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The awakening of the chakras transports one to the divine world, the world of the True Self.

The awakening of the chakras transports one to the divine world, the world of the True Self.

The tantra yoga given by Shiva provides the means whereby a man can transcend himself and attain a state of being unified with and equal to that of God, the Absolute, Himself. According to the teachings of tantra yoga, man has three bodies and three associated minds, one in each of the three major dimensions of being.

During spiritual growth, a man must ascend the evolutionary ladder through these dimensions step by step, gradually increasing his awareness of the higher realms.

In this way man can liberate himself from the limitations of the three bodies and their corresponding minds. finally entering the kingdom of God. Specifically. the three bodies and the three minds are: a) the physical body and its mind. i.e.. the consciousness that operates in association with the physical body: b) the astral (subtle) body and its mind. i.e.. the consciousness that we experience primarily as emotions and feelings; and c) the causal body and its mind, i.e.. the consciousness that is expressed mainly as intelligence and wisdom. Of these three, the physical body and its mind exist and work in the tangible world. This set, then, might be termed yang in relation to the other two, those that cannot be known by either the physical senses or the thinking rooted in physical sensations. This yang part, however, is in fact sustained and kept alive by the hidden yin aspects—the astral and the causal.

The Chakras and Nadis

The three bodylmind sets exist and operate in different dimensions, each maintained by the type of prana (vital energy) necessary for and appropriate to that dimension. This does not mean they are separate entities, but rather that they are parts of an organic whole. Each body-mind has within itself energy centers for controlling the flow of pane and a system of energy channels. These channels are called midis, and the centers controlling them are known as “chakras”.

In the physical body, the channels are represented by the cardio-vascular, lymphatic, and acupuncture meridian systems,’ and the centers are represented by the brain, the nervous plexuses, and the acupuncture points. The corresponding centers and channels of all three bodies are closely interrelated. Besides being a control center in each dimension, a chakra works as a center of interchange between the physical and the astral, and between the astral and the causal dimensions. Through the chakras. subtle prana in the astral body can be transformed. for instance, into energy for the physical dimension, thereby providing the physical body with essential life energy.

Some of the most spectacular examples of this particular transformation are seen in the cases of yogis who have been buried underground for incredible lengths of time and yet remained alive. This is thought to be possible through the action of the Vishuddhi (throat) chakra which, when activated, supposedly enables a person to subsist on astral energy in the form of “ambrosia”. This energy comes into the physical body from the Bindu visarga (see Chap. VIII) of the astral body, and can be induced through a technique of halting respiration known as khechari-mudra.

The astral energy is then materialized as the oxygen, protein, fat. etc., necessary for the maintenance of life, enabling the per-son to survive even if buried. It is further thought that physical energy can be transformed into astral energy through the work of the chakras, and that physical energy can be converted into psychological energy (ojas) within the physical dimension.

Thus, the chakra is seen to be an intermediary for energy transfer and conversion between two neighboring dimensions of being, as well as a center facilitating the energy con-version between a body and its corresponding mind. As the chakras are activated and awakened, man not only becomes aware of the higher realms of existence, but also gains the power to enter those realms, and then, in turn, to support and give life to the lower dimensions.

The Purpose of Yoga

The purpose of yogic disciplines has been described in a great variety of ways: as the discovery of Truth, as the realization of the Self, as the realization of the identity of Brahman and Atman, as the unification of man and God. These descriptions all point to the underlying concepts of yoga.

Yoga is a means of achieving union with the inner True Self, the God within. The Sanskrit word “yoga” has two meanings. The first of these, “union”, implies harmony, unity, and stability.

The second meaning, “yoke” (as used to link oxen drawing a wagon), signifies the unification of the individual self with the divine. This unification is possible through concentration upon a sacred symbol or entity, such as a chakra, mandala, or mantra, or simply upon the inner True Self. The realization of this goal necessitates the complete negation of the individual, discrete self which is an obstruction between the seeker and his goal of complete freedom.

