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Kundalini is basically a healing force. Kundalini is the healing power of God within man. Kundalini is like an umbilical cord to God. Even within the DNA, there is a flow of kundalini and meridians, because it is the road through which the energy travels giving the instructions. It is the application within the instruction. 

Kundalini is basically a healing force. Kundalini is the healing power of God within man. Kundalini is like an umbilical cord to God. Even within the DNA, there is a flow of kundalini and meridians, because it is the road through which the energy travels giving the instructions. It is the application within the instruction.

Kundalini is the healing power of God within man.

“Kundalini is the desire of God. It is not the desire for God, it is the desire of God Himself within you. So it can only be awakened by that desire itself It is the desire of God within you that is being placed, and the desire of God is the Shakti. And the desire of God is that He loves you.

So do not condemn or destroy yourself or others. Keep in the centre (moderation) and respect your sustenance (dharma). The desire of God is to bestow the Kingdom of God upon you. He will have to do the job if He has to give meaning to His creation. Only thing you do is not to ruin your being by extreme behaviour”. “Kundalini Yoga is not meant for a few individuals. The whole world has to be awakened”.

Finally, Kundalini reaches the Crown chakra or Sahasrara, which will cause an ‘effulgence of thousand suns’ or extreme brilliance, leading to cosmic vision (mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11).

Note: The word ‘sahasra’ means one thousand; it should be I noted that Vedic seers used this word to denote ‘innumerable’ or infinite, rather than just one thousand. This notion is found in many places, ‘like thousand-faced purusha’ or god in ‘Purusha Sukta’ in the Vedas. Therefore, the crown chakra has innumerable petals, often depicted by several petals in the head

“At the very center of our being there is a contraction of pure energy called Kundalini,” he explained. “Its radiation is what makes us live, move, and think. But the major part of it is dormant, trapped inside us as a barely used reservoir of energy. Kundalini is called the power of transformation. Initially, Kundalini transformed itself from the state of pure expanded consciousness into the contracted form we know as our mind and awareness, finally coming to rest as the dormant Kundalini power within. From this final, most contracted form, once awakened, it can expand our limited consciousness back to our original fully expanded state once more.”

In his work on the Apocalypse, The Secret Book of Revelation Gilles Quispel (1986: 3-5) says that Gnostic formulation is intrinsic to all religious experience that goes beyond ephemera to some permanent wisdom: “Gnosis is based on the idea that there is something in man, his unconscious spirit, that is related to the ground of being. In order to restore the wholeness it has lost, the deity has an interest in redeeming this spiritual principle in man. The figure that incarnates wisdom in the Apocalypse is a Lady [Sophia] who might be called the ‘world-soul’ . . . she who adds darkness to light . . . who signifies the marriage of opposites . . . who reconciles nature and spirit . . . the Lady is the Holy Spirit, as it used to be for all Jewish Christians.”

The concept of “witness” as an aspect of consciousness separate from ego-consciousness is found in many religious traditions. The Sufis call it the Fair Witness.

“In Hindu mythology, Kundalini is a serpent goddess who lies asleep at the base of the spine, coiled three-and-a-half times around the first chakra. Her full name is Kundalini-Shakti, and she represents the unfolding of the divine Shakti energy, the energizing potential of life itself, a living Goddess who enlivens all things.

Under certain circumstances the Kundalini energy awakens and begins to rise through the body, piercing and opening the chakras as she moves in her undulating snake-like fashion. As she releases stored and blocked energies her movement can be quite intense, sometimes painful, and often leads to mental states that seem out of this world. Circumstances that stimulate Kundalini awakening are many and varied, but are usually triggered by such things as extended periods of meditation, yoga, fasting, stress, trauma, psychedelic or near death experiences . . .

Kundalini is a condensed, primal force, similar to the potential energy found in matter. Kundalini can also be seen as the result, rather than the cause, of the chakras connecting with each other . . . Kundalini is basically a healing force, though its effects can sometimes be quite unpleasant. Such effects may last for minutes, days, months, or even years” (Judith 1996: 469-70).

Patooka tells us that the new mystery of the soul refers us for the first time in history to the immortality of the individual, since it is interior and inseparable from its own fulfillment (Derrida 1995: 12).

Dante alludes to a similar reversal of direction (Divine Comedy); only when he descends to the depths of hell does the cosmos reverse itself, so that by continuing (rather than by turning around), Dante ascends to heaven.

Von Franz (1986: 89) observes that the entire opus of transformation “culminates in the production of the so-called caelum, the inner sky.” This goal or telos is “the extracted quintessence of the life of the body, the inner truth which, as God’s exact image, lies hidden in the innermost recesses . . .”

During the days of Atlantis, the Queen Bee’s knowledge and wisdom taught humanity how to wield the magical wand or lightning rod to both manifest and dematerialize reality through creative intelligence. However, humanity did not appreciate that this could only occur in accordance with the Universal Laws, one of which basically states that for every action there is a reaction for which we need to take responsibility—the law of karma. Our unwillingness to be responsible for our creations was seen as unacceptable by all the other life-forms that share this multidimensional space. Therefore, the energy of our wand—dragon energy, or kundalini—was essentially neutralized, able to become active again only in the hands of those who are believed to be mature enough to handle the power of the wand. So far, few have achieved that right.

Since those days, we have continued to use part of our electromagnetic energy to create our reality, especially through the desire and will centers, which are the solar plexus and throat chakras, respectively. But outside serious behavioral infringements, we are rarely held accountable for our creations, and instead we expect sympathy for being the victim of our own circumstances rather than the creator. However pleasant it may be to have others reinforce our powerlessness, it does nothing to strengthen the power of our wand. Only when we own our creations will we have the power to make choices that will change our future.

“I see the kundalini, starting from God and then going to the center of the whole creation, and then it is breaking down to individual globes and dimensions and then to individual beings. It is a fractal concept of repeating the designs. Kundalini is like an umbilical cord to God. I see kundalini going to every being.

“From the other end, I see kundalini energy as a life force that goes upwards in a straight line through the center of a body, through a planet, a solar system, galaxy, universe, and the whole creation, whatever it is, and then to God. Kundalini is the action of the greater force of Light going through a tube.

“Meridians, nadis, and chakras all emerge from the kundalini  and are part of the kundalini. They are like the breakdown of the kundalini. They are points within the kundalini. Kundalini is like a tree with branches, which are meridians, nadis, and chakras. The tree penetrates the original DNA in the circle, waiting to be programmed into wherever it needs to go. There is a different concept, so you can experience them separately. When you activate the kundalini all the chakras, meridians, and nadis are also activated because they are part of it. The flow of kundalini energy goes through every chakra.

“The whole creation and every dimension and soul has Kundalini, chakras, meridians, nadis, grids, DNA, and different bodies. There is the same replica for everything in the whole creation. That is the fractal concept. Then it breaks down as it gets into more detail. The quality of the energy that flows through the DNA of each life form is a set of instructions for that particular life form. Even within the DNA, there is a flow of kundalini and meridians, because it is the road through which the energy travels giving the instructions. It is the application within the instruction.

The charnel for healing is basically the kundalini, the line (physically the spinal column) that connects the chakras and transmits energy from one center to the next. The source of that channel is the Goddess universe and women’s connection to Goddess-within.

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