Ego is the greatest hurdle to spiritual development.

The heavens continue to play a major role in human existence, experience, and intellection. Whether or not humanity acknowledges its presence, the past is alive in the form of interactive energy systems that operate in the brain and body. To see what ancient people saw and to know what they knew is essential to advance psychological life. All that we are and all we will be is an outgrowth of all that they were. Each generation stands on the shoulders of those who came before it. Each Age influences the content of the next faculty to emerge. Each perspective adds to the creation, history, and evolution of the brain. Emanations emerge in the same order throughout eternity. The communication system that is inherited does not change. Symbols rise automatically and involuntarily from the center of life to elucidate the mind, to enlighten it. Since the mind begins conscious life in the darkness of dense matter, the psyche engages in a covert operation to shine a light on it.

The sacred is tarnished by ridicule.

They lost their spiritual meaning and moral purpose.

The model relates humanity to the life of nature within it. The idea of a new life emerging from the old one is lost in translation if both sides are masculine. Growth depends on the accurate translation of metaphoric images. The millennia of tampering with meanings to portray them in an incorrect light closed down feminine feelings as the reality-tester.

Our future is pre-printed in our imagination. To be immersed in a flood is a metaphor for cognitive cleansing. It visualizes the purging of stored anger. Baring fiery emotion and extreme passion occurs before the rebirthing. That confrontation with a base nature is the true meaning of a baptism by fire. It is the moment the real self faces reality. Burning away conceptual thoughts cannot occur if the fire of emotion is stunted.

The mythical sword is symbolic, not real. Its cutting out fake beliefs to install true ones destroys the delusion of grandeur. It ends the con the ego perpetrated on an innocent personality. The scam is the game-changer.

To be transformed from a brute to a god depends on the infusion of transpersonal energies. They enter the mind as a flash of insights or the body, as a flood of emotions.

Letting the two sources of light converge renders a person real and alert. Revelation cannot happen if Intuition, the faculty that does the enlightening, is blunted.

The story sheds light on the dual components of reality that make up the cerebral setup. Tales that are turned into historic events are misleading. Instead of connecting the mind to its destiny, they plunge it deeper into confusion.

Metaphors are flashlights beamed on inner life. The methods that make us human are twisted by misinformation and misdirection. It is a trick to keep reality at a safe distance.

The ego broke loose from Imagination to see the world through a literal lens that is one-dimensional and myopic. It makes no connections and receives no illumination. Without symbolism, it cannot envision a future that is gloriously positive. Translating symbolism into literal terms causes hardship and wreaks havoc. It leads to cynicism and skepticism.

Modem man forgot what prehistoric man knew. Horrors are brought about by errors in judgment and lack of understanding. They result from having disposed of spiritual directives that take psychological life from meanness to soulfulness. Messages directed at personal development are kept unrelated to private life. The single modality of reasoning cannot discern metaphorical meanings embedded in the mind and in ordinary events. The living metaphor changes the human thought-pattern to match the divine template. Only then can the state of permanence become real.

Humanity is given a second chance to make amends for the harm conceptualized thought caused. Its own species and other species are negatively impacted by turning a blind eye to untamed, aggressive proclivities. Being civilized is a cover-up, a pretense. Cruelty occurs because of the short-sightedness of Reason that is acting on its own. Pretending it does not possess an animal nature allows brute activities to operate without discipline. The hope is man will see its foolish ways in time to comply with natural laws for compassionate living.

Paradise appears after the developing mind arrives in the mythical realm. The right to re-enter the foreign world of co-joined views and integrated faculties is granted to every seeker of the truth. Anyone inspired to take the pilgrimage to enlightenment is granted the prize. The exhilarating feeling that is released upon completion of the evolutionary journey is self-love.

A feeling of bliss is predicated on being able to feel, to be guided by emotion and experience what it comes to teach. Emotion, the inner heat-engine, is like fire. Brought to full intensity, it converts water to vapor or the material brute to the spiritual angel.

The act of transforming begins by realizing the symbol of a crescent is not an accurate depiction for a two-sided mind of twin hemispheres. Symbols and metaphors are revelatory means to enlighten minds. Horns of an animal are to transform into wings of an angel. A pair of wings is the rich, imagistic metaphor to describe an organism in balance.

