Kundalini – Opening for us the dimension of the spontaneous synthesis between the Finite and the Infinite, thus completing the grand task of the previous incarnations. Indeed, the opening of the fontanel bone at the top of the brain) by the thing Kundalini is the opening of the egg’s shell: the new man, the new Adam is born

The awakening of the Kundalini is the great event in the life of a man. When the Kundalini is made to work, the trammels of Maya are cut asunder, and the Soul becomes free from the bondage of individuation. We have already said that the Kundalini is aroused with the help of Mantraghata, Mantra-dipini and Mantra-caitanya. By the incantation of bija-mantra, a part of the Mantraghata process, an acoustic vibration is produced in the psychic body which has a whipping effect on the Kundalini, the slumbering serpent power.

The Kupdalini-Yoga is a physico-psycho-spiritual process of understanding the Transcendental Self which is beyond the dualism of subjectivity and objectivity. The esoteric process of awakening the Kundalini and its gradual piercing of different cakras brings about the change and revolution in the metaphysical stratum of the living being. With the rising of the Kundalini, the objectivated 1, i.e., citta, is transformed into second subjectivity, i.e. Ego, and again Ego is transformed into First Subjectivity, i.e., Buddhi-Tattva.

This process of transformation does not stop here; it goes one step further and the very first subjectivity is transformed into the Transcendental Self. Thus, the oneness of the Kundalini and Siva is essential for the realization of the Absolute which is not possible through intellectual pursuits because intellectual understanding is a process of knowing the causal relation of the given problem. Reason or intellect is embedded in dualism. It cannot go beyond the bounds of relativity. It has no access to the realm of Transcendent existence.

Metaphysically speaking, the realization of Para-Bindu brings about the dissolution of mind. Mind cannotvisualize the ten millionth part of a hair ordinarily, But with the awakening of the Kunclalini mind becomes subtler and it acquires the spiritual power of visualization. Thus, the process of Kunclalini Sadhana is a process of spiritualization of mind or, in other words, it is a technique of transforming mind into Self. It is a process of elevation of human consciousness. The awakening of the Kundalini is a great event in the life of a Sadhaka.

Tantric Sadhana is directed to awaken the dormant Kundalini.

The discovery of the Kundalini and the esoteric process of awakening it is prehistoric achievement of human ingenuity. It is one of the priceless treasure of Indian culture. Kundalini Sadhand was popularised and practised in pre-historic India when its civilization was in full bloom and Indians were in the hey-day of spiritual culture. When a spiritual seeker is initiated into Kundalini Sadhand, he becomes Bhairava.

The piercing of the Kundalini cuts asunder the psychic knot (Hrdaya-granthi) that rivets all involvements and attachments in the many strands of nature. With the awakening of the Kundalini„ all the metaphysical doubts are shorn off and all karmas dwindle away

 ‘The Kundalini, is in a dormant state lying above the Icienda. She is the giver of liberation to a yogi and is the cause of bondage for the ignorant. One who knows the Kundalini alone is yogi.'” The Kundalini is the cause of both bondage and liberation. The awakening of the Kundalini brings the realization of occult power. The Sadhaka whose mind is not rendered quiet and is not free from lust and attachment becomes baffled at the sudden possession of occult power.

The mystic union of the Kundalini with Parama Siva produces the divine bliss of salvation. The non-qualified liberation can be attained only by the Kundalini Yoga. The Kundalini has to open the three granthis (mystic knots) of Rudra, Brahma and Visnu. These granthis are called lingas. Safcaltra Nirupatta says: ‘The Devi who is a Sudha-Sattva pierces the three Lifigas, and, having reached all the lotuses, shines therein in the fullness of her lustre. Thereafter in her subtle state, lustrous like lightning and fine like lotus fibre, she goes to the gleaming flame like Siva, the Supreme Bliss and all of a sudden produces the bliss of liberation.’18 The Kundalini pierces all the six cakras and then reaches Sahasrara. Of them, three Manipiira, Andhata and Ajzia are the greatest stumbling blocks for the Kundalini. These three are also known as Rudra, Brahma and Visnu granthis. They are described as lingas.

The pineal gland is known as the mystery gland in modern psychology. The hormonal secretion of this gland has some mystic influence on both mind and body. This is the most precious of all the hormones. The different glands are different mental sub-stations. The higher gland controls the lower. The pineal gland controls all the subsidiary glands of the human structure.

