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Eventually, as kundalini becomes stable in the topmost chakra in the crown of the head, the practitioner experiences union oneness with all things. Over time, this experience begins to permeate the activity of the outgoing senses, allowing the experience of uninterrupted unity consciousness

Eventually, as kundalini becomes stable in the topmost chakra in the crown of the head, the practitioner experiences union oneness with all things. Over time, this experience begins to permeate the activity of the outgoing senses, allowing the experience of uninterrupted unity consciousness.

The Universal Kundalini Shakti is said to be the cosmic force, power or energy of the divine that created the whole universe and it is constantly evolving and developing new materials, atomic and sub-atomic particles and the different forms of living beings. Individual Kundalini energy is sleeping in dormant form at Muladhara chakras of all men.

By regular practice of Yog-Sutras and intense devotion to God, one day Kundalini Shakti can be awakened by the grace of God in a yogi. It is generally experienced by yogis like a snake sleeping in two and half round at Muladhara Chakra.

It is the divine liquid fire that rushes up through the interior of spine known as Sushumana and crosses through the seven/six Chakras one by one. Ida, Pingla and Sushumana is the three main Nadis in our subtle body.

Without the awakening of Kundalini no subtle or Samadhi experience is possible. Generally, dormant Kundalini Shakti in Muladhara is spontaneously awakened with the grace of God.

If Kundalini is awakened without prior purifying of the body, mind and spirit, it may give a trouble to yogi. Some times its huge mysterious power is uncontrollable by the yogis, as the inner passage of Sushumana in the spine is blocked and not prepared for it.

The danger is less if it rushes upward without any blockade in Sushumana, but more if it turns downwards or sideways. But a yogi should not be afraid of awakening of his Kundalini, if he is practicing and following all the Yog-Sutras properly. So before awakening of Kundalini, he must purify his body, mind and soul otherwise it may give him some trouble.

The process of involution (the journey back to God) and spiritual unfoldment starts only after the awakening of Kundalini Shakti. Awakening of Kundalini is an initiation for entry into the ocean of divine knowledge and God’s kingdom. As the Kundalini crosses the Chakras one by one, there are some subtle mystic inner experiences of other worlds to the yogi.

He achieves many Riddhis and Siddhis (divine miraculous powers and knowledge). No self-realization is possible without awakening and rushing up all the seven Chakras by the Kundalini Shakti and lastly merging in Sahasrara with Lord Shiva. Without awakening of Kundalini and rising it up to Sahasroro there can’t be any self-realization.

Eventually, as kundalini becomes stable in the topmost chakra in the crown of the head, the practitioner experiences union oneness with all things. Over time, this experience begins to permeate the activity of the outgoing senses, allowing the experience of uninterrupted unity consciousness.

Kundalini represents the giver of peace, power, and remover of evil. So, the Universal energy as kundalini power, does two things in the body of the upasaka viz., she protects him always and kills the demons (bad qualities) residing in his interior.

In our present world, we are very much fond of having awareness of outer objects only. It is never a custom to look within ourselves. Why? We are not well prepared to have such awareness that there is an ideal kundalini, which has to be found and that our life gets bliss-ful; these types of teachings are not forwarded to us by means of lectures and scriptures.

Our motives and energies are diverted into unworthy materials like cinema, games etc. This is because we believe that we are the bony and fleshy bodies and we are going to die. We never die. We are immortal. This is the spiritual concept. We are willing to have con-nections with the senses over all and not with our intellect, the Self. Why?

We are in lack of such prac-tice to have union with the self. This should be cleared out first of all. Then self realization is a possible task. We are not aware of having the all-pervasiveness of the Self, its divine nature. But once the chithi, Kundalini power, gets awakened and starts to function within us, our mind and sensual systems will thoroughly turn inwards, and we will experience our divine nature.

When we acquire our kundalini sakthi, it is quite easy because our permanent nature is nothing but Chithi; we will have the capacity to assimilate the universal things into ourselves. We will not be bounded to the reins of this world fully, we will also have the Holy union with God.

This is possible through the immense realization that we are nothing but the supreme sakthi, Kundalini. The kundalini is the basic concept from which all these worldly scriptures are drawn out of its own will. This can be realized only after the kundalini’s awakening state. In what way, the supreme chithi, kundalini, can be awakened?

It is possible through Holy manthra repetition, yogic exercises, controlling the inhale and exhale techniques. On the whole, it can be awakened through intense love on God’s immense supernatural quality and by the fountain flow of sadhanas with immense love on Kundalini.

Because the energy is very powerful, it can ground the recipient to the energy of the Earth, opening them up to being more intuitive, insightful and more knowledgeable.

Every improvement to yourself is an improvement to the world when everything is connected and everything is relevant, no matter if it is a big act of compassion or a little act of compassion.

The energy of the Earth is broken down into Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit and this is the energy that is used to open chakras and heal both spiritually and physically.

According to the Indian Hatha Yoga, the power of Kundalini was definite: Kundalini is the universal energy in the human body of each individual. It is not the physical power, such as electric or magnetic. Psychic powers, Shakti or universal powers have no shape. It is the holy Shakti that is sleeping in a circle in every human being.

The mysterious Kundalini lies with the face down on the mouth of Sushumna Nadi. When it is awakened, it makes a hiss sound like snake, so it is also known as the power of the snake. Kundalini is the goddess of words and was praised by people.

The Kundalini herself, when awakened, will give the yogi the enlightenment (Wisdom). Kundalini gives emancipation and self-knowledge. Kundalini is also called Saraswati because she is the source of all knowledge and bliss. Kundalini is pure consciousness.

In Kundalini meditation, the sacred power of sleep in every human will be awakened and risen up through the chakras, or the spiritual centers of the body. At the top of the head, the place of highest consciousness, the unity of individual consciousness and the super consciousness will happen.

In our ordinary state of awareness, the Kundalini lies dormant or sleeping at the base of the spine and only a small portion of its power serves to run our ordinary physical and mental activities.

When awakened, the Kundalini ascends and merges the mind into the Absolute giving liberation and Self-realization. One connects directly into the cosmic energy or Shakti. Kundalini is the portion of the universal power of speech that dwells inside each one of us. We use but a fragment of it for ordinary thought and communication. Yet Kundalini holds encrypted within itself the code of Self-realization, our higher evolutionary potential. This manifests when we develop higher powers of speech through mantra and the practice of silent communion during meditation.

Yet working with Kundalini, we must remember that Kundalini is a form of the Goddess.

The Kundalini is interconnected with the universal feminine power of Adi Shakti. This power represents 1/3 of the holy trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) that resides within us and the universal planes of the divinity. Our mother Kundalini is part of our subtle autonomous spiritual body that feeds the Chakras and Nadis this divine spiritual love and compassion of the Parum Chitana (God realm) The degree of pure divine light energy we can absorb depends directly on the condition of our Chakras and subtle system receiving it. The awakening of our mother Kundalini will awaken the divine connection to the universal divine knowledge that is vibrating in the Akashic ethers, but is only the beginning. To manifest and integrate this spiritual energy, careful purification and strengthening of the mind, body and spirit must be part of the process.

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