With the awakening of Kundalini, your inner eye will be opened. The kundalini within us is relentless when we invite its awakening. It wants us to open up and connect with the source, with the divine. Tavistock Institute. Part 138

When the kundalini rises through the central canal , it pierces the six chakras and finally enters the crown where samadhi is experienced .

Each chakra has its own seed , its own orientation to subtle light energy called tattwas and is controlled by its own guna or kind of prakriti . … For the kundalini or energy of consciousness to keep on rising higher and higher , a complete purification of the self – sense through the direct perception of the cosmic intelligence is required . It is known that certain elements and crystals resonate with the lower six padmas or chakras in the order of rising from the root chakra.

Known only to the ancients by such names as the “ sixth sense ” and the “ philosopher ‘ s stone ”, this extraordinary life – force can be tapped to provide an inexhaustible reserve of energy and knowledge.

The prānas are thus withdrawn and absorbed into the main energy – stream of Kundalini. In the ascent of the Kundalini , she ” pierces ” the six chakras or psycho – physical centers, and traverses the zones of matter, mind, and spirit.

In the ascent of Kundalini , called the process of dissolution , the world inage recedes further and further , melting into its subtler components, dissolving as it were into the ever-expanding pool of consciousness, until it completely fades away from vision at the seventh center in the brain.

The sixth sense is the kundalini light

With the awakening of Kundalini, your inner eye will be opened.

The kundalini within us is relentless when we invite its awakening. It wants us to open up and connect with the source, with the divine.

The kundalini runs on your trust, devotion, and hope. It runs on your commitment and determination too, for your commitment to these meditations will certainly help your progress along more than would be the case without them. The kundalini works to get your energy flowing and then you get to see what falls in place around that healed-up core. Through practice, conscious breathing, and the desire to access your higher awareness, in time you will awaken your kundalini and begin on your path to enlightenment.

The genuine mystical state marks a change in depth of the whole human personality and the development of a new supersensory organ of perception , known from immemorial times by diverse names , like the Third Eye , the Sixth Sense

Once the pupil has come to the point of beginning to develop these astral sense organs and thereby is able not only to see sensory impressions in their surroundings but also soul impressions, and thus what exists as aura in human beings, animals and plants, then a whole new level of instruction commences.

Before someone’s lotus flowers start to revolve, they cannot perceive anything of these soul impressions in their environment, just as someone without eyes cannot see colour or light. But having broken through the barrier, and advancing far enough at a preliminary stage of knowledge to be able to see into this soul world, then a person’s real pupilship begins, and leads through four stages of knowl-edge.

What happens at this point when, having completed the preparatory stages, someone becomes a chela? What we have so far described all relates to the astral body, as we have seen; and this is entirely organized by the human body.

Someone who has taken these developmental steps now possesses a quite different aura. Having illumined their astral body through self-awareness and having themselves become the light-filled organization of their astral body, then we say that the pupil has illumined their astral body with mantis.

Manas is nothing other than an astral body under the sway and mastery of self-awareness. Manas and astral body are one and the same thing, albeit at different stages of development.

No practical mystic is concerned with more than four aspects: the physical body, in which chemical and physical laws are at work, then the etheric body, then the astral body, and finally, self-awareness which, at our current evolutionary stage, we call kama-manas, or the self-aware principle of thinking. Manas is nothing other than what self-awareness incorpo-rates into the body.

As it is at present, the etheric body is unavailable to any influence from this self-awareness. We can indirectly affect growth and nutrition but not in the same way as we can allow our wishes, thoughts and ideas to issue from our self-awareness. We cannot ourselves directly initiate our nutrition, digestion and growth, which are not connected with self-awareness. Now this etheric body has to be brought under the sway of the astral body, the aura as we call it.

The self-awareness of the astral body must permeate the etheric body, and be able to work upon it in the same way that a person works upon their aura in the manner described. When, through meditation, through inner contemplation and practice of the soul a person comes to the point where the astral body has been independently organized, then the work transfers to the etheric body; and then the etheric body acquires the inner Word and we not only hear what lives in our surroundings, but the inner meaning of things also resounds in our etheric body.

Through the teachings of Gopi Krishna , the “ Philosophers ‘ Stone , ” or the “ Third Eye , ” etc . , founder of the Kundalini Movement , you can make use Kundalini is the power – reservoir of psychic energy.

The brain is the abode of what we call the supersense , or the sixth sense , or the third eye . This centre is closed and dormant , and once it is opened we shall see life in many new dimensions . Matter will disappear and God will appear.

The brain which opens like a lotus in bloom when watered by the ambrosial current rising through sushumna and functions as the seat of the supersensible perception , the sixth sense or the third eye, in those divinely favored by Kundalini.

Near the base of the spinal cord is an important nerve cluster termed the sacral plexus , and within it is latent the “ Kundalini ” force . If conserved by continence and mentally drawn up to the brain.

There are two power-flows in mantra: one is the prana-flow and the other is the Kundalini flow. Kundalini exercises control over prana, both partially and completely. In partial control, the general creative activities of prana are restrained and the pranic energy is utilized in exhibiting superpowers. When prana is fully controlled, spiritual power arises in mantra by which Kundalini is aroused and her spiritual yoga power is released. This causes the absorption of all creative principles. So in mantra lie both spiritual yoga and wibhuti (superpower). In one aspect, mantra is a means to acquire super-powers; and in another aspect, mantra leads to spiritual yoga. This is why it has been stated: ‘When the principle of mantra is known, a person becomes freed-alive and attains animan power (the power of transforming the material body into subtle body) and other superpowers’.

The Point of No Return

God has no life; he is existence, and the experience of this existence is called samadhi. Normally, when the “inner atom bomb” explodes—that is, when kundalini reaches sahasrara—there is a brief experience of death and resurrection. One passes through samadhi and the experience of Self or God, and then comes back to normal life with a change. The change is received through a second birth; one is reborn, mere human-ness ends, and Godhood begins. But in later encounters with this reality, and sometimes even in the first encounter, the person may be absorbed and gone forever; one may not return from this sojourn to the normal existence one had before samadhi. One is dead on the physical level, and the translation into a higher realm has taken place. This is called “the point of no return.” Meher Baba was lost in such a state for four to five days; he did not know what he was wearing or eating or doing.

Arousal of kundalini energy is one way to begin the dawning of cosmic consciousness and to attain freedom from life after life of experience founded on fear and ego-judgment.

When kundalini reaches the nada stana or the sixth chakra which is the thousand – petaled lotus , one attains the highest peace which is why that chakra is named shanta chakra , shanti meaning peace .

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