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The cult that hijacked the globe is the tiny nucleus of Cabalistic bankers and Masons based in London and directed by the House of Rothschild. Zionism is controlled by “the Order of the Illuminati,” representing a team of dynastic family members, related to the Rothschilds and European aristocracy, united by Freemasonry, marriage, and money.

The cult that hijacked the globe is the tiny nucleus of Cabalistic bankers and Masons based in London and directed by the House of Rothschild. Zionism is controlled by “the Order of the Illuminati,” representing a team of dynastic family members, related to the Rothschilds and European aristocracy, united by Freemasonry, marriage, and money.

The Illuminati manage the Establishment in Europe, America, and also a lot of the globe. Its secret war against humankind is created to make us acquiesce in their tyranny; by possessing the leaders on both sides and the media, they begin all major battles and determine their outcome. They are accountable for revolutions anxieties and the battle on terror.

The cult that hijacked the globe is the tiny nucleus of Cabalistic bankers and Masons based in London and directed by the House of Rothschild.

They control with their refined control of large firms (cartels -precisely money, oil, security, pharmaceuticals, media), government, mass media, secret societies, knowledge companies, the military, legislation, churches, foundations, NGO’s and education.

Chatham House in London (The Royal Institute of InternalMatters) and Pratt House in New York (Council on Foreign Relations) are two main control mechanisms. Illuminati power is omnipresent, yet the masses do not also know it exists.

The only real hope for the people of this planet is a mass spiritual awakening which is just beginning to occur. This spiritual awakening must also lead us into political action to remove the secret government and Illuminati from power.

Disinformation campaign is a desperate effort to distract the populace from signs of a mass awakening of human consciousness and its dire consequences for these controllers. Human consciousness is rising, people are awakening to the truth of their connection to the greater whole of life and to each other and the self-empowerment that brings.

As a consequence, our eyes are being open and we are demanding the full disclosure of these programs of control, which will lead the Global Elites’ demise. Thus, the 1% of this world’s population—probably much less—will be unable to rule the awakened populace anymore.

They will lose their power; they know it, and they’re fighting back. This shift in consciousness will bring world peace and a higher standard of living for everyone, because those who perpetrate the wars and their reigns of terror, who gobble up our food and energy resources, will have their day of reckoning.

So there will be peace on earth, as the unshackled mainstream media starts broadcasting the truth about the hidden technologies withheld from us that can be used for the benefit of humanity and elimination of poverty and hunger worldwide.

Most people are not even aware of this awakening, benumbed by media distortions and the constant “terror” alerts that send them into a fear-based state and cut them off from higher aspects of themselves.

There’s a war going on behind the scene (in-fighting within countries, within organizations) between “dark hats” (the “Powers that Be” who will become the “Powers that Were”) and the “white hats” (the good guys worldwide who are involved in dismantling this power structure). It is a very coordinated effort underway, and has been for years, to remove the dark forces from this world and that they want to get humanity out of this mess that we currently experience.

As the saying goes, “it’s darkest before dawn.” We’re now living right before the dawn of this mass awakening, although there is no definite date when we will see a breakthrough in this process which is called “The Event.” There are many groups involved worldwide in bringing on this “Event” and its changeover to fruition. “It will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet, which will be physical and nonphysical.

Often a moment of great opportunity stimulates fear, and people step away. Others step through the void and embrace the new.

Density consciousness, the first layer in the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening below, is the vibrational stratum of mass consciousness, characterized by fear and self-preoccupation.

The ego arises to deal with fear and is strengthened by these separation energies. The ego is a product of separation, a refraction of you.

When we open up to the recognition that a greater or galactic energy is penetrating our psyche, our holographic reality, this energy is of a higher frequency than density.

The cosmic stream of energy, unrefracted by the egoic preoccupations of Density Consciousness, offers an opportunity to remember unity. Unity and love offer a resolution to the fear underlying Density Consciousness, however, higher vibrational streams of energy are often feared. Unity and oneness are initially felt as a death of the ego.

