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Chogyam Trungpa put it simply when he said, “Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.” In other words, enlightenment is the end of the ego. The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it. Once enlightenment meant to bring the light of insight that liberates the self from suffering and death through the experience of anatta or no-self. Liberation means freedom from the suffering of uncontrollably recurring rebirth (samsara ) and its causes, while enlightenment brings the ability to help others gain similar freedom

Chogyam Trungpa put it simply when he said, “Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.” In other words, enlightenment is the end of the ego. The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it. Once enlightenment meant to bring the light of insight that liberates the self from suffering and death through the experience of anatta or no-self. Liberation means freedom from the suffering of uncontrollably recurring rebirth (samsara ) and its causes, while enlightenment brings the ability to help others gain similar freedom.

Therefore, the abyss is the materiality of nature in which the ego emerges out of but is always immersed in: it experiences itself as drive—as a desirous subjective being, which is the formative organization and expression of unconscious agency that epigenetically be-comes the ego of consciousness. It is only in relation to itself that the ego forges a gap between itself and the abyss—which becomes the domain of all that the self refuses to identify as being identical to itself.

The ego materializes out of an abyss in which it itself remains. In this way, the unconscious ego is itself an abyss that must mediate the multiple, over dctermined, and antithetical forces that populate and besiege it.

In the ego’s determinate activity of mediation, it sets itself in opposition to other-ness that it must sublate, and this inevitably means that certain aspects of its interiority (e.g., content, images, impulses, wishes, ideation) must be com-bated and/or superceded.

It is only on the condition that the ego intuits itself that it gives itself life felt as subjective experiential immediacy. When seen from the standpoint of the ego’s mature development, the abyss becomes anything that the ego refuses to identity as belonging its own constitution. Freud (1923) tells us that “the ego is first and foremost a bodily ego” (p. 26) by the simple fact that we are embodied. But he did not fully describe this process: the ego is first and foremost an unconscious embodiment that intuits its Self within the natural immediacy in which it finds itself.

Through continual dialectical bifurcation, the ego expands its internal experiential and representational world and thus acquires additional capacities, structures, and attunement through its mediated, conscious relational contingencies and epigenetic achievements. In doing so, the ego forges an even wider and deeper abyss casting all otherness into the liar of self-externalization. Therefore the chasm between the ego and the abyss is one in which the ego creates itself.

The ego of consciousness emerges from an unconscious void that it sinks back into at any given moment, thus never truly attaining ontological distinction.

The ego first awakens as unconscious subjectivity within the feeling mode of its original being that it experiences as drive, the restless compulsion to experience.

This is why ego and drive are not ontologically differentiated; ego is merely the appearance of drive. Drive is embodied natural desire, our original being that goes through endless transformations in the contextualization and enactment of our personal individu-alities and interpersonally encountered realities. Drive is transporting, and this is what governs the dialectic.

The reason why the domain of drive and, more broadly, that of the abyss, seems so foreign to the ego is that from the standpoint of conscious self-differentiation, we our so much more than our mere biologies. We define our subjective experiences, and when they come from unintended locations as extraneous temporal encroachments—from the monstrous to the sublime—they are not identified as emanating from within or by one’s own determinate will.

Absolute Spirit is destined to be the all-encompassing, self-articulated develop-ment of pure reason as absolute self-consciousness. It is when spirit achieves its fruition as absolute knowing that its telos is satisfied, the fulfillment  of self-actualization. But when spirit is confined to its dark interior and mistakes the simple universal for the absolute universal, we may say that spirit suffers.

It suffers from its own ignorance, its isolation, its loneliness; it is bound to unconsciousness not capable of effecting its exalted transition to comprehensive understanding. im-prisoned in night—the pit of its own indeterminateness—spirit is circumscribed by its simple self-certainty.

Becoming a Master or a GURU is in itself a revolutionary act with far-reaching consequences. Before you set out to transsform “the System,” however, first remember that we made it and in our own interests. We sustain it constantly, either in agreement, with our support, or in opposition with our dissent. The opponents of the System are as much a function of the System as its defenders. The System is a ghost assembled in the minds of human beings operating within “the System.” It is a virtual parent we made to look after us. We made it very big and difficult to see in its entirety and we serve it and nourish it every day.

