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At the top of the body, above the head, there is the lotus with a thousand petals, shining like the light of heaven: it is the giver of liberation. Its secret name is Kailasa, the mountain where Shiva dwells. He who knows this secret place is freed from samsara.

At the top of the body, above the head, there is the lotus with a thousand petals, shining like the light of heaven: it is the giver of liberation. Its secret name is Kailasa, the mountain where Shiva dwells. He who knows this secret place is freed from samsara.

It is significant that the name Kailasa° should be given to this “place outside the body” (sahasrara, the seventh center) in which the yogi finally achieves the goal he first set himself during his novitiate: liberation (moksha, mukti).

Many individuals practice yoga without ever realizing ‘union’ with the divine ‘Principle: As the Bhagavad-Gita 7:3 states, “One person in many thousands may seek perfection, yet of these only a few reach the goal and come to realize me:’

Kundalini. The subtle nerve-energy, or concentrated psychic force, located in the lotus at the base of the spinal column, and which, when aroused, develops the psychic and spiritual powers of the Yogin.

Thousand Petals, This lotus, giver of Liberation – Move into this place where it’s possible to see threads of connections. It’s a suspended place of limitless possibilities

Above the palate is the divine Lotus of a Thousand Petals, This lotus, giver of Liberation, stands outside the body which is spoken of as the Universe.

Taking you into the interconnectedness of all life for a quantum uplift, it introduces the limitless possibilities of multi-dimensional being. Generating massive bioscalar waves, it activates the psychic and physical immune systems.

It’s multidimensional, above, below, by the side; another layer. Move into this place where it’s possible to see threads of connections. It’s a suspended place of limitless possibilities

Sahasrara Chakra One of the seven main CHAKRAS or hidden energy-centres within the body.

The Sahasrara Chakra is at the crown of the head and is described as a lotus of a thousand petals, with its head downwards, lustrous and whiter than the full moon. Its clustered filaments are of the colour of the rising sun, and within it is the full moon,shining like lightening, spreading its rays, moist and cool like nectar. Inside this is a shining triangle, and within that shunya, the void, which represents the sun, that destroys ignorance and delusion.

People call it by different names, but it is the highest abode, and the one who knows this place with a controlled mind, possesses the power to do anything, has divine knowledge and is not affected by actions. The Supreme, as subtle as the ten-millionth part of the end of a hair, resides here, and through her flows a stream of love, and a knowledge of the Truth.

The KUNDALINI should be led to this chakra, and all things should be absorbed in her.

The Crown, psychological center which in Sanskrit is called Sahasrara is described as a lotus flower with 1,000 petals of different colors. It is the seventh chakra. The thousand-petaled lotus, it is said to be the most subtle chakra in the system, relating to pure consciousness, and it is from this chakra that all the other chakras emanate.

When a yogi/magi/ alchemist are able to raise his/her kundalini, energy of consciousness, up to the crown, the state of Asamprajnata Samadhi is experienced. This stage is said to bring about rebirth of occult powers of transforming into the divine, and being able to do whatever one wishes.

When the Light which is 144 is activated within the 1000 petals, which is 144,000. Having the Father’s name written in their foreheads, is symbolic of Enlightenment. The word name means the way, therefore it is the Father’s way written in the mind. This is the enlightened stage where one is no longer defiled by their emotions. “Emotions make good servants, but poor masters.”- Egyptian proverb.

In yogi traditions, there are 72,000 nadis on each side of the body, half female and half male. If united, these numbers total 144,000.

In the 1st Root Chakra, there is a symbol reflecting 4 petals signifying 4 light frequencies.

In the 2nd Sacral Chakra, there is a symbol reflecting 6 petals signifying 6 light frequencies.

In the 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra, there is a symbol reflecting 10 petals signifying 10 light frequencies.

In the 4th Heart Chakra, there is a symbol reflecting 12 petals signifying 12 light frequencies.

In the 5th Throat Chakra, there is a symbol reflecting 16 petals signifying 16 light frequencies.

In the 6th Brow Chakra, there is a symbol reflecting 2 petals; each petal reflects a combine all lower chakra light frequencies, i.e. (48 light frequencies x 2 petals) signifying 96 light frequencies.

