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Secret Powers of the Mind – Kundalini is a process of fusion and will produce a new Third Force.

Secret Powers of the Mind – Kundalini is a process of fusion and will produce a new Third Force.

Awakening Kundalini for ultimate universal fusion. This fusion of the individual with the Universal. To attain this fusion of the individual and universal consciousness—so that, still remaining individual, one should partake and be aware of the universal life—this is the long effort and upward climb of humanity, worth all the struggles and disasters and failures by the way that may attend it. That in the process the thwarting, dis-appointment, and even partial destruction of the individual life should occasionally be necessary—in order that the germs of the higher consciousness may develop–seems a matter easy to understand. But when the process is complete the two sides of Man do but feed each other mutually—the universal nourishing and directing the individual, and the individual giving selfness and definition to the universal.

“According to Tantra, the human being is a miniature universe. All that is found in the cosmos can be found within each individual, and the same principles that apply to the universe apply in the case of the individual being. In human beings, Shakti, the feminine aspect is called Kundalini.

This potential energy is said to rest at the base of the spinal cord. The object of the Tantric practice of Kundalini-yoga is to awaken this cosmic energy and make it ascend through the psychic centres, the chakras, that lie along the axis of the spine as consciousness potentials.

She will then unite above the crown of the head with Shiva the pure consciousness. This union is the aim of Kundalini-yoga : a resolution of duality into unity again, a fusion with the Absolute. By this union the adept attains liberation while living which is considered in Indian life to be the highest experience: an union of the individual with the universe”.

When the kundalini or Shakti energy unites with the universal Shiva force, the yogi is then considered to be united with the universal soul.

Once it is awoken, if the kundalini keeps rising, it can go all the way to the top of the head to the top chakra. The yogi then has a chance to attain the highest goal of this form of yoga. Once the kundalini is awakened, then, for the full goal to be achieved, the practitioner must continue working at raising the kundalini until it reaches the Sahasrara chakra. Then from the Sahasrara chakra it can leave the body. Otherwise, the work remains unfinished, and the process incomplete.

The man has the positive force, the woman has the negative force and the Holy Spirit conciliates both; thus, the Divine Princess Kundalini awakens with the fusion of the three forces.

Tantra is composed of (expansion) and (liberation), meaning thereby, the science of expansion of mind and liberation of energy. Tantra endeavours at raising Kundalini by uniting the two opposites—Shiv and Shakti, through yogic practices. Shiva or purush is the masculine counterpart representing consciousness, and Shakti or prakriti is the feminine counterpart representing energy. These two opposites are encountered in all spheres of existence; for example, man and woman in physical life, mind and prana in spiritual life, ida and pingla in hatha yoga, time and space in cosmos or on mental level, etc. The word Tantra —came into existence some two thousand years ago.

There are two main branches of tantra. They are, right-hand path or dakshin marg and the left-hand path or van marg. Right-hand path observes a high degree of purity in conduct and action, and makes use of the meditational and spiritual practices. Left-hand path lays stress on the sex drive and believes that the sexual interaction between man and woman, representations of Shiv and Shakti in human life can raise the Kundalini.

The fusion of the opposite forces results in an explosion and manifestation of the matter. The yogi is not interested in either procreation or pleasure but in samadhi. He/ she generates an experience and sublimates it, opening thereby the gates to higher consciousness.

This is the trick. With yogic practices to explode the energy. It is in the midst of the climax, as the attention is diverted from sensual pleasure to the thoughts of the Absolute, that the third-eye opens, without any notice or preparation. One gets a glimpse of the higher experience, of the reality, a taste of enlightenment.

The INTIMATE CHRIST has the power to eliminate SELVES CAUSES, that’s why he is born helpless in the inner manger, but little by little get stronger until he can express himself with all power and majesty of the SUPERMAN’S PHARYNX.

The great initiate JESUS said: “a thousand who seek me one finds me; of thousand that find me one follows me, of thousand that follow me one is mine.”


The Viper of the sub-worlds knows the way of the MECHANICAL INFRA-IMAGINATION, to keep humanity in a state of UNCONSCIOUSNESS, individual or collective, using the mechanisms of the fantasy are created all the lunar customs of humanity.