These mysteries have the power to move us to that other personal / universal level beyond the ego where something in us creates or discovers meaning


Sooner or later even the most materialistic person will ask. ‘What is the point ()tiny life? Why am I here going through all these changes?’ The very cry of the heart to know is an affirmation that there are answers, however veiled they may seem at any given moment. tend to believe—or at least hope—that there will be some authorities around who can answer the mystery of our changing lives. The advice given by the oracle at Delphi was “Man, know thyself—not “seek an evert.”

A Sufi stogy warns us about experts. It seems there was a man presumed dead who suddenly began banging on his coffin. The people raised the coffin lid, and the man said. “What are you doing? I am not dead.” After a bit of silence one of the crowd said, ‘The doctors and the priests have declared that you are dead. So dead you are” And he was promptly buried!

I once read that the difference between mysticism and religion is that religion is believing in someone else’s experience of God. whereas mysticism is believing in your own. It is inspirational, encouraging, and comforting to study someone else’s journey into enlightenment.

All of us would have a much harder time stumbling around in the dark density of materialism if we didn’t have the illuminations of enlightened ones who have gone before us. Their radiance, lighting up the treacherous twists and turns of the path toward self-awareness, is a gift, for when we focus on the wisdom of an enlightened person, we have that same potential within us quickened. But it is so much easier to acquire stories about enlightened ones than it is to follow their lead.

In Song of the Bird. Anthony de Mello tells the story of an explorer who went to the Amazon. As he enjoyed the richness of the country he thought to himself. how will I ever be able to tell the people back home what it feels like to paddle the canoe over the waterfalls? How can I describe the riotous colors of the flowers, the exotic sounds. the rich fragrances?

So he decided to make them a map. When he returned home the people were thrilled by his stories. They pinned the map on the town hall. Some people memorized every turning of the river. Some became map experts. But none of them journeyed to the Amazon themselves. The  teacher tells of his first meeting with the man who was to become his guru. Chitrabhanu had been traveling all over India learning to ‘talk the talk” with many wise ones, and he thought he knew a lot.

But the first thing his guru told him was “You don’t know anything. You’re just a good parrot.” He says that was the true beginning of his learning. Most of us quote a truth a long time before we own it. We talk of oneness even as we fight for ego territory. We speak of God’s love at the same time that we are backing away from Grace.

The fact that a truth is recognized does not mean that the old. programmed self abdicates the crown of ego willingly. But in time, and with commitment to our search, it does.

“Seek and you shall find” is the master key. It is not just the promise to believers in any one system. nor is it a romantic notion. It is a tough. working law of energy. The dynamic of this law of energy is attraction.

The desire to understand sets in motion powerful forces, and the answers begin to come slowly, a bit at a time. The right book, the sudden intuitive knowingness, the person with a piece of the puzzle—they all seem to appear as if by magic.

What we used to think was coincidence is in fact directed by an unseen intelligence. I’ve always liked the expression “Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.’ Is it supernatural? No. Naturally super? Oh. yes. The fact is. we’ve just been working it unconsciously. unaware of the powerful. unrelenting law of attraction. We have been creating our own reality all along. Now we can make it intentional.


You create your own reality” can read a bit like New Age hype that has nothing to do with the real world of money, power, politics, the homeless. AIDS, or your personal life. Not understood, such a statement seems like an empty cliche at best, often guilt producing. insulting, and totally irrelevant at worst.

Rely on appearances to evaluate existing ‘hard data” and it’s likely to seem totally chaotic, the “roll of the dice.”The trouble is that hard data are constantly changing as yesterday’s absolute truths give way to today’s absolute truths—and tomorrow’s.

It’s little wonder that intelligent people sometimes opt for skepticism. It’s a useful transitional energy.

