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The Secret Beliefs of The Illuminati. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has direct links to the Rothschild-Illuminati group.

The Secret Beliefs of The Illuminati:

The concept of enlightenment for the Illuminati is taken from an interpretation of the last spiritual stage of the Kabbalah, the crown. The crowned man doesn’t fear the darkness, and may even use it to promote the light. He doesn’t fear pain and death, because he understands their meaning and intention in the big dynamic of events that life requires to evolve. And, as well, he doesn’t see the law as other human beings do, not as an oppressive mechanism, but as a means to a proper balance on earth. And that’s why he doesn’t love in the human sense, but in a god-like sense. He will destroy to build and create something better, if destruction is necessary. Such individuals “do not send peacekeepers if there is no peace to keep” (Peter Carrington at the Bilderbert Meeting, 1995).

The bad ones are motivated by fear and come for power and control. Many people believe the illuminati, a cabal, or a shadow government (people use different terms for the same group) is controlled by alien beings. These aliens feed off of fear (just like demons), so they are always looking to create scenarios (war, terrorism, financial collapse, or health scares) to intensify fear in people.

The Social Implications of TransHumanism

The introduction of the REID microchip will bring to the Power Elite the possibility of controlling and monitoring thoughts and energy frequencies, as well as manipulate them, transforming humanity into a community of idealistic slaves as never before seen in our history. Most people are completely unaware of the dangers of having smartphones, or RFID implanted microchips in their bodies. These technologies allow the possibility of monitoring every single behavior, all the time and everywhere, with the help of surveillance cameras, which are equipped with speakers, so that in the future they may be able to give orders as well.

TransHumanism will bring a new era of slavery to the still very infantile humanity. While people keep saying, al can’t change the world-, or can’t do anything about it*, they will be moving towards an authoritarian, ruthless and monolithic society, without freedom or free will, a world in which these questions will vanish, because the possibility to monitor thoughts will make it impossible to even question or think whatsoever. These will truly be dark ages for mankind, as humans won’t have the possibility to choose between being or not responsible for their spirituality anymore.

The common misuse of responsibility already leads many to magnetic states that influence their emotions and environment, changing their life in a negative direction. And by being aware of this, the Power Elite has been trying to condition humanity to feel constant fear, with economic depressions and war, so that their agenda may be more quickly applied.

Fear is the worse condition in our spiritual path. The inner fear of yielding to emotion — fear being saturnine in effect and twin sister to worry — seems to require a shock that will take the person so affected out of his environment and set him down in a new place among new conditions before the old conditions can be overcome (Max Heindel, Rosicrucian Fellowship).

We are not who we think we are, but who we haven’t chosen to be, because we believe to have a personality reflecting our identity. Our true identity can only be found in our spirit, but its manifestation is trapped between thoughts, and the lower (as in negative) the frequency of our brainwaves, the more thoughts we have.

Thoughts are a consequence of energy under effect, while the absence of thoughts is the result of energy used for creation. Although we may justify our actions with our personality, our lack of responsibility and awareness of our personality, and how it is affected by the magnetic field around us, conditions our behaviors and habits. If you ask an artist what inspiration is, he will tell you that it is manifested when working without the awareness of self, time, space and reason. This condition occurs because creativity is manifested under the influence of theta and delta brainwaves.

Amadeus Mozart (Freemason) knew this well, as he intentionally and subliminally mentioned when writing: “I am a vulgar man! But I assure you, my music is not.” Creativity — or the ability to have positive and uplifting ideas — can be achieved by decreasing the speed of our brainwaves and then keeping a delta state of mind.

This can be practiced when we connect to the magnetic field of the planet, under meditation or other similar exercises.

The Masonic historian, Albert G. Mackey, described the Illuminati as a “secret society, founded May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt, then a professor of canon [religious] law at the University of Ingolstadt.”173 He was born a Jew, converted to Catholicism where he became a Jesuit priest, only to break away from that order to form his own secret organization.’

Weishaupt planned a world take-over by using the Fraternal Order of Freemasonry. His plan was to penetrate into the high levels of the Order, then take control in directing the affairs of nations into an eventual One World Government. The plan was to operate under cover as long as possible, and when the gullible world finally found out, it would be too late to stop him.

The Illuminati was to be a Secret Society within the Secret Society of the Freemasons. He adopted the Jesuits’ system of espionage’ in which every member spied on every other member. Each month the Novice had to deliver to Weishaupt a sealed letter which revealed every aspect of his relationship with his superior.'” Weishaupt introduced witchcraft to his followers, using it to brainwash his new Initiates into becoming anti-Christian. He recruited indirectly an army of international terrorists and propagandists to win others to his movement, and help in his struggles to overthrow all religions and all governments. However, before the people of the world would accept the Luciferian Government, which Weishaupt, an apostle of Lucifer, hoped to eventually offer them in its stead, there would have to be a culture change within the societies of the people first, along with a spirit of unrest and riots in the air.

The people of the world would have to be reduced into a godless society. Atheism, then, was a front, it was just a tool to destroy Christianity.

Weishaupt and his “Inner Circle” were not atheists; they believed in a god. However, this god was not Jesus Christ, but Lucifer.'” On July 16, 1782, at the Masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad, Austria, an alliance between Illuminism and Freemasonry was finally sealed.

John Robison, a Professor at Edinburgh University, and recognized by Weishaupt as one of the truly great intellectuals of his day, was entrusted with top secret Illuminati documents and was thus able to scrutinize the inner workings of the secret society from close range.