There are subtle forces that keep the humanity in the absolute state of sleep of the consciousness and prevent him from waking up and can awaken to understand their own position in life.

In this age of fast moving tempo of life we need a Brain which can adapt itself quickly and efficiently to the needs posed by the challenges of life.

If man is to survive biologically and psychologically then the birth of such a Brain and the emergence of a New Mind are absolutely necessary.

The birth of the re-vitalized Brain due to the inflow of the Kundalini energy aroused in the intensity of joy. This Brain must be integrated so that the masculine and the feminine counterparts function together.

This integration demands the Union of Siva and Sakti.

Without the inflow of the Kundalini Sakti the brain functions only in its masculine aspect. When Sakti rushes to meet Siva then in their close embrace takes place the fusion of the negative and the positive, of the masculine and the feminine. In this fusion comes into being the re-vitalization of the brain and the rejuvenation of the entire body.

The aspirant who looks for clear-cut answers must realize that the achievement of certain mental powers are kept secret. Government’s power is dependent on the support of the masses who have little understanding. History has shown that when there is fear of someone rebelling against the system in which the majority feels secure, harassment or even imprisonment is the result. Jesus was such a rebel of His time and paid dearly for it. However, the observations of great Yogis can be pursued by deep thought.

The central nervous system is reorganizing into a single brain structure, away from the dual brain and right and left body … The profound change of perception in consciousness that allows one to see spiritual-paranormal dimensions of reality has been given names in various mystical and esoteric traditions. In yoga and Hinduism, it has been called the “opening of the tenth door,” “shedding the veils of Maya,” “freeing from delusion,” or “liberation.”

It is important to always remember that the yogic model of consciousness and kundalini describes a physiologic mechanism associated with a deeply spiritual transformation of consciousness. Individuals cannot control this process. The Higher Power, God, the intelligence behind the universe, underlies spiritual transformation of consciousness and the spiritual energy/ kundalini mechanism. Spirit inwardly guides and teaches the individual how to surrender to and work with this spiritual transformation process. According to the yogic tradition the Divine Higher Power will also invisibly draw sincere spiritual seekers to a spiritual teacher or later to an illumined guru, as required to assist and guide the devotee through the spiritual trans-formation process.

Another exercise—filling the spine with Light—is much more than a concentration exercise. It involves a change of the atomic structure of the brain, eliminates unnecessary fear, and thereby prepares the student for experiences that are beyond the ordinary. Therefore, it is not possible to give instructions for advanced levels.

Through the primary coil of Kundalini in the heart these Powers create a new transforming mechanism.

The engineers are taught to use their brain and think, but the medical doctors are taught not to use their brain, as all of their thinking has been done for them by the medical l hierarchy. And beyond that line off thinking they are cautioned.

Only at their own risk,, the penalty or se doing being the revocation ion of their license to practice their art.

The Ancient Masters, not bound by any standard of professionalism or commercialism, and whom modern science terms superstitious heathens, had reached that stage where the better training of the intellect enabled them to bring into action Many millions of those unused brain cells so long dormant in the average men, by means of the *activation of a Strange power that is traceable all  thru ancient religious teachings as the Kundalini, ‘tithe Mother of the Universe.”

This was the top secret of the Ancient Masters which, that: church fathers were determined to conceal at all cost; So they destroyed the ancient scriptures, which dealt with the subject, after using them to make their Bible to support the power of the church and to enslave the masses.

The wanton and deliberate destruction of libraries, manuscripts, scrolls and other ancient records is a fact modern history, but the reason for this destruction has always been well concealed.

It is only when the Kundalini serpent reaches the heart, the fourth chakra, Anahata, that the consciousness moves from the lower animal aims and drives that are within mankind to a more sublime level of awareness. It is here that a person first gets in touch with the inner reality of life, a genuine spiritual awakening which becomes more intense, yet understandable in an other-worldly sense, as the life-giving energy climbs even higher to the fifth center, Vishuddha, at the throat, and the sixth, Ajna, relative to the pituitary gland just above the bridge of the nose.