The flight to the sky is about lightness, airiness, freedom. or translucency. Uplift is possible after the weightiness of hatred and hypocrisy is gone. The communal view of the past had no problem dealing with dishonesty. It relied on public humiliation to wear it down. To avoid the disaster, the hot betrayal brewing inside is denied. Anger deflected from the expected response to its betrayal is dumped on others.

Not only does the ego ignore acidy signs that self-hatred exists, it has no remembrance heaven is a feeling, not a place. The outpouring of self-love comes by ending the excruciating pain its absence caused. Love is nature’s reward for the long-awaited homecoming. Home in the heart is where the soul of wisdom presides. When senseless hatred dissolves, love opens the heart to compassion.

A mature individual is the true hero. A human being that ended narcissistic cravings is a model of balance. Hardship pushes reluctant individuals onto the journey. To unify two parts of the cerebral brain and two parts of the dichotomous organism requires enduring a harsh time of internal upheaval. An inner revolution sweeps away a system damaged by conceptual errors and irrational conclusions. An integrated identity connects to its biological source. Man cannot direct or control the set course of nature or the fixed path to renewal. It can comply, or defiance can cause a delay.

Grasping enlightening symbols unblocks the path to maturity. The mythical mountain where energy pools is the top of the head. It symbolizes the height of spiritual wisdom, the peak of psychological maturity, and the pinnacle of intuitive knowing. Lightning, flashes of insights, calls attention to the neglected side in order to release the valuables hidden there. The voice of heaven transmutes a dull brute to a shining star the bestial to the celestial’.

The threshold to the underworld may mark a descent into Hell, but transforming ordinary sight (war) to extraordinary insight (peace) comes with sacrifice. As two opposite realities join in harmony; man regains the capacity to love, the power to heal, the ability to create, and the will to serve. The cure for detachment is to face the emotional flood unleashed from the depths. The rush forces the collapse of rationalism to bring feminine and masculine assets together. Their co-existence restores balance and harmony in the brain and world.

The Archetype of Self is the one warned. A boat of wood on the water is his connection to nature and the psyche. Only he can subsume animal nature and human nature under the authority of divine nature. To navigate the waters is to travel through the metaphysical realm.

The mythical meaning is the self, as the soul’s initiate, came to a violent end. He is forced to live underground in solitary confinement, until the Ego Complex dissolves into the stream of existence. At midlife, the banished self will return as the legitimate heir to the kingdom of love. The world he rules is not authentic or loving. What is learned from the heart will be applied to daily life. Metaphorical instructions from the Core of Being awaken spiritual feelings. A culture without feelings finds functions of the Right Hemisphere foreign. To tie perception to those unfamiliar feelings is to acknowledge imagistic and intuitive intelligences and the roles they play. The third eye that is the gift of clarity or clear-sightedness is perception cleared of contaminants. Nature’s central concern is to fit the species into the real world with realistic aims.

The role for the Son is to build character, apply humanism, and practice altruism. Fate, the mysterious force that drives the species to the journey’s end, is to be a matter of choice, not left to chance. For the mind of physical reality to connect to the heart of metaphysical reality; issues of integrity, autonomy, intimacy, unity, and continuity are to be given undivided attention. It is the last chance to see the truth of existence for what it is. A call goes out to release the soulful wisdom that creates, heals, and connects.

The spirit of wisdom speaks the truth. Soul-talk teaches man to become wise. In reality, we are what we are—an animal body and a noble mind. No individual can will itself to be anything different. Mentation starts as a crawly caterpillar (animal nature). It is destined to take flight as a winged butterfly (divine nature). The ego, ashamed of its beginnings in a base nature, found the perfect scam to elude destiny. It divided the body into the good top half that is under egoic control and the bad bottom half that functions outside of egoic control (the Shadow). Normal bodily functions of the bottom half are condemned as repulsive. The shame attributed to them caused an ego-image to detach from its body-image. To restore the balance it tipped, an admonition goes out to the ego to risk its own life to save the life of the self.