It questions and probes for the counterfeit. but it is still open to learning. Sri Aurobindo, who was both mystic and intellectual, once said. “First of all I believed that nothing was impossible. and at the same lime I could question everything.” However. cynicism. as opposed to skepticism. is a dead end in the search for understanding. I was once told in Spirit “A cynic is someone who has attempted to make God over in his own image and failed.”

The cynic is likely to say there’s no cause, no guiding intelligence. transcendent or otherwise.

The keepers of some of our myths tell us that an anthropomorphic deity made all the decisions for us, assigning us the role we are playing.

It’s not for us to know why, it’s just the mystery. Yet down through the centuries ancient teachings from all over the world tell us that reality is not something done to us: we create it.

Perhaps the word we should be underlined, for many of the realities we experience are those we have made together. As we look at the enormous challenges of our lives and times, it is worth serious investigation into the possibility that we are indeed creators.

It might result in sane sobering confrontations with our egos on fast consideration. but just imagine the implications for creating the future.

There is danger in oversimplification when discussing how we create our own realities. But be patient while  you explore that for a moment, and then we’ll look at some of the principles involved.

First of all, we didn’t just begin with this life.

The you that is beyond personality, the real you, has always existed. There never was a time you were not; there never will be a time you won’t be. If you can accept that. from some higher level of beingness. you chose to be in the life you’re experiencing because it was going to allow you maximum opportunities to grow and contribute, you will see that all those fixed realities you started with had purpose.

No matter how you think you came to be born, it was purposeful.


The principle of attraction—in which we magnetically pull to ourselves what we seek—is a law of energy.. and, like any other law, is activated through natural processes. The world was round, after all, even when we insisted it was flat. But before we discovered the truth of roundness. we created a host of demons and monsters that guarded the edge of the world.

How could something that never truly existed have the capacity to create such fear and limitation? Because our belief in them was so powerful, we breathed power into them. Such is the power of our minds. The law of attraction—like attracts like—is one of the master keys to reality creation.

“Seek and ye shall find’ is at work when attractions arc pulled in from fear magnets and the narrow demands of the ego. The law is equally at work when we seek to be aligned with our deepest spiritual self and we pull into our world all that is needed for creating from the highest in us.

We have only to look around at our world to see what we have collectively created from our blind egos—wars: dangerous pollutions: social, racial. and economic injustices: knowledge so untempered by wisdom that we teeter on the edge of self-annihilation.

We have brought ourselves collectively to planetary crisis. and we don’t have the luxury of delaying much longer. We are in a time of profound choosing. We must realize that our destiny is one with all people and all life.

Not only are we co-creators with each other, we are also in partnership with the Divine. Evolution pushes us either willingly or by means of hardship into accepting that. Each of us is a magnet that pulls into our world whatever we hold in mind.

Mind is much more than just the brain. Mind embraces our consistently. fueled intentions, thoughts, actions, words, and images. Mind establishes and sustains the fire of consciousness.


The single most potent force you have is your will.

For most of us it is the least understood. Yet everything we see around us. from social conditions to personal relationships, has been willed into existence. As we move through the intense changes of the new decade. we are going to hear more and more about the will.

What is it really and what is the difference between God’s will and human will?

How do we know when we are in accord with God’s will?

When the image of a deity “out there” lingers in the collective mind, it’s not too far removed from the old mountain and river gods. The will of such a deity conies dread. Sooner or later we fear that “it” will demand sacrifices.

We suspect that “it” is taking notes and that any minute all our faults will be revealed and punished. How do we live so that “it” will reward us, or maybe not even notice us? Many loving and intelligent people choose to dismiss the whole idea of a transcendent divine will as wishful thinking or pure superstition. It’s little wonder, then. that they fund that the concept “God is love” simply doesn’t compute with that of “God’s will.” which seems so indifferent to human suffering. It’s never likely to compute as long as we think God’s will is done to us rather than through us.

We will have difficulty accepting that there really is a loving God behind all the chaos we see. Is there a transcendent plan, a blueprint for planet Earth? During times of intense acceleration, such as now. many people catch symbolic glimpses of m hat appears to be an unfolding plan through dreams. visions. intuition.

