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The Crown Chakra isn’t the end för Kundalini

The Crown Chakra isn’t the end för Kundalini.

In Lords of Light, W. E. Butler is quoted as saying that these psychic nerve channels exist in the planet as well as humanity, in the form of ley lines. The natural power of creation, the Secret Fire of alchemy or kundalini, is the force, which continually changes all of creation, moving it forward to more and more refined levels. When we create and ingest spagyric or alchemical products, we are assisting Nature, in the quickening of our personal evolutionary process.

Elsewhere he adds:

Kundalini power allows us to have control over what we call inanimate nature. Not that there is anything really inanimate. There is life in all matter; nothing is dead. There are simply degrees of life: it’s in a trance in the rock; it sleeps in the vegetable; it awakens in the animal; and it becomes consciousness in mankind. One Life behind all things. So you see we carry a lot of potentiality within us.

And Gopi Krishna, a world-renowned yogi, says kundalini is the evolutionary mechanism in human beings, which has been known as the ‘sixth sense’ and ‘the philosophers’ stone’, and is the energy responsible for expanded consciousness and creativity. (Kundalini for the New Age, Gopi Krishna, Bantam Books 1988).

In the present Western world, the rousing of such an unknown energy system is not even imagined to exist by the majority of mankind who are content to be born and live and work and die while the kundalini lies fast asleep at the low Do.

The awakened kundalini makes mortal men into gods. All the religions of the world, all the myths and legends that speak of the hero’s quest, all the traditions that hope for the philosopher’s stone, every magician’s dream, every aesthetic practice in the world, all are for one thing: to tap the incredible reservoir of energy locked up at the base of the spinal column. Man’s only real quest, his only question, becomes: How to awaken kundalini?

The ancient yogic science knew how to awaken the sleeping energy. But, as fragments of religious writings attest, the great and high energy was misused and abused. As man became more and more corrupt, the sacred science was hidden and encoded in symbol, encrypted from those who would abuse it. The science of vibration became the possession of the priesthood, the secret brotherhoods, who spoke of it in parables.

Yogis use their kundalini energy to create the body of light. Over time, daily practice develops spiritual power and builds higher levels of awareness. It is not an act that can be short-circuited.

Creating enlightened awareness inside the human vessel is the alchemical great work. If, indeed, we want to change things, we must begin that change in ourselves. We must become the container for transformation. We are the alchemist.

We are the philosopher’s stone. If a million people changed themselves, the world around all of us would change. We are the magnum opus, the work itself. As our vision evolves, the magnum opus evolves, and the magnum opus eventually will create a new magnum opus. There are worlds we have yet to see that we are building already through our daily actions, thoughts, and longing.

The Secret of this work required to make the unconscious conscious and to make the invisible manifest.

Herein is the secret meaning to perhaps the most well known religious symbol of the Western world, the Crucifix. Christ on the Cross. Christ is the incarnation of the Serpent of Wisdom, the symbol of the kundalini energy. French alchemist Nicolas Flamel created his own symbol, dubbed Flamel’s Cross, which depicts the secret of acquiring the Philosopher’s Stone. Coiled around and crucified upon Flamel’s Cross is the Serpent. We have established before that Christ and the Serpent are one and the same. The Cross is a symbol of Man, and the human body. Therefore the Crucifix represents the raising of kundalini energy from the base to the top of one’s spine, from the Root to the Crown chakra.

Emerson also describes this imperceptible yet all-sustaining source: “The Over-Soul … is a stream whose source is hidden. Our being is descending into us from we know not whence.”

The alchemists, medieval scientists who hid sacred truth from church authorities, explored the inexhaustible and invisible soul presence. The soul links to the spine via the kundalini, which they called the philosopher’s stone.

The stone is the key to soul transmutation. “Because the Stone could turn a corruptible base metal into incorruptible gold, it would similarly transform human beings from mortal (corruptible) beings into immortal (incorruptible) beings.”

St. Paul encouraged an inner transformation in his letter to the Corinthians: “Our present perishable nature must put on imperishability and this moral nature must put on immortality.”

He continued this with the Ephesians: “Your mind must be renewed by a spiritual revolution so that you can put on a new self that has been created in God’s way, in the goodness and holiness of the Truth.”

The stone Moses struck, He insisted, was identical to the alchemists’ philosopher’s stone as well as the spinal center, the kundalini referred to by Indian yogis. The flowing water at Meribah is the same as Christ’s living water, flowing through our minds as the Holy Spirit of God. (Yogis refer to this as prana, the universal life force.)

This life force invisibly sustains our lives. It awaits humanity’s conscious recognition, like the slumbering genie in the bottle, for it to perform even greater miracles.

Most of us, especially we recovering alcoholics, wouldn’t want to change water into wine. Through Two-Way Prayer, which releases Christ’s transforming power in us, we can achieve much-greater miracles.

God’s miracles apply to all of us, not special individuals alone. God’s laws lie dormant in us, like electricity behind a switch; they wait for us to turn on the current.

Upon first learning this, we greet the news like a long-lost, best friend. The feeling and conviction that we can work together with Christ every day can twist our spiritual spines and release the miracle-working power of God.

When we allow it, the Holy Spirit will flow and heal minds, bodies, and souls. The alchemists symbolically referred to this process as changing lead, or lower consciousness, into gold, or higher consciousness. Practical Christians call it lifting the mind toward Christ consciousness.

So what binds these two formidable forces in the Vedic alchemical dharma? As it turns out, many things. The Philosopher’s Stone results from the interaction of these binary opposites, male and female, father and mother, the Sun and Moon. (Hermes Trismegistus, The Emerald Tablet, in The Alchemy Reader from Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton (2003), p. 51.)

It is in the final operation of the Great Work that the alchemist achieves his or her divine potential. Coagulation reveals pure wisdom, the incorruptible balm that heals all and transcends all aspects of the mundane world. This is the elixir of life, the philosopher’s stone or universal medicine, alchemical gold. Yet there is no end to our becoming. No sooner do we complete one round on the alchemical spiral of consciousness than we start over again. The Work is never complete.

The symbols used by the ancient alchemists, accessible in the collective unconscious of their ancestors, remain imbedded still in the collective unconsciousness of their descendants. So no one need to be a Freemason or be a member in their secret society to locate this deeper hidden knowledge.

The symbols used by the ancient alchemists, accessible in the collective unconscious of their ancestors, remain imbedded still in the collective unconsciousness of their descendants. So no one need to be a Freemason or be a member in their secret society to locate this deeper hidden knowledge.

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