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The power of sacred fire, and Christ or Buddha Consciousness and threefold flame in the Heart of Man. The bitterness in the belly (the solar-plexus chakra, seat of the desire body) is the alchemical sign of the transmutation of human desire into God desire — a prerequisite for all who would reenter the Mystery School

The power of sacred fire, and Christ or Buddha Consciousness and threefold flame in the Heart of Man. The bitterness in the belly (the solar-plexus chakra, seat of the desire body) is the alchemical sign of the transmutation of human desire into God desire — a prerequisite for all who would reenter the Mystery School.

The seven-sealed book is the record of the Great Pyramid of Life of which each individual Christed Son is at once the whole and the part — the All in the all, the geometry of the Pyramid and a single, lively stone within it. The lineal descent from the great white throne to the soul/saint moving in time and space is a seven-tiered spiral, reaching from earth to heaven and heaven to earth. The fourth tier is the mystical light in the center of the Pyramid, the flame in the heart of the Great Pyramid of Life that is the inner spiral of man, woman incarnate. The fourth tier is the point of integration wherein the multiplication of the lesser consciousness realizes individuality in Christ. Without the initiations of the Ruby Ray within the King’s Chamber, the Holy of Holies of the Great Pyramid of Life, there is no transition from the base of the Pyramid to the all-seeing eye of God.

God is a consuming fire

Fire is a strange and fearful weapon. No power can come against the fire of God and not get roasted and burn to ashes. The dragon can survive anywhere but cannot survive in the fire. When your life carries the fire of God you will be too hot for the devil, to handle. If you notice backwardness, manipulation, prayerlessness, oppression in the dream, it is an indication of the fact that your fire has gone out. You need to come to the presence of God for fresh fire. The fire of God will help you preserves your life, career, business, and ministry. It will also consume your enemy.

Deuteronomy 9:3- “Therefore understand today that the LORD your God is He who goes over before you as a consuming fire. He will destroy them and bring them down before you; so you shall drive them out and destroy them quickly, as the LORD has said to you.”

God can turn you to fire in the spirit realm and nobody toils with fire. What does Consuming means? To Destroy, To Waste, Make It useless. This means that fire in the spirit realm can consume, waste, destroy, and make useless anything.


• It gives warmth: We sit in front of a fire to be warmed, encouraged and cheered up.

• Fire illuminates: Fire sends out an illuminating ray, fire sheds forth light.

• Fire preserves: people are looking for preservation.

• Fire purifies and refines: Diamond, gold, and silver are always being refined and purify by fire.

• Fire fuses: Mix a heap of iron ore with some earth. How can the metal be separated from the earth to become a glowing mass? Well, the ore must be flung into a white-hot furnace and the fire fanned by a powerful draught so that it plays upon the mass of ore and earth until the dross separates from the metal, and the metal is then fused together into a molten mass.

• Fire energizes: If fire is put into a steam engine great energy is generated.

• Fire burns: Fire will burn any combustible matter it comes in contact with! All one has to do is see the devastation of a house fire and the point is obvious.

• Satan doesn’t easily cross the region of fire; if you carry fire, the devil cannot touch you. Fire also represent alchemy , transformation , as well as pure , raw energy . It is symbolic for pure , raw consciousness and intelligence . The Phoenix Kundalini represent the highest form of awakening and ascension .

• Fire destroys and keeps away wild beasts.

• Fire has penetrating Power.

• Fire is aggressive and militant.

• The light of fire offers direction.

• Fire speaks.

• Fire is hot and makes no compromise.

• Fire is very confrontational.

• Fire has dominion power.

 • Fire does not respect any law; does not fit in to solid or liquid, it does not obey the law of matter or of gravitation.

• Fire melts down and separates.

• Fire is focused.

Fire has not respect; when you throw fire into the forest, it does not discriminate between the elephant and the ant; it consumes all. When there is a fire outbreak in the forest all the animals will run helter scatter. Fire is destructive and powerful. Spiritually, it can warn us of impending danger ahead. However, the advantage of fire is a factor of an early warning which would create a sign of safety.

The Bible describes God as “a consuming fire”, so it is not surprising that fire often appears as a symbol of God’s presence.