While we were there, someone in the group bought me a present at the souvenir counter: a paperweight with two Earths etched on it. Not two hemispheres of the Earth, but two Earths exactly alike, side by side. Many people are having similar impressions of the world that is to come out of the dark and dangerous passage we are experiencing now. The message in all of them is to hold tight to a vision of our world in ecological. racial, economic, social, and political balance. How this new world will come into being is through us.

While we cannot know the whole plan. each of us can know our place in it. It is not a secret that someone else can unlock for us. We cam’ it inside us. The divine gene that carries our cosmic DNA includes our plan for this lifetime. All it really takes to activate it is what an anonymous fourteenth-century writer called “the lively longing for God.” The whole journey of transformation is really about rediscovering our true identity and will.

The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it. There is no direct, permanent, or public access to the divine. Each destiny has a unique curvature and must find its own spiritual belonging and direction. Individuality is the only gateway to spiritual potential and blessing. The heavens will always speak to man on earth. For it is the established order of creation, that life and light should descend from the higher to the lower, from the interior to the external, from the inner to the outer circles of existence.

This saying by a famous Indian mystic clearly demonstrates the gap between the “ rational ” mind and the loving heart.

Healing the mind takes place in two ways : In the first , we bring attention to the content of our thoughts and learn to redirect them

“The deepest you is the nothing inside, the side which you don’t know. Don’t be afraid of nothing.” —Alan Watts

The unseen is the uneatable ones and the secluded one is the lord, the almighty, the healer for all wounds. The invisible sees and knows everything your life consists of, because the appearance is such a beautiful bliss. Nothing can separate you from it, only the secluded one can limit your days of reality.

The genuine word of eternity, where man is a desert and alien both to himself and multiplicity,” writes Meister Eckhart. If nothing works and we still survive, we have learned that there is nothing to fear ever again. “I survived without support means I have no need of my usual supports. I am my own companion sometimes. God as comrade can be I. In certain moments, I am the More.” This is access to the immanent God. We also discover a surprising paradox: our challenge is not to fill ourselves.

Being a hollow bamboo does the most to help us grow into spiritual adulthood. We embrace total disillusionment with shelters. harbors, and retreats and are thereby free from despair. Despair means no hope to hold onto. That condition is one of the givens of life. When we throw away the hope of rescue or exemption from the conditions of human existence and notice that we still survive, we are liberated from dependency and from liability to despair. We walk the path between these extremes.

Then the silence in heaven becomes what is described in a Hermetic hymn: “The angels sing in silence.” When we stay with life processes like these, a new softness happens in our hearts. As Joseph Campbell says: “The mind creates the abyss; the heart crosses it.” We become more accessible to the hardy truth of human existence, more open to the unprotected and unsupported moments in our lives.

The Void is, after all, only unconditional being. It is our experience of existence without the tassels and booties we put on it so we would never hear its thud. This unconditional being is actually our higher Self. It is what the lightened ship of light looks like once the doing, acting, and defending have been jettisoned. We try so hard to avoid ever having to face the Void.

Yet to contain and relax into our own emptiness makes room for a deeply compassionate love to emerge. Vacancy becomes spaciousness, and we open ourselves to all who suffer as we do. This is how our aloneness plays a key role in the release of our unconditional love. It may seem that the Void and all the givens of existence are negative or even punitive. Actually they are the necessary ingredients of human evolution and of true spiritual maturity.

“The modern world has called us to a maturity we are not capable of if all we have is blind faith and literalism.”

“There is no direct, permanent, or public access to the divine. Each destiny has a unique curvature and must find its own spiritual belonging and direction. Individuality is the only gateway to spiritual potential and blessing.”

