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Hidden knowledge about Freemasons and Illuminati and their plans, and why woman can´t become Freemasons. The founder of Illuminati Adam Weishaupt was expert on witchcraft.

Hidden knowledge about Freemasons and Illuminati and their plans, and why woman can´t become Freemasons. The founder of Illuminati Adam Weishaupt was expert on witchcraft.

As the people looked more and more to Nimrod for protection and guidance, they began to worship him almost as a God. Nimrod full of pride, started to look at himself as great one, and at this time began to organize secret meetings in which only his very select people were allowed to attend.

Thus, began the secret societies to build the new world order. One of these secret societies that can be traced back to Nimrod is the very secret society of the “Free Masons”.

Before we get into the real subjects of things that are going on in our recent times, I would like to take the first few pages to give you an overview of how the organization of this world take over for a new world order began with the secret societies of the Illuminati and the Free Masons.

Regrettably, the vast majority is totally unprepared for what is just ahead of us in a very short time.

In order for you to understand the workings and intended conclusions of this one world order plan set up by these men of the Illuminati you must understand what I am going to say in the following pages.

In the book of Revelation, a prophet named John was exiled to an island called Patmos for preaching the word of god. While on the island, he was given a vision from God pertaining to the things that would take place at the end of times just before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

John saw many things, but we will be exploring Revelation 6:4, the part of the vision that pertains to the red horse and why I believe it is coming to pass as I write. Although the Illuminati can be traced back to 1538 B.C. To the throne rooms of the Caesars in Egypt, where they always fought undercover for the Novos Ordo Sec lorum, or “One World Order” and the Free Masons can be traced hack to a man named Adam Weishaupt in 1776 on May la when he founded a sect called the Illuminati, and laid down a two hundred year plan to accomplish this evil, super One World Order, and the worship of Lucifer. The tool to be used in this plan was stated as communism.

The Pope in the body of codified ecclesiastical law of the Roman Catholic Church promulgated Adam Weishaupt. (Canon Law) he was involved in Free Masonry, an expert in witchcraft, and a loyal apostle of Lucifer. These men of the Illuminati worship Lucifer He is called the “Great red Dragon” the one that deceives the nations of the world. The goal of Adam Weishaupt is to hide the sciences of witchcraft behind philanthropy, to do away with Christianity, and then create a “One World Order.

Everyone has heard of Hollywood, but have you ever wondered why the name Hollywood? Well the actual wood from a holly tree is used as the favored wood for wooden wands by witches. Wands were used to channel the energies of their witchcraft. This is to point out what the media really is for, a tool the enemy uses to channel his energy through your scrying and telepathy devices into your spirit. The spiritual eyes and ears of humanity has been trojan horsed by the enemy and we can now see it manifest even more as the overflow of people’s hearts comes out in their words and deeds, as we all wonder in great confusion as to how society has degraded so much and continues to snowball out of control.

The men of this order use the zodiac as their guide and proclaim they are leading the world into a thousand year golden age of prosperity and led by so-called God-Men, they believe they are these god-Men, they believe the majority of the people on earth are ignorant, misfits, and unworthy of divinity. These people will have to be destroyed (killed) or reduced to surf status (slaves) by the year 2000 or shortly after.

The men of the Illuminati always keep their work secret from the outer ring. This way they could use the influential power and finances to accomplish what is called the Novus Ordo seclorum, the new secular order or new world order, which if you look on the United States dollar bill you see this heraldic seal, the unfinished pyramid in the circle, the words Novus Ordo Seclorum at the base, at the bottom of the pyramid in Roman numerals is 1776, in the capstone of the pyramid is the all-seeing eye of horus.

This logo is also used by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) they are supposedly the ones that care for our disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and so on. The makeup of the Illuminati can be found in the 1910 or 1911 encyclopedia under the Bavarian Illuminati. When a member was initiated into the lower ranks or outer ring, as called by the Illuminati, he had to take certain oaths of secrecy and swear to never reveal what secrets he had learned in the order, at the expense of his life.

This was in order for their seven-step to bring this one world order to fruition by the year 2000 or shortly after. The seven-step plan as set down by Adam Weishaupt is as follows:


How do you abolish ordered government? You do so by forcing secret societies and secret revolutions to attack the legitimate governments and overthrow them.


Creating a property lax does this. If you don’t pay your property lax for land that you bought and paid for. they will lake your poverty from you.


This is so no person of family could pass down their money to their relatives. There is now an inheritance tax.


