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What is the spirit of Goliath? The Spirit of Goliath stealing your power. Learn more how the Spirit of Goliath acting in the world and learn how David is thinking to become victorius. NO BATTLE, NO VICTORY.

What is the spirit of Goliath? The Spirit of Goliath stealing your power. Learn more how the Spirit of Goliath acting in the world and learn how David is thinking to become victorius. NO BATTLE, NO VICTORY.

There are two words to consider in order to destroy the seed of Goliath in your life. The first is “Goliath” and the second is “seed”.

What is the spirit of Goliath?

  1. Strongman: The spirit of Goliath is the strongman in charge of your case.
  2. Boastful powers: The spirit of Goliath is the boastful power that threatens you. In its manifestation, it may declare that in a given number of
  3. Intimidating enemies: The spirit of Goliath represents dark forces that intimidate.
  4. Constant challenges: Goliath kept challenging Israel twice a day for 40 days. The powers that challenge, attack and pursue you constantly are the spirits of Goliath.
  5. Goliath was proud and arrogant. Enemies that are full of pride and arrogance are motivated by the spirit of Goliath.
  6. The credentials that qualified Goliath as the champion of the Philistines are frightening. Some enemies are like that. They represent the spirit of Goliath. When a person tells you of the evils he has perpetrated, e.g. that among those that dared him, some have died, some have been made mad, etc., he is possessed with the spirit of Goliath.
  7. Goliath dominated the armies of Israel. He also dominated the battle scene. The spirit of Goliath is the enemy that dominates everything.
  8. The spirit of Goliath is the enemies’ champion. Goliath was not just a solider of the Philistine army, he was a champion among them. There are champions like that, ultimate powers that lead other powers in attack against the Christian
  9. The seed of Goliath can cleverly enter your life. There are many ways the enemy achieves that. The seed of Goliath can be planted in one’s life through; we have to break the hold of idolatrous power on your name, if that name is associated with an idol.
  10. The spirit of fear was projected by the size and sound of Goliath to shield him from the threats of his enemies. But David was not intimidated by his fear-factors; he trusted that God would deliver him into his hands.
  11. David knew by his past experiences that faith was stronger than fear, and he knew also that “…perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). This is another problem with Christianity: Their love for God has not been perfected through experiences. Faith is not faith until it is tried in the furnace of affliction; likewise, love is not love until it is also is tried through trials and afflictions (1 Peter 1:7). Perfections come through transitions, which are sent to improve our faith—not to destroy it. When David took size of Goliath his faith increased to match the size of his giant.
  12. When the enemy waxes stronger, then you must begin to pray. As you pray, your spiritual muscle begins to grow. The enemy will then become instrumental to activating your breakthroughs.
  13. In God’s mathematics, problems can prepare ordinary Christians for extra ordinary services. Life’s greatest problems can become life’s greatest blessings. Are you discouraged and tired of everything? David became a great man because he passed through great problems. If there is any Goliath in your way now, the Goliath will become the stepping-stone to your promotion. Every Goliath has an unprotected forehead, which the stone of your prayer can locate.
  14. when you want uncommon breakthroughs or you want to be an uncommon person then go ahead and solve an uncommon problem. Defeat an uncommon enemy like Goliath. Great problems often precede great triumphs and great victories. In God’s mathematics, it is not possible to get to the Promised Land without passing through the wilderness. God’s people are not without problems. The great consolation is that God is with them in problem.
  15. NO BATTLE, NO VICTORY. Every irritation the enemy brings across your way is really an invitation to elevation, especially if you are a true child of God. Most of the wells of joy that were dug in the Bible, were dug by God with the spade of sorrow. God will not deliver you from your problems but he will deliver you in spites of the problems. He said that all the enemies who come against you should flee before your face. If they come against you in one way they shall flee in seven ways. But remember that they will surely come against you.
  16. God has the ability and the capacity to provide an authentic solution to any problem: When there seems to be no way, stop running around. Stop wasting your time. God can make a way when humanly speaking, there is no way and all hopes are blocked: That is why the Bible says that God can bing honey out of the rock. He can order the rock to bring out honey. God is not limited to one method of operation: Our problem, most of the time is that, we focus on only one direction. We are yet to learn that God’s ways cannot be predicted.

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