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Light is not stuff, light is vibration. When mind is attuned into the Ultimate Reality , the mind vibrates with the same frequency as the Ultimate Reality. For the embryo of life dwells within our very being working in the very inner levels of our consciousness for the time of change is about to come. The divine birth has begun, bringing a change within us. A new dimension of consciousness arises within. The carnal world will recede into the background the divine consciousness imprisoned within now unfolds to reveal the divine splendor. The awakening of the spirit of mankind from bondage from the carnal world. The breakthrough has come

During the Confluence Age, when the energies of the soul are touched by God‟s energies, they are influenced to resonate at the same frequencies as God‟s pure powerful divine frequencies, while they become energised.

Vibrations have to be powerful so as to resonate at the same frequencies as God’s. Since God’s energies energise our energies, we are able to resonate with the frequencies of God. Thus, if we concentrate on the Divine knowledge, we will get God’s assistance to go beyond, since our frequencies will fall into step with the divine frequencies of God’s energies. The powerful divine frequencies, which we begin to resonate with, cannot be measured because the energies of the soul cannot be measured. The frequencies of God, the soul and the light cannot be measured since they are spiritual in nature. One can only measure frequencies in the Real World.

Since all the vibrations in the Corporeal World influence each other, the 2D SWD and what exists in the Outlined World Drama can be changed based on the changes in the frequencies that surrounds them. For the same reason, those walking in (who are not powerful spiritual effort makers) can be influenced to become divine through coming into contact with God’s powerful divine frequencies which have been emitted through other Confluence Aged souls.

Everything (including the chakras, bodily organs etc.) is vibrating at different frequencies, therefore, our thoughts consist of all their different frequencies when we think of them. Since the energies of the soul have a causal quality, the different vibrational frequencies of everything that exists in the universe can be created within a thought or visualisation. This means, in our visualisation, the object which we visualise will be having the frequency which it has in the Real World. Thus, what we visualise will consist of vibrations that are vibrating at numerous different frequencies. Since the energies used for the visualisation etc. have a light and a sound of silence aspect, the visualisations have a subtle movie-like nature.

The Holographic Universe is the womb of creation where different kinds of energies are involved with the creation processes through getting tuned to different frequencies. When the Divine Light and quantum energies get tuned to the different frequencies for creation purposes, information is encoded, decoded or recoded in the Divine Light and quantum energies so as to create what exists in the Real World.

Over time people has lost theire ability to decoce higher energies of light or frequencies that surrounds them and could guide and lead them to a higher levels of consciousness.

We can attract at the Lower Self level and at a deeper Subconscious Self level. The surface of the soul consists of lower frequencies; the energies of the souls which are deeper within consist of higher freauencies.

Setting aside time to tune into their presence will help you to fine tune your divine intuition and deepen your conscious connection with the divine higher realm, Meditation will help you to raise your vibration and set the stage for the entry of divine consciounsess. As people begin to release themesleves to their inner Divine Self, their vibrations shifts from the demse material plane to the higher emations of divine energy.

A great deal of this ability to open the heart lies in the ability to make a full and conscious connection with the soul, for, as you will understand, at a soul level all is love. There is nothing else that is more important in the frequencies of light than the concept of frequency and the vibration of love, for in the living light which is the substance and body of the divine creator this frequency of love is the most preponderant. You could say it is the one which contains many other frequencies, and because of this it is one of the dominant frequencies of the universe, for there are many sub-frequencies which lie within it.

Every vibration contains certain power. There are vibrations that are very powerful, while others are less powerful. Each one of us is the generator of vibrations. There are people of such powerful vibrations that they can move out and heal other people or help other people. A blessing is a vibration that moves out of the holy ones to us.

Light is not stuff, light is vibration.

Our mind is vibrating and if we take these mantras , slokas , hymns , all these things are of a lower frequency.

Soul is more powerful than all these units , so when mind is connected , when mind is attuned into the Ultimate Reality , the mind vibrates with the same frequency as the Ultimate Reality.

Often the energies we experience are quite negative, and are low, slow vibrations. Because of the law of resonance, you tend to easily get stuck in the lower energies of the earth plane.

The ancient ones who step forward at this time, those who have incarnated in the role of Avatar or Spiritual Leader, guide us to the knowledge that as we heal fear, and experience God’s love bringing the word (the sound of intelligibility) full of grace and truth into our flesh and cleansing our cells, we move to a different trajectory, and our DNA vibrates at a higher frequency, creating greater atomic fusion. This literally means our energy field radiates more light, and we glow with the energy of the Christos, the Christ light. Jesus said:

“He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do.” What do you think would happen if you radiated 90% atomic fusion?

Faith is a visionary force that allows us to open our hearts as we awaken to our souls. It is a belief in the fact that the Universe knows what it’s doing, and as we yield to spirit and release the Ego, we realise that we are called forth to splendour.

