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When the rising Kundalini reaches the level of the heart. For there, as they say, the Great Self abides and portals open to the void. It opens up the nature of energy. When the Kundalini reaches the sahasrara chakra it stays there permanently. We call it enlightenment. This is When where union with God occurs.

When the rising Kundalini reaches the level of the heart. For there, as they say, the Great Self abides and portals open to the void. It opens up the nature of energy. When the Kundalini reaches the sahasrara chakra it stays there permanently. We call it enlightenment. This is When where union with God occurs.

The maya chakra is at the navel which causes delusion ; if kundalini pierces this chakra and reaches the heart’s chakra , then the veil of delusion is destroyed and man attains the path of yoga.

When the rising Kundalini reaches the level of the heart. For there, as they say, the Great Self abides and portals open to the void. It opens up the nature of energy.

In general, the place of the energies is the six wheels. Especially, that vitalizing energy that arises from the void space in the heart center, opens all energies, moves and makes the energies arise.

In the heart chakra the Inner Teacher, the Higher Self itself, is activated by the rising of kundalini and establishes the spirit of wisdom, compassion, truth and benevolence in the life of the individual.

When you reach the heart chakra, transformation from the lower to the higher man begins. Once kundalini reaches this point, there’s no going back. Then you know you will succeed.

After that, it won’t take long to bring kundalini to the throat and the head chakra. Once you’re able to bring kundalini to the throat and head chakra and hold it there, you have mastered kundalini yoga. From here it’s very easy to raise kundalini to the seventh or the crown chakra. Here you’ll experience the state of Nirvana or union with God.

This is the ultimately goal of kundalini yoga. Once you’ve learned how to move kundalini through the chakras, kundalini will serve you like an obedient wife and reveal to you all the powers within. It will guide you and protect you. It will heal all your inner illnesses and pains.”

When kundalini reaches the heart chakra, it brings an intuitive recognition of reality that resolves all differentiated parts into a unity and produces illumination. The spiritual will, acting through the illumined mind, strengthens higher emotions such as devotion and aspiration.

When the Kundalini reaches the pineal gland it opens the church of Laodicea. This chakra has 1,000 splendid, sparkling petals. This is the crown that shines like an aura of light upon the head of the Saints.

The four-petalled root lotus at the base of the spine, the muladhara chakra, is called the earth center. There the universal creative energy that Hindu-Buddhists call kundalini shakti sleeps at the chthonic level, coiled about itself like a snake until awakened by yogic practices, when it rises up the spine, piercing as it goes the various lotuses and activating the higher levels one after another.

In the process each center liberates to the personality its own peculiar qualities. The personal ego governs the three lower centers; when kundalini reaches the heart-center, the anahata, the soul awakens and embarks on the spiritual Path proper. From then on the yogi’s higher self operates to release his latent powers until the highest lotus of all is pierced, the sahasrara in the crown of the head, which has a thousand petals.

In the sahasrara, the heaven center, the bliss of supreme consciousness is won.

The atom of the Holy Spirit exists in the pineal gland. It is in this church that we attain the white dove of the Holy Spirit; here we fill ourselves with illumination, wisdom and omniscience. In the church of Ephesus we conquer the earth.

In the church of Smyrna we conquer the water. In the church of Pergamus we conquer the fire. In the church of Thyatira we conquer the air. In the church of Sardis we conquer the Akasic fluids. In the church of Philadelphia we conquer the mind. In the church of Laodicea we conquer the light.

In the kundalini seminars, Jung partially grasped the significance of the heart chakra in the yoga system. He calls it “the center where psychical things begin,” the state of development in which we first recognize and experi-ence the psychical world, of feelings, values, convictions, ideals, and so on, as far more real and substantial than the material world. He states: “So in anahata, individuation be-gins.” We are no longer completely identified with our largely unconscious mind-process. We have made contact with something greater, deeper, more universal than our personal being and life. Jung called the transition from manipura to anahata ‘the great leap’. He comments:

So the crossing over from manipura to anahata is really very difficult. The recognition that the psyche is a self-moving thing, something genuine and not yourself, is exceedingly difficult to see and to admit. For it means that the consciousness you call yourself is at an end.

Jung’s insight is important. Entry into the heart chakra marks the beginning of the end of the personal self, the elaborate but ultimately insubstantial edifice of self-identity that is created and supported by our mind, our thoughts, sensations, feelings, and perceptions. He asked the seminar attendees:

You see in manipura we still don’t know where we are; we are in muladhara just as well, at least our feet are still standing in muladhara; but in anahata they are lifted up above the surface of the earth. Now, what could literally lift one above the earth?

Someone suggested that it is the wind. Yes, Jung said, it could be the wind as spirit “but there is another thing that would make it a bit plainer.” Someone else said, “the sun rises above the horizon.” Jung: “Yes … the contact with the sun in manipura lifts you up off your feet into the sphere above the earth.”

The sun Jung refers to here is not the un-conditioned ‘Inner Sun’ that dwells in the seventh and in-nermost center of the psyche, but rather the radiance of its reflection in our unified and harmonized personal con-sciousness. This integration and energization of our being gradually builds in intensity until, finally, we break through for a moment to the universal, transcendent depths of our consciousness.

When we catch a glimpse of the true spiritual depths of our being, we touch a place of peace and joy that far sur-passes anything we can imagine through normal life experience. We will want to come back to that over and over again. It is this taste of true fulfillment, true peace, that drives us forward, even if the path is steep and difficult to walk on. There is nothing in this world with which to com-pare it. That little awakening will lead us forward and light the way.

Our entire energy system moves into the heart chakra, and from there on we are working with the levels of consciousness represented by these higher realms.

It’s like moving from the basement of our house to the attic, except that when we are operating from that heart chakra, the attic has no ceiling. The possibilities at those higher states of consciousness are endless.

Thus the yogin starts out as an impure being (papa-purusha) and through the power of visualization recreates himself as a pure being, a worthy vessel for the divine Power.

Through the kundalini process, this visualized pure body-mind then becomes actuality, for the ascent of the serpent power through the axial pathway of the body recapitulates the mental process of bhuta-shuddhi, literally changing the body’s chemistry.

Through repeated practice of kundalini-yoga, the Tantric adepts succeed in speeding up the vibration of their body permanently, leading to the creation of the much-desired “divine body” (divya-deha).

The three principal energy centers within the human body include the heart, brain, and kundalini.

The heart is the principle center of the circulatory system, the brain is the principle center of our nervous system, and the kundalini is a similar vital energy system for spiritual well being. In the human body there are over 72,000 subtle channels known as nadis or veins.

The main subtle channels are the sushumna nadi, pingala or surya nadi, and the ida or chanderma. The sushumna nadi is the central channel that extends from the base of spine to the top of head. The pingala or surya nadi is the channel that runs to the right of the sushumna nadi. The ida or chanderma is the channel that runs left of the sushumna nadi.

The vital energy, the active chetana or prana shakti, is transmitted in the body through a surya nadi, chandra nadi, and many other smaller nadis. Kundalini is the spiritual energy that generally lies dormant coiled at the base of sushumna nadi for the average person. Through spiritual practice, it begins to rise from the base of the spine through the sushumna nadi until it reaches the top of head.

When the Kundalini reaches the sahasrara chakra it stays there permanently. We call it enlightenment. This is where union with God occurs.

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