There is only one answer to this question: Lightbearers must determine to put the capstone on the pyramid of civilization. Lightbearers must raise up the All-Seeing Eye of God. If you are one of the components of the capstone, you must know this: that to enter that capstone and be a cell in that All-Seeing Eye of God, raising up the ensign of God in the people, you must have overcome your dweller and seen to it that it is bound.

There is no room for the dweller in the capstone of the pyramid. It is too small. There is only room for the soul in light. There is room for a billion souls in light in the capstone. There is not room for one dweller.

Charge, charge, charge into the atmosphere of earth the full cosmic light of a thousand suns, your mighty transcendent flame of perfection from the heart of God, the flame of cosmic blue lightning, and the violet transmuting flame. Seize, bind, hold inactive, and remove from within and around every lifestream, every elemental, the earth, and its atmosphere all discarnate entities. (3x)

Take all discarnate entities from our planet instantly to ascended-master octaves and schools of light. Saturate, saturate, saturate their forms with the flames of cosmic forgiveness and illumination from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun and our dearly beloved Kuan Yin and the Goddess of Wisdom.

Dissolve forever, dissolve forever, dissolve forever all recalcitrant densities within them and transmute, transmute, transmute them all into light, illumination, and love. Cut them free, cut them free, cut them free until humbly, adoringly they surrender their all to the service of the Mighty I AM Presence and the light of God which never, never, never fails to give earth freedom now. (3x)

Replace them all by the immortal, victorious, cosmic threefold flame of love, wisdom, and power, the great cosmic light, and the light of cosmic victory.

Transmute, transmute, transmute forever all human recalcitrance and resistance to the perfection of the Mighty I AM Presence and the light of God which never, never, never fails to give earth freedom now. (3x) I AM, I AM, I AM the unfailing light of God blazing, blazing, blazing into the heart of every nation, city, town, hamlet, and home to cut them loose and set them free, cut them loose and set them free, cut them loose and set them free from all harmful influences and aggressive intent.

Seal, seal, seal every life-stream upon earth in the purity of his God-design from the heart of the beloved Goddess of Purity and the beloved great silent watchers. (3x)

Charge, charge, charge the immaculate concept of the victorious ascension in the Light into the forcefield of every man, woman, and child on this planet from the heart of beloved Mother Mary and the individualized Mighty I AM Presence.

Awaken, awaken, awaken within them all the inner knowledge of the I AM law of Life and the all-consuming love of supreme allegiance to the Mighty I AM Presence and the light of God which never, never, never fails to give earth freedom now. (3x)

For when I hear that call I stand forth to embrace you and to say: Now let us go forth, as hand in hand together we meet the challenge of the hour! I cannot pass your tests for you, but I can place my hand in yours and lend you the momentum of my consciousness and my flame.

Thus, hearts of infinite fire, I come to seal this class, to seal the energies. And I place about you my mantle as a sheath, a veil gossamer, sealing you in the ovoid fires of each release, each dictation, each lecture, each period of invocations. For with each increment, you have established a forcefield in an ovoid of light beautiful to behold. And if I might say, as the forerunner of the coming of the Christ and the resurrection tide.

Take care that you exercise the physical form, but let it not become a god or the end of all living. For life must be lived beyond this world, and your tabernacle provides the preparation for the body celestial which shall one day in the not-too-distant future supersede the body terrestrial.’

The Christ consciousness is concerned with the here and the now, with the extending of comfort, and with the accomplish-ment of each holy vow which you have made at inner levels. Therefore, note well that the impractical consciousness, the idle dreamer, is not centered in the Christ. Watch, therefore, the individual who will tell you: “I am leaving the world!

The world is a wicked place. The world is a dark place. I am going into the hills to meditate!” Watch that individual, for this is not the practicality of the Christ. The Christ is needed here in the valleys, here in the big cities, here where there is life. Oh yes, there are moments when you go into the hills to pray. But did he stay?