This is so ironic since faith is based on imagination not on intellect. We feel a wonderful liberation when we find our own truth, free from the rigid dogmatic orthodoxy in which there can be only one correct configuration of life and its meaning. There is something in us—our heroic journey archetype—that does not want to settle into any single stall, something with an inclination to keep seeking. Our minds are meant to seek and, when we find, to seek again. We humans are not cut out to shut the door on finding more wonders, especially not the door an authority has forbidden us to open. An adult with self-respect has a full and unabashed sense of discovery, with all her powers not only intact but ever-increasing.

The sooner we come to understand ourselves, the better it will open the doors of the abyss of the mind! The black hole of emptiness, where’s there is nothing but peace and understanding that creates good or bad, with the solution to all problems! The destiny of life is a mystery unseen from every human’s dreams!

The losing sight of God and of our vital relation to the spiritual world, has been the perpetual fault of philosophy for ages. If thought can originate in us, why not life as well ? If the material world acting upon our bodily senses, conveys to us the first ray of knowledge, why may it not originate our life ?

Then outward nature becomes to us God, and we plunge into the starless night of materialism. The bodily senses are only organized matter. How can the motion of their fibres create thought?

Is knowledge a material emanation? Matter, in all its forms, is in itself dead and passive. It acts only as it is acted upon. It moves only as it is moved. If the motion of matter creates thought, ii creates the mind that thinks, for thought is only state of mind. The material universe may then be supposed to be the creator of the Divine Mind, and God himself becomes creature.

Here, by an easy descent, we fall into blank atheism. Thus philosophy has walked about for ages with its disciples, on the brink of a precipice. By  few short logical steps they plunge into the abyss of a cheerless infidelity. And this descent to Avernus has been found by many too easy. We have spoken of knowledge received by infirm, as an emanation from one mind to another.

But we have done so only in the same wry as the chemist speaks of light and heat as radiast forces, as if particles of a luminous fluid darted off into space. This theory is abandoned, and light is proved to be only  vibration. In its essence it is motion, force. One body illuminates another by communicating its motion to it, and not by pouring into it a luminous fluid.

So one mind imparts its knowledge and affections states to anothe, by causing it to vibrate in harmony with it.

The mind is like a divinely constructed stringed instrument. An angel’s intellect may communicate its motion to its harp strings, and a celestial music is the result. Thought and affection are not something that go forth from the mind that thinks end feels. They arc states, interior movements of the thinking, feeling substance. And as one vibrating string, will communicate its motion to another in tone with it, so one mind imparts its intellectual life to another.

The mind is capable of all knowledge, when it is subjected to the action of divine and celestial forces, just as a musical instrument, properly constructed, is capable of producing the most rapturous sounds, when the hand of a skillful player imparts to it the necessary motion.

One ruling mind will convert all in its presence to its own modes of thought and feeling. What is called the mesmeric state, is produced by the action of the same law, only the effect is intensified. What are called the magnetic passes are not necessary to its production. We have thrown many persons into this state, some of them miles away, but never once made use of the prescribed passes. It is the action of mind on mind.

In the same way, those who revel in the light of a higher day, and the beams of a brighter sun, may impart to us their sublimer thoughts, and their happier affections. Revelation from the inner realm has never ceased, but will be endlessly progressive.

The heavens will always speak to man on earth. For it is the established order of creation, that life and light should descend from the higher to the lower, from the interior to the external, from the inner to the outer circles of existence.

The main dictum of the hermetic tradition as found in the Emerald Tablet in essence states “As Above, So Below” meaning that humanity will find within itself the nature of the entire universe. 

  • Enlightment is the only way to exit the Archon Matrix Mankind is trapped within/imprisoned within
  • “Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.”  Buddhist Quotes
  • “The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.”
  • “Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside”
  • “One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.”

When it turns out not to match the limited view of our ego, disappointment is the result. Chogyam Trungpa put it simply when he said, “Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.” In other words, enlightenment is the end of the ego.

The attainment of enlightenment from ego ‘ s point of view is extreme death , the death of self , the death of me and mine , the death of the watcher . It is the ultimate and final disappointment.

When entities vanish , nothing is lost , for they had no ultimate existence in the first place , being nevertheless real because not divorced from the Void . Liberation is achieved by Enlightenment , the fruit of transcending all egodelusion.

