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Inside the Illuminati – A man named John Robison, a science professor (called natural philosophy back then), living in Scotland published a lengthy book about the Illuminati in 1798 titled Proofs of a Conspiracy, which was one of the first books written in English about the organization. Before writing his book, he was actually asked to join them, but after looking into the group he realized he didn’t want to have anything to do with them and then decided to write his book hoping to expose them. In Proofs of a Conspiracy, he also included English translations of many of the confiscated Illuminati papers. Robison wrote 

Inside the Illuminati – A man named John Robison, a science professor (called natural philosophy back then), living in Scotland published a lengthy book about the Illuminati in 1798 titled Proofs of a Conspiracy, which was one of the first books written in English about the organization. Before writing his book, he was actually asked to join them, but after looking into the group he realized he didn’t want to have anything to do with them and then decided to write his book hoping to expose them. In Proofs of a Conspiracy, he also included English translations of many of the confiscated Illuminati papers. Robison wrote 

“It is beyond question that the secret societies of all ages have exercised a considerable degree of political influence,” and that “a second purpose for secret societies was to create a mechanism for the perpetuation from generation to generation of policies, principles, or systems of learning, confined to a limited group of selected and initiated persons. 

Many people wonder if the Illuminati Mafia actually call themselves “the Illuminati.” We can highly doubt it, although perhaps occasionally in jest. They didn’t call each other up and say “hey we’re having a Mafia meeting tonight, why don’t you stop by?” No. They just said, “we have to do our thing” and they knew what each other meant. While you will learn, the Illuminati did at one time call themselves “the Illuminati,” they have most likely abandoned this term long ago, and have expanded into various front groups to further their aims, and—speak in a language that is understood by each other, but doesn’t betray its true meaning to outsiders. 

How did this “Illuminati” start, and how did they operate in the past, and more importantly, what are they doing right now? In short, the “priest class”—or what is considered to be the ancient Illuminati—dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and Greece, where Man’s unfolding intellect was kept hidden from the general public and reserved for “the elect” or the “sages” in what were called Mystery Schools. These fraternities taught the various sciences and philosophies to the intellectual elite who benefitted tremendously from this knowledge.  

Many believe that at one time in the ancient past, the Mystery Schools had the best of intentions but were hijacked and taken over by selfish and wicked men who used their superior intellect, not to help mankind, but to take advantage of people, morphing the once noble fraternities into a Gnostic mafia of sorts, keeping the majority of humans in the dark about the true nature of reality.  

33rd degree Freemason Manly P. Hall claims, “With the decline of virtue, which has preceded the destruction of every nation of history, the Mysteries became perverted. Sorcery took the place of the divine magic.”8 There is a belief in esoteric circles that God or Gods, or extra-terrestrials, or even Satan, gave an ancient human (or small group of humans) some kind of secret knowledge, allowing him (or them) the ability to activate incredible powers latent in the mind, enabling them to become the first priests and kings.  

Many occultists believe this power can be traced back to the Atlanteans, the supposed demigods, who—according to the theory—are believed to have literally inhabited the Lost City of Atlantis. These ideas, fraternities, and philosophies will be examined throughout this book. We’ll look into dozens of interconnecting esoteric circles from the ancient Mystery Schools of the Eleusians and Dionysians to the Gnostics, the Knights Templar, Jesuits, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, the Federal Reserve, and many lesser-known, but critically important, pieces of the puzzle as well. 

Are they themselves alien beings disguised as humans?  

Original Writings Found  

It’s indisputable that original copies of Adam Weishaupt’s writings were discovered and published for all to read. This is fully admitted in mainstream history books and encyclopedias, although few people care to take the time and actually look. Today, well over one hundred original documents are kept at the State Museum in Ingolstadt, Germany, where they are on public display. Founder, Adam Weishaupt, wrote under the pseudonym “Spartacus” and all other members used pseudonyms as well, although many were identified after their letters were found and some defectors came forward.  

