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New Consciousness for A new World (1 of 3)

New Consciousness for a New World Part 1 of 3

There is an inborn evolutionary force that awakens as part of our spiritual evolution to bring us into verticality. In the yogic tradition this is called Kundalini.

In the Kabbalistic/Essene tradition it is called Ruach Hakodesh. In the Christian tradition it is referred to as the Holy Spirit. Since the term kundalini is almost universally used. we will use that terminology.

Kundalini is the inherent inner force that opens us to the ecstasy. love. and God awareness that is part of the transpersonal awakening. part of which we call verticalization. This is the most important subtle energy system in terms of the spiritual evolution of the human species.

Carl Jung. in Psychological Commentary on Kundalini. said that “when you succeed in awakening the Kundalini. so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality. you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world. It is the world of eternity:’

Krishna. inspired by his own experience of kundalini awakening. has written much to describe its meaning. He says of kundalini. “A new center presently dormant in the average man and woman has to be activated and a more powerful stream of psychic energy must rise into the head from the base of the spine to enable human consciousness to transcend the normal limits.

This is the final phase of the present evolutionary impulse in man…. Here reason yields to intuition and revelation appears to guide the steps of humankind…. This mechanism. known as Kundalini. is the real cause of all genuine spiritual and psychic phenomena. the biological basis of evolution and development of personality. the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines. the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation….

This new force of energy of evolutionary impulse in man is the next great leap forward in human evolution.

Swami Muktananda. a recent spiritual master in the yoga of kundalini who has awakened the kundalini energy in thousands of spiritual hopefuls. said. “It is only when the Kundalini is awakened that we become aware of our true nature. of our greatness.” He points out that “as long as the inner Kundalini is sleeping. it does not matter how many austerities we follow. how much yoga we practice … we will never realize our identity with our inner Self … The awakening of the inner Kundalini is the true beginning of the spiritual journey.

“The physical body is organized intelligence. Over time, it has evolved the information retrieval systems that we call genetic codes. These codes gather. format and file every bit of knowledge and wisdom throughout time. When we recognize our body’s timeless connection with the universe, we begin to understand that we ALREADY ARE the embodiment of the laws underlying creation. Seeing ourselves as individuated, and at the same time part of the Whole, we anchor cosmic energy within; we ARE this powerful energy. even as it is creating us. Aligning ourselves with this reality, we crack the code of manifestation. No longer separate from the power that creates us, our true intention falls into its rightful  place as a guiding rudder. The unconscious, fearful, noisy intentions that have subverted our power in the past fade away. We are now clear, able to receive the next relevant piece of information, and the next…??? Each of us has the ability to sailed, to recognize our own unalterable power, to embody awakened consciousness.”

The evolutionary awakening of our soul is our primary purpose for being born. Ironically, many established religions systematically unplug us from the path of embodiment by directing us to search for enlightenment—our connection to Source—outside of ourselves. We seek far and wide to plug in anywhere but our own center. Until we fully enter and become present in our bodies, our capacity to receive conductive information from the universe is switched off; the Truth we strive to access is unavailable. Once we embody, we open communication with the rest of the physical universe and recognize the Cosmos unfolding through us. Whether we are afraid of it and try to control it, or we love and serve it, every aspect of our life is a reflection of this relationship to cosmic power.

Cultivating a Relationship with the Womb Space of Existence

When we look at the world with reverence, recognizing the infinite potential of cosmic energy, our actions begin to reflect the evolutionary impulse of life birthing itself through us. We see pain as an information code guiding the spirit to reside in the physical material of the body, helping us to recognize spirit and flesh as inseparable. From this internal place, we can access the intuitive wisdom passed through the lineage of our human DNA encoding. Fully embodied, we can begin to unravel and understand the teachings of the great sacred texts.

We are born into a body from the unknown, unformed darkness, a womblike place of pure potentiality. Our body exists in a concrete world where we are repeatedly challenged to trust the Life Force out of which we arose and into which we will return. It takes a great deal of trust to surrender our small identity to the greater Intelligence – the unknown and formless Source of all life. Leaping into this place of emptiness demands that we face the inevitability of our death—our transformation back to non-form.

To do so, we must concede that the unknown power of this dark place is worthy of complete trust, though we will never penetrate its mystery. As we learn to trust the experience of ‘not knowing” and to embrace “emptiness,” we open ourselves to align with the greater Intelligence of the Universe, which bestows answers to our questions.

It is easy to forget there was a time when we were not here in this world. It is easy to forget that we were birthed out of the formless. When we forget that we come from the formless and that it is the greater part of us, we become attached to our present form of manifestation.

This narrow spectrum of experience, our known world—family, friends, society, even our aches and pains—is what we identify with, how we recognize ourselves. We are frightened of the prospect of returning to the formless again. We respond to this fear with controlling, manipulative behaviors designed to keep things as they are. We perceive change as unacceptable—even when a positive change is available. Our growth, and that of others, is halted by this fear-based attachment to the “known.”

