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Kundalini – The Butterfly Experience: How to Transform Your Life from the Inside Out

Kundalini – The Butterfly Experience: How to Transform Your Life from the Inside Out

The butterfly is one of the symbols of the state of samadhi, but few people will tell you what might occur as you journey toward the free flight of enlightenment. As the kundalini energy climbs, it will stimulate all of the unhealed issues lying within each of your chakras.

The term kundalini awakening describes the activation of powerful kundalini energy and its advancement through the chakras. But this succinct definition does little to illustrate the experience of undergoing a kundalini awakening, which is often more like a caterpillar wrestling to leave the cocoon than the free flight of an emerged butterfly.

Inside the cocoon, every one of the caterpillar’s cells reconfigures until imaginal cells emerge, those that are programmed to create a butterfly instead of a ground-crawling insect. The caterpillar’s old cells, however, attack these imaginal cells, not recognizing their vibrations. Then, despite this, the imaginal cells multiply to such an extent that they engulf the old cells and a butterfly is born.

The kundalini energy wants to replace our old issues and programs, and the harmful energies of others, with new “imaginal cells,” or programs that mirror our essential or enlightened self. The problem isn’t the goal of a kundalini awakening. The discomfort lies in how we react to what kundalini energy reveals as it lights up our chakras. As kundalini energy enters a chakra, every unresolved issue or emotion within it vibrates.

The goals of this retriggering are to release what is blocking our path toward peace and to open to more fulfilling truths. We must change the information in the locked-in energy, its vibration, or both. We are to perform chakra medicine for the attainment of a more whole state within each chakra. This can be difficult. Perhaps an unconscious aspect of us doesn’t want to let go of a situation or belief or another’s energy. Maybe the people or beings outside us don’t want us to effect such a shift.

For some, however, a kundalini awakening becomes a purely spiritual experience. In certain people, the chakra gifts evolve from their psychic state to reveal siddhi, the Hindu word for magical gifts.

From an energetic point of view, however, all kundalini awakenings have more rather than fewer similarities because no matter how it rises, kundalini must rise. This is what every activation and uprising has in common. The focus of kundalini is to clear the chakras so we can become the self we are meant to be. And one way or another, a true samadhi outcome involves breaking through the koshas, or sheaths of illusion that keep us stuck in pain and fear.

Caterpillars often have to deal with many problems simultaneously. In the Caterpillar stage, you may feel that you still have many obstacles to overcome. You’ve made a tremendous start by recognizing negative thinking patterns. Now I want you to consider some external forces that will try to steal your peace of mind. Before entering the chrysalis stage, most caterpillars enter a searching, wandering period. This final journey is often the most dangerous. It is important to be able to connect to source energy.

The “Rosy Cross” carries the idea of sublimating the sexuality and raising the “back cross” (the mystical ladder), so that the seven roses (the Indian “lotuses” or “chakras,” the “wheels” or centers of the subtle body) are aroused from their “thorn-rose sleep.” In the ancient Greek mysteries (i.e., allegories), the staff of Aesculapius, with a serpent wound round it, signifies healing power derived from an excess of Od obtained by developing the “Serpent Power.”

The caduceus of Hermes is a wand bearing two entwined snakes and, at its end, a pair of wings. The meaning of this is also clear. Once again it is the kundalini, which winds its way up the spine (the Indian sushumna) by the two channels, Ida and Pingala.

The two wings are the two “lotus petals” between the eyebrows; they correspond to the center of the subtle body known as Ajna. Goethe says, “I feel as if my ‘I’ is squeezed between my eyebrows.” The eyebrows have a vague resemblance to a butterfly and it is as a butterfly that, according to legend, the soul escapes from the sleeping body (astral projection).

In Greece the butterfly was a symbol of immortality. When the Rosicrucians speak of the Magnum Opus (Latin for Great Work) as the “Chemical Wedding,” they are pointing out that the union (or wedding) of the “King’s Son” or spirit and the “Bride” or soul is not merely a spiritual affair (in Greek, hieros gamos), but also a physical one, operating right inside the bodily mechanism!

Thus we read for example, “After approximately two weeks of practice nobody can doubt any longer that the neck-hold has brought about chemical changes in the neck. The time has now arrived when one has the poisonous taste of mercury on the tongue if the latter is touched with the forefinger of the hand bent at right angles. Later on the taste of salt develops.”

In the Christian tradition, Saint Teresa of Avila used the metaphor of the but-terfly to describe the process of transformation on the spiritual path. At first one is like a caterpillar, greedy for teachings, searching for spiritual nourishment from external sources. After a time, when one recognizes that turning inward is essential, one is drawn to silence and contemplation. One spins a cocoon of solitude and enters into the innermost chambers of what she called the interior castle. When stillness reigns and it appears that nothing is happening, God does the work, and transformation takes place. The soul emerges as a butterfly into the experience of light. In the final stage of mystical union, when the separate self disappears, the butterfly dies.

Even this sacred marriage, however, is not the end of the journey. As the soul cannot hold on to these ecstatic, transcendent states, one returns to service in the everyday world. This stage is known as “the fruitful-ness of the soul.”

What is Human Metamorphosis?

Story of the butterfly: a caterpillar is born and eats until it has enough energy to fuel its metamorphosis. Hormones are released and it finds a place to attach itself to a branch, then a chrysalis comes out of its head and slowly covers it.

Of course, the caterpillar has gone into a deep sleep state. While the chrysalis formation goes on, its old skin is shed and the entire body is covered by the chrysalis. Then its entire body is dissolved into a pool of nutrient rich liquid, and instructions for existing cells not previously expressed in the caterpillar are activated and the new form of butterfly grows from the liquid pool that was the caterpillar.