In 1784, eight years after the Illuminati were formed, a defector named Joseph Utzchneider gave a bunch of documents to Duchess Dowager Maria Anna, warning her of the organization and their goals of overthrowing the government and destroying religion. The Duchess, who was the sister-in-law of the Duke, handed them over to her brother-in-law Duke Karl Theodore, the leader of Bavaria. A seemingly farfetched tale regarding the discovery of more original writings involves a story about how an Illuminati member was struck by lightning and killed, and when his body was examined the coroner discovered some documents that had been stuffed in a hidden pocket sewn into his clothes. Adam Weishaupt fled Bavaria in 1785 and headed to a neighboring province when he saw the writing on the wall that authorities were closing in on him. He and his friend Jakob Lanz were riding on horseback on their way to Regensburg when Lanz was struck by lightning and killed.’°  

While this story is so bizarre, it’s understandable for people to dismiss it as a myth, but multiple historical sources report that this is exactly what happened.” But regardless, a treasure trove of documents were also discovered by other means as well. On October nth 1786 police searched the home of Xavier von Zwack, located in the city of Landshut (95 miles from Ingolstadt), where they found over two hundred letters including membership lists, symbols, carvings used to fake various wax seals used by princes, nobles, clergymen, and merchants; instructions on counterfeiting, committing suicide, recipes for poison, an abortion tea, invisible ink, and instructions for building an explosive strongbox that would blow up and destroy everything inside if it was opened by someone who didn’t know how to disarm it. One paper listed a method for filling a room full of a deadly gas in case they wanted to kill someone without getting their hands dirty.  

These documents were soon published by the government in a report titled Some Original Works of the Order of the Illuminati (Einige Originalschriften Des Illuminaten Ordens in German). The following year in 1787 police searched the castle of Baron de Bassus and discovered more papers which were then published as a Supplement of Further Original Works.” The next year in 1788 Johann Faber published The Genuine Illuminati [Der achte Illuminati] which revealed the rituals for the Preparation, Novitiate Degree, Minerval Degree, the Minor and Major Illuminati Degrees. In 1789 a French journalist named Jean-Pierre-Louis de Luchet published a book titled Essay on the Sect of the Illuminists [Essai sur la Secte des Illumines] which denounced the Illuminati and said they controlled Masonic lodges throughout Europe. 

In 1794 Illuminati whistleblower Ludwig Adolf Christian von Grolmann published The Latest Work Of Spartacus and Philo (Weishaupt’s and Baron von Knigge’s code names) [Die Neuesten Arbeiten Des Spartacus Und PhiId exposing the secrets of the Illuminati Dirigens degree (Scottish Knight degree) which appointed men to run Masonic lodges so they could recruit new members from within Freemasonry. In 1797 a French Jesuit priest named Abbe Barruel published a series of books on the French Revolution because he believed it was the result of the Illuminati, saying,  

“The third conspiracy, which I am now about to investigate, is that of the atheistical Illuminati, which at my outfit I denominated the conspiracy of the Sophisters of Impiety and anarchy against every religion natural or revealed, not only against kings, but against every government, against all civil society, even against all property whatsoever.”” Barruel pondered, as others still do today, as to whether Weishaupt was the mastermind behind the conspiracy, or whether he was working with or for someone else. “It is not known, and it would be difficult to discover, whether Weishaupt ever had a master, or whether he is himself the great original of those monstrous doctrines on which he founded his school,” he wrote. 

” A man named John Robison, a science professor (called natural philosophy back then), living in Scotland published a lengthy book about the Illuminati in 1798 titled Proofs of a Conspiracy, which was one of the first books written in English about the organization. Before writing his book, he was actually asked to join them, but after looking into the group he realized he didn’t want to have anything to do with them and then decided to write his book hoping to expose them. In Proofs of a Conspiracy, he also included English translations of many of the confiscated Illuminati papers. Robison wrote that,  

“A collection of original papers and correspondence was found by searching the house of one Zwack (a member) in 1786. The following year a much larger collection was found at the house of Baron Bassus; and since that time Baron Knigge, the most active member next to weishaupt, published an account of some of the higher degrees, which had been formed by himself.” He warned, “An association has been formed for the express purpose of rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all the existing governments of Europe.  

I have seen this association exerting itself zealously and systematically, till it has become almost irresistible.” He continued, “I have seen that this association still exists, still works in secret, and that not only several appearances among ourselves show that its emissaries are endeavoring to propagate their detestable doctrines among us, but that the association has Lodges in Britain corresponding with the mother Lodge at Munich ever since 1784. 

Original 5 Members

Adam Weishaupt (codename: Spartacus)
Andreas Sutor (Erasmus Rotero-damus)
Bauhof or Baubof (Agathon)
Franz Anton von Massenhause (Ajax)
Max Elder von Merz (Tiberius)

Primary Goals

The original top five goals of the Illuminati were:

1) Abolish the Monarchy and replace all governments.