The transition from density consciousness to ascension awareness (the third tier in the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening) means we must navigate our spiritual activism which brings forth some challenges along the way. We call this stratum ascension awareness, an ascended perspective grounded in love. In ascension awareness our alignment is with our soul, not our personality.

Most people fear an uncertain future. That is, uncertainty creates anxiety. For the density ego, that uncertainty is to be avoided. The divine self is anchored in the peace of its beingness and thus the flux and flow of the outer world provide experiences and opportunities to serve and witness. There is no inherent anxiety —flux and flow are no threat.

Thus, the greater context of prophecy is to prepare consciousness. That can be a kind thing. To have some warning about a potential challenge presents us with the opportunity to more calmly review our resources and options. This increases the odds that we will respond in a better way.

Sometimes a specific prophecy is popularized with a hidden motivation or agenda. Perhaps the purpose of the prediction is to manipulate consciousness toward a desired outcome based upon an external control mechanism. By stimulating fear, a prophecy can become a probability if enough people focus on it.

As humanity lifts, its power of co-creation increases. Therefore, anyone in a power position will use the media to influence perception toward their agenda. It is essential to those in power that some degree of public alignment is expressed to support their personal agenda.

Zionism is controlled by “the Order of the Illuminati,” representing a team of dynastic family members, related to the Rothschilds and European aristocracy, united by Freemasonry, marriage, and money.

Private interests behind the throne, so to speak, can more effectively push their agenda when they themselves are hidden. Their primary challenge within a democracy is simply that it costs more and takes a little more time as there are more politicians to influence. The type of Government a Country has is a reflection of the People’s Consciousness.

Our human experience is mostly the product of a spell they cast by “education and learning” and mass media. Our social and political mindsets are given to us.

The World that you live in is a reflection of the Collective Human Consciousness. The modern world is an ugly place because that ugliness exists in the consciousness of the majority of humanity. The powers that be know this, and this is why they spend so much on propaganda to program the masses. This is why they control the educational system and the Media. The effects of a dumbed down population is very ugly, and such sheeple are very easily controlled.

Since the 80s there has been tremendous propaganda promoting selfishness, greed and that success in life is equated with how much money you have. So this is then reflected into the governments they vote for. The Powers that be are convincing humanity to become just like them. Heartless, Selfish, lacking empathy, Dishonest and Greedy.

As long as the major part of society prefer to remain asleep, then the outer World cannot change. Trying to change the Outer world without changing the Collective Consciousness of the people, to change the morphic resonance, is like trying to change the reflection in a mirror. The mirror simply reflects what is placed before it. If an ugly person looks in the mirror, he cannot expect the mirror to reflect a face of beauty. The only way out of the mess you find ourselves in is by a Mass Awakening. That takes reeducation of the masses. You need to unlearn everything and to relearn a new way of thinking.

If you have Awakened self, YOU put all your WILL into making something happen, and not have any conflicting doubt, you would find that your Will is enormous. Will Power isn’t just generating the Energy—it’s also removing the obstacles that prevent that energy from being effective. Masters are able to perform miracles because they know that when they will something, they must send out all their energy, and there’s no conflicting energy blocking it.

The Soul is Atomic in size and can be perceived by Perfect Intelligence. This Atomic Soul is situated within the Heart, and spreads its influence all over the body of the embodied living entities. When the Soul is purified from the contamination of the five kinds of material air (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Ether), its Spiritual Influence is Exhibited. The individual Soul is unbreakable and insoluble, and can be neither Burned nor Dried. The Soul is everlasting, unchangeable, and eternally the same.

“The people of Earth believe almost everything they are told by those in authority. This situation has taken many years of conditioning to achieve.

People’s minds have become so conditioned to obey or to do the opposite which is to resist or rebel; that they are now the compliant fodder of the Illuminati”

“The global dissemination of news through the media outlets is used by the Illuminati and their allies (Freemasons) to reinforce the false belief that there is something out there to ‘get you’.

Such as the possibility that the economy could collapse at any time, volcanoes could erupt and comets could strike. These scenarios are plausible and so are effective in maintaining stress on the population. And at times the economy is purposely collapsed, which does prove to the masses that the threat is real.”

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