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What is the real meaning of the Story of David and Goliath? Its about power and our capitalistic system. David´s economic slingshot

What is the real meaning of the Story of David and Goliath? Its about power and our capitalistic system. David´s economic slingshot

When kundalini shakti passes beyond Agya chakra, both duality and ego cease to exist.

In Biblical terms, Goliath represents “the flesh” and self-aggrandizement. David represents submitting to and serving God ahead of self. God defines right regardless of human strength. David represents faith in the living God and not in his own powers. It was the Spirit of God that empowered David.

According to the Qabalists, the place to begin is within the psyche. Only by starting there do we develop an authentic perspective of balance so that we can then re-create it in the outer world of culture. Genesis 3 is the story of regaining balance. Before we investigate this part of the myth, let’s look at the familiar story of David and Goliath, which is told later in the Old Testament and which also represents the pattern of imbalance trying to correct itself.

The story of David and Goliath depicts the struggle between opposing energies in the psyche, the difference between the frontal lobes and the rest of the brain. The forces of continuity and certainty are represented neurophysiologically, as our survival needs. Having been established through evolution and patriarchal culture, they are immense, like the Philistine giant Goliath.

The opposing energies of soul, spirit, and psyche in the frontal lobes—the forces of disruption, innovation, fun, and possibilities—are invested in the image of David (whose descendant was Jesus), the young Israelite man who battled Goliath. Soul attributes must wrestle their way into consciousness and win a place for themselves, because winning, for them, means integration for us. Yet the forces represented by David have no muscle.

There hasn’t been a long evolutionary or cultural cycle to recognize, develop, and establish any. So David’s strength is no match for Goliath’s. At the same time, David symbolizes a radically different kind of energy, fleeting and impermanent.

It comes to us in discreet and mysterious dreams, or pops into consciousness unexpectedly in the middle of a busy day, when we often do not think we have time for exploration. Yet all it seeks, initially, is recognition.

One of the best ways to recognize disruption and possibilities is through playfulness and fun, which balance the serious side of life, like responsibility and survival. The specific symbol of disruptive potential in the David and Goliath story is David’s aim, his special skill. He is a sharpshooter, gifted in using a slingshot.

Although David is not strong, he uses a different kind of power and brings down the giant Goliath with a small pebble. This is what recognition does. It is a seemingly tiny skill, yet its aim is uncannily accurate and its power is undeniable.

David represents the tiny flame of disruptive intentionality and its unknown possibilities in the frontal lobes battling Goliath, the gigantic tide of continuity and certainty invested in the r-complex, limbic system, and neocortex. Disruption offers our spirit of transcendence a presence.

With that presence it knocks on the door of continuity and survival needs in the psyche, requesting to be integrated into the psyche’s life in order to keep us in touch with all the possibilities waiting in the wings of our potential. The story of David and Goliath is a classic tale of the underdog who triumphs against overwhelming odds. Spirit, with its element of timelessness, is the underdog because the forces of continuity and certainty (for survival needs) in the brain are much bigger and stronger, like Goliath. The Goliath aspect of our neural world is an enormous network of neural channels that produce our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes for survival.

David, on the other hand, is etched ever so slightly in our dreams, hopes, and fleeting visions of what we can become in solving the problems that plague us. Each of us participates in the David and Goliath struggle when our brain labors to birth its self-awareness, which is why we identify so much with such stories.

“Every goliath in your life, family, organization, nation, and in this world fall and die at the instance of the glorious power of Jesus Christ!”

Disruption does not happen by itself. It takes leadership. Disruption is a necessary response to the inertia that is all around us. Goliath, from the biblical story of David and Goliath, is a powerful symbol of that inertia, weight, and deceleration. Goliath represents the old order.

David represents the new order. Goliath is big and ugly and must be vanquished.

David is new and fresh and has never been seen before.

David is unanticipated and unconventional. Goliath is foreboding and standing in the way.