Only when the negation of individuality is attained can the aspirant begin to live in a higher dimension in which all things, including the individual self, are encompassed as one.

From this union springs true life, and in it lies the gateway to spiritual libera-tion. Understood in this way, self-negation and self-realization are in no sense contradictory. As one continues to elevate his or her level of existence through continued practice, union with God—the ultimate goal of Yoga—can eventually be realized. In our ordinary perception of reality, subject and object exist as distinct, discrete entities. Indeed, science is based upon the contradistinction of subject and object.

 A scientist attempts to observe phenomena in a precise fashion and formulate laws which explain what he has observed. The observing subject himself, however, is not considered; the knowledge obtained is therefore knowledge about the object only, and not the subject who has recognized and perceived the object. In this sense science does not examine the entire field of observation and its knowledge is thus incomplete. In contrast, knowledge obtained through the unity of subject and object takes into account the reality of both, and the profound universal oneness from which they arise.

This union of subject and object—present in the state called Samadhi—is a major goal of yogic practice. In scientific work, an object is perceived through the filter of the five sensory organs. However, when the subject, which confronts and stands in opposition to the object, is negated and transcended the essential nature of the object may be perceived directly by the superconscious, rather than through the sensory organs.

This form of knowing may be called wisdom. It is the purpose of yoga to reach the state of oneness of subject and object in which true wisdom exists. The activation of the chakras is an indispensable means to realize this goal. The techniques for chakra awakening, a part of tantra yoga, enhance the functions of both mind and body, and are the most effective way to develop “siddhis”. Although commonly defined as “miraculous powers”, siddhis are best understood as faculties bestowed upon the aspirant when he experiences the divine realm of existence.

We must actually experience the reality of this world in- order to unify with the Absolute and obtain final liberation—Nirvana. The awakening of the chakras transports one to the divine world, the world of the True Self.

These disciplines may be classified into five groups:

(1) Moral training: Yama, Niyama. Purification and harmonization of the mind.

(2) Physical training: Asana, Prinayima. Regulation of vital energy and blood circulation; regulation of nervous and muscle functions.

 (3) Mental training: Pratyahara, Dharana. Breaking through the shell of the self through introversion and the control of consciousness.

(4) Spiritual training: Dhyana. Attaining superconscious-ness and contact with spiritual beings.

(5) Samodhi: Oneness with the Divine, the highest stage of spiritual development.

The word “tantra” is derived from “tonati” (expansion) and “trayati” (liberation). Tantra is thus an esoteric system of spiritual practice which aims at expanding the conscious-ness and liberating the mind. It is said to have originated from the secret body of knowledge, including the -Sanas, transmitted from Shiva to Parvati and taught in turn to her offspring. In practice, tantra employs asanas, pranayama bandhas, and mudras to purify the mind and body.* Activation of the chakras is an integral part of this system.

First, the prana flow throughout the body must be activated and normalized. Then the prana flow throughout the sushumna—the most important nadi—can be increased, and the passage purified. This facilitates the rising of kundalini, the psychic power said to lie dormant at the base of the spine. Kundalini awakening is indispensable for true chakra awakening.

Finally, direct concentration on the chakras provides the direct stimulation which enables their full awakening.

By awakening the kundalini, the shakti is activated, which then rises up the spine activating and energizing the chakra centers. The chakra centers become doorways to deeper spiritual experiences and dimensions.

Kundalini is the higher evolutionary force hidden within you that has the ability to unfold your spiritual potential.

Kundalini is a higher evolutionary psycho-spiritual force, the energy of the consciousness that lies dormant within you until it is activated spontaneously or by your spiritual practices. It is your creative soul potential, and has the ability to bring new states of consciousness, including mystical illumination and transcendence of self. The word kundalini comes from the Sanskrit language and means snake or serpent power. It is believed that once the kundalini energy awakens, it moves from the base of your spine (root chakra), in the form of a snake, up towards the top of your head (seventh chakra).

