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The Inner Cosmic Awakening of the Energy

The Inner Cosmic Awakening of the Energy

Cosmic energy can be called Source energy, Creator energy, God energy, spiritual energy, white light, higher dimensional energy or photonic energy and perhaps many other names in different cultures.

Everything that exists must be created from cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is actually light, which exists as photons we call electrons or atoms of energy, or perhaps quarks or quanta in science.

The electrons spin: fast, slow and at trillions of frequency speeds in between. It is the vibrational frequencies of the spinning atoms that dictate the denseness of matter (the density of form).

These photons of light, the electrons, travel around the universe in what we term as waves, waves of light. Each photon contains information. These waves of light represent the communication system of the universe, a universal “Internet”, and this is the role of the photon bands.

Cosmic waves, or rays, can therefore be defined as “cosmic intelligence”. As humans we are also made from cosmic energy and we exist as groups of electrons, atoms and molecules. These spin and create vibrational frequencies that we radiate outward.

Tesla always said, “He who controls the photons, controls the universe.”

A photon is a light particle released following the collision two sub-atomic particles called an anti-proton and a proton. The photon represents a quantum of light that appears as a form of light radiation. That photon has no obvious particle like physical features. However, some believe that the photon has particle like properties with “zero rest mass.” There is also the belief that a mass of photons exhibits both particle and waveform features.

Now, as this pulse of photon energy (consciousness of you) comes, your brain will shut off and then on. New circuits will open that can handle more energy. You will perceive differently, indeed. You’ll see differently, you will feel differently, you will love more. You will understand the foolishness that you had in the past, look at it, laugh, incorporate and prepare for the next pulse. Now, there is a sequence and a timing to it, but I’m not going to tell you what it is because you need to integrate between the pulses.

The energy which we use in spiritual healing is cosmic energy. Unlike grounding energy, which is Earth-related, cosmic energy deals with a very different realm. It comes from above, from our infinite universe. It is also infinite in supply and perfect in structure, a pure, undiluted ‘perfect’ energy.

Cosmic energy bears no relation to earthly matters and is of what could be called `heavenly’ extraction. Cosmic energy may mean different things to different people. One of the greatest joys and benefits of spiritual healing is that it crosses all religious barriers. You do not even need to have any religious beliefs to practise it. All you need is a belief in and a respect for a higher source of perfect energy, love and power which emanates from the universe above.

Cosmic energy from the universe enters into the body through different channels as stated above. Both kundalini energy from the muladhara chakra and the cosmic energy from the cosmos join at each center. The mixing of these energies takes place and equilibrium enters in you at each dimension, during this process of mixing.

The real position of humanity in relation to cosmic energy and life is this: there is abundant energy. You use this energy according to your needs and you have total free choice in the way in which you use it. There are no limits, no restrictions, and no laws that tell you what you must and must not do none that have not been invented by ourselves. You are far greater and infinitely more powerful than you realize. You always have a choice. Exercise that choice and the might of cosmic energy will rush to your aid.

Before we go any further, I want to define “wealth.” Wealth is not just about having money—there are plenty of people in the world who have more money than they need, but they still feel poor. And there are plenty of people who have less money than the majority who feel rich. Wealth is relative; it is a feeling of abundance, of enjoy-ing what you have, and watching it grow.

It is about belief and know-ing that you can draw to you exactly what you want and need. It is also about the belief that you deserve to have abundance in your life. Once you believe you deserve wealth, it will flow to you in the way of cash but also as assets like property, shares, and savings accounts that accumulate. Wealth is another facet of Cosmic Energy; when you tap into this energy, your abundance will grow.

Filter what you say because your words hold power; so therefore, speak positive things. Positive energy always attract positive energy through the universal laws. The things you say originated from the thoughts in your mind. Watch what you say then watch how your life change in which ever ways you desired upon. Your actions speak for your thoughts.

Your mind is extremely powerful; learning how to control your mind is a gift from the cosmic. Everything is of energy. The cosmic electrifies energy to it’s highest level of frequency. If you are reflecting negative energy then negative energy is what you will attract through the universal laws which are interchangeable. ONLY indulge yourself in things that brings you feelings of peace, pleasure, and a sense of joy. The activities you decide to do on a daily basis determines your level of happiness and success.

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