Goliath is attitudinal, systemic, and entrenched; he stands in the way of progress and change. David comes to replace Goliath. David comes to disrupt.

the devil and Antichrist. In the actual fight Goliath represents the pride of the devil, with the Philistines as his demons, and David represents Christ. Although David has five stones, he needs only one to kill Goliath, signifying the unity of the Bible. When David uses Goliath’s own sword to cut off his head, this is Christ


The spirit of the world is behind all the giants that we face, the Lord says in His word that we are in this world, but we are not of this world. As you live your life, remember the world is out to shame you, God is the Lord of this world, but worldliness has corrupted the world by wickedness. Develop the perspective of God; look at things from the heavenly perspective. When Goliath was defying the armies of God, no one mentioned God, until David showed up.


When David looked at Goliath he didn’t see a giant, but rather the fact that, he was not circumcised. This changed everything for him. Everyone else saw a giant but David say uncircumcised. He had a revelation of the power of the covenant. As long as you were not in a covenant relationship with God of Heaven, you were powerless. God is looking for man and woman who will look at their giant and examine if it’s circumcised or not. And if it’s not then it’s going to get slain. You are in covenant relationship with God. You have a right to a good, prosperous life. All the terms of the covenant are in your favor. God is calling His church back to covenant.

By cutting off Goliath’s/the papacy’s/the Antichrist’s head, David dislocates the leader (“chef’) from its body. Goliath’s head represents the Pope, while his body symbolizes the papacy; the rest of the Philistines represent the Pope’s soldiers, the leaders and members and components of the Catholic Church.

David did not think for a moment that he was fighting Goliath. He always knew Goliath was fighting God. Goliath was not only the physical manifestation of the man who stood in front of David that day. Goliath represents anything that stands against the move of God and tries to stop it through fear and intimidation.


If we consider David and Goliath as being thoughts, words or ideas, rather than people, it’s easy to see and understand a very straightforward metaphysical interpretation of this allegory, David, who represents Divine love, is the kind and gentle thought or word that brings peace and harmony to any situation.

Goliath, on the other hand, whom we all regard as a big brute, represents those thoughts or words that engender fear, uncertainty or aggressiveness. Goliath, who is described as being huge in appearance, was insulted when the unarmed David, obviously of much smaller stature, challenged him.

Metaphysically, therefore, Goliath represents loud, aggressive thoughts and words which go out into the world to cause damage. Such error thoughts feed on the assumption that they will not be challenged and therefore grow in strength. On the other hand, David, as love, is that radiating life force which infuses everything and everyone with peace and serenity.

Trusting in Spiritual Law David speaks with authority and his words sear through anything unlike the love and peace that he signifies. In the allegory this translates as shattering the forehead of the giant — words of praise and thanksgiving override those of anger and negativity as expressed by Goliath.

The allegory suggests the overcoming of the material world by Spirit (David and Divine love). Goliath trusted in physical things —his armour and spears, whereas David trusted in Spirit to work through him. This enabled him to sling a shot of love at Goliath, thus killed him.

David’s first stone is the Ebenezer, the stone of help. David only needed that first stone representing his faith in the gospel truth to defeat Goliath, representing falsehood. By the number 1 of faith in the gospel alone is the victory won (Ephesians 2:8-9). David’s victory over Goliath is representative of Christ’s crushing victory over Satan on the cross.

Goliath represents falsehood (1). Goliath was shouting out blasphemies against the living God. He promised that if he were defeated, the Philistines would surrender and serve Israel. That didn’t happen.

The Philistines ran away. Everything he said was a lie. David didn’t need to face Goliath’s four sons (2Samuel 21:18-22) who represented sin (2), war (3), idolatry (4), and judgment (5) because all their strength is drawn from first, believing a lie concerning God’s truth, especially the main lie that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh (1 John).

The only reason that any man must face Goliath’s sons is if he is defeated by Goliath/falsehood first. He must believe a falsehood about God as Eve did in the garden, which led to the fall of man. When we hold on to and use the Ebenezer (stone of help), the gospel truth, we cannot be defeated.

“We do not war against flesh but against powers and principalities, against spiritual forces of wickedness in high places.” Goliath’s main sin lay in that he defied the armies of the living God. He was a spiritual force of wickedness in a high place (he stood over nine feet tall).