When the butterfly cannot grow any further because the cocoon is restrictive, the butterfly will break out of the cocoon and spread its wings. Some amazing facts about this are 1. During the development of the adult, the chrysalis loses almost half its weight. This shows that metamorphosis consumes a tremendous amount of energy. 2. The DNA of the caterpillar and the butterfly life forms are identical. 3. The caterpillar and butterfly are the same entity and has been present through all stages.

Metamorphosis is happening with some people today, but it happens when we choose to quiet our mind, so we do not have to make a cocoon. This process occurs in a living life form but instead of the old body destroying such as happens in physical death,.

A new brain and nervous system is built in the existing body, breaking down the old structure and using this released energy as fuel to make the new body based on the new genetic instructions activated when the process triggered. After this completes the person is a new species and from reproduction can produce offspring of the new species.

This phenomenon happens widely to many individuals in the same species simultaneously, as all are affected by outside changing conditions in similar ways and have been evolving a similar amount of time. When the vibration level is high enough, latent DNA switches activate and a jump is made to the next species in the evolutionary track.

For a real change or healing to happen there must be a transformation of energy, from the old form to the new form. This process of the old dying and of the new forming is often perceived as a painful sensation. The transformation is biological and the intense heat given off as the old tissue releases the held energy and changes to the new tissue causes pain. Healing does cause pain and is a symptom of the transformation_ of the old giving rise to the new.

We have pain sensors all over our body to protect us in case our life is physically threatened, so our innate tendency is to avoid the experience of pain and harmful situations in the future. To protect us physically this works well.

The problem comes with our identification with our personality. We tend to believe that the personality is a physical entity and thus we avoid anything, which might cause pain and threaten the demise of this structure.

Thus, we evaluate all experiences in the same way and avoid painful experiences, because pain for us is a signal that our life may be threatened. Another thing that causes us extreme discomfort is the unknown. We tend to get resistant and animate our personality in the face of the unknown because we fear the unknown. Change is always about entering the unknown.

This can be problematic in the kundalini transformation, because the entire process requires a leap of faith and trust and readiness to enter unknown fields and dimensions. What we need to know is that the energy held in the structure of the personality and in all forms is mutable, it is not our permanent self and it is not a permanent structure. If we allow this transformation of this energy, we will not die and we will not disappear.

Allowing transformation to happen means we are allowing ourselves to adapt to changes occurring around us. With this attitude, we are physically mutable and thus much more likely to survive, then if we resist change. If we resist changing ourselves when events indicate, then what we arc doing is becoming more solid or holding our energy as the personality in tension.

This holding of energy to try to maintain static familiar shapes is that which restricts the flow of energy and causes pain and subsequently acquired disease, conflict, aging and illness to build in our physical body. All structures become weaker the more they resist change. In the moment we drop our attitude of resistance. holding and trying to protect something or an area pent-up energy used for this protection is automatically released from the structure of personality and returned to our free resent of unformed energy.

This released energy will be used for healing and transformation. Soon we will feel the transformational energy, as an old part of us goes away and a new part rises in its place. Know that nothing is ever lost, a new form always supersedes the old. and the new can better adapt to changing conditions around us. Updating ourselves and allowing change and transformation makes us much more likely to survive, than trying to protect worn out stagnant forms of energy.

The transformation process does not need to be experienced as painful.

Only ‘You’ Can Release Your Personality

We are not enlightened because we are identified with our personality, where when animated fools us into thinking we are alive. Because this is the problem, it means there is only one way to remedy it. To transform ourselves, we only need to practice letting go of the old habit of chattering, which is the cause of animation of the personality.

Each time we are quiet, our brain is rewired to be more efficient, a program is removed, we are partly healed, our energetic vibration raises and we are more aware. Each time we raise our vibration level, we have more energy at our disposal to heal things in our body, which needs more energy to accomplish.

When programmed tracts are removed_ neuron growth expands and branches out in that space with numerous connections which is what increases our vibration. As we continue in the transformation, deeper and older problems are corrected, even to the point of correcting the structural alignment of the skull and skeletal frame.

The truth is only we can Enlightenment Has Always Been Going On Enlightenment is a gradual growing process, where the organization in the brain is changing into a more efficient one-mind structure in the interval we do not use our mind. Spiritual enlightenment has been going on since the first life emerged on Earth, where all of us are in various stages of accomplishment. Successive generations of life forms, over all these eons have been increasing awareness, up to the present people of today.

Our current structure of the brain and body gives us the capability to recognize our source as spirit and creator of ourselves. Then the next step for human beings is to become that spirit in the body. There is one more physical species of life form for human beings to become on Earth and it is happening now, we are growing bodies of light. Growing numbers of people have had spiritual awakenings and it is difficult to find commonalities in the reports.

The variety in reports is partly because spiritual awakening is not widely accepted as a real phenomenon and has not been studied by scientists. Another reason is that many of the symptoms are internally experienced due to changes in the nervous system. Because these symptoms are not experienced externally, there exists no language for it.

Variation in testimonials is normal because each of us is an individual with unique experiences and what we observe and report will be heavily influenced from our past. Thus, reports across testimonials seem different even when we arc describing the same phenomena. Finally, kundalini awakening is a continuous process with key stages.

There is currently no clear definition about those stages, so all stories are lumped together in one basket, under the common name of kundalini awakening, even if they are miles apart.

As more people share their accounts of kundalini awakening, we will increase our knowledge about the transformation and help each other get through it.

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