It was Robison who exposed the Illuminati conspiracy, noting that by the time a member had reached the “inner circles,” his oath of absolute secrecy and unquestioning obedience had become deadly serious. Only at this stage was he finally allowed to see the ultimate aims of the Order: (1) the abolishing of all ordered governments, (2) abolishing of private property, (3) abolishing of inheritance, (4) abolishing of patriotism, (5) abolishing of all religion’, (6) abolishing of the family (impacting morality, marriage [see 1 Tim. 4:3], and the proper education of children), and (7) the creation of a New world Order, i.e. a One World Government.'”

Strife, and fear that a conflict somewhere could escalate into a nuclear war, was hoped to play on peoples’ minds psychologically, wearing them down. It was expected this would cause them to desire world peace above all else.'” As all of this was pre-planned, it was expected to play perfectly into the Illuminati’s hand to create a One-World Government run by them as the hands of a few in this world. And their strategy to accomplish all of this has been working successfully over the past centuries.

When Adam weishaupt formed the New Order for the Ages [in the late 1700th, the Illuminati, [he] infiltrated the high levels of the nations of Europe through Freemasonry. Through this [he] hoped to be able to fill the top positions in the Old World Governments so [he] could legislate bills that would connect the countries according to [Illuminati] plans.

Using social issues and humanitarian causes, the Illuminati of today have in their ranks untold millions promoting this same Luciferic scheme, and many in it are completely unaware. millions upon millions of sincere people think they are doing the world a great service by joining this international Luciferic movement…

This attempt to control mankind would begin with the infiltration of European governments and economies. It was Europe’s nations that were colonizing, and thus controlling, the world at that time, so this made perfect sense. The processes that worked in Europe for the Illuminati could then be extended to the rest of the world. This would, then, include the American colonies.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has direct links to the Rothschild-Illuminati group. The extent of the involvement of that organization in American politics can be seen in CFR members within the United States Federal Government.

Illuminati brotherhood, which means “the enlightened”, founded by Adam Weishaught. The man at first was guided by the profit motive; to acquire wealth and power. Quickly, he gained the support of freemasonry, which is the association of people with extensive knowledge in areas, such as astronomy, mathematics, engineering, art, trimming, etc. Masons have built the rituals and traditions based on the legends of the various guilds (e.g. the guild of jewelers, bricklayers, builders).

The teaching of the professions was not written down, but only transmitted orally. Masons, because of their knowledge and creating rituals, considered themselves as gods in human flesh. They believed that there was God, but with power that can manifest itself in the body of the enlightened – gnostic. Consequently, the only God is the mind.

All people will be like this someday, but for now some are better than others, so you need to divide people into classes. They consider e.g. lucifer as (that is, “bearer of light”) as their god and good and evil, as two divine principles, intermingle, and an enlightened person will be able to derive energy from both.

All the rituals are just a metaphor, so it does not matter whether someone is a buddhist or satanist, for he worships one god-universal-presented as the eye in the triangle at the top of the pyramid. These views fit A. Weishaught, who was an atheist and joined his views and those of the freemasonry together to gain their support.

The assumptions of illuminati organizations quickly formed as follows: the destruction of all existing governments and the monarchy, the eradication of patriotism among the people, that is, affection to their country, it is mostly about an army, without them there will be no one to defend the country against the rules of the illuminati, the eradication of private property – that is, the rise of communism, private property perceived as against the law of equality; elimination of the inheritance of property by private people, the eradication of family as the basic human cell, allowing free love and raising children by the community, the destruction of all religion, apart from judaism (probably because Judaism proclaims the faith in one God and perhaps because apparently most of the illuminati are native jews), creating, after these liquidations, one sovereign government of the world that will control everything. Iluminati wish to establish the so-called New Order, which is: reducing the number of people who will live in designated areas, creation of a global state, ruled by an sovereign government of the world which will control everything; inoculation with identifiers, which will save all your personal information. Full control over daily life of mankind, including buying and selling. Illuminati influence in the affairs of mankind, this description is only an outline of the existence of such a philosophy and vision of the world.

They are cold, lethal, and utterly deadly to anyone who stands in their way, even if that person poses any sort of true threat. Their separation from humanity is not only in how they act to others, but how they carry themselves.

Their attempt is always to disconnect you from your connec-tion to inner light, love or spirit and its guidance. Why? So they can control your energy (Chi) in a negative way, empowering themselves instead. They take human form for the purpose of coming into three dimensional reality in order to keep control of the evolution of illusion.

The masonic control system and its municipals. The top Illuminati and the androgynous beings form the other game pieces in the running of this worldly illusion. Normal human psychic possession constitutes the normal, fairly harmless, tie to the various facets of worldly illusion. Opening the third eye is the beginning of the rare breaking out of that mind control and hypnosis, by illusion: concepts, impressions and glamour.

There is a whole empire dedicated to profiting from and treating the painful process of awakening from programming and worldly psychic possession. This is because Psychic possession is necessary to maintain the worlds structures. The original deity, the Ser-pent, is a control implant within the human subconscious. It interfaces with the illusion by directing the persons life force or Chi away from the third eye, to empower the deities and concepts and worldly impressions instead. It is this entity’s nature to psychically possess because that’s what it is.

The Master Builder’s don’t want us to have that choice. They want to own and control everything, not less our subconscious and perceptions.

In any case, even if one fears the Illuminati and Freemasons, these are not the only “masters” of mankind. There is plenty to suggest that they are just some of the players, and by no means the most dangerous. And there may still finally be an internal battle to be fought out among the various conspirators over who will have ultimate control of the world.

The Illuminati have been responsible for keeping truth hidden from the general public for just one reason: to keep everyone under their control by promoting fear based governments around the world.

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