This is so you will have no desire to live in a particular country and pledge your allegiance loony certain flag. Schools are preparing our children with the school curriculum of America thousand with the meditation and acceptance of all. This is getting them ready for the one world order for world citizenship.


Prayer was taken out of our schools in 1963. Go to any school library and you can’t find any King James Bible,, but you can find abooks on witchcraft. Anything pertaining to Christianity has been banned from public buildings and public parks. This was done by the Civil liberty Union, founded by a communist and ruled by Illuminati, and the committee of 300 men is run by Internationalist Communist today. They are known carrying communist.


Through Hollywood and the communist led media. the filth was introduced into our society to cause moral breakdown of families and marriages (DIVIDE AND CONQUER) To day one out of every two marriages end in divorce. II is very unusual to see a child over the age of five living with both parents. This leaves emptiness in most children, feeling that they don’t realy belong anywhere. Children very seldom go to church. Very few are taught the laws of God. They have very little direction in their lives.


Telling the outer members they are waking for the happiness of the human race does this sound like happiness?


Throughout the civilized world, especially the western world, diversity abounds. We see this diversity social economic culture, and ethnic differences, but hidden beneath the surface away from the eyes of the casual observer, and the mearley curious is another society altogether. This is a society of secrets, to coin their own phrase.

This is the largely invisible world of Free Masonry. Through the next few minutes, we will be examining the beliefs, practices, and teachings of Free Masonry. We will be reviewing the actual Masonic literature to try and gain an objective view of this hidden fraternal Order. Our conclusion may prove to be quite startaling, but in order to make this material coherent: it is essential to start with what Free Masonry really is itself.

Free Masons defines itself, as being a system of morality, the basis of Free Masonry, which all masons go through, is the Blue Lodge, The Blue lodge is the first of three degrees or levels of Free Masonry 1st apprentice 2nd Degree, fellow Craft 3rd degree, Master Mason. Most Masons never go beyond the third degree, although, if one chooses to go beyond the Blue Lodge, there are two routes that can be taken. One is the York Rite and the other is the Scottish Rite.

Most Masons who decide to go past the Blue Lodge. Enter the Scottish Rite of Free Masonry. The Scottish Rite has 32 degrees. ‘The 32nd leads one into the Shriners, if one so chooses.

The 33rd Degree, which does exist, is largely honorary. An extensive research of the origin of Free Masonry reveals that too many people the word Free Masonry evokes mystery and secret society and so on, but in order to find out what their all about we need to know their history. Many humanist thinkers back in the 1500′ saw the corruption that was in the church and in order to get rid of that corruption there would have to be a New World Order.

They had read Plato’s Republic. Plato’s Republic in the 1500’s is now a popular work and Plato the 2″ Was a philosopher living in the 5th century B.C. And was totally fed up with the corruption in the government.

He said if we could have a group of wise men that could be well paid to rule over the people. there would be no corruption. It’s a nice thought but a rather naive one. We have seen such governements today that are totally corrupt, but never the less, there are people, today who think this is a good idea.

Then this was the agenda for the humanist thinkers of the days back in the 1500’s but in order to do that, they had to destroy the existing world order. The existing world order was based upon the rules of God, through the kings and through the church, but even to suggest this would have been heresy, and they would have literally lost their heads.

So, they had to go into a secret society, now the Free Masons, in that day were craft masons that built the great cathedrals they were highly skilled men and it was like an early trade union.

They were called speculative masons, by the craft masons, because they wouldn’t have known a square from a compass. They were just humanist, idealist, and academics. So there are within the mason lodges today two types of masons.

The craft mason who cuts stones and then there is the speculative mason, and he is the humanist thinker. He is the person that is to build the New World Order.

The author and lecturer, Ron Carlson did two years study and research on the Free Masons. Modern masonry actually began in the year 1717 in England. The lodge was formed and many of these things were formed after 1717 in England and then came to America and Canada. As people migrated to North America during those years, and is widely established here in North America. It is estimated that around five million men are involved in free Masonry in North America, perhaps around one million in the Shriners.

What is masonry in the eyes of the Free Masonry? What do the masons view it to be? You will find that most masons going to Free Masonry views it simply as fraternal organizations like the boy scouts. They join because their father or grandfather was involved, and they get into it naively without realizing it is a religious organization designed for very specific spiritual purposes.

