Your heart has a powerful little antenna and its vibrations can be felt throughout the universe. The human heart has its proper field of function beyond the limits of the superficial, reactive ego-self. Awakening the heart, or the spiritualized mind, is an unlimited process of making the mind more sensitive, focused, energized, subtle, and refined, of joining it to its cosmic milieu, the infinity of love. There are seven brains in the heart. During self-realization, the Kundalini absorbs the ego and the superego

The heart is the antenna that receives the emanations of subtler levels of existence. The human heart has its proper field of function beyond the limits of the superficial, reactive ego-self. Awakening the heart, or the spiritualized mind, is an unlimited process of making the mind more sensitive, focused, energized, subtle, and refined, of joining it to its cosmic milieu, the infinity of love.

With self-realization and Kundalini awakening, the Kundalini moves upwards to touch the Brahmarandra which is the seat of the heart. And when that happens, all the hurt that we have endured and suffered over the ages, get dissolved and disappears. After this the heart starts functioning. We should then work on enlarging the heart’s auras.

The heart includes subtle faculties that are beyond the intellect, but as long as we are alive and embodied in physical form, the intellect is a primary interpreter of our experience. The intellect transforms the subtle perceptions of the psyche into recognizable, familiar images and thoughts. It may give the final expression of these faculties, acting as translator and analyzer, but nothing originates with the intellect alone; it rearranges known elements, categorizes, and compares. Sometimes it does this in an elegant and purposeful way; other times it makes false connections, or reduces new information to old concepts, functioning in a mechanical, habitual manner. The art of intuitive living depends on the ability to accurately translate subtle perceptions as they emerge from the subconscious into consciousness.

Heart Imagery helps you move into the heart and remain there. It gives you harmony and peace. You might feel one day that the whole world is collapsing and you are losing your mind. In that moment, do not be afraid that you are going insane; that is not going to happen! That moment provides the best opportunity to go into your heart”. “What better opportunity can you have to escape the prison of the mind other than the moment when your mind stops working? All your belief patterns and preconceived ideas disappear. Your spirit is free, your consciousness is liberated and there lies the unique opportunity to slip into the heart,”

You are beginning to drop your ego because you are seeing everything around you from your heart. Heart Imagery is an experience and in this experience we are all equal. We are humble co-creators. We are resurrected and we are living just in this moment. We are eternally young. Each image prepares you for the final surrender; you will see so many images on a background made by nothingness, by the eternal Universe, that suddenly you will experience your own dissolution into nothingness. You will connect with all life everywhere and you will see, sense and feel the whole Universe within you.”

“Meditation is not difficult to do if you are ready to change the direction of your focus each day,” “Normally, you concentrate outwards. In meditation, you change the direction inwards. You literally must go within. And that usually happens when you are fed up with going outwards, running without any purpose, in all the misery of life’s problems and anguish. Meditation is an art of transformation. You transform yourself through an internal journey.”

“Soon you will feel a sense of completion, realization and fulfillment. You will start to understand the language of nature around you; you will see, sense and feel in a different way. Your life will integrate with the perfection of the Universe, of Divinity.

In the past, people who had lots of intellectual knowledge were considered smart. Nowadays, doing a search on the internet gives anyone relatively easy access to pretty much all knowledge. More knowledge is not the solution now. In this present era we need the penetrating insight to see to the heart of problems, the innovation and creativity to find answers outside the box, the executive faculty to move from knowing to action, and the wisdom to connect and integrate what was separated. But, this does not come through intellectual knowledge. Instead, it happens when you connect and interact with the world in a way that goes beyond the patterns of your habitual thoughts and behavior, creating a world that transcends our current human-made systems. Pineal Gland Meditation will connect you to that world.

Traditionally, Pineal Gland Meditation has been known as a very advanced level of meditation. That’s why there are many people who think that it can only be practiced by well-seasoned masters of meditation who have engaged in spiritual practice for a long time. However, this is a misconception. The essential goal of Pineal Gland Meditation is to empty yourself of the thoughts, emotions, and information that cause disconnection from who you really are, and then recharge and fill that space with the infinite energy of life and bright consciousness. Anyone with a normal brain can practice Pineal Gland Meditation and experience that power. Many people are already recovering the health of their bodies and minds through Pineal Gland Meditation at the hundreds of Body & Brain Yoga centers and meditation centers around the world, and they are experiencing the shift to a positive lifestyle.


The septenary disturbance and play of light around the pineal gland are reflected in the heart, or rather the aura of the heart, which vibrates and illumines the seven brains of the heart, just as does the aura round the pineal gland. This is the exoterically four- but Esoterically seven-leaved lotus, the Saptaparna, the cave of Buddha, with its seven compartments.

There are seven brains in the heart, the Uphadis and symbols of the seven Hierarchies. According to the Instruction , there are seven brains in the heart and also seven hearts in the brain . The seven heart brains are the intelligences of the vital organs , for the ” Seven Spirits before the throne “

The fires are always playing round the pineal gland, but when Kundalini illuminates them for a brief instant the whole universe is seen. Even in deep sleep the Third Eye opens. This is good for Manas, who profits by it, though we ourselves do not remember


There is a difference between the nature and the essence of the Astral Body and the Ego. The Astral Body is molecular, however etherealized it may be : the Ego is atomic, spiritual. The Atoms are spiritual, and are for ever invisible on this plane ; molecules form around them, they remaining as the higher invisible principles of the molecules. The eyes are the most Occult of our senses : close them and you pass to the mental plane. Stop all the senses and you are entirely on another plane.

