Yoga is an alchemical timebomb. Ego is the reason for the Tower of Babel (as described in your Bible), which led to the separation of humanity and loss of the experience of Oneness. What most humans don’t realize is that by being here they must learn to walk in two worlds. This is part of the self-mastery human experience, and one of the hardest things to do.

But Adam is ignorant of the light within him and his true origin in the kingdom of light and so is unable to recognize and redeem the light particles. The evocations of the father of greatness then send Jesus of light to awaken Adam (Genesis 3:1) to inform him of his true nature (Genesis 3:4-5) and to lead him to self-recognition (Genesis 3:7, na, 22a)

Ego is the reason for the Tower of Babel (as described in your Bible), which led to the separation of humanity and loss of the experience of Oneness, and the ability of humans to understand each other. Ego is the reason the Archons manufactured royalty and a social structure and, in a smart way, they got the go ahead by the masses. This did and still does contribute to the power of the Lower Lights. It’s a front, like the Reptilians being in control of the manipulation when it is really the Archons. Ego is the root of human difficulties, but it was engineered this way. Ego divides countries, states, towns, and people, and there is much that can be learned from it.

What most humans don’t realize is that by being here they must learn to walk in two worlds. This is part of the self-mastery human experience, and one of the hardest things to do.

When humans start to wake up, they realize the illusion and see the manipulation for what is. Then they think they have it all worked out, only to find out how deep the rabbit holes goes. They try to project their reality onto others—which is worse than what those who are controlled by the Archons do—because they have an idea of the real reality, and those who are manipulated do not.

You see…the more you know, the more you recognize. You will see the real reality slowly for what it is: a process. You cannot be fully enlightened until you have done your walk and are connected fully back with Source. This being the case, being in both worlds at the same time and having a balance between them needs to be recognized—in both worlds.

What we mean by this is that when some awaken, every waking moment is spent researching and listening to others, rather than trying to connect and follow their own journey to discover their own information (which is going to come to them anyway)

Archonic influence doesn’t end with your death. They will try to get your soul to be recycled so that they suck your energy over and over again.

When you escape all of their traps, you will feel like you have lost the burden that you were carrying all this time without knowing it. If you experience this feeling, be sure that you escaped one of their traps.

Try to be free from all human constructs. Try to be free even from human expectations. Our society is controlled by the archons, so the masses don’t have their own thoughts but the thoughts of archons. All those expectations imprison us and blind us to our true natures. It’s the nourishing of our true selves that gives us freedom, and that’s why archons try so hard to distance humanity from who they really are. They want to make us forget our humanness, and since we are already born without understanding who we are (divine and unique beings), they do their best for us to never know it.

Everything in our society is set up to entrap us. Go to any mall and any product you will pick up will probably be designed for your own destruction of some sort, be it toxin-infested food, toxic beauty products or something that is designed to appeal to your ego and therefore silence the inner voice.

The society hates those who wake up because the society does the will of the archons. What the archons love – they love, and what the archons hate — they hate. In The Matrix movie it’s told that as long as people are plugged into the matrix, they are the enemies. This cannot be closer to the truth.

Everyone that you know indeed acts as an agent for the dark rulers of this world. And many people who think themselves awake and good are actually in deep asleep and unconsciously working for the enemy.

Humanity is slowly struggling towards the light, but there are many dangers on the road. It’s too easy for the archons to mislead humanity and take them by degrees away from the path. They do this by introducing something that only seems of the light but it really isn’t.

The coming One World Government is a product by these who already controls the Matrix whole Mankind is trapped within.

The Matrix itself is a cogent articulation of the classic Gnostic world view, resonating closely with texts such as the Gnostic Apocryphon of John:

And the power of the mother [Sophia) went out of Yaldabaoth into the natural body which they had fashioned (humans]…. And in that moment the rest of the powers [angelic archons] became jealous, because he had come into being through all of them and they had given their power to the man, and his intelligence [or “mind”] was greater than that of those who had made him, and greater than that of the chief archon. And when they recognized that he [the human] was luminous, and that he could think better than they… they took him and threw him into the lowest region of all matter. (Apocryphon of John 19-2o)

Considering this Gnostic passage in terms of The Matrix, Sophia’s (hu-mankind’s) creative potential is passed on to our creation (AI) which in turn becomes a creator of a material prison (Matrix) for the minds of humans, also created by this creator (i.e., the humans grown in fields or the simulated bodies within the Matrix). Yet humans have imbedded within them the divine spark of light and a capacity for perception ex-ceeding that of the archons (Agents), even when imprisoned in the material world (Matrix). Thus in the first film, Neo is able to explode into luminosity within the Matrix and thereby defeat Agent Smith.

The ancient gnostics believed that the cosmic prison was the material world the world of flesh and fate. But in todays Matrix model, the false world has become the world ofmediation; its rulers or archons are not carnal demons but cap­tains of propaganda and brainwashing. In this new vision, spir­itual awakening does not catapult you into an incorporeal heav­en but plugs you back into the actual, physical world—a place that follows deeper rhythms than CPU cycles and the hum of global networks. The core of our new gnosis, I believe, is the earth, in all its limitations and extraordinary fecund power.

“Yoga is an alchemical timebomb”.

Buddhism continues to influence secular society, where its dis­passionate techniques mesh with a sober and even reductive view of human psychology. And hatha yoga continues to explode in popularity, a mass conversion that at this point dwarfs any previous fad. Most yoga practitioners probably think of their bendy devotions as an essentially physical regime served beyond the boom up with a pinch of exotica and a dollop of self-help. But yoga is an alchemical timebomb, and its chakra plumbing charges the bodymind with energies that may not only restore some sem­blance balance to our off-kilter lifestyles, but may set us up for the peculiar challenges faced by a posthuman culture.

• Training the Physical Mind: This type of mind training is based on training the sen-sory input, thoughts, and analytical patterns that direct the actions and movements of the body’s physical tissues. Focus is placed on cognitive reasoning and on acquiring data.

• Training the Energetic Mind: This type of mind training is based on training to respond to the energetic perceptions received from the vibrational patterns which are themselves responsible for directing and influencing the Physical Mind. Focus is placed on strengthen-ing psychic and energetic perception in order to perceive thoughts, feelings, images, and patterns.

• Training the Spiritual Mind: This type of mind training is based on perceiving spiritual interactions connected to the divine, affect-ing the Original Soul’s primary life purpose. Focus is placed on surrendering all thoughts, feelings, and images and dissolving into the Wuji.

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