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Cosmic Reawakening – How to maximize the power of yoga. The nuclear energy contained within a single atom is considered to be a source of great power. Tantric yogis firmly believe that the energy or the nuclear energy existing in the human psycho physical is actually comparable to that of atomic nuclear energy

Cosmic Reawakening – How to maximize the power of yoga. The nuclear energy contained within a single atom is considered to be a source of great power. Tantric yogis firmly believe that the energy or the nuclear energy existing in the human psycho physical is actually comparable to that of atomic nuclear energy.

Kundalini is a conscious and intelligent force. It is more than power or cosmic capacity. It is both physical and spiritual energy. The experience itself is physical. The energy itself is spiritual.

Mastery of this inner fire is the yoga practice of awakening kundalini.

This is one energy with many names and forms. Each time the energy takes on a new form, we give it a new name. Shakti becomes kundalini shakti, or simply kundalini. Kundalini is represented by the serpent. She is normally dormant, coiled around a linga with her mouth at the first knot. To awaken kundalini shakti, regulate the flow of prana, and withdraw from the right and left nadis to direct energy into the central channel. The body is like an electromagnet. Like the physics of electromagnetism, the poles of the body occur at the root, heart, and skull. As electrons move, like in magnetism, the brain is triggered into visionary, auditory, and other sensual experiences.

The potential energy of kundalini is also like a nuclear reaction; bombardment of the atomic nucleus with high energy particles destabilizes the atom and leads to a release of tremendous energy.

We must understand that Kundalini energy like Fire or Atomic Energy, if not harnessed properly, can burn or destroy us . And we know that every form of energy is both a friend and a monster capable of harming us.

The energy of our radiant body starts with the spin of atoms within our cells and echoes into the ends of the universe.

Kundalini is the latent, inactive, part of creation and prana is the dynamic aspect. Here, kundalini is the aspect of creation which contains all potential. It is infinitely powerful and is the basis of all existence and evolution. In its usual state it is like an atom, just sitting there being all atomic, and to awaken it is like splitting the atom. Enough to blow up a whole country.

Here, therefore, the ideal is to wake up kundalini and allow the entire creative power of the universe to be experienced in the human body. Preferably without blowing yourself up, though we are going to come to that. This experience is said to change the entire vibration of the human form, and lead to a transubstantiated body, sometimes called a body of light or divine body.

That higher chakra or force centre in the planet, which we call the human kingdom, is stimulating that centre at the base of the spine of the Planetary Logos (the mineral kingdom) in the production of atomic energy. As a result, we have the flow of planetary kundalini to higher force centres or chakras, which is Yoga on a planetary scale.

There it rests for most of us, holding within itself the vast potential of dynamic energy. It is something like the atomic energy that is contained within every atom until brought forth via atomic fusion or fission. All matter is condensation of energy.

Matter must undergo fission or fusion to be converted back into energy. Kundalini Yoga is something like the atomic release of energy when the brain and nervous system is subject to the Kundalini awakening.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga aims to awaken this latent energy from the base of the spine and make it travel upwards, along the spinal cord, awakening the various psychic points (Chakras) in the spine to culminate at the final psychic centre at the crown of the head, the Sahasrara Chakra.

As you scale each Chakra with unstinted daily practise of Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Kriya, your entire being gradually transforms into a transmitter-cum-receptor which starts resonating with different levels of cosmic vibrations.

As each Chakra is awakened, you connect with the cosmic plane (or Loka) connected with that Chakra. When all Chakras are awakened, you resonate with the universal cosmic energy and consciousness.

Just as your TV, radio, mobiles and other electronic devices detect frequencies and reproduce sound and images from afar instantly, you too start detecting vibrations and see profound visions from beyond this world.

This encourages further development of your receptor, the nervous system, and you get linked to the workings of nature and the universe. The ultimate knowledge of mystery of the universe unfolds before you. You may still go around following your daily routine but a part of you is now in communion with the ultimate source of energy and consciousness, call it what you like.

In the Veda form, all expressions and non-expressions are made primarily of energy, which filled with energy and its work in the inner and exterior. Such a layer of energy is in this state, which is in a delicate form. In structured structures within this layer, the power is in the quantum field.

