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AWAKENING THE INNER POTENTIAL – The fourth Hallows of the Grail Castle is the Holy Stone of the Fisher King. Also known as the Stone of Heaven and the Philosopher’s Stone.  A Templar Knight becomes a Human Holy Grail Once a Templar Knight had activated his Kundalini.

AWAKENING THE INNER POTENTIAL – The fourth Hallows of the Grail Castle is the Holy Stone of the Fisher King. Also known as the Stone of Heaven and the Philosopher’s Stone.  A Templar Knight becomes a Human Holy Grail Once a Templar Knight had activated his Kundalini.

The fourth Hallows of the Grail Castle is the Holy Stone of the Fisher King. Also known as the Stone of Heaven and the Philosopher’s Stone, the Fisher King’s Holy Grail Stone denotes the monarch’s affiliation to the royal tradition of the Goddess Venus, the patroness of all terrestrial kings, whose symbol the Holy Stone is. In this regard, the Holy Stone of a Fisher King supplies him with the Dower of the Star of Alchemy, which includes an abundance of Kundalini power.

If a Fisher King desires to hold onto his Grail Hallows the ultimate lesson he must learn is “whom the Grail serves,” otherwise he will lose his power and one or more of his Grail Hallows is likely to be destroyed, stolen, or disappear. The Holy Spirit power that moves through a Fisher King is not for himself alone, but everyone, and unless the monarch comes to this understanding he will undergo a fall and his subjects will suffer. Once a Fisher King falls, only after being asked by a thoughtful visitor to his Grail Castle, “whom does the Grail serve?” can the monarch expect to be redeemed and regain his power. This question will ostensibly trigger within a fallen Fisher King some innate wisdom about the Grail and how his selfishness and pride has led to his demise.

Vulcan was truly understood in Egypt where he was venerated as Ptah, the smith god. Vulcan-Ptah was recognized by the Egyptian priesthood as both a personification of the life force as well as its indwelling Divine Mind, which molds the substance of the life force into its various physical forms just as a smith con-tours molten metal into a variety of utilitarian shapes. Because of his association to the Divine Mind, Ptah was sometimes represented in Egyptian iconography as a mummy encoiled within the sheaths of bandages, thus symbolizing that the Divine Mind is trapped within the coils of matter. Ptah, as the Divine Mind, was also conceived as a sword in a stone or an anvil, thus symbolizing the intellectual wisdom or Divine Mind (the sword) that is interred or trapped within the density of matter (the stone or anvil).

A Templar Knight becomes a Human Holy Grail Once a Templar Knight had activated his Kundalini, he would have undergone a process of purification similar to that experienced by his Johannite and Sufi mentors.

As Baphomet, a.k.a. the Master Builder and Al-Khadir, began its process of “rebuilding Solomon’s Temple,” the Knights would have experienced the acceleration of their vibratory frequency precipitated by the Kundalini, followed by the Serpent Fire’s ensuing onslaught of the accumulation of toxins that had kept them from knowing their divine nature.

As the Kundalini ascended up the spine to the top of a Knight’s head, a Templar would gradually become full of the Holy Spirit while being transformed into a Human Holy Grail. The ancient “Serpent on the Tree,” the first teacher of Gnostic wisdom, would then enter the Holy of Holies, the skull of the Knight, and activate the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye of intuition, along with the remaining two-thirds of his brain power, to bring forth the timeless Gnostic revelation of Be still and know that I AM GOD.”

After the Kundalini serpent had completed its ascension to the top of the “tree,” the Templar Knight would be full of its Holy Spirit power and a true Human Holy Grail. Then, with his abundant Serpent Power a Templar Knight could heal himself and others, and he could also transmit some of his own power into a new Knight through the vehicle of touch andior the Templar Kiss, thus initiating a brother’s process of alchemical development. A Templar full of the power of Baphornet could also use his Kundalini energy to injure and destroy an enemy.

The light of God shines at the spiritual eye, the inner door that leads the soul’s awareness into the realm of divine glory of God. The reality of God that dwells in each person can be known by entering the sanctuary of illumined consciousness.

In the body of a person who is not spiritually awake, surplus soul force which is not needed to maintain physical functions remains dormant at the base chakras. Kundalini is the “coiled” dormant soul force with innate potential to be expressive and transformative.

It is an individualized aspect of the power of Consciousness which pervades the universe. Its energy (shakti) is an individualized aspect of the cosmic energy that enlivens nature. Kundalini awakens naturally when the soul’s innate urge to have its awareness clarified and restored to wholeness is dominant.

It can be encouraged to awaken by sustained aspiration to be spiritually aware, devotion, compassion, prayer, pranayama practice, practice of certain hatha yoga routines, the use of mantras and other meditation techniques, and superconscious meditation practice.

It can awaken spontaneously when psychological and physical health is optimum, when one is in an environment where refined spiritual forces prevail, and when the mind and nervous system are receptive in the presence of a person in whom kundalini energies are freely flowing. When the activation of a disciple’s vital forces occurs because of the influence of the guru’s kundalini energy, the process of energy trans-mission is referred to as shaktipat.

When the disciple is receptive, the transmission may occur spontaneously or it may be induced by the guru’s intention, touch, or eye contact. Receptivity to the beneficial influences of the guru’s consciousness and awakened spiritual energies can be improved by regular meditation practice and by nurturing faith, mental and emotional calmness, and humility. Egocentricity should be renounced; mental calmness should be maintained; psychological conflicts should be resolved; aspiration to be Self-realized should be fervent.

Awakened kundalini energies flow upward through the chakras, enlivening their actions. The mind is energized. The body is vitalized. Psychological transformation may be gradual or fast. Awareness is clarified and, no longer confined, expands. Powers of discriminative intelligence are enhanced. Intuitive powers improve. Superconscious states emerge. Interest in ordinary activities and relationships may diminish. If the devotee’s attention and actions are not engaged in purposeful endeavors, confusion may be experienced. For this reason, when undergoing adjustments of states of awareness, it is important to adhere to routines of orderly living and meditation practice which will contribute to mental and emotional stability. It is also helpful to obtain sufficient sleep and choose nourishing foods.

Through Sakti-Sanchara Kundalini is awakened by the grace of the Guru in the disciple. Sakti Sanchara comes through Parampara. It is a hidden mystic science. It is handed down from the Guru to the disciple.

The disciple should not rest satisfied with the transmission of power from the Guru. He will have to struggle hard in Sadhana for further perfection and attainments.

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