All human fears essentially boil down to the fear of dying to what has been.

Deepening Embodiment: Marrying the Masculine and the Feminine

Whether you are male or female, consciously holding space for the unknown within you puts you in contact with a great power—the essence of the Deep Feminine. Culturally, we have fixated our definition of the feminine on the superficial characteristics of the female body or emotions.

The Deep Feminine is present in both male and female humans; it expresses in every cell of the body. Awareness of this presence brings a creative river to the doors of our conscious minds. Our minds are wombs, capable of generating and birthing new possibilities into this present moment: What would it mean to truly recognize the unknowable deep feminine, to fully know the real, fecund power that Life is? You must first understand that each of us—regardless of our gender—holds both masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness in our being.

Moreover, it is the nature of the masculine and feminine to dance with each other. The maturation of our embodiment process occurs when we successfully marry the masculine and feminine within ourselves, by aligning our minds to serve our bodies. To understand the process of marrying our feminine and masculine aspects, we return to the metaphor of the genie: Like the genie, the feminine aspect possesses a passive, reflective power; by her very nature she cannot act upon the world directly. Although she has no will of her own, she is the great power in the universe. She is Shakti, the source of energy behind all things. Although non-directive, her power is primary, arising immediately out of the vast cosmic state of formlessness.

She serves the creative process by generating a precise reflection of whatever direction she receives. Whether or not we are conscious of it, whatever gets reflected back to us truly describes our own moment by moment relationship with our unformed essential being, our feminine aspect.

We are constantly wrestling with how to conduct this creative potential. Sometimes we are terrified of it and we suppress it, judge and dismiss it. On the personal level, these actions show up in our body as illnesses and dysfunctional relationships with others. On the macro level, it reflects in the kind of society we create.

The masculine aspect, expressing itself through intention and belief, leaves a blueprint on the feminine/womb matrix.

This blueprint is what gets reflected in the world we create for ourselves. No matter what or who comes knocking on her door, the deep feminine attunes specifically to what is requested. Though directed by the masculine aspect, the feminine ultimately rules.

Every physical manifestation results from the marriage of the masculine and the feminine, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown. Each polarity is non-substance and cannot manifest anything without the other. The masculine is just an idea; the feminine is just potential energy. When we learn how to hold a balanced relationship between the two polarities, we gain the power to create new realities rather than just consuming the ones already in front of us.

There is a reason why Freemasonry and the Illuminati don´t allow female members in their secret societies.

The Feminine Reflects the Sequestered Relationship Creative power is imprisoned when the feminine is judged, unappreciated or denied.

The feminine’s capacity to guide and initiate the masculine into its appropriate role—to receive signals and manifest—becomes paralyzed. But even in these circumstances, the unstoppable power of the Feminine will find a way to express itself.

When no other option is available, she will eventually destroy the prison that contains her. Our relationship to the natural world is a reflection of our relationship to the feminine within our being. Current environmental challenges provide a snapshot of this relationship; they point directly to our denial of Earth’s feminine power.

The illness expressed by the planet Earth is a direct reflection of our inability to recognize and honor the Life Force that births and sustains us. If we do not pay attention to this reflection of our collective pain, we can eventually lose the very planet that gives us life.

The unification of the masculine and the feminine resolves the duality that keeps us from really understanding that we manifest our intentions.

We are being challenged to teach ourselves to have an unmediated experience of our own aliveness. We must meet the truth that we do not know, and can never truly know—because we are always growing! When we touch the unknowable within, we immediately meet our own deepest fear—the fear that we are an unknown, unformed possibility.

Each human mind holds the inherent ability to activate transformational possibility. We have the power to energetically recognize the physical presence of the magnetic feminine. We cannot do so through our intellect; our thinking process is too thin to relate to this deep, unknown part of ourselves.

To engage the feminine, we must first meet it in the body, our primary portal to the deep feminine. This is challenging for many people because our fears sever our connection to the body. If we choose to live in the small world of our fear, we essentially lose contact with our creative source. We shut down to our capacity to create miracles. Fortunately, we get to choose where we live!

The transcendental state of which as yet only a faint though unmistakable picture is available from the descriptions furnished by visionaries is the natural heritage of man, with all his feelings and desires, only refined and restrained to act in consonance with the needs of a higher kind of perception.

Also, that the happiness and welfare of mankind depend on its adherence to the yet unknown laws of this evolutionary mechanism, known in India as Kundalini, which is carrying all men towards a glorious state of consciousness with all their capacities to act, love, and enjoy intact, enhanced rather than diminished but functioning in subjection to a cultivated will, in obedience to the dictates of a properly developed conscience and in accordance with the decrees of a correctly informed intellect fully aware of the goal in front of it.

Modern civilization is in profound crisis because our belief systems (which we assume to represent truth) generate an unconscious fear of any personal contact with the unformed mystery. Our civilization cuts itself off from true power. This severing is caused by our ubiquitous denial of the equal value of the feminine in the polarity of Creation.

