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World-egoism proceeds from the Anglo-Saxon Race. From that direction the whole Earth will be overlaid with egoism. It is from partly England and America that all the discoveries come that will cover the Earth like a network of egoism. So it is from there that the whole Earth will be covered by a network of egotism

World-egoism proceeds from the Anglo-Saxon Race. From that direction the whole Earth will be overlaid with egoism. It is from partly England and America that all the discoveries come that will cover the Earth like a network of egoism. So it is from there that the whole Earth will be covered by a network of egotism

The conspiracy is to achieve world domination by the AngloSaxon race.

The globalization scheme perceived and promoted by these industrialized and predominantly Anglo-Saxon countries with a bad track record of colonialism, slavery, racism and systematic elimination of the indigenous population has intrinsic West-ern principles and values such as property, ownership, intellectual property rights regimes and so forth. Financial markets and the overall processes of globalization and liberalization are built on racism and racial segregation and they contribute further to racial and economic discrimination.

Now in the Fifth Sub-Race man does not perceive the changing stages of Manas, but this Race sees as the highest stage the psychic experience of concepts as such. Our Sub-Race has developed the psychic Manas, the everyday scientific knowledge.

The Sixth Sub-Race will develop a Super-psychic Manas. What is merely a kind of knowledge today with human beings will become actual reality, a social force. The Sixth Sub-Race has the task of permeating society in a social way with everything which has been produced by the preceding stages of evolution.

Then for the first time Christianity will come forth as shaper of the social order. The Sixth Sub-Race will be the one which is the germinal foundation for the Sixth Root-Race. The Fifth Root-Race is descended from the original Semites, the Fifth Sub-Race of the Fourth Root-Race. This people developed the individual I which produces egoism. Man owes his independence to the original Semites.

Man must first find himself, but then again must also sur-render himself. He must surrender himself to what makes thought a reality. The Sixth Sub-Race [of the Fifth Root-Race] is destined to replace blood relationship with Manas relationship, relationship in the spirit. Thinking which is altruistic will develop the predisposition to the overcoming of egoism.

The Seventh Sub-Race will have a premature birth. Too soon and too strongly will it make outwardly real what has come forth from Manas. In the Sixth Sub-Race [of our current Fifth Root-Race] the predisposition will be given for the overcoming of egoism, but in such a way that the balance is held between selfhood and selflessness.

The human being of the Sixth Sub-Race, will neither lose himself in what is outside, nor shut himself up in what is within. With the Seventh Sub-Race a kind of hypertrophy will come about; the human being will then pour out what he now has within him: his egoism. On the other hand the members of the Sixth Sub-Race will hold the balance.

World-egoism proceeds from the Anglo-Saxon Race. From that direction the whole Earth will be overlaid with egoism. It is partly from England and America that all the discoveries come that will cover the Earth like a network of egoism. So it is from there that the whole Earth will be covered by a network of egotistic evil. But from a small colony in the East [The Slavonic peoples] there will be developed, as though from a seed, new life for the future.

in order to rescue souls from decadence, for race evolution does not run parallel with soul evolution. But the race itself is going towards its destruction. Within it is the seed of the evil race.

In the Fourth Sub-Race work was performed as tribute (slave labour).
In the Fifth Sub-Race work is performed as a Article of Commerce (sold).
In the Sixth Sub-Race work will be performed as an offering” (free work).

The economic necessities of existence will then be separated from work: there will be no more personal possession, everything will be owned in common. One will no longer work for one’s personal existence, but will do everything as absolute offering for humanity.

Text source; Foundations of Esotericism by Rudolf Steiner

‘Each sub-race has a direct Avatar who embodies the high-est ideals of that sub-race. The Avatar is always hi advance of the sub-race to which He comes, being the highest type to which the sub-race, as a sub-race, can evolve. The coming Avatar for the new sub-race (the sixth), now evolving in the Western hemi-sphere, will represent the highest possibilities of the sixth sub-race humanity, and His teachings will embrace all to which it is possible for the new sub-race to evolve. Each Avatar must have prepared for Him, and must overshadow, inhabit and work through, a body capable of expressing all the advanced truths needed by the sub-race to which He comes. The characteristic of the new sub-race will be a desire to delve into the deepest mysteries of all truth, hence its Avatar must be capable of expressing the most advanced truths given to any Race or sub-race thus fart,_

All that we have here considered covers the time till the coming in of the new subrace. This race will summarise and carry to a temporary conclusion the manasic effort of the fifth rootrace of mental growth, and will cause results of stupendous import.

