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The Agni Yoga is dedicated to this process of raising the Kundalini that from the standpoint of Christianity is called “Baptism by Fire”— it’s the rise of Kundalini, energizing of the shells of the body. Bodhisattvas remain just in such state. The Matter within their bodies occultly “rises”, “is saved”.

The Agni Yoga is dedicated to this process of raising the Kundalini that from the standpoint of Christianity is called “Baptism by Fire”— it’s the rise of Kundalini, energizing of the shells of the body. Bodhisattvas remain just in such state. The Matter within their bodies occultly “rises”, “is saved”.

In the Upanishads we find a statement – tatvarh asi which means Thou art That’. Simply put, it means ‘You are the Supreme Self.

This verse needs a little elaboration to be understood clearly. Rising from muladhara chakra to sahasrara is known as the anti clockwise path because it is going against Nature and gravity. In this path, we raise our energy against gravity to the top of spinal column. Coming down from sahasrara to muladhara is called the clockwise path because it is easy to fall down.

One who is an adept in both going up and coming down is the true yogi. He is the one who has solved all problems and crossed all hurdles. All others are caught in danger which indicates the thirst for worldly enjoyments.

A real yogi alone raises above all infatuation and all thirst for enjoyment. So, ‘elimination of all dangers’ is achieved only when the yogi practically succeeds in raising his kundalini to the top of his head and bringing it down again to the muladhara chakra.

One who could do this seemingly impossible feat at will is the real yogi. The word dhird means courageous. Those who rise above the illusions of the world are called the courageous.

Planet Earth, within the theory of chakras, is the Muladhara Root Chakra in the Body of the Solar Logos. If we picture the solar system as a huge human-like figure, Earth sits very materially in the scrotum as the root energy center. The entire Earth Grid, in fact, is actually an organic multitiered model of the energy dynamics of a solar root chakra, functioning for the Sun just as Mt. Shasta functions for Gaia. What is the significance of the root chakra?

Sleeping within Gaia is the Goddess Kundalini, the tremendous creative, evolutionary spiritual energy that transfigures, when activated, the entire 7 chakra system—of the human, the Earth, the solar system. Kundalini, the Indian Tantric texts inform us, is “She who maintains all the beings of the world by means of inspiration and expiration and (who) shines in the cavity of the root Lotus like a chain of brilliant lights.” Moreover, Goddess Kundalini “is the receptacle of that continuous stream of ambrosia which flows from the Eternal Bliss. By Her radiance it is that the whole of this universe and this Cauldron is illumined.

In the temple, the Vayu or spiritual wind force is vertical and anti-gravity. For example, when the Kundalini awakens, the energy moves upwards vertically from the Muladhara chakra near the tailbone to the Sahasrar in the head. The spiritual force is an upwards directed force.

Kundalini energy equates to a zero-point, anti-gravity propellant. It launches our consciousness craft to travel and learn while silently waiting our return and redocking. An important exoconscious ability is learning to rock our consciousness out of its cradle in order to travel, teleport, and then redock.

In the language of science, the Matter literally becomes easier, and organisms are less attracted to the heavenly bodies, to which they belong. “Easiness” of the Matter is achieved through its transformation. First, the staying of the particles in the conglomerates (e.g. chemicals) always leads to their transformation.

Therefore, the particles Yang are transformed themselves — by gravity. The particles Yang themselves “ignite”, just by joining the chemical elements consisting of particles of the lower Planes.

The name of this process is called in occultism as “ignition of Lights”, or “rise of Kundalini” – or in other words – transformation, transfiguration or transmutation. Speaking in a scientific way, the heating, and the temperature rise.

And secondly, and most importantly, the particles Yang with their Fields of Repulsion, i.e. the Spirit emitted by them, transform surrounding particles. They heat the body, to which are joined — all particles in its chemical elements.

There is a transformation by anti-gravity. This is the most important “ignition of Lights” which occurs in the body, and “Lights” — these are transformable particles in the body.

As you can see, there is a double transformation — by gravity and by antigravity. And all of this leads to increase of the overall temperature of the chemical elements in the body of a human being. But do not imagine it literally — as a flaming fire. We are talking about a small increase in temperature.

It’s changing the external quality of particles — their Fields of Repulsion grows and Fields of Attraction are reduced.

The Agni Yoga is dedicated to this process of raising the Kundalini that from the standpoint of Christianity is called “Baptism by Fire”.

Agni Yoga — it’s learning to the process of Baptism by Fire. It can be assumed that Baptism of Fire — it’s the rise of Kundalini, energizing of the shells of the body. Bodhisattvas remain just in such state.

The Matter within their bodies occultly «rises”, “is saved”.

Particles Yin within their bodies literally become easier because it reduces their weight (Gravity Field). The body becomes lighter, rises, soars. The large energizing of the body may give rise to such phenomena as walking on water, levitating.

And all because of the fact that the mass decreases and antimass grows. And the gravity of the planets can be overcome only with the help of antigravity — the Fields of Repulsion. Bodhisattva wins the Matter, or rather, establishes a parity of Matter and Spirit. The lower Planes combined with the higher — and in such body the “War” waged since the beginning of creation stops. There comes a true peace, nirvana. When the Matter, interpreted as the lower Planes, ceases to dominate — this is the Salvation, Exodus, Easter.

If you start from the biblical texts, the “Egypt” in this case would symbolize the material principle, “The people of Israel” – is the Human Consciousness, and “Escape front Egyptian slavery” – is the end of the dominance of material principle over the spiritual.

Apocalypse — Revelation — it’s a symbol of opening the way to salvation for the Human Soul. Apocalypse – it’s a story that is Easter, Baptism by Fire, passed in symbolic form. “Revelation of St. John the Evangelist’ – is an analogue of Agni Yoga – a story about the essence of the “Ignition of the body”, “Rise of Kundalini”.

Everyone should realize this occult apocalypse in itself. And the Apocalypse – is primarily a private matter of everyone.

Of course, these individual processes for each in total have and the general planetary significance. So we can talk about the Apocalypse of global scale.

When the process of transformation, spiritualization of humanity gains momentum and strength, a lot of people come to this bright path of Ascension.

It is possible that the dark part of humanity, not wanting such a change will be for some time to counteract the Light Ones, eager for the spiritual life. But sooner or later everything will stabilize, and everyone in the world is gradually realizes the full benefits of such change.

Mankind will be transformed into Superhumanity, and the face of the planet will change drastically. When the process will be more or less complete, it will be possible to talk about the transition to the stage, which is named in the Bible book of Revelation as “the Millennial Kingdom of the Saints”.

Once launched , kundalinī has to escape the gravitational pull of the senses , which keep trying to keep the mind on the physical level . We are so saturated with sense.


Most people follow the spiral path only in its outward, worldly stages, only to the point of mature ego development. For most people, therefore, the id as reorganized in early adulthood is the final form of the Dynamic Ground. Some people, however, embark upon the inward turn of the spiral path, and for these people new forms of the Dynamic Ground begin to emerge.

The law of gravity holds the ego to that plane of being corresponding to its own rate of vibra-tion. The ego is something; and, being something, it has form and color, or a rate of vibration of its own. The lower the rate of vibration, the denser is the ego; the denser the ego, the stronger is the pull of gravity upon it. There is not one law for the plane of physics and an-other for metaphysics, but the same laws of nature operate on all planes.

Therefore, if a man is animal in his nature, objective in his habit of thought and expression, thinks of material matters only, if his thoughts are degraded, or de-based, he must necessarily lower his own rate of vibration until he is confined to the world of his unconscious selection—until he is drawn once more by his desires into physical life.

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