Faith is an awareness of the infinite field of unfolding possibility, the stream of wellbeing that flows through the Cosmos, from the inside, whereas our outer quests often require us to make a leap of faith, and fall into the workings of supreme trust in God’s power. When we trust we float into this brilliant force, and the Angels carry us through divine succour. Any attempt to control interferes with the flow, whereas our willingness to relax and yield means it works on our behalf.

The ancients believed that the source of all wisdom was found at a meeting within us, of two conduits: the axis mundi and the anima mundi. In the deepest part of this conjunction is a reflection of the very essence of whom we are. Wise, serene and powerful beyond measure, this meeting crosses the realm of the heart, the lodestone from which all love pours. This is where the icon of the Cross was created; but not as a nexus of bitter sacrifice — rather as a rendezvous of glorified service.

Both Axes are formed like the signpost of life itself. Both are partners in a dynamic and exciting dance of opposites, for in their embrace both matter and consciousness reach a point where each is informed and enhanced by the other. This is where mind and body correlate into the mystery of spirit, because this is where the heart and brain, the literal and the meta-phoric, the proven and the unproven, the seen and the unseen meet to create an incandescence of truth.

The Axis Mundi holds a key to our vertical nature, the heart and the brain, the body and the mind, the gravity of the earthly magnetic matter and the heavenly loftiness of the electrical spirit.

To strengthen this Axis means we must organize the core principles of the self. For these polarities reflect the conditions of the female and male energies, the yin and the yang, the being and the doing, the thinking and the feeling, the soma and the psyche, the profane and the sacred, the dark and light, the earth and the heavens, the freedom and the effort.

Victory creates a radical commitment to a new way of being, which begins with practice and discipline formulated by meditation and prayer, allowing the development of spiritual muscle. Honed in the soul’s gym, we become embodied with such strength that we defy the ego’s voice and truly inherit the victorious kingdom of heaven, not there but here.

Spiritual victory is not about becoming more complex from a metaphysical perspective or of acquiring psychic technology by reading the latest book; rather it is a question of becoming simpler and of evolving through the heart’s truth.

The soul’s gym uses the work of Meditation (listening to God) and Prayer (speaking to God) as its major trainers. These eternal compasses are designed to strengthen our spiritual conviction, to develop the hardware of our DNA.

Through exercise the Divine permeates deeper into our being, and as we bring our souls fully into our physical body, we have the chance to truly experience spiritual alchemy. Conversely, if the ego dashes our souls from our bodies, our thinking becomes confused, our feelings bridle in utter chaos.

What changes when we bring our souls back is not simply what we do, but more importantly who we become. Meditation and prayer discipline our mental, emotional and physical bodies; they allow us to configure greater peace, and radiate greater stillness. You see in the stillness of meditation we find the infinity of the soul, which we are led to believe is within us, whereas truly we are within soul.

The Story of the Luciferian Conspiracy; These controlling groups of beings have very powerful plans to disturb certain areas of the Earth.

Your divine spark is made up of the same light as that of the universe. The light is within you, and you are in it. The light is you. and you are the light! In the same way. your divine essence lies within, just as youressence lies in your divinity. are one and the same. When you are identifying with your divine essence, you are connected to all that is within and without. because you are at one with the universe and the universe is one with you. When you are fulfilled by your desire, you know what it is to have peace, joy, and freedom. You are the creator of your own life.

Your own innate blueprint is your Individual code that is stored in your DNA. Even your DNA is connected with your divine essence, while It Is not a part of it. When you tune into your divinity, your connection positively Impacts the body, stemming from your thoughts and way of being. Your thought patterns can also as as keys that can unlock the sacred codes of your DNA.

As the frequency of your thoughts and emotions rises in vibration. so does your way of being on a physical level. Your vibration. when raised, can activate your DNA even further in ways you have nut experienced up to now. As your DNA activates, it can mutate into higher levels of being. Nov It is known that your DNA Is influenced by electromagnetic fields, and this includes thoughts. Expressing your divine essence is the key to your DNA activation. You resonate at a higher frequency in vibration when you are attuned with your divine self.

At this higher vibration. your experience changes as you can see more of 41 that is. Now you understand at a deeper level how the universe operates and how you can manifest all the abundance. joy. and happiness you desire. Thus is your birthright. You are a magnificent being. much more co than you realize.

You really have the power to manifest your true desire in physical form, for this is your mission in realizing the vision of your desire. The higher your vibration, the easier It Is for you to manifest what you desire into your life. Your divinity is at one with your authentic self, and only by going inward can you bring out what you truly want in life to fulfil your soul purpose.

The key Is to go through your authentic self. where you can become at one with your divine essence. Your authentic self is the doorway to your divine essence. Keep your spirit high by radiating love (unconditional) and light. Keep your thoughts enlightened and in line with your own truth instead of outside appearances.

At birth, this knowledge of your essential nature is forgotten. It can be recollected during life through your bodily experiences of your senses interacting with the environment. Even though you may think you are a human being that has a few occasional spiritual experiences, you are actually spirit having a human experience. Your essence is the core of who you are in your heart. This divine essence is your birthright. It is where your power emanates from, and it is linked to the field of quantum possibilities. This is your authentic self. You are much more than you think you are. You have more power inside than you may realize. Through the conditioning of human life, you have forgotten who you really are. Remembering is a journey in itself that results in the layers of conditioning being removed. At the centre is your divinity. Once you become aware of this aspect of You, know that you have more power in co-creating what you want in your life.