Mesmerized by the manifest world, our materialistic culture is unable to comprehend its sacred relationship with the unformed mystery, the birthing place, the infinite negative space of existence. Many of the world’s traditional religions actively deny the equal value of the feminine, the negative polarity of existence, by holding their founding doctrine as infallible and closed to change.

They also resist including beings with female bodies into the inner sanctum of power. It is time for a new paradigm which recognizes the essential value and power of the unformed womb space by honoring the creative potency of the deep feminine.

It is also time to recognize the sacred mystery encoded in every physical expression of our planet—especially the female body and the biosphere, the body of the natural world. Cultivating Right Relationship with ALL of Life allows the life-generating polarity between the formed and unformed to spin into dynamic balance.

The balanced expression of the two basic Polarities of Existence (masculine and feminine) provides the basis of the body’s health—on both individual and planetary levels.

Creating Synergy with Your World: Relationship with the Mystery To form a relationship with our unconscious, we must be willing to “not know” and enter into what spiritual teachings often refer to as “the mystery.”

This state of mystery is not just an aspect of abstract spiritual seeking; it is an essential expression of the negative charge that lives in each human mind. Most people are so terrified of the state of emptiness that they fill themselves with stuff and “right” answers as soon as they begin to experience their own unwinding into the unformed. Instead of trusting and inviting the state of “not knowing,” the impulse is to take action and do something.

Most people are unthreatened by the known world, and look for answers in the comfort of what is already here—even when that shows up as abuse or violence toward self and others.

To become comfortable with knowing that we do not know, to trust that the answers we seek lie in the womb of the unformed potential energy; this is a major revolution in consciousness.

In order to access the power to birth new possibilities from within, we must consciously invite the “unformed” to move our individual being—even if we are frightened because we do not have language to define the experience. When we say YES to the creative potential of the Universe, Life conducts through us, and ideas for the solutions we need are directly downloaded to our consciousness.

Human organism is evolving in the direction indicated by mystics and prophets and by men of genius, by the action of this wonderful mechanism, located at the base of the spine, depending for its activity mainly on the energy supplied by the reproductive organs.

Though not in its general application as the evolutionary organ in man, but in the individual sphere as the means to develop spirituality, supernormal faculties and psychic powers, the mechanism has been known and manipulated from very ancient times.

When manipulated and roused to intense activity by men already advanced on the path of progress and subject to numerous factors, especially favourable heredity, constitution, mode of conduct, occupation and diet, it can lead to most remarkable and extremely useful results, developing the organism by general stages from its native condition to a state of extraordinary mental efficiency, conducting it ultimately to the zenith of cosmic consciousness and genius combined.

Civilization and leisure, divested of the glaring abuses that have crept into both due to ignorance and a fundamentally wrong conception of the goal of human life, are but means to this important end.

Crudely planned and wrongly used at present, they will necessarily have to pass through a process of refinement when the goal is clearly established. All great sages and seers of the past and all great founders of religions, whether guided intuitively by evolving life itself or led by observation, have consciously or unconsciously laid emphasis mostly on only such traits of character and modes of conduct as are definitely conducive to progress.

The highest products of civilization, prophets, mystics, men of genius, clearly indicate the direction and goal of human evolution. Studied in the light of the facts mentioned in this volume they will all be found to have common characteristics. The motive and guiding power behind them in all cases without exception is Kundalini.

The awakening of Kundalini is the greatest enterprise and the most wonderful achievement in front of man.

There is absolutely no other way open to his restlessly searching intellect to pass beyond the boundaries of the otherwise meaningless physical universe. It provides the only method available to science to establish empirically the existence of life as an immortal, all-intelligent power behind the organic phenomena on earth, and brings within its scope the possibility of planned cultivation of genius in individuals not gifted with it from birth, thereby unfolding before the mental eye of man avenues and channels for the acceleration of progress and enhancement of prosperity which it is impossible to visualize at present. But the heroic enterprises can only be undertaken by highly intelligent, serene, and sober men of chaste ideals and noble resolves. The experiment is to be made by them on their own precious flesh and at the present moment at the risk of their lives.

A host of highly important issues, demanding urgent attention, is bound to arise when it is established that an evolutionary mechanism, ceaselessly active in developing the brain towards a pre-determined state of higher consciousness, really does exist in man.

It is not difficult to form an idea of these issues whereof the most vital, namely the direction of the evolutionary impulse, the biological factors at work and the mode of conduct, necessary for individuals and societies to facilitate the process of transformation, need immediate clarification to prevent all of them, at present entirely in the dark about the goal ahead, from pulling in a direction contrary to that designed by nature.

Such a conflict cannot but result in a gigantic tussle in which, after prolonged suffering and grief, the party vanquished and injured, as can be readily understood, will be only man.

It is easy to see that a clearly discernible alteration is occurring in the extremely delicate fabric of the human mind, which we are apt to attribute to change of times, to modernity, to progress, to freedom, to liberal education and to a host of other relevant and irrelevant factors.

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