Revolution of the Heart

More and more of us are deciding to no longer be afraid, to no longer play the game. A nem game plan is being written and it speaks of a higher consciousness, noon, enlightened way of being:Atm the players will be empoweml human beings. This is creating change on every level. On one hand, more people are awakening to the possibility of a new reality, and at the same time, we are witnessing an increase in the intensity of fear in those who cling to the old ways of being as they try to maintain the disintegrating outdated construct. Rut this change cannot in’ denied. A tsunami of consciousness is sweeping the old game hoard clean, to leave the stage open for those choosing to create a new collective reality. Change is the only constant in the verse. Yet, it is the thing humans fear mast, another sign that our current paradigm goes against the flow of life. Humans are extremely resistant to change. When a company takes over another, for example, it is not unusual to terminate all the original employees. The reason behind this “cold” approach is that it is easier to train new staff than to ask the current staff to change.

If we apply this example to the current planet’s paradigm, although one might hope that every single human being will embrace a new collective reality, this is unlikely to be the case. Transition is difficult. And one of this magnitude especially so. But this transition is occurring whether we are ready to accept it or not, since it is not based on personal preference but many factors are producing this shift in collective consciousness. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to clearly identify what causes the fear that keeps us from negotiating change. This in itself can be pretty stressful. But the shift currently taking place on the planet is affecting everyone. As the collective level of consciousness changes, everyone and everything that is connected to it is being affected. But because many people are unaware of the types of changes sweeping the planet, a dissonant chord of fear and unease has also begun to permeate both the individual and collective consciousness. Humanity is at the end of its rope. As such, it is realizing that its suffering is not due to some random act of a periodically annoyed deity. Many are asking the hard questions, the ones that challenge the constructs of our current collective reality. We are awakening to our power, and when we do, the rules of the game have to change. It is a historic moment on this planet, capable of rewriting how life will be experienced from this moment on.

The state of enlightenment is also called self-realization or God-realization. It’s called “realization” because the great, enlightened beings have “realized” one fact — a fact that has implications on every element of life as they know it.

They’ve realized the omnipresence of divinity. They’ve realized that everything is one, and that knowledge and the knowing of that knowledge are inseparable. They realize that what you see is what you get, what you get is what you see, and what you see is who you are. In other words, it takes one to know one. We are the world, indeed.

Realization is not just about reading some words and being able to discuss or debate them; but rather to realize the essence behind spiritual insights such as “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God,” “Everything is one,” “The kingdom of Heaven lies within,” or “Thou art That.”

Once you realize the essence of spiritual teachings and make them an integral part of your reality, these teachings filter through and transform your entire world. Your sense of limited individuality fades like a mirage that had been blocking the bright sunlight of supreme truth. As this supreme light blasts through you unimpeded by mortal illusions of limitation and separation, you become enlightened. You emanate not only your own personal human light, but also a higher. more universal light.

Before becoming forever established in the highest realization, you may touch that enlightened space for a while and then return back to limited thinking. Even when you’re feeling limited, remembering the higher spaces you’ve touched helps to keep you moving forward toward your divine birthright of knowing who you are in the highest sense at all times.

With enlightenment, you may continue playing your role, but with the awareness that you’re the one who’s playing your role!

Enlightenment Now: Liberation Is Your True Nature

Out of Time and Into Enlightenment

THE MOST IMPORTANT MYSTERY that we encounter on our endeavor to be free in this life is that what we seek we already possess.

This statement not only goes beyond the psychological parameters of what we believe freedom to be in this life, but it also destroys the concept of how we commonly associate freedom with social success and financial security.

Yet it is a statement that cannot be uprooted, because success and security, in the socially accepted sense, are arbitrary terms, implying that you do not belong in this world and that somehow to belong you need to be accepted by standing on the shoulders of others who you falsely believe threaten your security.