In the 7th Crown Chakra, there is a symbol reflecting all lower chakras light frequencies, i.e., (48 + 96) signifying 144 light frequencies x 1000 petals Golden Lotus equal 144,000 light frequencies.

In Sanskrit, the phenomenon of “A Thousand Petals Golden Lotus” is called Samadhi. A familiar term used is Enlightenment. In this stage, you’ll experience Peace, Eternal Peace.Meditation helps you get activate all your 7 Chakra System within your body for the attainment of Eternal Peace.

Understanding the Chakras – Your Doorways to Limitless, Multidimensional Possibilities

Raising the Earth into a new multidimensional level of limitless possibilities.

The soul’s descent into matter, the formation of the subtle bodies, and the way in which chakras act as conduits for energy flowing down from the subtle bodies on the finer planes. Now let’s take a closer look at the individual chakras.

States of healing, as well as deep states of superconsciousness, are achieved by working through the chakra system in order to access the subtle bodies. Authorities differ as to the exact number, location and color scheme of the chakras.

This is due primarily to different body types and the degree and direction of each individual soul’s evolution. For example, there is much controversy over whether the third chakra is located at the navel or the solar plexus.

Both locations are correct: people who have incarnated extensively in our Western civilizations will tend to focus energy in the navel chakra, while individuals who have incarnated time after time in Eastern civilizations will focus energy in the solar plexus. When in doubt, balance both chakras.

The chakra system presented here is simple and effective for everyone, since it includes both navel and solar plexus chakras. We will discuss thirteen chakras that run in a fairly straight line from the groin to the top of the head and somewhat beyond. Seen from the side, the chakras look like whirling funnels of colored light.

The narrow ends of the funnels are attached to the spinal column, pass from the back of the body through to the front, and widen out several inches beyond the front of the body. Seen from the front, the chakras look like flowers with opened petals, or ornate wheels with many spokes.

These effects are due to the energy lines that radiate from the center of each chakra. The number of petals or spokes that manifest depends on the frequency of the energy flowing Because the spinal energies raise their frequency as they flow upward, there is also a rainbow effect to the colors of the chakra system, ranging from infrared at the groin to ultraviolet and bright gold around the top of the head.

All in all, the living light of the chakra system is a beautiful sight to behold as it pulsates with brilliantly-hued energy flowing in from all the different planes of creation.

Normally, this energy field (the aura) spreads out to a distance of about eighteen inches from the physical body. However, when a person begins to evolve spiritually, pulling more and more high-frequency energy down from the finer planes into the physical body, the colors of the chakras purify into a dazzling resplendency that defies description as the auric field grows larger and larger.

Just imagine: the Masters say the Buddha’s aura had a radius of three miles! It is well worth our while to take a brief look at each center separately, because if you understand your chakras you will better understand yourself.

The first, or base, chakra grounds your soul’s energy onto the physical plane. This chakra opens in the lower pubic region from whence it connects back to the tip of the spine (coccyx). It vibrates at the deep red end of the spectrum, sometimes displaying a violet tinge. For men this is the sexual center. The first chakra stores stress and pollution; when its energy is balanced, tension is released. A well-tuned base chakra leads to emotional stability and a feeling of being focused, centered and grounded. The colors red and black respectively open and ground this earth-oriented chakra. When the first chakra is overactive (as in the case of sexual obsession), green closes it.

The second chakra is midway between the first chakra and the navel: it is a beautiful, vibrant orange color. Closely connected with creativity and motherhood, this is the sexual center for women. Stress, anger and sexual repression result when this chakra is out of adjustment. Balancing the second chakra leads to increased creativity, integrated emotions and greater success in intimate relationships. Orange opens this center; blue closes it. The navel center works in conjunction with the solar plexus and displays a bright yellow glow. Psychosomatic and emotional problems, grief, depression and stress can result from an imbalance of this energy. A balanced navel chakra heightens sensitivity and intuition. Yellow opens the navel center; violet closes it.