When the Kunclalini is awakened and made conscious, it forces its passage through the different cakras and excites them to action and, piercing them, rises up. With the rising of the Kunclalini, the mind opens up and all mystic visions and esoteric powers come to the Yogi. When it reaches the pineal gland, the Yogi goes beyond body-mind consciousness and the soul becomes free in all respects.

In the “egg-man” state, man is not spontaneous nor is he integrated within or outside of himself and his action brings social injustice. Hence the evolved human being seeks to be free from the myth of the ego, from separateness, contradictions and ignorance.

Opening for us the dimension of the spontaneous synthesis between the Finite and the Infinite, thus completing the grand task of the previous incarnations. Indeed, the opening of the fontanel bone (brahmarandra at the top of the brain) by the thing Kundalini is the opening of the egg’s shell: the new man, the new Adam is born.

The immediate and experimental knowledge of Kundalini which is the message of Sahaja Yoga might well be said to open a new cycle of universal history. It should be emphasized, once again, that this puzzling statement is substantiated by the experiences of countless people. The process of the Kundalini’s ascent can be described as follows. The Kundalini can be compared to a rope made out of many threads. She rises by unfolding her coils piercing every chakra.

The width of the Kundalini, that is, the number of the threads, starts diminishing as She ascends if the higher chakras are not open or if the spot to pierce in the chakra is constricted. Of course, if the lower chakras are open, the Kundalini rises as a whole but then, if the higher chakras are not open, only a few threads pierce through chakras and reach the Sahastrara.

The Kundalini does not force Her way upwards; She caters to the needs of the chakras, cures the disease caused by the constriction of the chakras and subsequent recession of the deities; She awakens them. The awakened deities dear the path for Her ascent.

Let us describe a slow motion ascent of Kundalini. (In a few very evolved beings self-realisation takes place in the split of a second and is established for ever).

Furthermore, the greatest proof of the genuineness of Kundalini Yoga is that in given conditions, every Yogi has himself the power to grant realization by raising the Kundalini! Thus the power of the seeker’s own Self starts manifesting. However we have to be aware that this dazzling realm of godliness cannot be reached by the mere striving of the intellect’s curiosity, or indeed, by any of our human efforts, and this is the result of the nature of the Kundalini: we cannot “tame” our Kundalini but we can surrender ourselves to Her.

The Kundalini does not destroy but overcomes, transcends…. Here we should dearly understand the following: Mukti (Liberation) is the breaking point of the ego’s shell by the Kundalini and yet it is not enough to break the ego because, once the ego is broken, gone also is the protection that it gave to the individual psyche. One might then fall under the domination of the invisible masters of the supraconscious or the dead spirits and other forces of the subconscious who act through the super-ego. (At this point, conditioning reveals some frightening aspects). Thus liberation can only be the liberation from the ego (rajoguna, right side SNS) and the super-ego (tamoguna, left side SNS). This can be achieved only by the Kundalini’s clearing of the central path (satwaguna, parasympathetic nervous system).

The true identification with the Self is only possible when the Kundalini is settled in the seventh chakra. The explanation goes as follows: HH Mataji tells us that the three aspects of the Primordial Witness (God Almighty, Sadashiva), the Primordial Energy, (Adi Shakti, Holy Ghost) and God the Son (the Christ, the Buddha) are all expressed within the human microcosm:

The Adi Shakti, the Energy, the Holy Spirit is manifested within man when Kundalini awakens from Her potential state at the bottom of the spine and actualises Herself in the Sahastrara: this is the state called selF realisation, the manifestation of the Kundalini aspect of the Holy Spirit in the Sahastrara. Lord Jesus said: “What is the Kingdom of God like and to what shall I compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his garden and it grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air made nests in its branches.” (Luke 13.18)

The psychosomatic and spiritual instrument is manifested by the rising of the Kundalini. And again, “To what shall I compare the Kingdom of God? It is like leaven which a woman took and hid in three measures of flour till it was all leavened”. (Luke 13.20). The alternative phases of potentiality and actuality of the Shakti-Kundalini are the substance of this statement.

The Child God, the AUM, the bread of life is also expressed within man. He resides in the Mooladhara chakra as Shri Ganesha where He looks after the protocol of Mother Kundalini. His evolved form resides as Lord Jesus Christ in the Agnya chakra where He keeps the Gate of the City of the Holy Spirit, the Sahastrara. He is manifested within man when He opens the Agnya on the path of the ascending Kundalini, thus totally purifying and enlightening the mind (buddh0.

Bliss in the yogic term is awakening of the kundalini and piercing it through the seven chakras along the spine to the sahasrara chakra in the head. This is the foundation and the beginning stage of a yogic experience.

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