Over the centuries, men have evolved a variety of religious beliefs and traditions. Some of these such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are monotheistic. That is their based on the concept of one supreme deity, others, such as Hinduism, are polytheistic, believing in many Gods.

One of the old religions is paganism, the worship of the moon goddess, the sun god, whether they’re called Isis, and Osiris, Apollo, Diana, Ceranos, and Arainas or a host of other names. Paganism is the mystical religion that first emerged in ancient Babylon thousands of years ago. But what has paganism got to do with Free Masonry?

The ritual and theology of Free Masonry really originated from Egyptian paganism and the reason for this is as we find in 1717, the rituals and theology were formalized, brought together and formed the grand lodge in England and throughout Europe at that time all having slightly different tactices.

These practices having originated from the origin of speculative masons which was of course Rosicrucianism. The Rosecrusianist believed in the hermetic and Egyptian traditions.

So we find with the Free Masons Osiris, Adonis, and Isis mentioned quite frequently. Of course these are the Egyptian pagan symbols of pagan gods. One of the rituals that were used in some of the lodges before, prior to 1717, and shortly after, in fact, was the ritual of the blood initiation rite.

This was where the little finger and the blood were shed and this was the new member doing that making a blood covenant with the organization. What happens is when a mason joins the lodge, he first enters into the blue lodge and the very first thing a mason is required to do is to go through an initiation ceremony called the inter aprentice degree and in that initiation ceremony he will be stripped of much of his clothing, a blind fold will be placed over his eyes, a noose will be placed around his neck and he will be brought to the door of the Masonic lodge and there a person will greet him and usher him in and there he will come before an altar and every mason stands before the altar.

There behind the altar the man called the worshipfull master of the lodge stands. We find when a man joins the organization, he kneels, he is blindfolded, he is bare breasted, and the master of the lodge touches his left side with a sharp sword and they required with this blind fold over his eyes to take a blood oath not to reveal the secrets of Free Masonry or they loose their life.

Every mason puts his thumb to his throat and swears a blood oath not to reveal these secrets or have his throat cut from ear to ear and his bowels ripped open and given to the beast of the field.

These pagan blood oaths are taken to swear them to secrecy so they will not reveal the secrets they will learn as they progress through the Masonic lodge. Now most men will go into the Scottish rite and progress on through 32 degrees and in each on of those degrees they give worship to different gods, deities, Egyptian Gods, persian gods, Greek gods, and then go through a series of rituals now much of this is covered up by symbols, and allegories so that masons as they go through it don’t really understand what they’re doing.

In the blue degrees an initiate is initiated into the Egyptian trinity of the ancient mysteries of Egypt, and this Egyptian trinity is hidden from the initiate. He does not know at all what he is being initiated into. It is not even mentioned but if they would read their authoritative books it would explain the symbols and allegories it becomes very obvious what they’re involved in.

They are involved in pagan idolitrist worshop.

Much of it is based upon the Kabala, the ancient Jewish book of occult. It is based on Egyptian paganism and the worship of nature. That is what it really is. It is based on the male regenerative power, and the female regenerative power, the product meaning the child, and any historian will readily agree that paganism is and was a nature-based religion.

Its rituals were intentionally designed around the phases of the moon, and seasons, and the vernal equinox and so on Retuals were encouraged for their crops seeking blessings of the sun, the giver of warmth and the counter balance of the moon, the time for planting crops and harvesting.

And female. Paganism developed fertility rights based upon the sex act and more specifically the reproductive organs themselves. One of the reasons why when a masonic enters the lodge they are required to put on a lambskin apron, masons wear this lambskin apron as a covering as what they ultimately believe is the Masonic deity, what is called the generating principle of life, they wear the square and compass, in the center is the “G” some masons will tell you it means the geometry of the universe or it means God.

Actually, their own books say it is the generating princile; the male organ is what brings immortality in life. You see when they talk about immortality they are talking about recreating like through the sexual act. This is what is covered with the white lambskin apron.

This is why women can never be a mason. She does not have the generating principle of life, which they wear on their lapel, the square and compass and “G” Free masons used Egyptian pagan symbols.

Quite often one that comes to mind is the obelisk. The obelisk is a tall pillar in stone tapered and square in sections trumedian on top and was used among the Egyptians as a resurrection symbol. The idea was that it was actually a phallic.

It was tall and erect and it was used to procreate as one was resurected through ones off spring. That was the argument. The same thing applies today and we find where Free Masons are buried today very often with and obelisk used as a grave marker.