The accepted notion of success is to assume that our very existence is wrong and that somehow we need to make it right. If your psychological center of gravity were corrected so you understood that ‘you existing in this world is itself a miracle, and thus already successful beyond words. then the magic and beauty of our world would unfold purely because the success we were seeking we already intrinsically owned. This clarified reality of success comes only to those who are already completely free in this life. But this raises the question, what does it mean to be completely free in this life?

The mystery that we encounter in our endeavor toward freedom in this life has nothing fundamentally to do with success and security, as these are intrinsic attributes arising out of the knowledge that one already possesses what one once searched for. But instead, that which is within our original nature is enlightenment. the completely free state. 

This perception of enlightenment within the field of time poses many difficult ideas of what it means to be liberated, and these ideas themselves are obstacles to true liberation. The main difficulty to overcome is that those who strive for enlightenment unknowingly assign it the quality of a temporary state rather than everlasting.

Striving for enlightenment does ascribe to it the temporal order of the universe, because anything in the field of time is an illusionary concept of past or future, which ultimately distracts our attention from the reality of the present moment. This is known as samsara in Sanskrit, referring to the wheel of time, which is thought to be an illusion. In revealing our time-bound concept of enlightenment, it is extremely hard for most of us to swallow, for the sheer fact that enlightenment is the eternal aspect deep within our consciousness that is a reflection of the eternal universe.

We tend to try and grasp such axiomatic truths with our intellect, which is itself a time-bound instrument of discernment, and in most cases the result of time. This is not to insult the intellect, but rather it is the recognition that if our intuitive faculties have not opened up, then the intellect has little to no chance of peering into the esoteric heart of the universe that lies beyond the temporal scope.

Jesus the Christ, Gautama the Buddha, Bhagavan Krishna, and many others are examples of spiritually liberated beings. They are our way showers. Each of them provides a unique map leading to the same destination, whether it’s defined as selfrealization, enlightenment, satori, nirvana, perfect sanity, samadhi, or ecstasy. We, like them, are candidates for awakening. In fact, we have a mandate to wake up to our true nature and the nature of Reality.

This is a state of spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual liberation Release from the karmic cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Once enlightenment meant to bring the light of insight that liberates the self from suffering and death through the experience of anatta or no-self.

Liberation means freedom from the suffering of uncontrollably recurring rebirth (samsara ) and its causes, while enlightenment brings the ability to help others gain similar freedom.

The sign of progress in the meditations is that the aspiration to freedom begins to exert a steady influence upon the mind, day and night. This yearning for spiritual liberation now becomes an important propelling force.

We see that the deepest power behind cyclic life is the “ I ” – grasping ignorance , the inborn habit of identifying ourselves with something that has no basis in reality ; and we also see how this gives rise to the endless flow of mental distortion.

The ultimate goal of the living spirit is to attain liberation and join with the eternal soul. Every godly personality understands this ultimate goal. In spiritual terms, it means individual living spirits must reach or go even beyond the seventh sphere (swarloka) to establish a contact with the eternal soul. To reach even the sixth sphere, the living spirit has to be free from all external influences generated by the powers of living force.

Transcendental Phase

During the initiation phase, living beings establish contact with the eternal soul, and it starts to gain freedom from external illumination that is received through the cosmic universal system. At this stage, the living spirit becomes free of the limitations imposed by the powers of prokriti or Mother Nature.

Neutral Phase

By attaining such freedom, the living spirit attains neutrality and is no longer subject to living forces responsible for creating electromagnetic fields. The powers of causation, attraction, and repulsion—responsible for the creation of duality—diminish. The living being is able to access the eternal truth, Sot, and unveil the mystery of causation. This process of inner illumination is expressed in spiritual terms as enlightenment or nirvana.

With inner illumination, the individual is able to go beyond the sattwic guna and transcend beyond the fifth sphere.

The ability to visualize divine splendors only comes with the sixth sense.

Spiritual liberation or transcendence is only a part of our spiritual journey . … system provides the opportunity for both embodiment – feeling the spirit move in the body – and enlightenment – freeing the life of the body.

Mankind living or is caught within their frequency band and is feeding and programming this channel with information to our brains and limit our perception to the sense reality.

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