2) Abolish private property and inheritance.

3) Abolish patriotism along with people’s national identity and national pride.

4) Abolish the family, marriage, morality, and then have the government raise and indoctrinate the children.

5) Abolish all religion. These are basically the same goals that would be outlined around seventy years later in the Communist Manifesto (1848) and make up the foundation of communism since Weishaupt no doubt inspired Karl Marx. More on this later.

More modern goals include a universal one world digital currency; a Big Brother Orwellian surveillance state; the elimination of the second Amendment and ending citizens’ gun ownership (leaving only police and military to be armed); implementing an all-powerful nanny state socialist government; all leading up to the unveiling of a “messiah” who will claim to be God and offer people eternal life here on earth, saying he has “restored mankind” to our “pre-fallen” state so we can live forever through the use of cybernetic Transhuman technology on the new “Heaven on earth” he has created.

In 1785 three former members, Joseph Utzschneider, George Grunberger, and Johann Cosandey wrote out a joint deposition for the court where they provided information about some of the Illuminati’s goals and philosophies that men in the first few degrees were taught. First of all, “The Illumine who wishes to rise to the highest degree must be free from all religion; for a religionist (as they call every man who has any religion) will never be admitted to the highest degrees.” The second principle revealed to the initiates was that the ends justify the means. “The welfare of the Order will be a justification for calumnies [defamatory statements], poisonings, assassinations, perjuries, treasons, rebellions—in short, for all that the prejudices of men lead them to call crimes. One must be more submissive to the Superiors of the Illuminati, than to the sovereigns or magistrates who govern the people; and he that gives the preference to sovereigns or governors of the people is useless to us. Honor, life, and fortune, all are to be sacrificed to the Superiors. The governors of nations are despots when they are

not directed by us. They can have no authority over us, who are free men.”

What they called the Patet Exitus, or the “doctrine of suicide,” was also taught as an honorable way anyone who was caught could escape prosecution and prevent themselves from revealing the Order’s secrets. Thirdly, the deposition revealed, “The Superiors of the Illuminati are to be looked upon as the most perfect and the most enlightened of men; no doubts are to be entertained even of their infallibility.”21 “It is in these moral and political principles that the Illuminati are educated in the lower degrees; and it is according to the manner in which they imbibe [assimilate] them and show their devotion to the Order, or are able to second its views, that they are earlier or later admitted to the higher degrees.”22 “In consequence of our acquaintance with this doctrine of the Illuminati, with their conduct, their manners, and their incitements to treason, and being fully convinced of the dangers of the Sect, we the Aulic Counsellor Utzschneider and the Priest Dillis left the Order. The Professor Griinberger, the Priest Cosandey, Renner, and Zaupfer, did the same a week after.” Their testimony continues, “It [the Illuminati] spread through almost every province under the cloak of Freemasonry; because it sows division and discord between parents and their children, between Princes and their subjects, and among the most sincere friends; because on all important occasions it would install partiality on the seats of justice and in the councils, as it always prefers the welfare of the Order to that of the state, and the interests of its adepts to those of the profane.”

Original Illuminati Structure

The Nursery

(Entry Level)

Preparatory Literary Essay

Novitiate (Novice)
Minerva! (Brethren of Minerva, Academy of Illuminism) I
lluminatus Minor

Symbolic Freemasonry

Fellow Craft
Scots Major Illuminatus
Scots Illuminatus Dirigens (Directory)

The Mysteries (Higher Level)


Presbyter, Priest
Prince or Regent


Magus Rex or King

Taking Over the Government

One of the original Illuminati defectors named Joseph von Utzschneider, who gave a deposition to the court about the Illuminati plans, warned that they planned to “introduce a worldwide moral regime which would be under their control in every country. This council would decide on all matters concerning pardons, appointments and promotions, as well as rejections…This would give it the unlimited right to pronounce final judgment over the honesty and usefulness of an individual.”38 The confiscated correspondence between members confirms this allegation. One of the letters reads, “The Order must possess the power of life and death in consequence of our oath; and with propriety, for the same reason, and by the same right, that any government in the world possesses it—for the Order comes in their place, making them unnecessary.