During the sixth subrace, the emphasis will not be so much on the development of mind, as it will be on the utilisation of the concrete mind, and its acquired faculty, for the development of the powers of abstract thought. Perhaps too much importance has been attached to the statement of some occult writers that the sixth subrace will be intuitive. The intuition will be awakening, and will be more prominent than now, but the outstanding characteristic will be the ability of the units of the sixth subrace to think in abstract terms, and to use the abstract mind.

Their function will be to perfect (as far as may be in this round) the group antaskarana, or the link between the mental and the buddhic. This bridge will be of a usable nature during the sixth rootrace in which the intuition will show real and general signs of existing. In this rootrace, units only show signs here and there of real intuition, having built the necessary bridge in their individual selves. In the sixth rootrace small groups will be intuitive.

Sixth sub-race would become the vehicle of a great spiritual force, the World Teacher, the Lord or the Christ to prepare for the coming sixth subrace of humanity: the next stage in the evolution of humanity.

Just as the Fifth Root-Race is derived from the ancient Semitics of the 5th Sub-Race of the 4th Root Race. They laid the foundation of egoism. Man must first find himself but then he offers himself again. He must devote himself to that which really makes that. The Sixth Sub-race will have it as its special duty to replace the blood-relationship by the relationship of Manas: Spiritual relationship. The Seventh Sub-race is that which will be a premature birth. It will transfer into a much stronger reality that which develops from Manas. In the 6th Sub-Race, the predisposition will be given for the overcoming of egoism, but the balance will be kept between selfishness and selflessness.

Transforming the Kundalini Fire into Fraternity

Now I would ask you to recognize one further thing. Once the fifth root race has come to an end, and the sixth root race is dawning, an influence will have emerged in the realm of the conscious intellect that currently, in the fifth sub-race, is still very inconspicuous, but which is nevertheless already germinal. This is something issuing from the musical principle. In the fifth sub-race, the importance of music will increasingly come to the fore.

Music will no longer be merely art, but a means of expression for things quite other than purely artistic ones. And here we find something that points us toward the influence of a very particular principle on the physical plane. In the realm of music, or of what resembles music, initiates of the fifth root race will give the most significant impulses.

Into the fifth root race must flow what we call the kundalini fire, and this must happen in the realm of the conscious life of the intellect, of reason. This is a power which as yet still slumbers within us but will become increasingly important. It already has a great influence today, a great importance for what we perceive through the sense of hearing. And during our further evolution in the sixth sub-race of the fifth root race, this kundalini fire will acquire great influence on what lives in the human heart. The human heart will truly have this kundalini fire within it. People will then be pervaded by a special power living in their hearts, so that, in the sixth root race, they will no longer distinguish between what serves their own good or what serves the good of all.

They will be so imbued by the kundalini light that they will possess the principle of love as their most intrinsic nature. In the seventh sub-race, while the whole of humanity will be plunged in chaos—since the root race will then be close to its demise—a small portion of people will become the true sons of the kundalini fire.

They will be pervaded by all the forces of the kundalini fire; and they will provide the sub-stance for the next root race, of those who will guide humanity’s further evolution. Thus the fifth root race is heading for those heights where the divine fire, the kundalini fire, will kindle the divine principle, with sacred pathos, within human beings; and then person will no longer be divided from person but, in so far as thinking reason extends, fraternity will have been achieved.

This fire will one day live in human beings. And in those who are initiated during the course of the fifth root race there lives already an intimation of this divine fire, which encompasses the power of fraternity, and which will revoke human insularity. But this is only slowly working its way through, emerging only germinally.

It is still veiled and concealed by the sundering passions of human beings, the dividing powers of karma. And where it manifests here and there as precursor of a future time, it assumes a different form, a quite different character. On the plane of illusion, the divine fire is divine anger.

Only when brotherliness streams through all humanity will it be divine love. But as long as it manifests, here and there, as zealous fervour, it is still divine rage, and therefore expresses itself as potent power in isolated instances, because the rest of humanity is not yet mature enough.

The mysteries did not exist to satisfy human curiosity. Rather, those who were ordained to help shape the future took part in them to receive there the impulses for their mission. That is the meaning of the mysteries.

