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The kundalini energy creates a chemical reaction in our pineal gland, which forces the physical senses to ‘switch off. When we have a kundalini experience, our brain is super active because of the activity of Gamma brain waves

The kundalini energy creates a chemical reaction in our pineal gland, which forces the physical senses to ‘switch off. When we have a kundalini experience, our brain is super active because of the activity of Gamma brain waves.

The kundalini energy creates a chemical reaction in our pineal gland, which forces the physical senses to ‘switch off.

This means that even though we are still conscious, we are not experiencing through our physical body’s senses, but through our energy body. The chemical reaction that happens when the kundalini energy interacts with the hormones in the pineal gland expands our consciousness, and we operate from our energy body instead of our physical body. The soul never leaves the body during such experiences.

When our brain is in Delta mode, we are asleep, and all our senses and certain body functions are switched off – Semi-dead’ as my Higher Self said. Theta state is the one that is activated in hypnosis, when the individual is conscious but in a deep state of relaxation.

In Alpha state, we are in a meditative state, or a light state of hypnosis. Beta is the awake state when our brain is active. As described earlier, Gamma state is when our brain waves are super-fast and operating at a very high frequency. People that are having a kundalini experience are operating in this state.

A hidden mysterious intelligence works once the Kundalini is awakened and it causes the chemical change reactions until the brain is transformed and higher consciousness arises. It is not simply that we take a chem-ical substance and the brain is transformed.

This energy, as I am calling it, is nothing more than the Serpent Fire, Solar Force, or Pranic Energy of the serpent-worshipping mystics of the world. It is similar to the Kundalini power base, and drives the enlightenment process forward.

Without the energy of the Serpent Fire, there could be no true gnosis, as true gnosis Is the energy of the mind In balance. This passes on information at a subatomic level and raises energy. It is very easy to say that we must have this energy, but we must also learn how to control it.

And yet what is this energy? we have touched upon the atom and how it may be possible for thought to control the energy within the atom through a process possibly related to quantum entanglement, but is there any truth to this idea?

Over the course of human history there have been thousands of individuals who have claimed to have experienced enlightenment or illumination, giving rise to the term shining. If it is true that mankind, across the world and across time, has been having these experiences, then they must be brought on by some kind of energy.

This energy is both the electrical charge within the nervous system to the brain, and the chemical/biological reactions within our brain brought on by numerous methods of meditation, prayer, and dervish.

These methods have been discovered and perfected by initiates and adepts of many cults and creeds. These methods really work; they create altered states of awareness by the electrical, biological, and chemical reactions they generate.

The question that scientists are asking is simply whether the reactions are purely biological functions accidentally discovered by mankind, or if they are mystical and spiritual capacities of a higher self. The answer to this can be found within the individual, but we may find other insights by digging a little deeper.

When the pineal gland radiates, it creates an impulsation in the pituitary gland. When the pituitary gland gives impulsation, the entire glan-dular system secretes and a human being obtains bliss. This is the science.” It’s as if you have an electronic, computerized security system in your mouth. Punch in the right code on the upper palate and you gain entry to the brain and your inner chambers of higher consciousness!

Kundalini fires the codes, activating the light-encoded filaments and bringing them into light. These tiny fibers are filled with information, and kundalini moving through your body gives you the opportunity to own your memories.

You are being reorganized on a subatomic level. Within your body, the light-encoded filaments—fine, threadlike fibers—are subtle forms of energy that connect everything together. These gossamer threads are reorganized in your body through stimulation by rays and photons that come to the planet bringing cosmic energy.

They are reorganized to rejuvenate your body when you drink pure, clean water. They are particularly activated through the process of oxygenation and deep breathing. There are also ways of oxygenating yourself by ingesting herbs known as blood purifiers.

When you purify your blood, it is able to carry a greater amount of oxygen. The reorganization of fibers on a cellular level builds and grows, and the fibers invigorate your body in a variety of ways.

All this involves activating your brain. You have the keys and the codes to open up the rest of that dormant area. The plan of intention is for human beings, based on the increase of light, to evolve into multitalented beings.

Some people are operating on 6 to 8 percent of their brain capacity. Someone who is using more of their brain, an Einstein for example, is using at best 15 to 20 percent. Ask yourself these questions: What is the other 80 percent of my brain doing? Why is it dormant? What is not hooked up?

Your hypothalamus is going to move you to a new shoreline of your being, a new domain that will be chemically induced. This is what the endocrine system does. It introduces various chemicals into your body without you taking anything—without you ingesting any substances at all.

The chemicals will simply begin to secrete themselves and influence the very way that you perceive and interpret reality. Your restored hypothalamus will take you on a journey, and you will change everything so that you will be happy to dwell there. You will not want to dwell in the old place.

It will be as if you move to a new land, or as if you move to a new planet without leaving Earth. It will be a splitting of your world. Earth and Earth’s reality in the Living Library will change before your eyes because the chemicals that will be secreted from the hypothalamus will give you a new interpretation of reality. This you are not prepared for yet, not anywhere near it.

First, you must convince yourself that you are loved and that you are the source of your love. You must maintain a consistent feeling of this before you can begin the subtle changes in your endocrine system that will prepare you for the awakening of your hypothalamus.

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