When the consciousness is quickened by the force released from this sixth chakra it would seem that the supreme mystical goal of unity with God has been reached, for here there is a realization of identity with the Divine Self, an understanding that in-deed it is the “Father that doeth the works.” However, the mystical journey is not yet complete as there is still the sense of a separate “I” which is enjoying the supreme bliss which then floods the entire being. There is no feeling of identification with the human ego, no knowledge of or concern with a separate individual personality, but there is still a vestige of duality—the awareness of both an “I” and the state of bliss—bur when that magnificent green serpent finally climbs to and opens the thousand petals of the final chakra, the Sahasrara, at the pineal gland, this duality ceases: subject and object join together and the consciousness merges into the unity of nonduality, beyond all visions and definitions into the Void of Far Eastern mysticism; the Godhead or Di-vine Ground of Christian mysticism; the Endless Light of Jewish mysticism, and the Underworld of mythology. Here we truly enter the domain of symbolism for how else can one attempt to convey some understanding of that condition which, by its very nature, is beyond all description.

In terms of opposites, the two base points of the triad or triangle are positive (masculine) and negative (feminine). The apex is neutral. Gurdjieff called this neutral point the ‘Third Force’ — the point of fusion where both the positive and negative opposites are cancelled out and become pure energy again. As Gurdjieff tells us, ‘In reality all the Three Forces are equally active and appear as active, passive, and neutralising, only at their meeting points, that is to say, only in relation to one another at a given moment!’ Elsewhere he states: ‘All that exists exists as a result of the converging action on the same point, at the same time of Three Forces: Active, Passive and Neutralising!’ And so in the triad shown above, with the neutral centre line that divides the opposites but where both opposites can be brought together and united.

As already outlined, to ascend to the sky plane (the unconscious) one must achieve union between the objective Earth plane (conscious self) and the subjective lower plane (subconscious). This fusion gives the individual more energy to become sentient of the unconscious, therefore becoming superconscious as all three worlds, all three states of consciousness, become one. The ascending levels (the rungs of the ladder or steps of the ziggurat or pyramid world mountain) are associated with different frequencies of energy. Everything converges at a pinpoint — the apex of the world mountain or world pillar, the point of enlightenment as experienced in the centre of the head. The shaman believed this was the centre of the Earth as well as the centre of all creation. The seven-stepped spiral staircase and the ladder also both feature to this day in masonic symbolism, which should not really surprise us as this so-called ‘secret knowledge’ is really based on shamanic principles as gathered by the ancient Shining Ones. As we will discover, it is this kundalini experience which is at the heart of all the knowledge preserved by the various secret societies and mystery schools.

The Shamanic Underworld The underworld — where it was believed we go when we die and from which we are then ‘reborn’ into the world — was believed to be underneath or inside the Earth. In the shamanic rite of passage associated with the kundalini awakening, the shaman believed that he was entering the Earth and climbing the axis mundi or Earth’s axis, ascending the frequencies associated with his own spine.

The interior of the Earth, the underworld, represented the womb of the goddess or world mother, who represented the Earth itself. In some cases, the underworld was the ovum or egg of the goddess, the central point of enlightenment which was pierced —impregnated — by the mind of the shaman to initiate his own rebirth. We could also say this was the `proto-atom’ of the Universe before the Big Bang.

All these terms are metaphors for the ‘source-centre’ of creation — the void from which one could be reborn. Furthermore, the underworld, called the Duat or Tuat by the ancient Egyptians, was also believed to be inside us — or it could be reached by going inside ourselves — which is what we have been saying all along. Lakes or rivers were associated with the underworld because still water, like a mirror, reflected the landscape — especially the trees, their branches being reflected as roots.

In this way the outspread roots (the underworld or ‘lower world’) would reflect the outspread branches (the heavenly world). There is evidence that the ancient Celts would uproot a tree and plant it upside down in a lake as an offering to the ancestral heroes and gods they believed resided in the underworld. Similarly, the dark night sky with the stars and their constellations was both the heavenly world and a reflection of the different worlds or sub-domains which existed within us and inside the Earth — the underworld.

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