If someone were to betray a mystery therefore, it would mean that they spoke publicly of what was to happen in future. And this would inevitably cause confusion for people. Only a few advanced individuals received such an impulse, having the mission of slowly bringing humankind to the point they should eventually reach. Only the really mature individuals, who may perhaps be Eve hundred years ahead of their time, are capable of enduring these secrets and acting in the spirit of the mysteries. If others were to hear these things, they would immediately try to bring about conditions that humankind is not yet ripe for. Every mystery eventually enters the public domain under substantially changed conditions. Everything will at some point be revealed.

The character of secrecy is due to the fact that only a few, to begin with, are ordained to prepare the future. They must lead and guide the others.

Today there are secrets that can only be revealed in the sixth root race, when quite different conditions of fraternity hold sway, which have not yet come about.

Those who knew something of these facts naturally had a terrible concern that something of the mysteries might be betrayed prematurely. In the past, betrayal of the mysteries was punishable by death. The initiated priests themselves did not pass such a sentence, but those outside the mysteries who, though not initiated, knew something about them. Fear of betraying the mysteries led to the tragic end of certain great figures. One such—though the judgement was mistaken in his case—was Socrates.

The present human race possesses the five active, sense organs. The sixth sub-race will possess six fully developed sense organs and the seventh sub-race will possess a synthetic sense organ which will combine the qualities of the six sense organs together with the seventh. The present atrophied pineal gland will be more active in the sixth sub-race and will be the organ through which the Kundalini force will function.

The sixth root race will be more evolved on Earth. They may be able to bring reliable peace and harmony on Earth. The seventh root race will continue to protect the Earth. Perhaps cataclysms, earthquakes and floods will be controlled. These more spiritual races will restore our planet, Earth.

Later on, the Sixth Root Race that will inhabit the continent of Antarctica will conquer the Astral Light. The Seventh Root Race will conquer the Cosmic Mind; then, the human being will elevate himself to the Angelic kingdom.

It is said that we are now fast approaching the next major evolutionary step, and in the not-too-distant future, fire will be applied to Mankind again. The effect on him will be, by our analogy, like the result of applying fire to vapour: i.e., a change to the power of steam. Spiritual Fire will pressurise the human aura; great achievements lie ahead for Mankind when this happens in the millennia to come. Such spiritually affected men will be making their appearance in the Sixth root race of which the progenitors, the sixth subrace, are just beginning to incarnate. Mental man will be changed into spiritual man, and the centre that will be integrated is the Ajna chakra, the brow centre. The element assigned to the Sixth root race is fire.

We see, then, that fire is the great evolver, and meditation is a process whereby we spiritually evolve through the application of inner fire to our outer nature. Fire induces change of form and growth of consciousness. As we have noted, heat, a facet of fire, changes solid ice to water, water into vapour, and vapour into steam. Likewise, through long ages, man is changed from earth (solid) into fire (steam).


Divine Alchemy What we are considering here is transmutation, not of one metal to another, but transmutation of Mankind at its own human level. This was the basic technique of the alchemists, who noted the purifying effect of fire, as well as the way in which it melted metal or made it more malleable, so that it could be moulded into the form chosen for it by the one who wielded the fire. From this comparison was derived the concept of divine alchemy in which man on the Path subjects himself in meditation to the inner fires and becomes purified and more malleable.

This does not mean that Alchemy is a spiritual process confined only to man. It is a universal process that acts on all forms: superhuman, subhuman, animal, plant, and mineral. We live in a sea of fire and to the eye of an adept, that fire is seen.

Pause for a moment and visualise every atom that exists; each emits the light of its fire as electrons in the atom move outwards from orbit to orbit. visualise every cell that is and the fires they emit as the combustion of metabolism provides it with energy. Consider then also that beneath every living form there is a fire raging, and you will have a concept of what is meant by the sea of fire. And so the statement, My God is an all-consuming fire, has real meaning for those who meditate.

In his book, Pathways Through to Space, Franklin Merrell-Wolff, a scientist, makes an outstanding contribution to mystic literature in his account of the spiritual transformation he experienced through the alchemical process of spiritual fire. The following is a description of his personal experience.

A Fire descends and consumes the personal man. For a time, short or long, this Fire continues. The personal man is the fuel, and the fuel, in greater or less measure, does suffer. But fire does not destroy; it simply transforms. This fact can be realised by an analysis of what takes place through the action of ordinary fire. If a log is burning, the fuel is principally, if not wholly, in the form of carbohydrates, and the fire transforms these into carbon dioxide and water vapour.

There remains a small amount of ashes, the persistently earthly portion of the log. The carbohydrate in the log was a fixed form, partaking, for a time, of the earthly solidity of the mineral associates in the log. But as the carbohydrates become carbon dioxide and water vapour, they take on a new form in the freer world of the air. So too, does the Fire which descends and consumes the personal man but Transforms him.