When things cannot be otherwise, and ruin would ensue if the association did not employ this mean, the Order must, as well as public rulers, employ it for the good of mankind; therefore for its own preservation.” Many letters clearly revealed their intent to deceive people in order to “insure their happiness.”

Weishaupt’s megalomaniacal goals of world domination become clear with such statements as, “the Order will, for its own sake, and therefore certainly, place every man in that situation in which he can be most effective. The pupils are convinced that the Order will rule the world. Every member therefore becomes a ruler.”

“The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.”

This has effectively happened with private organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Federal Reserve—basically taking over the key power centers in society. It must be pointed out that the Founding Fathers of America wrote down their grievances with the Monarch in the Declaration of Independence and 56 men signed their names to it and sent it off to the king of England. They didn’t hide their intentions or deceive people hoping to further their aims. They were open and honest about their beliefs, tactics, and goals—unlike Weishaupt and the Illuminati—who used deception and fraud as a standard practice.

Similarly, when theologian Martin Luther opposed the tyrannical control of the Catholic Church over 250 years before Weishaupt, he wrote down his grievances and nailed them on the front door of his local church in 1517. He didn’t lie or deceive anyone about his hopes of breaking the Catholic Church’s stranglehold on society, but fellow German, Adam Weishaupt, was power-hungry himself, and instead of wanting to free society from the tyranny of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church, he wanted to be the tyrant himself.

Inducting New Members

Various venues were used for recruiting new members. Once someone expressed interest to a current member about his desire to overthrow the monarch, that person was “carefully observed in silence,” and if, after consideration by the council, “the Novice” as they were called, were thought to be a possible asset, he would be appointed a mentor and invited to a conference.43 One correspondence between members reads, “I shall therefore press the cultivation of science, especially such sciences as may have an influence on our reception in the world; and may serve to remove obstacles out of the way…

Only those who are assuredly proper subjects shall be picked out from among the inferior classes for the higher mysteries…And in particular, every person shall be made a spy on another and on all around him.” 19 Once given initial approval by the council, the Novice would be shown “certain portions” of the goals and rules of the Order and was instructed to give a weekly account in writing of his progress in carrying out his directives.

At this point he was not allowed to take physical possession of any material and had to read it in the Mentor’s house just to make sure they wouldn’t turn it over to authorities, giving them concrete evidence of the conspiracy.4s High level member Baron Von Knigge would later admit, “As a rule, under the veil of secrecy, dangerous plans and harmful teachings can be accepted just as well as noble intentions and profound knowledge; because not all members themselves are informed of such depraved intentions, which sometimes tend to lie hidden beneath the beautiful facade…because for the most part, unknown superiors lie in ambush and it is unworthy of an intelligence man to work according to a plan, which he does not fully see.”

Another original correspondence brags, “Nothing can escape our sight; by these means we shall readily discover who are contented, and receive with relish the peculiar state-doctrines and religious opinions that are laid before them; and, at last, the trustworthy alone will be admitted to a participation of the whole maxims and political constitution of the Order…In a council composed of such members we shall labor at the creation of means to drive by degrees the enemies of reason and of humanity out of the world, and to establish a peculiar morality and religion fitted for the great society of mankind.” In perhaps the most sinister initiation to the higher levels, a prospect was told they had to show their loyalty to the Illuminati by killing someone who betrayed the Order.

The candidate was taken before a man bound and gagged who was said to have betrayed their oaths and then handed a knife and blindfolded before being positioned in front of the supposed traitor who they were then ordered to stab. Once the prospect stabbed the “person” in front of them, the blindfold was removed to reveal that the “traitor” had been swapped with a sheep, and the entire charade was a test of their loyalty.* If the candidate refused to carry out the “murder” of the supposed “traitor,” then they were told they passed the test anyway but were then never allowed to proceed to a higher level and never trusted with any deeper secrets because they had shown they wouldn’t kill for the Order.

Contingency Plans if Discovered

A lot of people claim that because some Illuminati members were discovered and many of their writings published, that they simply gave up and ceased to exist from that point on, but common sense, the Duke of Bavaria’s 4th Edict, and the Illuminati’s own writings suggests otherwise. Weishaupt wrote, “By this plan we shall direct all mankind. In this manner, and by the simplest means, we shall set all in motion and in flames. The occupations must be so allotted and contrived, that we may, in secret, influence all political transactions…I have considered everything, and so prepared it, that if the Order should this day go to ruin, I shall in a year re-establish it more brilliant than ever.”