Sir John A. McDonald, first prime minister of Canada, or George Washington, first president of the United States, both their grave markers contains the obelisk. Even sometimes, the obelisk will obatain the square and compass to indicate quite clearly where the person is coming from, But can this really be true?

It seems incredible that Free Masonry this system of morality actually be veiled pagansm, and only lightly veiled at that, the point within the circle is one of the more prominent mason symbols, past grand master

Albert Pike teaches in his symbolism of freemasonry page 353 the point within the circle is derived from sun worship, and in reality is of phallic origin it is the symbol of the universe.

The sun being represented by the point while the circumference is the Universe, Mackey states further in his manual of the lodge page 56 the phallic is the limitation of the male generative organ. It was represented usually by a column, which was surmounted by a circle at the base.

The point within a circle was intended by the ancients as a type of prolific power of nature which they worshipped under the united form active or male principle or passive as female principle paganism recognized and worshipped these power as the creative force in nature.

Albert Pike was a grand commander of Scottish rite of Free Masonry in the 1800’s. His book morals and dogmas the sun and moon represent two grand principles of all generations the active and passive male and female both shed their light upon their off-spring’s the blazing star of Horace.

These Masonic authorities agree that the symbols of Free masonry are occultist and derived from paganism the alleged occultist ritual and symbolism are central to free masonry. Witchcraft is the religion of paganism it is the worship of the sun god and the moon goddess in various forms.

There is a great deal of symbolism in witchcraft many of the implements used, have significance in terms of natural elements such as the wand representing air the sword representing fire the chalice with water or the pentagram representing earth and these would be combined in various manners.

In order to take advantage of the spiritual forces that were felt to be in operation at that time and it is heavily ritualistic the wearing of robes the drawing of magic circles the evoking of gods to aid the practitioner anything you would do would be ritual like.

For instance lighting candles to bring out the elements even when casting a spell. Some of the parallels between Free Masonry and witchcraft show such a similarity that it cannot possibly be coincidental similarities in rituals wording of symbolism are so close in several instances that it suggest a clearly common origin. To examine this possibility compare their blue lodge initiations with the experience of former occultists.

Freemasomy, and also witchcraft, you have to be recommended by a person in the organization. Masons blindfolded and bound by a rope, on your bare chest was thrust the point of a spear and lead by a rope, you kneel down before the worshipful master as if he were a god. You are then met by the high priest and are warned should you ever reveal any of the secrets of masonry know what expect.

When your’re in the room the blindfold is taken away and this is the time you are coming from darkness into light.

Imitating being born again. You are met and someone says who goes there and you say one from the world of darkness. In free masonry the prayers end with so mote it be distinctive of withchcraft ends each incantation or spell with so mote it be, this is where the powers are released, I discovered that witchcraft and freemasonry has so much in common, however, in white witchcraft the follower dismiss the concept of a pysical Lucifer.

Freemasonry even goes so far as to call Lucifer God. In the words of the sovereign pontiff of universal freemasonry, Albert Pike, he says yes Lucifer is God and unfortunately Adoni the Hebrew God of the bible is also God and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer equal to Adoni, but Lucifer God of light and of good is struggling for humanity against Adoni God of Darkness and evil, Listen to the words of 33-degree mason Manly P. Hall when the mason learns the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo living power he has learned the mystery of his craft, the seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands before he is to step onward and upward he must prove his ability to properly apply this energy.

Of the literally millions of masons world wide how many of them are actually aware of the true meaning of the Masonic symbols? The answer is very few since most masons never go past the 3rd degree of the blue lodge the rank of master mason.

The vast majority never discovers what they’re involved in and they never woll discover what freemasons is all about unless they venture into the higher levels of the Scottish rite or the York rite. In fact, they;re not just ignorant they’re deliberately misled by their superiors in in the lodge in words of their own authority Albert Pike.

The blue degree is the outer court or portacal of the temple. Part of the symbols is displayed there for the initiate but he is intentionally misled by false interpretation. It is not intended that he understand them, but it is intended that he shall imagine that understands them Many masons go through the first 3 degrees become a master mason and quit there thinking this is just a nice fraternal organization and they do not relize that their own leaders have consciously lied to them because they do not want them to know the true teaching of masonry.

Most join thinking it is a nice organization that does god works. In the lower echelon and the lower degrees you can’t realize what’s happening or the meaning of the lodge.

Men that were prominent members in the lodge the fact that these members in their rituals used quotations from the scriptures.

