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The Kundalini Light – The sixth sense is the kundalini light in a feeling of radiating warmth; the seventh is the sense of synthesis.

The Kundalini Light – The sixth sense is the kundalini light in a feeling of radiating warmth; the seventh is the sense of synthesis.

Kundalini bird starts flying in the sky as it becomes available When with sharirvigyan darshan or other nondual philosophies, the emptiness of the sky begins to settle in the mind, then Kundalini starts to appear like a flying bird in it. Together, there is bliss as like flying in the sky. At that time the soul is like the dark and void sky of the background, and only the Kundalini expresses like a glistening bird in the sunny sky or as a piece of light. Hence the soul that has been considered as a bird in the scriptures, that’s actually Kundalini. Kundalini is the compressed or short form of the soul. As the snake becomes smaller by coiling into a tight spiral, so too the soul.

That is why it is called Kundalini that literally means coiled into spiral. When the Kundalini joins the soul fully and becomes universal, then it is called the opening of the coil of the snake and coming to its real and detailed form. In the same way, when one becomes connected to the sky, the nondual emptiness like the sky starts filling the mind. That also creates the same Kundalini effect, which fills the mind with bliss in the same way. That is why, as mentioned above, in the scriptures, yogis are shown flying in the sky, and planes are described in abundance. Kundalini is the lamp of the deluded soul

The mind becomes void and calm like the sky due to the meditation of non duality, but its bliss and light disappears. This happens because joy and light are with the thoughts of the mind. They disappear with thoughts. To compensate for these, the Kundalini in the form of a lonely picture becomes active in the mind. It acts like a lamp, and fills the thoughtless mind or soul with joyful light. Through the long-term Kundalini yoga practice, there comes a time when the soul produces its own natural light. Then the light of the Kundalini lamp also fades there. But this happens only at the highest and last level of spiritual practice. This is called asamprajnata samadhi. Kundalini is the physical representative of the soul The soul is zero like the sky but full of consciousness as opposed to it, although by being in worldliness, it has to bear its ill effects of illusion. This causes its conscious light to disappear. When man tries to return to his primitive soul with advaita spirit, then Kundalini appears there.

This is because the neuronal energy in the brain is gathered from the thoughtless state generated by Advaita, which usually produces thoughts. The easy way to get that neuronal energy out is through Kundalini thought or picture. This happens because for that the brain does not have to decide what the Kundalini picture is like, should it be thought about, what will be the consequences of thinking it, etc. This is because of the long association with the Kundalini picture. This relationship can be as natural as love etc., and also artificial in the form of yoga etc. The same Kundalini picture tries to give the soul the natural qualities of its light, consciousness, etc.

At that time the soul is in the form of Yin, and Kundalini as Yang. However this seems to us due to worldly illusion. In fact, it’s just opposite, there is Kundalini in the form of Yin and the soul in the form of Yang. The union of these two is Shivvihiva or Shiva marriage. When it is completed, it is called Kundalini awakening or Self Realization. At that time, the consciousness of Kundalini envelops the whole self-sky, and the two seem to be completely mingled with each other. Kundalini is said to be the physical representative of the soul, because it is undoubtedly a limited and solitary image in the limited brain, and is bound by physical constraints, but it has all the conscious qualities of the soul. The same reminds the soul of its true real qualities. But it happens through practice. That is why Kundalini is always remembered through yoga, love, etc.

The moment we become able to use the kundalini light to illumine the soul, it becomes as visible as an object illumined by sunlight. Thus the whole inner body is gradually illumined for the yoga pupil. All ancient knowledge of anatomy was perceived through this inner illumination. Thus the [Indian] monks, who couched their experiences in the form of legends, were speaking of what they had seen by means of the kundalini light.

Spiritual life was kept alive in the esoteric schools. Today, materialism has been driven to an extreme, and so a new intervention had to come in our era. The same movement that took a hand in those days now popularizes the basic teachings of spiritual life through theosophy in order to create a new inner life that can later manifest outwardly. Inner life always later manifests outwardly.

An illness is the karmic consequence of a former misguided action, for instance a lie. When this takes effect in reality, it becomes an illness. Plagues can be traced back to long-past misdeeds of a people. They are something imperfect that shifts from within to an outward scenario.

The sixth sense is the kundalini light in a feeling of radiating warmth; the seventh is the sense of synthesis.

The world of spirit becomes clearly perceptible as things and entities only for someone who can send the kundalini fire through their etheric body out into the world in this way, thus illumining the things of that world.

From this we can see that full consciousness of something in the world of spirit can only arise when a person themselves sheds spirit light upon it. In reality the ‘I’ that engenders this kundalini light is not within the human body at all but, as we have seen, outside it. The heart organ is merely the locus where a person kindles this fire from without. If they were not to kindle it here but elsewhere, then the spiritual perceptions engendered in this way would have no connection with the physical world.