Only the ash of the personal nature is left behind, while the rest, the best of the personality, is taken up to be conscious in airy spaces. The ultimate state Is one of a far, far greater Joy… He who identifies himself with the fuel predominantly suffers much and keenly, but if, on the other hand, he unites himself with the Fire, all is changed. The Flame of the Fire is a dance ofJoy. (Pathways Through to Space by Franklin Merrell-Wolff,Julian Press, 1974)

Each human soul is a unit of energy, a transmitting station for solar fire, a radiation that stems from the heart of the sun, which has the effect of evolving all living things that come into contact with it, of energising them, and of using them to express the qualities of Love-Wisdom. In the physical vehicle of man, the tissue which makes up the vagus or tenth cranial nerve and its ramifications, is the most receptive to this solar energy. (See In the Steps of the Master by Douglas Baker, and Esoteric Healing by Douglas Baker for a detailed study of the esoteric nature of the vagus nerve.) It is, thus, esoterically speaking, said to be sacred in the sense that the minor lives or elementals which make it up are evolving hierarchies, whilst those which build the rest of the physical body, are on the involutional path. The seven chakras, of which five are in manifestation in human form at any one time, are also transmitters of this solar fire, and through the endocrine system, are closely linked to the vagus nerve. This solar energy, a manifestation of spiritual fire, reflects outwardly from the soul to the other vehicles, registering itself in different ways as it pours through the aura:

• As illumination and clairvoyance through the brow chakra.

• As sacrifice through the throat chakra by healing and helping others.

• As compassion for all living things through the heart chakra.

• As intuition through the solar plexus chakra.

• As the will to be through the sacral chakra.

Kundalini Fire

With respect to the subject of spiritual fire, it is important to clarify the matter of kundalini fire. At a cosmic level, we witness before our normal vision, the visible disc of the sun which demonstrates Fire by Friction in the Macrocosm. Fire by Friction is also found in the very centre of the Earth and has been called kundalini fire. This fire constitutes the energy of the first life wave to pour out from the Logos, or third aspect of the Trinity, and is a manifestation from the previous solar system. This same fire is also found in man, the microcosm, and produces the Fire of kundalini in him also. It is this fire which constitutes the essence of the internal fires of the body cells as well as that of the root chakra at the base of the spine called Muladhara. The kundalini energy or force from the earth is also absorbed by the root chakra and acts upon man, giving the dense physical body health and functional vigour.

It must be remembered that kundalini has a number of different levels of expression which have nothing to do with the arousal of the serpent fire at all. The Fire exists in layers, and it is only when the innermost core of the Fire is activated that kundalini is truly aroused.

Many so-called authorities of yoga rate kundalini fire as the highest possible manifestation of the spirit; it is nothing of the sort. Kundalini, a negatively charged energy, is aroused by the influx of the positively charged energy, we call Electric Fire, which is found in the central spiritual sun.

When Electric Fire (Fohat) pours through Sahasrara, the crown chakra, kundalini hears the call of her mate and rises from her cave in the base of the spine to meet Him. In the same way, it can be truthfully said that the release of the energy of nuclear fission represents arousal of planetary kundalini.

For the first time in the history of the planet, its kundalini is being released consciously and under the control of a higher centre. That higher chakra or force centre in the planet, which we call the human kingdom, is stimulating that centre at the base of the spine of the Planetary Logos (the mineral kingdom) in the production of atomic energy. As a result, we have the flow of planetary kundalini to higher force centres or chakras, which is Yoga on a planetary scale. The Fire of kundalini, (the inner fire of matter), is aroused as a final step in man’s spiritual development. There is much misapprehension about the raising of kundalini, but let us assure you, it is most difficult to raise. Only when it progresses geometrically up all three spinal tracts, ida, pingala, and sushumna, with simultaneous action and uniform vibration, is true kundalini fire aroused, and it can only be done by the Higher Self. Then, when all three fires merge and blend in man’s highest chakras, will he emerge as a perfected Being, and the powers latent within him will be full expressed.

In this way, man is slowly changed by solar fire through the long process of earthly evolution and persistent rebirth.

But man can be changed rapidly by the Divine Alchemy of meditation, a process whereby Solar Fire is consciously brought to bear on the personality and on the mental, emotional, and physical bodies of which it is composed. Man is prepared for entry into the Sixth Kingdom and moves from mortality to immortality, from transience to permanence.

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