How long did he stay in the mountains? Long enough to offer prayer, thanksgiving, to renew and recharge his being, and then to look down upon the multitudes with compassion and to heal them.° Come down from your lofty mountaintops! Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils! Freely ye have received, freely give.’°

This is the mandate of the hour. Go into the highways and byways and be the practical manifestation of the Cosmic Christ! And if the children of God are hungry, feed them and then give them your sermon. But if they are not too hungry, give them your sermon first and then feed them second; for thereby you increase the appetite for the Word of God as they anticipate the repast that comes as the dessert of the main course that is the holy manna of the Almighty.

And thus teach them that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” I represent to you Father when you are reaching up to become the Christ. And when you become the Christ, I represent to you Brother in Christ. And when you are seeking to raise up the feminine ray, then I provide the complement to that feminine ray as the action of the Holy Spirit. And when you manifest the Holy Spirit, then I appear as the Bride arrayed in white. And so, you see, the mastery of the Cosmic Christ is of the four points of the City Foursquare and of the four sides of the four lower bodies.

And thus, the mark of the Cosmic Christ consciousness and of one who has attained it is that you become all things to all people.” Have you ever noticed the varying needs of mankind—how sometimes you feel adequate to supply them, at other times totally inadequate? I say, then, call to me in the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ that you might provide the complement to whatever level of consciousness mankind have attained.

And then you will see how wholeness can manifest as you supply each human need. For you will notice in your disciples—and they are indeed the disciples of Christ and of God and not of your outer self—that some may have three points of the Law, some five, some the whole nine and ten points of the Law. In each and every case, as you have the mastery on the five fingers of each hand and as you count your decrees on those five fingers of the secret rays, you will know which action of the Law can surround that one to give that one the sense of the wholeness of God.

Thus have many declared, when coming into the presence of our messenger, that they cannot remember the questions they had, the problems they had, their concerns.

For in the presence of the messenger of God is the fullness of hierarchy that is the answer to every human need and the complement to a partial identity. And therefore, in grace do you find that holy contact in the fount of the Mother flame whereby for moments, for hours, for days you experience wholeness; and that wholeness is etched upon your soul. And as you part with the cosmic cross of white fire—the consciousness of the Christ—between you, you find that you have the courage to renew your application, to pursue that same wholeness which you knew for a time, for a space. There-fore, note well that as one among you and many among you have attained, so all can attain to the wholeness of God in man.

It is through the heart chakra, where the ascend-ing and descending triangles converge, that the soul learns to exercise the sacred fire and its uses both in the planes of Spirit and in the planes of Mater. By the fire of the heart, man and woman learn the mastery of the etheric cycles of the cosmos that spiral through the etheric body. And by the energies of the heart they do weave the deathless solar body.

This is the body into which the etheric body is transformed once the karmic cycles have been fulfilled. Thus our God who is a consuming fire’ can be experienced in the planes of Mater through the heart chakra. And it is, of course, the threefold flame anchored in the hidden chamber of the heart that conveys this aspect of the mastery of the Christ consciousness to the soul. Then, by the mastery and balance of the threefold flame, the disciple is able to magnetize greater and greater portions of this flame into the aura. The balanced manifestation of the threefold flame, together with the infilling of the aura with the sacred fires of the Holy Ghost.

Once the energies of the threefold flame are balanced in the hidden chamber of the heart, the disciple can proceed to balance the points of the interlaced tri-angles, which are necessary for the disciple’s attain-ment of the Christ consciousness. Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace because he balanced the threefold flame and mastered the sixth ray, the energies of purple and gold in the solar-plexus chakra (at the navel).

Holding these energies in harmony; he was able to draw upon the reserves of his solar plexus, the place of the sun, to release this energy in the power of the spoken Word. It was in the balance of the energy flow from the desire body—which in Jesus totally reflected God’s desiring for mankind—to the throat chakra that he was able to speak the word of healing, of forgiveness, of comfort. By the balanced energy flow from the throat chakra to the solar plexus, he gave forth the teaching of the Christ for the Piscean age and spoke the word that raised the dead, cast out the demons, and aligned the entire planetary body with the aura of the Cosmic Christ.

You may, then, visualize the ascending triangle of purple flecked with gold rising from the solar plexus and merging in the throat chakra with the descending triangle of royal blue for the fulfillment of the spirals of Alpha and Omega.

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