The green or heart chakra is the combination of the four lower bodies and is the gateway which every body must pass through to the three higher vibration energy bodies of the divine triad. The four lower bodies when balanced and aligned, produce the personality- the real individual us.

The greater your connection to divine love, the more powerful your ability to transform your perceptions of pain, fear, and limitation. The key is to connect to the purest source of divine love possible.

Love is the key that opens up our divine potential from bondage, that we may be lifted up and become a part of the spirit of life that is perfect. Which is our vehicle of expression in the higher planes of divine consciousness. For the time is coming for our consciousness to unfold its true potential.

Being the divine potential is realized within, which enables us to become free from our carnal nature, entering into a state of freedom revealing that hidden life, the divine potential is realized within, which enables us to become free from our carnal nature, entering into a state of freedom. Perfect tranquility of being. Mankind has now reached a new stage of enfoldment, the heavenly journey has begun. The inner action of the Holy Spirit brings spontaneous process of purification within, which transforms our entire personality.

When the intuition faculty within mankind is awakened, then mankind will have the ability to understand the laws of the universe and to recognize the truth. The divine embryo which is abiding within awaits our discovery, but is unable to be seen or felt through our physical senses, only discernable through our higher divine faculties, which can only be developed through a change of consciousness and as it grows and expands it brings a change within.

For the embryo of life dwells within our very being working in the very inner levels of our consciousness for the time of change is about to come. The divine birth has begun, bringing a change within us. A new dimension of consciousness arises within. The carnal world will recede into the background the divine consciousness imprisoned within now unfolds to reveal the divine splendor.

The awakening of the spirit of mankind from bondage from the carnal world. The breakthrough has come.

The new beginning has begun becoming aware of the ever divine presence within. Merging with the inner rhythm of the universe attuned to its finest vibrations of the universal life. The opening up of our divine consciousness, as though a door of understanding has opened up within us.

There arises a spontaneous urge to surrender our carnal self for our higher self urges us to rid ourselves of our lower self that we may be cleanse that which is out of harmony with our higher self.

While the carnal self acts the higher self cannot be realized within. Our carnal desires stand in the way. There are many who know not within. They are not conscious of the higher self within. For there must be a change within man, before the inward divine faculty opens up within mankind. Without divine intuition the divine scriptures are of little value to us as we do not understand the truth.

No matter how much the inspired work is written in the world scriptures it can find no echo on our hearts, for we are truly carnal. Lord Jesus the embodiment of that true life reveal to mankind your higher self dormant within awaits birth. Know that true love is the key that unlocks the divine energy within, to experience an all embracing divine reality the hidden divine splendor, which was imprisoned, not released.

Life universal, giving rise in bringing into being mankind, creatures, creation, galaxies, our universe. For we must all admit our dependence is upon the universal life, which has caused our existence out of itself must return some time in the future to itself, to the whole, let us be this true life but we can only be this life, if we realize it. Through being it, then we must let this divine energy work through us, bringing harmony in our lives.

Most of us function from our surface consciousness. Only in enlightened moments are we harmonizing with the higher levels of life, or the hidden splendor. The true essence of life lies hidden within man, which is the light that is life. Each of us has a choice to make, the and that choice lies within us. If we live after the manna of our carnal nature, we imprison our true life. and we will not advance in our unfoldment. If we fdl our minds with the things of the world, they will become our way of thinking and our way of life.

If we seek to any them into the future, they will stifle the hidden, divine potential that waits to be born within. We are rejecting the divine potential and the divine pattern planted within. One must reject the conditioning of the mind, which is forced on us by the so-called society. We will receive immeasurable joy in the yielding to the hidden life within. which is the kingdom within. Not imposing any religious doctrine, or being dogmatic upon anyone, but sanctifying the hidden life within us and around us.

This opens up new dimensions of the hidden life within. which is the unborn divine potential seeking birth. We stifle it in its womb. the creative powers planted within, for the whole mystery of life is within us. That hidden splendor is the inner joy of the spirit. The hidden divine faculty and the opening up of the inner vision become conscious of a deeper level of life.

It is the awareness and understanding of life that dwells within and knows all things. The outward man that we see is not the real man. For the time for the real man to appear is not yet but will arrive in due course. We must steadfastly dwell on the divine presence. and when we are lifted up in the spirit. our life is raised higher until we vibrate in harmony with our hidden life.

This is quickened by the Holy Spirit and made alive in realizing the inner power, which fills us with a greater life of love, compassion, and purity of being. We then rejoice in the wholeness of all things and receive fulfillment of being. We are present in all life, for we are part of life and that higher life dwells within us. The Lord Jesus has acknowledged that greater life invited mankind into the same relationship with this greater life.

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