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As You Seek so Shall You Find

As You Seek so Shall You Find

The quest to awaken our Spiritual awareness can begin only after a certain amount of purification and transformation of the psyche. Our consciousness, having taken the downward journey, is eventually drawn towards an ascending path.

Then, what we receive becomes more subtle and enlightening since it comes without distortion directly from the Soul. When our ego or self-consciousness “awakens” to its true nature then dreams and the inner process take a new direction, and we see, understand and experience them in a totally different way since, from then on, our ego or self-consciousness realizes that it is just a vehicle for Cosmic Consciousness.

We then perceive all kinds of dreams and astral projections differently, since the veil separating them from Cosmic Consciousness is no more.

The mission of Cosmic Consciousness within us is to enlighten our ego. In other words, Cosmic Consciousness actively guides the process of awakening the ego to its true nature, and it directs the inner world of dreams and astral projections during sleep.

Cosmic Consciousness takes over and creates whatever is necessary for our self-consciousness to understand and experience our ego. The ways that our Soul carries out its initiatory course of action to awaken our ego and open up the rainbow bridge to infinity is a source of great gratitude and awe.

Dream work helps those who want to know themselves, since like a mirror, it not only projects who we are but also displays what we need to do. In other words, dreams are the best guides to reveal what you have on your conscience, what needs to be worked out in your life, and how to become a better and happier person.

Going back to the old Hermetic concept of “As above, so below,” human consciousness is actually a microcosmic replica of the consciousness of the zero-point energy field of the whole universe, which is what I would call God consciousness.

When we were young, we loyally followed the teachings of the older generations who hypnotized us into forgetting our connection to Super Selfhood.

We allowed our focus to be shifted and pointed in only one direction—towards the outside world. This outward focus on the physical world can make life seem pretty scary at times.

We were encouraged to ignore the nonphysical Super Self within, which is where all our power really lies. We were taught that atoms and armies were all much more powerful than the Cosmic Consciousness within us!

We were taught that we were only our bodies, our personalities (our ego’s), and our self-images, but we were never taught that we had access to a cosmic Super Being of infinite intelligence and power. We didn’t have any idea we had super powers, because the older generations didn’t pass that knowledge on down to us while they were educating us.

They didn’t teach us how to play the Game of Life as super creators within the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities because they had never been taught how to do it themselves. They were asleep and ignorant as to how cosmic creation really works!

Theatoms within the Quantum Field ate not things until they are obsenvd. They are more like tendencies, which have the potential of becoming what we expect them to become—based on the tendencies of our own thoughts and expectations we are holding, while we observe them. —Heisenberg-Discoverer of Quantum Physics ( p )

Q: So, how does it all work, anyway? How do we begin to take back our power? How can we learn to play the Game of Life as winners?

A: The first step is learning how to say “no” to just about everything you’ve ever been taught about life. “NO” is a Divine Power. You can learn to say no to all dragon thoughts—especially the most enslaving ones like, “life is merely an economic struggle for survival”. You have to get fed up enough with the status quo, to question everything you’ve ever been told about the meaning of your existence on Planet Garth.

Then you have to turn your focus inward. You have to make your own personal connection with the inner awareness of Cosmic Super Selfhood and let it flow through you as intuition and inner guidance. Remember—you really do have an inner cell phone, which you can plug back into the vast intelligence of the Universal Super Selfhood.

But, you must be willing to fight every minute of every day to awaken from society’s hypnotic nightmare! Remember, we live in a free will universe, in a vast ocean of Super I AM-ness, which creates forms by vibrating an infinite variety of frequencies and streams of consciousness.

The great Super Self literally allows us to think up every idea and thought that passes through the mind. Each pocket, stream, or current of thought that is focused on long enough, eventually manifests in the Quantum Field as some kind of form, event or experience. The one original Cosmic Consciousness vibrates an infinite, unending variety of ideas, beliefs, and points of view, much like the earth’s ocean undulates with waves, tides, and currents.

We are the observers, or individual observational vortex points of I AM-ness through which Cosmic Consciousness, or Infinite Mind flows. We’re like “people periscopes” through which the one Divine Being can look, think, feel, vibrate, love, expand and create.

Whatever ideas, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and emotions we choose to focus on, do affect the way the Quantum Field coagulates atoms into forms around us.

This is how we produce our nonphysical ideas and intentions into actual physical experiences.

Our super power comes from learning how to master, and choose the ideas and intentions we want to produce in form.

We really do need to wake up and observe which thought forms and beliefs we are choosing to believe are true about life—if we want to learn why we are getting what we are getting in the 3D realm.

We must courageously master our own minds, which means beginning to question the validity of all the self-hating thoughts, society’s disempowering ideas of selfhood, and all the beliefs of not enoughness” we have already come to believe are true.

We need to question the validity of any thought form that says we should fear our fellow man, or fear life in general. Cosmic Consciousness isn’t about fear and condemnation. It is about love and creation!

Quantum Physics has now proven what the great masters have taught for millennia, “that which we believe, we will conceive”. This insight is actually beginning to spread into the mainstream for the first time.

There is a wonderful new movie out now called “The Secret”, which you can view on line, which shows how the entire creative process is based on the power of thought.

The movie explains in graphic detail why we will most certainly always get back what we expect. We will always see our beliefs reflected back to us in the quantum mirror of atoms and events !

Jesus taught this principle of creation when he said, “It is done unto you according to your belief. It is your faith that makes you whole. If you have enough faith you can even move mountains.

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