Redemption starts inside to acknowledge the weaknesses and evildoings. Confronting evil in ourselves allows our personal greatness to manifest. It takes a hero’s courage to plunge into dark despair with no assurance of surviving the confrontation. Ritual death is the worst possible outcome for the ego.

The irony is to surrender to it makes you the ideal you tried so hard to be. It guarantees an escape from the abyss. Courage to confront terror and error flips feeling worthless to being worthy. Confronting the worst in you allows a new life to manifest. The survivor of the flood is a metaphor for an individual who shows strength in the face of fear.

The Son endures the exploding wrath of an awakening body that languished in exile too long. Taking responsibility for wrongdoing shatters the image of who you wanted to be. The experience of rebirth is a double-edged sword. You come away from the most traumatic ordeal somewhat shaken by the onslaught of attacking feelings. But, you are also enlightened by the most liberating encounter.

To complete the spiritual work of transmuting a broken brain to wholeness and a divided organism to oneness demands a closer look at the knowledge gained, the truths untold, and the omissions unrecognized.

Cranial views will consolidate when the rise of repressed feelings blasts a closed mind open.

Only then can it see clearly what was always there but went unnoticed. Bolstered by a non-adulterated and non-delusional viewpoint, bare perception takes in all of reality.

The latest two realities in conflict are the ego and the self. But, the fake one that is literal does not admit to knowing about the spiritual one that is mythical. The intuitive self knows the two sides are part of one brain. The subject pretends not to know about the Object or that they are polar ends of one identity. There is no incentive to move attention to the other side of the cerebral divide, to no man’s land.

That gap the ego swore it would never bridge. There, everything it believes to be true would be exposed as lies. Unmasking brings down the fake structure of mind to empty tainted contents. Beyond the pair of opposites is the unity of purpose. The problem is how to influence a reluctant ego to cross the border where it and its conceptual content will perish. It will be burnt up before the final merger with the imperishable essence”. Man is fated to align with the god of potential.

A spiritual recovery ends emotional paralysis, spiritual inertia, and mental decline. A re-education is required to combine literal and metaphorical minds. The archetypal family guarantees thinking will mature. Symbols are sacred because they reveal the evolutionary story.

Once the metaphor of god that stands for mature thinking gets turned into masculine ideology, crafted by men for men; the model of human maturity is disfigured. The human story applies to all people, regardless of embodied gender or preferred faith.

The ego does not want to know the story of spiritual awakening. It wants it buried in a coffin of repression to rot from lack of air.

Deep down, even a sinister mind senses or intuits the truth. It knows the creation plan is not about information but transformation—the ultimate defeat of the ego’s prideful paradigm. An individual is pre-programmed to go beyond its origins as a twinned entity with a dichotomous nature. Born into conflict and cruelty, it is destined to unite the duality. For the self to attack or stand up to the ego is tricky business. Confronting fatal flaws is emotionally searing. That is why acknowledgement of anything unsightly is prohibited.

The cover-up is an impenetrable coping device. Yet, to penetrate its stronghold releases peace into the world. It brings understanding of our dual nature and unitary potential—what it is and what it is to be. Each member of the human family is to endure the pain of facing down its own hypocritical nature. Even though it serves humanity’s best interests to do it, the task at hand gives us pause.

Fear of exposure is the perennial deal-breaker. To see yourself already great, if only in your mind’s eye, is a nobler task. Fantasy that is fault-free is better than facing an emotional train wreck. Conventional thought buys into an illusion from which life demands an awakening and accounting. A state of wakefulness is a threat to egoic morale. Truth hits home. To see that no one is separate from, or better than, the rest is not easy.

A divided brain that unites all parts creates a communication network that renders an individual unique: good, wise, brilliant. The call to full wakefulness and keen alertness teaches us the importance of a partnership with the divine to learn moral lessons. The soul guides humanity to goodness. The spirit carves out individual genius. Her womb is where rejuvenation occurs. The sacrifice fixes the broken brain and releases its hidden light. The exclusive focus on objective knowledge that the ego controls broke connections to subjective wisdom that are outside egoic control.

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