A person actually thinks they are king initiated into Christian organization.

That is because the 3t4 degree in the blue lodge is veiled in a venire of Christianity. That is because Christ claimed to be God incarnate and as such Christ cannot be separated from his teachings. Ile did not teach a system of morality to lead one to Cod instead he claimed to be the way to the father. What is the official Masonic teaching about Jesus Christ?

Listen again to the supreme pontiff of Scottish rite of the freemasonry Albert Pike. Freemasonry reverences all the great reformers.

It sees in Moses the lawgiver of the Jews, in Confucius and zoroastrian, Jesus of Nazreth and in the Arabian Iconoclas that they are great teachers of morality, and eminent reformers if no more. In other words, Jesus Christ is reduced to be a great reformer, no different than Confucius or Zoroaster or the other teachers but the bible says plainly in Acts chapter 4 neither is there salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given among men where by we must be saved.

The very essence of Christianity is mans inability to save himself, for this cause God sent his only begotten son to (lie on the cross and make atonements for us. How different this is from the teachings of Manly Hall in his book the lost keys of. Masonry.

The true mason is not creed bound. Ile realizes with divine Illumination of his lodge that a mason his religion must be universal Christ. Buddha. Mohamed, the name means little for he recognizes only the light and not the light bearer.

He worships at ever shrine, bows baefore every altar. whether in temple, mask, pagodas. and realizes with his own understanding the oneness of all spiritual truths. No true mason can be narrow for his lodge is the divine expression of all broadness.

An interesting statement since in the bible Jesus Christ says broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be that find it because straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leaded’ unto life and few there be that find it.

When masons say the Jesus Christ is just another moral teacher, another moral prophet equal with Buddha.

In fact masons teach according to Albert Pike that Buddha was the first great Masonic teacher so they are equating Jesus with Buddha. with Mohammed. with the religious leaders as just another religious leader.

He is not Cod. He is not the savior that came to save men from his sins because masons do not need a savior. Masons feel they can save themselves through moral good deeds. In bible believing Christians the fact is that god exist in the trinity of 3 persons. the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

What most people including many masons believe is that the God of freemasons is the great architect of the universe is also a trinity.

Masons are counting on their own good works something the bible says cannot possibly save them in fact the masons monitor teaches that God the all seeing eye will reward men according to their works (this is the all seeing eye on the dollar bill) The eye of Horus the sun God and that this all seeing eye pervades the inner most recess of the human heart and will reward us according to our merit not because what Jesus Christ has done for us. In the 19th degree of the Scottish rite the mason is told masons who have given proof of their attachments of the statutes and rules of the order which in the end will make them deserving of entering the celestial Jerusalem of heaven. The 28th degree of the Scottish rite state that true masons raise themselves by degrees till he reaches heaven. Masons believe that they can earn their salvation they can climb a ladder to God.

This god they call the great architect of the universe and that one-day they will stand before God and he will usher them into heaven not because of Jesus Christ but because they were a good mason. They did all these good works. In fact, the head potentate of the shriners in Minneapolis was very distraught because he was accused of not being a Christian if he was a mason but was asked if you were to die and stand before God and God asked why should I let you in my heaven, what would you say to him? The gentleman paused for a few seconds and well I guess I would tell him I was a good mason.

If masons are depending upon the lodge to save them then their trust is as misplaced as those who depend upon church membership rather than on Christ to save them. One might just as well depend on any club or organization to save them. There are many in the church and even Sunday school teachers that do not understand the meaning or workings of freemasons. The freemasons are an idiolectic cult and no Christian has any part in it.

A Freemason think he can enter Heaven because he was a good mason, not by being saved by God´s grace, and they don´t want share their hidden knowledge with the masses of population, so they also could be saved. Their One World Government will try to save themselves and make slaves of the masses.

This text is from; “When the Wicked Beareth Rule – the People Mourn: Blue Print for One World Order” by Lorraine Cruse


By stealing soul´s from God, he must break the soul´s connection to God, and through this implement mind control, and this leads to the total enslavement (One World Government)In Brave New World , he predicted a totalitarian state in which the dignity of the individual no longer existed .The goal of the Illuminati was from the beginning to overthrow ALL governments and nations, and what is the end game reult of this; To control them all under the domination of their One World Government.


This Global World Brain together with the RFID will forever capture the souls of men into their control under the One World Government.