The solar plexus chakra is as bright as the noonday sun, shining with a brilliant golden-white light. This complex chakra is the juncture of the lower chakras — the earth-oriented centers — and the higher spiritual centers. The astral body connects to the physical body through the solar plexus chakra. The astral vehicle is sometimes referred to as the emotional body because it is the seat of our emotions. This is why inner turmoil causes a tight feeling in the region of the solar plexus, because negative emotions flow through that chakra directly into the astral body, resulting in tension at the connecting point. If you wish to clear emotional problems, this is the chakra on which to focus. Trauma from past lives and old karma also leave their residue in the solar plexus energy, and this usually must be dissipated before progress is possible on higher levels. A harmonious solar plexus brings emotional serenity, physical well-being and an increasing ability to use the astral body during sleep. Clear white light and gold open the solar plexus; since white light is composed of all the colors, no pure color closes it.

The heart chakra is green, although a happy, mellow heart center throws out every color of the rainbow in clear, delicate shades. Imbalance in the heart energy leads to circulatory problems, deficiencies of the immune system and emotional extremes. This is the major balancing center for the physical and subtle bodies; just as the physical heart pumps blood to all parts of the body, so the heart chakra pulsates energy throughout the auric field. In addition, the astral body has a strong influence on the heart center, as does the soul itself. An open, loving, divinely- connected heart chakra such as that of Christ looks like a constantly changing kaleidoscope of complex patterns and exquisite colors. Many pure colors open the heart; green is the primary color, but gold, pink and violet are also highly desirable.

The throat chakra is light blue in color. This chakra controls astral hearing (clairaudience) and many nonvisual types of channeling, as well as the ability to express oneself clearly and effectively. Problems with the throat energy Impact the speech centers and the immune system, and the inability to express oneself can lead to illness resulting from suppressed emotions. Light blue opens the throat; orange closes it.

The third-eye chakra is so ubiquitous that it even appears on our one-dollar bill, and just about every culture has knowledge of it. Actually, there are two centers of psychic vision, one low on the forehead and one higher up. It is both of these centers working together that gives your inner vision clarity and focus, just as your two physical eyes working together give physical depth perception. The energy of the lower third-eye center vibrates at a deep cobalt-blue frequency; the higher fourth-eye center manifests indigo blue. An imbalance in either center causes hallucinations and an inability to distinguish fantasy from reality. Balanced psychic centers, however, bring valuable gifts: intuitive understanding, spiritual inspiration, the ability to visualize clearly, and visions of the finer planes and of the Divine Mind. Since the mental body connects to the physical brain via the third and fourth eye centers, it is through these chakras that access is gained to the fifth dimension. Cobalt blue and indigo open the third and fourth eyes respectively; red and yellow close them.

The crown chakra has as its colors violet and lavender. It is through this vital center that divine forces nourish the physical being. Because of the divine energy flow, there is no negativity associated with the crown chakra. Through the soft skin over the crown the spirit enters the body of the child in the womb; often through this same doorway the life force retreats upon the death of the physical body. A fully opened crown chakra radiates divine Light in the thousand-petaled lotus shape referred to in the Eastern scriptures. When this center is balanced, connection with the Divine is felt. Violet and lavender open the crown; no color closes it.

The five chakras above the crown are nonphysical centers that connect with the highest subtle bodies. We will not deal with them in detail, as it will suffice to say that pink, silver, and deep gold are the essential colors here, and there are also other colors that go beyond the physical spectrum. The gold nimbus seen in portraits of Christ and the great Masters refers to this energy.

Your Doorways to Limitless, Multidimensional Possibilities

Since the energy of each chakra maintains the body organs in its vicinity, a chakra system that is properly cleaned, balanced and aligned is a ticket to improved physical well-being. Because the higher chakras connect to the subtle bodies, they are also windows that look out on glorious, divine landscapes.

Through these windows you can explore other times, other places, other worlds, other dimensions and other forms of being. Throwthem also you can contact the Divine Mind and the Holy Masters, which marks the beginning of deep spiritual fulfillment. Down through the chakra system sweeps the multidimensional energy that sustains the physical body; up through the chakra system flows the information gathered from this plane on its way to the soul itself. Needless to say, it behooves us all to keep this vital energy network functioning as perfectly as possible. For a brilliant discussion of the chakras, see Gurudas’s Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. I. Also highly recommended is Leadbeater’s The Chakras, which includes colored pictures of each chakra.

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