“There must not be a single purpose that ever comes in sight that is ambiguous, and that may betray our aims against religion and the State. One must speak sometimes one way and sometimes another, but so as never to contradict ourselves, and so that, with respect to our true way of thinking, we may be impenetrable.”50 “This can be done in no other way but by secret associations, which will by degrees, and in silence, possess themselves of the government of the States, and make use of those means for this purpose.”51 Shortly after the Illuminati were discovered, and believed by many to have been destroyed, Joseph Willard, President of Harvard University, warned, “There is sufficient evidence that a number of societies of the Illuminati have been established in this land of Gospel light and civil liberty, which were first organized from the grand society, in France. They are doubtless secretly striving to undermine all our ancient institutions, civil and sacred. These societies are closely leagued with those of the same Order in Europe; they have all the same object in view. The enemies of all order are seeking our ruin. Should infidelity generally prevail, our independence would fall of course. Our republican government would be annihilated.”

The Eradication of Christianity

Unlike theologian Martin Luther who famously nailed his ninety-five grievances on the door of the Castle Church of Wittenberg, Germany in 1517, thus starting the Protestant Reformation with the hopes of ending the Catholic Church’s hold on power and their corrupt un-Christian practices and perversion of Jesus’ message—Adam Weishaupt didn’t appreciate Christianity at all, and instead wanted it completely destroyed. Despite his strong differences with the Church, Martin Luther still respected Jesus and his teachings and simply wanted to reform the Church, but Weishaupt wanted the Church and Christianity entirely eradicated. John Robison wrote, “It surely needs little argument now to prove that the Order of Illuminati had for its immediate object the abolishing of Christianity (at least this was the intention of the Founder) with the sole view of overturning the civil government, by introducing universal dissoluteness and profligacy [reckless] manners, and then getting the assistance of the corrupted subjects to oversee the throne.

The whole conduct in the preparation and instruction of the Presbyter and Regens [degrees] is directed to this point.” Another letter written by Baron von Knigge said, “I have been at unwearied pains to remove the fears of some who imagine that our Superiors want to abolish Christianity; but by and by their prejudices will wear off, and they will be more at their ease.” He goes on to write that he made sure not to let them know that “our General [Weishaupt] holds all Religion to be a lie, and uses even Deism, only to lead men by the nose.”

Weishaupt explains, “But I assure you this is no small affair; a new religion, and a new state-government, which so happily explain one and all of these symbols, and combines them in one degree, you may think that this is my chief work; but I have three other degrees, all different, for my class of higher mysteries; in comparison with which this is but child’s play.”

Weishaupt even boasts, “Who would imagine that I was to be the founder of a new religion,” and continues, “We must, first gradually explain away all our preparatory pious frauds. And when persons of discernment find fault, we must desire them to consider the end of all our labor…Second, we must unfold, from history and other writings, the origin and fabrication of all religious lies; and then, third; we give a critical history of the Order.”

A popular reverend named Jedediah Morse preached a series of sermons between 1798 and 1799 in New England where he warned about the Illuminati’s assault on Christianity in Boston and the surrounding area, saying, “Practically all of the civil and ecclesiastical establishments of Europe have already been shaken to their foundations by this terrible organization; the French Revolution itself is doubtless to be traced to its machinations; the successes of the French armies are to be explained on the same ground. The Jacobins are nothing more nor less than the open manifestation of the hidden system of the Illuminati. The Order has its branches established and its emissaries at work in America. The affiliated Jacobin Societies in America have doubtless had as the object of their establishment the propagation of the principles of the illuminated mother club in France…I hold it a duty, my brethren, which I owe to God, to the cause of religion, to my country and to you, at this time, to declare to you, thus honestly and faithfully, these truths. My only aim is to awaken you and myself a due attention, at this alarming period, to our dearest interests. As a faithful watchman I would give you warning of your present danger.”58 Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, you must admit that Christians

have been (and continue to be) the primary opposition to the Illuminati and the New World Order, (not to mention the coming Mark of the Beast), and are the final obstacle standing between the Illuminati and their remaining goals. Christians have long warned about the “satanic conspiracy” being perpetuated by the Illuminati and have been on the front lines of the culture war being waged by Hollywood, which aims to destroy what little morality remains in society.

And at last: Who founded Adam Weishaupt? Rothchild.

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