David and his victory are not unique, nor are they meant to be. First, there is only one way to the victory; that is entry into the rainbow covenant. This is the same victory that you, the reader, win or I, the writer, win or the thief on the cross won when one places his faith in the red shed blood of Jesus Christ. No work is required, just faith, as it was with David who brought a spiritual gun (long-range killing weapon) to a sword fight.

David as the coming King represents Jesus and Goliath represents Satan.

Goliath represents the power of capitalism. This is a union that proclaims its militancy. The wild beast is depicted as having seven heads and ten horns. This represents Satan’s worldwide political system of things—a system of producing human governments that always falls short of the mark of perfection. They  cannot satisfy mankind’s needs, and they are controlled and manipulated by the devil and his Muppet-co-workers.

The eye symbol is still used today by the Illuminati. Modem new age religions have taught that man has a third eye that can grant supernatural powers once unlocked. This eye is located in the middle of the forehead and is believed to be the pineal gland. Some occultist think that Odysseus blinding the Cyclops, Polyphemus, and David killing Goliath are metaphors for destruction of the all seeing eye or the pineal gland.

Every human is pre-loaded with this Christ Light in the inner heart. It’s just a matter of accessing it and mastering the ‘on’ switch, which is emptiness. “This is the power that drives the Sword of Goliath, this Christed condition. It enables everything that follows, and it empowers it all as well. It makes sense. Somewhere it’s said the Christ is the Word-Sword, and I remember seeing a drawing of a male figure with a sword coming out of his mouth, tip first. Anyway, the correlation of Christ and sword, Christ as the sword, has merit. “You occupy a semblance of a human form, which you gained from retrieving your Spirit form as a blazing white seed in the Great Stream, and you stand in this form inside the Christ Light inside the inner heart chakra.

Goliath’s sword which David. the Jewish slingshot hero. took from the Elohim giant after he ‘killed’ the big threatening oaf (received initiation) with a stone hit to his forehead.

That clue is suggestive: the point of contact was Gokath’s forehead. meaning his sixth chakra, meaning his cyclopean consciousness. his single round-eye unified awareness in which all the chakras were reassembled as one cognitive eye in the giant’s head. This was the center of the Elohim creative reality that the hero David contacted and used, so from this I understand

Sal meant we deploy the arithmetic from the Elohim’s forehead, cyclopean-style. and experience their sharp focus as like a sword. Letters and numbers stream off My sword’s sharp bladed surface like birds of fire on a keen mission. I suppose it would be easier to say in childlike enthusiasm it is like a magic wand.

You say what you want in the correct way and the wand of AL power executes your desires. The Elohim mind is as sharp as a sword’s edge. It cuts through ignorance. It dispatches arithmetical coding.

The truth of course is that Goliath, an Elohim, instructed the human initiate David in the proper, safe use of this celestial-angelic creative sword of Light and power. He did not kill Goliath: rather, he gained mastery over the same power Goliath wields so therefore surpassed him, did not need further instruction, which the ancients typically signified as killing the person. This fact means, among other things, it is not Out of the question that other humans might use this sword or have access to it to upload a friendly phantom algorithm if they go through the same training and initiation sequence that David must have done.

Years ago people tried to subvert the established order of reality by inserting malware viruses and nasty codes into computer networks. Since the world’s systems were increasingly networked in multiple versions of the -Internet’ or what it represented in terms of a global electronic brain, you could disrupt or commandeer any or all of that by creating the tight kind of commando code.

You could, at lest in theory. corrupt national systems of power or defense or classified information sites because these systems all ran through the electronic-computer interface. But the level of arithmetical processing I was looking at now required no computers or finked global electronic system. the daytime web or the so-called dark web. Elohim AL-consciousness was the web.

This was the coding that wrote reality itself. The once and future Internet. the original linkage system. God’s brain, the original global web. The Elohim were the original geeks. the computer nerds, the computational experts everyone turned to. The Elohim mind was the computer, and their bright Goliath-given sword of Light was for trained humans the keyboard that entered the precise arithmetical programming. Plastic. moldable, responsive reality was its medium. I found this funny because these mentally superb Elohim were the same oafish.

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