The meaning of the One World Government is a promise of liberation, but it is the opposite; loss of all power, loss of all political power, loss of free thinking (the mind will be controlled and programmed by the global world brain), loss of the soul, loss of all human rights. loss of individuality.

When people loosing everything, the next level of this is what value you have to the rulers, and when people through this process more and more has been dehumanized they will be valued as computers or machines, and this will in the end lead to depopulation. And people is fighting to even protect this system because they have been conditioned, brainwashed and programmed to do so.

What did Bacon plant in the new Bible? The 46th Psalm, verses 3 and 9 are encoded with his humor. Verse 3 has the word shake and verse 9 with speare.

Masonic texts from 1717 most likely were produced by Sir Francis Bacon, believed by some to be the real author of the Shakespeare material as well as the person who masterminded and oversaw production of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. Bacon was in charge of forty-five scholars who translated and collated the KJV, making him the forty-sixth. For a coded clue as to Bacon’s contributions, see Psalms 46—count forty-six letters from the beginning to get the word “shake” and forty-six words from the end to get the word “spear.” The number forty-six was Bacon’s cypher.


Bacon was the falconer of Shakespeare’s works and of Freemasonry, since Shakespeare’s works “shake the spear” at ignorance, and Freemasonry attempts to destroy the serpent of ignorance with the staff of knowledge.

Sir Francis Bacon, was responsible for the modern birth of Freemasonry. The Masonic Forefathers were merely following the details of an occult plan as envisioned specifically by Sir Francis Bacon in the 1590’s and he was Francis Bacon is remembered today as the “Father of Modern Science.”

Francis Bacon was responsible for the modern birth of Freemasonry and “Father of Modern Science.” He replaced God with science. This has always been the Freemason and Illuminati hidden agenda. Its a switch of power of a supreme God to a supreme scientific upper-class (global) elite. Its a switch of power to themselves as rulers of the world. Darwinism was just another construction to strengthen the powers of a supreme elite upper class.

From this time everything becomes influenced by the Freemason agenda and later the Illuminati Agenda when they merged 1782. Over 3 million people on the rolls of those Freemasonic organizations and the Illuminati – they merged, after the Illuminati has infiltrated the Freemason organization.

The hidden purpose for the rulers has always been to gain more power and make the masses more powerless.

What Francis Bacon created was a difference between people and created a supreme upper-class elite or what today is the “global elite”. Then the Illuminati infiltrated Freemason and then merged they share same ideas and value in their operations and actions in the society.

The took the key of knowledge and kept it for themselves, and by the small change in the translation from Vulgate version to King James version, and make salvation possible just for the supreme upper-class elite. If the masses could understand that they also could seek and find enlightenment and salvation, then their concept will lose it purpose. Then people become a threat to their lifestyle of egotism.

Francis Bacon was the founder of Freemasons, and he was father of science which replaced the belief system from God into believing in science. And Francis Bacon was a editor and translator of King James version and he changed and manipulated the text to benefit the Freemason organization.

In examining Proverb 25 again, one may assume that slaves, or non-freemen, could not be raised to the level of kings. therefore, in designing Freemasonry, none but freemen could be admitted, for non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and placed on the level with kings. Only freemen baring a desire for knowledge could be admitted, for they do not fulfill their roles as Master Masons unless they make use of the privileges conferred upon them by trying to search out what has been concealed.

“Non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason…..non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and placed on the level with kings. Only freemen baring a desire for knowledge could be admitted”.

Then the masses aren´t included in the sect; non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and placed on the level with kings, and no woman can be a member of a Freemason, so they are automatically not qualified to higher levels of consciousness.

Then the Kundalini Shakti represents the Female Godness everyone who is awakening their Kundalini will be a threat to their World plans of Domination.

The goal of the Illuminati was from the beginning to overthrow ALL governments and nations, and what is the end game result of this; To control them all under the domination of their One World Government. Their will be no need of politics because people has lost all their human rights. They can´t then no longer have a own opinion, they can no longer protest, they can no longer make own choice. They can just follow as they will be programmed by the global world brain, and this is how computer´s is working; they can just follows what they are programmed to do, and this will be how humankind is been controlled.

It begin with infiltration of the Freemason organization
It then contionued to next government, next nation
When they infiltrated and taken over all the nations and governments
they must break donw all people ideology and religions, and the middle class
They mus therefore targeting the whole world or inluencing the whole world through some kind of invent
When people begging for change they will provide it and give away all their powers and rights to them who causes, started and invented all chaos for humankind.



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