self-development. By doing so, we can diminish the effects of the campaigns and programming unknowingly set upon us. Through cultivated awareness of the bigger picture of the war on consciousness, we have the power to dissolve the global elites’ agendas and missions of mind control and, eventually, all of their control. It is about the willingness to consciously dedicate time to uncover Divine knowledge of the Universal processes (Universal laws) and of the self, to pay attention to personal problems and creations, such as self-healing, mental processes, and to direct your energy in a way that serves you and the world. You can call on the angels and ascended masters to help and support you in every way, in all your endeavors. Simply being aware of the true agenda gives you all the power you need to take yours back.

Governments use fear to keep us in check—or the illusion of fear.  Governments were created to set in place the agenda of the global elites—to put the plans into action but without the true leaders being seen or known. They are the puppets of the system, having their strings pulled.

One can start to protect onerself and take your power back. Once you see with Divine eyes the true agenda of the government and mainstream media and entertainment, you can start to refocus your conscious energy on that which you wish to create rather than creating for the global elites.

As our consciousness raises its vibration, the lifestyle of that soul will dramatically change, this is normal within the ascension process.

The main reason for the extensive use of computers and technology within the education system is to stomp out independent thinking.

The powers that be are using computers to dumb down the masses and the next generation. Computers eliminate all right-side brain activity. The right side is the side that produces creativity, innovation, intuition, imagination, and insight, and these aspects go hand in hand with consciousness, creating, and the essence of your soul.

It is scientifically proven that we use fewer muscles and experience less brain activity—including the ability to remember—when using computers. That is why they say if you really wish to remember something, write it down. Writing uses more muscles and increases brain activity, activating the right side of the brain.

The powers that be do not want that. The more they can keep you coming from the left side of the brain, the more easily you can be controlled and manipulated, and the easier it is to distract you from finding out who you truly are and what you are truly doing here.

The leaft brain is also the core that is using fear to stay in control and power, and fear is also the component that opens up the channels for mental negative programming of the mind.

The gods spoke about the importance of purification. This is a process of clearing all blockages and allowing light to restore you to your true-self and help you grow. Many people will attempt the process; some of them with their eyes closed and others who are able to see they will walk on a dark path. One of the obstacles will be your ego. Human beings were born with the mechanism of ego which is related to the mind and helps them survive during their life cycle. Ego was created to co-operate with the mind but also to help human beings connect to the third dimensional reality. Your ego helps you to be grounded in this reality and is affected by the energies of Earth. Ego recognises and accepts many artificial structures on Earth such as polarities, fragmentation, distortion and illusion. Human beings are affected by all these artificialities through their ego. When one wants to be successful according to social criteria, control others or focusses on materialism and consumerism, he has the ego as his driving force. Many people on Earth exist in a low vibrational reality because the ego and the mind lock them in a survival state.

When you are behaving like slaves, you are losing your humanity; the only way to freedom is through your truth. There are many ways used to convince you that you have to remain a slave although the truth about your current state is never mentioned to you: You have to remain a slave for your family, for social and financial success, to attract others, to follow what others do. They are people who think that being a slave will bring them freedom and happiness and they fully surrender to the illusion. The result of all this is an imbalanced life full of disease, confusion and dissatisfaction. You are diseased if you allow yourself to become a slave when you true nature and purpose is to be free and connect to cosmic laws. You can go against the plan of slavery any time you wish. You just have to wake up to the understanding that most people’s lives are formed by a contagious disease called illusion. You have the power to escape, remember that illusion has no life or true power over you. Now is the time that people on Earth take responsibility for their lives and wake up to a new and meaningful existence. If you are seeking enlightenment, illusion is your first challenge.

If illusions is the first challenge, then the last challenge is to overcome death of the ego. This actually means to piercing the veil of ignorance, The ego is the veil of ignorance and by piercing the veil of ignorance one overcomes death by become alive within spirit.

Entanglement after entanglement, the problems seem to ensue like a knotted up wad of yam; difficult to find the beginning or the end and all the pieces in between just an entire mess.

Remembering that separation is only a tool of the ego to further attempt to divide and conquer the Son of God. But it is not so, and it cannot be done for Oneness remains whole and complete and unfettered by anything.

Ego-Discontentment is the problem. There is always a feeling of discontentment in the world no matter what you do and no matter how many goals you accomplish. The feeling is that if I were to get that job over there, then I would feel happier and have a happier life. If I were to move into that bigger home, then I would feel happier and have a happier life. If I were to move to a nicer climate, then I would feel better and have a happier life experience. How many times have we come up with these kinds of inspirations, pursued them and accomplished them, then later come to the realization that something still is missing? Something still doesn’t quite feel right. It’s not quite perfect yet. And then we begin the endless cycle again.

Light is the only solution to the problem. There is nothing in the world that will give you fulfillment and contentment like the experience of finding the Light of your Christ Self within yourself. Once we find it, we intuitively know and understand that this is the solution to every problem of fear, worry, anxiety, tension, etc. that we encounter in our lives. Once we know it is there, how healing it is and how good it feels to go there, we know that we can go there anytime we want and have each of our pains healed one at a time, spark by spark. This is where we want to remember to practice looking. The Gift of Contentment and the Solution is found within. The ego provides a solution; more of same that created the problem and this is the endless cycle of the ego-lifestyle.

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