We can see this in the atomic layer and can observe in processes called fission and fusion. Only in the process of fission (destruction) and fusion (creation) energy may released in the form of light and heat may only in the state of the structure between the atom and molecule.

In the outer case, though it seems to be ‘idle’ in a way, it is always in the form of atomic energy as ‘mobile.’ In the same way, even the power of human being is under this sense of consciousness, which called the Kundalini energy.

This one power comes to the grip of any person’s optional achievement, bringing changes in his physical and non-physical structure. Due to this change of nature, it creates changes in personality as ‘personalization’ (individuation).

According to the technique, this energy layer is the only sponsor that sponsors the natural benefit of the path of any person’s optional evolution through personalization. It is only when he comes to the knowledge of this layer of consciousness that the person receives its related tools.

Because of these, any person can actually reach its goal. In other words, the power of Praagna' (deep sleep state conscious) can be used to mean his own meaning, based on the position ofVaishwaanara’ (awaken state conscious).

There is a spark of fire that burns just above the heart-lotus. This fire is quickly augmented, but since it is of the nature of consciousness, it arises as the light of knowledge. When it thus grows in magnitude in a moment, it is able to dissolve the entire body; even the water-element in the body is evaporated by its heat. Then, having abandoned the two bodies (the physical and the subtle), it is able to go where it likes. The kunclalini-power rises up like smoke from fire and is merged in the space, as it were. Holding fast the mind, buddhi and the egosense, this kuncialini shines radiantly as a particle of dust. This spark or this particle is then able to enter into anything whatsoever.

Yogi will become speechlessly delighted at the experience. The inexplicable spiritual state that a yogi attains due to this triangular fusion is called Mutthi (or mukthi) while his physical inertia is termed Samaadhi.

The nuclear energy contained within a single atom is considered to be a source of great power. Tantric yogis firmly believe that the energy or the nuclear energy existing in the human psycho physical is actually comparable to that of atomic nuclear energy. As atomic energy is released through the bombardment of the atomic nucleus or the core with high voltage alpha particles similarly, the high pressure of the concentrated biological psychic energy if mobilized by methods like mental focusing can unleash the immense power of the psycho nuclear energy of man.

This pressure of bio-psychic energy if harnessed properly gives a great sideways push and produces quite a few beneficial effects on the body, like:

  1. Helps control and channel the sexual libido( retas ) into the much more subtler and purer ego – transcending or trans personal Being-energy (ojas).
  2. If the psycho nuclear energy is awakened in a proper manner, it will then automatically appropriate the valve energy or the ojas, which would then produce an upward movement along the central canal (sushumna) of the spinal cord.
  3. Will help the overworked, external organs of the body to rest by withdrawing a notable amount of energy from the muscles, nerves etc of the external organs. Also helps in keeping stress out from the vital organs of the human body.
  4. Helps in slowly opening or activating the numerous energy centers and associated glands of the body. Thus if the focused meditation is done through days on end, it will help the body and the mind to explore the higher levels of consciousness, which are normally unattainable.

Modern sciences of all sorts, uniformly agree that at the bottom of everything, all existence is energy. And the Indian Tantric system too agrees on this point by proclaiming the importance of energy and by focusing on ways of cultivating and harnessing, this driving force behind everything-energy. According to Tantric parlance, the primordial energy is termed the mahashakti.

The Vedas tell us that the all pervading divine energy or the state of super consciousness and attainment of pure wisdom is experienced and attained by a person meditating at the absolute highest stage of cosmic consciousness.

Some believe that the primal energy or the kundalini is controlled by the right vagous nerve that controls the nerve phlex of the autonomic nervous system or the ANS. Therefore through mediation when the vital centre in the medulla oblongata is stimulated the functions of vital organs like the lung, heart and larynx are slightly inhibited while the functions of other organs like the stomach, intestine and digestive glands are increased.

The kundalini being the nuclear energy of the psycho physical system, when awakened stimulates the physical, vital, mental and spiritual senses of the human body. Some people call it the bio nuclear, others refer to it as the psycho nuclear energy, but it really encompasses all categories and attempts to name or classify it, for it is the most powerful nuclear energy governing man’s existence.

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