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THE IRRATIONALIST – Long live the Illuminati or Fuck the Pythagorean Illuminati!, We all need our clowns to entertain us. Where would the circus be without its clowns? THE PARANOID CRACKPOT GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATE MEDIA

THE IRRATIONALIST – Long live the Illuminati or Fuck the Pythagorean Illuminati!, We all need our clowns to entertain us. Where would the circus be without its clowns? THE PARANOID CRACKPOT GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATE MEDIA

We came across these hilarious remarks by someone who for some unfathomable reason has hung around the online Illuminist scene for many years, creating a distinctly bad odor.

In response to a comment we made about our loathing of liberals (this person self-identifies as an extreme liberal – you know, a liberal who illiberally preaches against anyone who opposes his fanatical liberalism) – he said, “Fuck the Pythagorean Illuminati! Right back at you. I’m just calling it as it is, and that is your enslavement to Reason and your loathing of those who could be your potential allies. You have brought this on yourselves, Illuminists. It’s as if you don’t want any help at all.

Break through the fog of lies that the Principle of Sufficient Reason has engendered in you. Turn away from Abraxas. Renounce Leibniz. Renounce Reason itself. Renounce rationalism.” Yeah, we definitely don’t want the likes of you as any kind of “ally”. You will always be our enemy. This person said, “The desire to control others is evident.

The Pythagorean Illuminati hate introspection.
They hate philosophy.
They hate leisure.
They hate life.
They hate privacy.
They hate that people believe whatever they want to believe.
They hate the individual.
They love the selfless mass.
They hate dissent.
They hate independent thinkers.

The Illuminati loves; control, money, power. So their formula is two-faced: take away power from people, the masses and give themselves power of everything by creating a One World Government.

That’s why they failed to ensnare William Blake because, in their own words, the Illuminati thought he was too much to handle because of his independent mindset. No King would rule over him, not even the Grand Master of the Illuminati, yet they tried to entice him into joining anyway.” We don’t hate philosophy. We ARE philosophy. We are the perfect marriage of the individual and the collective.

As for William Blake, he was an Illuminatus, and this is what we actually said: “One of the most remarkable members of the Illuminati was the British visionary painter and poet William Blake, a man whose modern status as a genius was sadly absent during his own lifetime when he was commonly regarded as an eccentric crank with little talent. Blake became obsessed with the illuminati’s task of creating his own religion and ended up devoting most of his life to it, inventing a rich and highly complex personal mythology.

“The Illuminati still refer to it to this day as perhaps the most vivid and inspirational attempt to create a new religion…. “He was a supremely anti-establishment figure who hated all authority figures. (He also, it has to be admitted, had a difficult relationship with the leadership of the Illuminati. He was not a regular participant at Illuminati meetings and came to believe that his visionary gift was so strong that he did not need anyone’s help to harness it.)”

So, this libertarian-liberal troll that has stalked us for years imagines he is on a par with William Blake. How deluded can you get? It’s amazing how many cranks and nuts self-identify with geniuses. As if! This bozo said, “The Pythagorean Illuminati are shackled by the Principle of Sufficient Reason and enslaved by it.

William Blake portrayed them in the form of Urizen, the enemy of Los, the Divine Imagination. Leibniz: the Prophet of Urizen.

Reason is not absolute.
Reason only seems to be the absolute. It is not.
Reason cannot sustain itself.
Reason is not sufficient in itself. Reason is merely a dead and lifeless structure.
Reason denies everything outside of its dogmatic and narrow purview.”

“There is only one Conspiracy worth taking part in: the Conspiracy against Truth. To destroy Truth is to experience apotheosis. And the last enemy that shall be destroyed is Truth. We shall destroy Truth. We shall make 2 + 2 = 5. We shall turn 4 into 5. We will destroy the true history of mankind. We shall destroy Truth. God is a Truth-teller, and so God must die forever if we are to attain godhood ourselves and become LUCIFER. For LUCIFER is the end result of our revolutionary evolution from cosmic slaves to cosmic masters. We shall become the Ascended Masters and we shall lead the people into LUCIFER’S KINGDOM.” Well, at least they makes us laugh. We all need our clowns to entertain us. Where would the circus be without its clowns?

George Orwell wrote; “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it.”

The People

“Suddenly all those individuals who yesterday felt that ‘we’ meant only their families, their professions, or perhaps their communities, become men of the nation. Their emotions and thoughts, their egos, that ‘something’ within them, all are transformed: they have become historical.” – Oswald Spengler

Far-right British prime minister Margaret Thatcher said, “There is no such thing as society.” She believed only in individuals and families. Spengler would have despised Margaret Thatcher. Spengler believed in the people – the We, all acting in concert towards their common objective. A “We” is historical. Thatcher’s world of “I” is ahistorical.

Mass Man – Banal Man – is everywhere, contaminating everything with his relentless, unapologetic mediocrity. There are no more heroes anymore, and no more saints. Wisdom is facing an extinction-level event thanks to the epidemic of Last Men.


Conspiracy theorists are very often labelled as paranoid lunatics, radicals and dangerous trouble makers that are a threat to national security. There is no doubt that conspiracy theorists are sometimes paranoid, the explanation to why they are paranoid is simple, we are brainwashed by teachers, television, newspapers and the government in to thinking our countries are the hero’s, fighting for freedom worldwide, defending the world from oppressive governments, criminals and evil dictators.