“The word ‘Kundalini’ generally refers to that dimension of energy that is yet to realize its potential. There is a huge volume of energy within you that is yet to find its potential It is just there waiting because what you call a human being is still in the making. You are not yet a human being you are a ‘human becoming.’ You are not an absolute entity of being human. There is constant scope to make yourself into a better human being ”—Sadhguru.

The awakening of kundalini energy is enhanced by tools of self-realization, such as mindfulness practices, yoga, meditation, being of service, eating a diet high in raw foods, juicing protocols, fasting, water fasting, liquid feasting, detox, sacred practices, vision quests, inner questing, and the daily observance of a spiritual discipline or practice.

As you purify your body, align your whole-body system with your soul, quiet your mind, and tap into your heart, you will bring great coherence and vitality to your life.

Awakening kundalini energy can be experienced as the awakening of the treasure within. It is your most creative potential waiting to be discovered by your heart. It is the source of your truth and energy, and the universal consciousness within you.

The awakening of kundalini energy is the process of your own awakening and liberation, which happens in and through the awakening and rebalancing of the five bodies (physical, emotional, mental, soul, and spirit bodies) and the seven key energy centres in your body—your seven chakras—whose reclaiming is needed for you to align with the wholeness and the mightiness that you are.


The real alchemy is transforming the base self into gold or into spiritual awareness. That’s really what new alchemy’s all about.

Alchemists are the masters of transformation. They hold the key to the portal of wellness, for they shapeshift and transmute mercury into gold, toxicity into radiance, a broken heart into a well of love. Alchemists know there is great power in the sacred subtle dimensions of our existence, and know our bodies are but vehicles for spiritual transcendence.

It is the kundalini that carries us from the three-dimensional world into the next dimension. Once we enter the spiritual world, the kundalini manifests first as sound (fifth chakra) and then as light (sixth chakra). If there is little kundalini, there is little imagery, little visualization, lack of creativity and inspiration, and no sense of the future.

The first chakra transforms or burns data into pure emotion, the next frequency level. (The alchemical correspondence is the transformation of base metal into gold.)


Electricity is one of man’s useful powers. He puts it to many uses. The generators, motors, solonoids, condensers, robots, light, heat, radio—yet it is a power very dangerous if improperly handled, and will kill as quickly as it will serve mankind. The Kundalini Force is in that class. Experiments over periods of centuries show that the Force is more deadly than electricity when aroused before the body is ready for it—and vastly more beneficial and useful when naturally aroused by the condition of the body, as in the case of birds and beasts.


What the Masters allegorically referred to as “the marriage of the Lamb,” was the exaltation of the spiritual nature. It is the activation of the Pineal (male) by the Pituitary (female) as a result of a peculiar stimulation by the Golden Oil that is raised up from the sacral plexus (Rev. 19:7-9). This produces a harmonization of the negative and positive powers in the body, by means of which equilibrium is attained. This produces reciprocal action between the lower and the higher that promotes development on every plane of being—the transmutation of the gross into the subtle, which effects the transit of the sensuous to the supersensuous. We mentioned the Finials, Ida and Sushumna nadir. The latter, located between the other two, forms a tube, at the lower end of which is the seat of the Serpentine Fire, the Kundalini Power, or the potential Divine Force.

The Divine Marriage of the Lamb occurs when this Force is raised up through the Sushumna and passes through the top of the head. This produces spiritual illumination and the acquisition of paranatural powers.

Illumination occurs, allegorically termed the “marriage of the Lamb” (Rev. 19.7) This means the joining of the functions of the Pituitary and Pineal Glands in the brain. The creative impetus, flowing from the Cosmic Source, is transmitted to the chakras and their connections as the Kunda-lrni When this power is aroused from its dormancy, it resurrects the sleeping God-Man, and he perceives the para-natural truths The Mind becomes illuminated and brilliant, and there appear wonderful visions of extraordinary mental powers. which cause plan to realize that he is Spiritual and united with the Absolute

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