We need, however, to relate all higher spiritual realities to the physical world, and let them work through into it. The heart organ is precisely what enables the higher I to make the sensory self into its instrument, and the place where this is enacted.

The ascent of the human being occurs initially through the overcoming of physical love; and secondly through regulation of the breathing process, in relinquishing the life of the plant, of oxygen; and thirdly by developing the kundalini light, whereby we give back the light reflected by the mineral kingdom.

A person will then be pervaded by a special power that will live within their heart, so that, in the sixth root race, no distinction will be made any longer between their own good and the good of the community. A person will be so pervaded by the kundalini light that they will have the principle of love as their own, most intrinsic nature.

Other forms and currents of colour flow from this organ to the other parts of the body, and also beyond it, pervading and illumining the whole soul body. But the most important of these currents flow toward the lotus flowers, infusing their separate petals and governing their rotation; then from the tips of the petals they stream outward and lose themselves in external space. The more highly developed a person is, the greater is the periphery around them in which these currents spread.

The fourth attribute, the quest for liberation, then serves to bring the etheric organ in the region of the heart to maturity. If this quality becomes a habit of soul, a person liberates themselves from everything connected only with the capacities of their personal nature. They cease to regard things from their own specific perspective.

The boundaries of their narrower self, which shackle them to this perspective, now fade away. The secrets of the world of spirit gain entry to their inner being—and this is liberation, for these shackles compel us to regard things and beings in the way dictated by our own nature.

The esoteric pupil must become free and independent of this personal way of regarding things. From this we can see that the precepts originating from the great teachers of humanity have a deep and decisive effect that works through into our inmost human nature. And the doctrines on these four attributes issue, in the same way, from such ‘primordial wisdom’. In one or another form we find them in every religion.

The founders of these great religions gave these precepts to us out of far more than dim intimations; they did so consciously as great, enlightened initiates. They imparted their ethical precepts out of clear knowledge, knowing how these principles work upon human nature, and desiring their followers to slowly develop this finer nature. To live in accord with religions means to work at perfecting ourselves spiritually.

Only when we do this do we also serve the whole world. To perfect ourselves is by no means self-seeking since an imperfect person is also an imperfect servant of humanity and the world

The inner marriage of the brain with itself is the form of Ardhanarishvara god or Shiva Vivah The right and left parts of the brain keep on working turn by turn. This happens through the permanent contact route between them.

This neuronal pathway is called the corpus callosum. In which people it’s not there due to any disease etc., these continue to work continuously as separate units for a long time. These people are unable to do their work properly due to lack of mutual coordination between both halves of their brain. In normal person, left brain works for some time.

It performs everyday tasks efficiently by staying within a rational, limited, and practical scope. But man gets tired of the glare of its thoughts in a short time. Then the body comes under the control of the right brain. Its work style is unlimited, irrational or illogical, emotional, compassionate and investigative in nature like an open sky.

Because there is no dazzle of thoughts that bind man in a limited range, so it is having darkness. By staying in it, as soon as the old fatigue of a man’s thought processes is over, this part stops, and the left part starts again. This cycle goes on continuously.

The time interval of job transfer may vary according to activity level of a man and his spiritual interest. Now the point is, to make both parts of the brain work together equally. This is the arrival of the Kundalini in the central line or sushumna.

With this, the Kundalini Shakti means the vital force is divided equally in both the parts, and makes the whole brain functional. The same is also felt during Kundalini awakening, when instead of a particular area, the whole brain becomes conscious, active and vibrating equally. We can also call this as the internal union of Ardhanarishvara or Shiv Vivaha.

It can also be said that the left part of the body is married to the right part. In Hinduism, the left part of Shiva named Ardhanarishvara is shown as female goddess and the half right side as male god. Kundalini picture tries to be in the left brain, that’s why Kundalini has been given a feminine form. You see, everyone has natural instinct to be always submerged inside the pool of glistening thoughts. This instinct is to be overcome through regular practice of shifting awareness to empty sky of right brain. An attempt is made to bring it to the center through Kundalini yoga. A person becomes a complete human being only by the centralization of Kundalini. By this, there is logical practicality in him, as well as irrational emotionality and discovery mind too along with .

This means that advaita or non duality is born there, because without advaita it is not possible to coexist with two opposing qualities. In the same way, by directly maintaining the advaita bhava from physiology philosophy or sharirvigyan darshan or Puranas, the clarity of Kundalini is increased in the mind. To keep the two opposing qualities together in the mind or to keep the Kundalini through Kundalini Yoga requires a lot of vital energy.

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