There are 3 crystals in the pineal gland, which are: apatite, calcite and magnetite, which create a cosmic antenna.

Studies in 2002 by S. Baconnier and associates* shows that as many as 300 calcite microcrystals can exist within the pineal gland, similar to those of the inner ear called otoconica crystals, which are piezoelectric in nature. Piezoelectric crystals are able to transduce soundwaves into electromagnetic impulses. They also possess the ability to naturally tune in radio frequencies. Some possess the capability of piezoluminescence as well, converting pressure waves to light. The study shows that these crystals are probably responsible for second harmonic generation in pineal tissues and possible piezoelectricity.

There is yet another very interesting mystery that relates to the pineal gland. The pineal gland contains magnetic crystals which may well be parts of an internal compass that relates to earth’s magnetic north. If this is the case, it is possible that all of the magnetic pollution in which we live contributes to a dysfunction of our internal compasses.

The structure of the pineal microcrystals was found to be virtually identical to microcrystals found in the inner ear. It is already known that these particular microcrystals exhibit piezoelectricity’ so it was reasonable for the team to conclude that the pineal microcrystals could be sensitive to, or create, electromagnetic energy. This includes radio waves. The research team duly found that the microcrystals in the pineal gland, depending on their size, were sensitive to electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of 500 Hz to 2.5 GHz. In simple terms this range includes bands used by many mobile devices, such as GSM, DCS and UMTS phones and Bluetooth items. Furthermore changes in these frequencies could, by affecting the vibration levels of the microcrystals, activate one or two pinealocytes which in turn could activate or modify the release of melatonin by the pineal gland.

The third eye is the sixth chakra, allowing sight into the other side. However, the process of Self Realization, or union with God, is not complete until the seventh chakra opens and the energy of bliss flows down into the body. This cannot happen in a state of egocentrism. However, it may well be possible to open the third eye through various meditative techniques

Once we have purified and transformed the negative energy of the organs back into usable life-force energy (Fusion I), distilled this energy along with the virtue chi of the organs into the pearl (Fusion II), and opened all our reservoirs or special channels, giving us a larger energetic capacity, we can increase our virtue energies further by connecting with the external sources of five-elements chi and directing the external chi toward its associated organs. Moving the pearl out of the physical body makes it easier for the pearl to absorb these energies. It becomes like an antenna that receives the external chi and conducts it into the physical body. In this way, we again nourish our health in this life as well as strengthening the energy body and spirit in preparation for the next. Your Microcosmic Orbit practice will change dramatically after you learn the Fusion of the Five Elements meditations. When you first practice the Microcosmic Orbit, the energy you move through your channels is raw energy. By contrast, when you reach the level of Fusion practice, the energy is more refined and condensed, and it is therefore much more powerful. The Fusion practice includes the Microcosmic Orbit, so it might be said that the Fusion meditation is simply a more advanced way of practicing the Microcosmic Orbit meditation.

Sushumna, the Middle Path

The Kundalini rises along the central channel, known in Sanskrit as the Sushumna Nadi. “In Sushumna, the breath leads the pure man into a pure world,” says the Prashna Upanishad’. The Yogatattwa Upanishad confirms that: “The Breath rises in the Sushumna up to the crown of the head.’ Through Self-Realization, the balance between the right and the left channels is restored and inner harmony re-established. This is the first purifying work of the Kundalini.

Sushumna is the Middle Way the Buddha spoke of. it is the way of balance between the right and the left channels, the way of evolution. Human beings are normally slaves to their mental activity. Thoughts arise from two sources: the right hemisphere of the brain, the superego (an extension of the left channel) which recalls past events, or the left hemisphere of the brain, the ego (the prolongation of the right channel) which projects into the future.

During self-realization, the Kundalini absorbs the ego and the superego

During self-realization, the Kundalini absorbs the ego and the superego. Thoughts fade away. There is no past, no future. All that remains is reality, that is, the present. And in the present the Spirit, shining in the heart, penetrates into the consciousness of the individual. The Spirit alone IS. Kundalini and the Self are one.

The superego inevitable cycle of birth and death is propelled by Karma. Karma is caused by the magnetic pull of the ego and its desires.

The inevitable cycle of birth and death is propelled by Karma. Karma is caused by the magnetic pull of the ego and its desires. Birth is sought to satisfy the ego. But, when there is no ego, there can be no Karma; hence nothing remains to be fulfilled and one is free from the cycle of birth and death.

The EGO needs Karma to stay alive and to survive and therefore using people´s past to prevent them from growing out from the ego-mind-prison. This is a game of the ego to stay in control. The Rulers of this world controls this mind-game of Karma.

Karma belongs to the ego and accumulates around a person as long as he is attached to the action. However, when the ego disappears then there remains nothing to which the Karma can be attached. When there is nothing to bind past Karmas then they simply disintegrate. Similarly, when the action does not feed the ego then no Karma arises from it. Karmas absolve when the living work of the living God which is the awakening of the Kundalini takes place. The Kundalini passing through the Agnya Chakra, placed between the pineal and pituitary glands, absorbs the ego and superego (Ahamkara anti Mana)*.

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