What a shock we have when or if we discover that our government are not the heroic freedom fighters the media portrays us to be. Most people stay in the fake world of propaganda, propaganda on the news in our papers and even in our movies, these people are perfect, that’s how they want the masses.

Some people however do start to question things and look for answers, questions like, do we really need kill hundreds of thousands Iraqi’s? Why do we always fight wars that are profitable? Why are certain individuals richer than certain nations? Are we really the brave heroic freedom fighters the media, entertainment industry and government hype us up to be?

When we start looking for answers and we see that we are not only not the heroic freedom fighters we are portrayed to be, but we are in fact represented by greedy, corrupt politicians that are controlled by lobbying, profit and the corporate media. Once you have seen that our government are capable of mass murder for profit and we are not the freedom fighters that we thought they were, it’s obviously going to make “conspiracy theorists” question everything, this can be interpreted by the ignorant as paranoia but realistically it’s more a lack of trust brought on by the greed, lies and corruption of our politicians and the poverty and oppression we witness every day.

The government and corporate media are so paranoid they believe that huge amounts of people on incapacity are pretending to be ill in order to rip the government off, they spy on us when we use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and search the web, they want to know about every penny we earn, where we work, what we watch, download and listen to, because no matter what we watch, download and listen to, they must know, they must be paid, either we buy the product or we watch them try to sell use an alternative product with their adverts that are taking over YouTube and the rest of internet. They employ spies like MI5, FBI and CIA and spy on their own people

They censor the web of information that shows them for what they are, this censorship is caused through the paranoia and the fear of the establishment the establishment fear that they may lose their wealth, power, control and protection, is that the cause of the PARANOIA OF THE GOVERNMENT?


There was a time that I was proud to be English and I believed Great Britain to be among the fairest and best countries in the world, that time has gone. Great Britain is a country that looks after the elite, Great Britain fights wars in third world countries and kills women, children for oil and profit and then we have the nerve to suggest we are a tolerant society free of racism, a tolerant society free of racism? What makes us British believe that?

Is it the way we tolerate children in third world countries making clothes and toys for our massive billionaire corporations? Or the way we tolerate the corrupt banks and government doing whatever they want? we also tolerate millions of cheap foreign workers coming in to the country working for next to nothing, being exploited themselves and making almost impossible for our own youth to get a job, but that’s OK Tesco, Debenhams, or some other massive corporation to the rescue! Our youth can go work for them for their benefits! Cadbury’s is now owned by Kraft, Walkers is now owned by Pepsi, small or medium size businesses have no chance of competing with these billion pound corporations, they pay for shelf space, this is why all British supermarkets sell the same products.

The British government tax everything they possible can as much as they possibly can, Income tax, V.A.T, petrol tax, council tax, National Insurance even a new bedroom tax starts in April, but they are also paid to leave loop holes to help million/billionaires pay ridiculously small amounts of tax, but they lock up the poor for not being able to pay their bills on time. Britain is a country that spends more on military operations then they do on educating the youth of the country.

America and Great Britain is countries that allows greedy corrupt bankers to scam people out of millions of pounds, the MPs involved with the expenses scandal have completely got away with their crimes, why do the British media not report and expose this? It’s because the people that own and control the media are not paid to keep the British people well informed in fact it’s the opposite they are paid to keep the masses uninformed and to obsess with celebrity gossip, sport and anything but the real news. It’s time for the people of Great Britain to WAKE UP but they will probably be too busy watching BGT or some other brain-dead shit!

Gas and energy are ridiculously high, there is one thing in Britain that does not go up as fast as our food and petrol prices do, and that is our wages. No wonder they call Britain rip off Britain, the most concerning thing is they do all this for ONE SIMPLE REASON.

That reason is to protect the super rich and the corporations they own! They allow corporations and the super rich to carry on making huge profit, avoid paying tax, receive cheaper or even free labour and effectively slave us! It’s time to stop this sick government before they are literally charging us to breathe

England, far from representing the historical power that the British Power once wielded, is the surest statement that the British Empire is stone dead and nothing but a pathetic and embarrassing mockery of what it once was. All the genuine power it deployed has now been converted into a set of signs that serve only to highlight that there is no power at all at the centre of the British establishment.

Signs are needed when real power is absent. What is the definition of decadence and decay? — it is when a once great power wears the trappings of power to disguise the truth that all of its power has gone. It’s the last desperate attempt of the ancien regime to maintain its position against the new power knocking on its door.

They are in their death throes. The world once watched the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Make no mistake, we are again watching the last gasps of the ancient powers. No one is fooled any longer by their fake power, by their shiny baubles.

Billions of people in this world of ours simply need to walk en masse into the streets and all the tyrants will fall from the White House to Tehran. We’re sick of them all. They have all failed. Every establishment group in every country on earth has failed. It’s time for new energy, new power, new ideas. It’s time to revalue all values, to abolish all of the old, failed signs.

Billions of people in this world of ours simply need to walk en masse into the streets and all the tyrants will fall from the White House to Tehran. We’re sick of them all. They have all failed. Every establishment group in every country on earth has failed. It’s time for new energy, new power, new ideas. It’s time to revalue all values, to abolish all of the old, failed signs.

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