Why did Tesla say that just these numbers are the key to Universe? 3, 6 and 9 represent an interdimensional vector, that is, it is an energy from a higher dimension, put on now a frequency of 369, which equals 432 hz, these numbers represents The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit or The Threefold Flame (Father, Mother, Son). The elite Brotherhood knew Tesla’s technology possessed the capability their Order needed to exercise power over the masses. The world’s `Puppet Masters’ had to do whatever it took to secure it for their sole use. They publicly destroyed Tesla so that no one would take his work seriously.

3, 6, 9 – Those numbers are super important. They are special numbers. Sacred numbers that hold the key to accessing a new alternative, abundant reality.

Power, Wisdom, and Love. The trinity of the threefold flame-Power representing the Father, Wisdom the Son, and Love the Holy Spirit. The balanced manifestation of these God-qualities in and as flame within the heart is the prerequisite to personal Christhood.

  • Numbers; 3. 6. 9
  • The Threefold Flame (Father, Mother, Son)

All these represents the same thing of UNITY into ONE. The Secret Key is to make them vibrate at same frequencies, and when they do, a gate/portal will be open to Cosmic Consciousness and Earthly Man become a Cosmic Man.

Why did Tesla say that just these numbers are the key to Universe?

What becomes quite apparent is that while 1,2,4,8,7,5 repeat over and over, the numbers 3, 6 and 9 do not appear. Tesla concluded that the reason was that the numbers 3, 6 and 9 represent an interdimensional vector, that is, it is an energy from a higher dimension that influenced the circuit of the other six numbers or points. Those six points, the 1,2,3,8,7 and 5 are the reality of the third dimension.

Like everything in the Universe there is a polarity in this patterns too: 3 governs the “dimension” or polarity of 1, 2 and 4; 6 governs the 8, 7 and 5, following the vortex, spiral or proper sequence. Then 3 and 6 are governed by 9; all numbers’ sums add to 9 with or without the 3 and 6. Per example 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45(4+5=9) or 1+2+4+5+7+8+9=36(3+6=9); So, this means that 9 its the Universe itself!

Put on now a frequency of 369, which equals 432 hz

So, and after realizing the greatness of this mind, we cannot take his statement about 3, 6, 9 being the “key to the universe” lightly, can we?

But what did he mean by it? We don’t really know, maybe it was in one of his confiscated papers. Most probably, however, it is related to frequencies, e.g. electromagnetic, sound, vibration etc., and to their ratios, just like in John Kelly’s work (see below). In fact, this claim, that the [3, 6, 9] group is related to frequencies.

John Keely and the 3rd, 6th, and 9th Frequencies. John Keely (1827-1898) was an American inventor who, like Tesla, had attached great importance to numbers [3, 6, 9] in his work which centered around using vibrations and resonance to stimulate separation of substances, like water for example, resulting with the release of some etheric medium that allowed him to tap into unlimited energy supply which he called the “latent force” of nature, in other words, the vibratory energy of the ether. He is reported to have achieved this using specific frequencies which he explained by the following statement: “vibrations of the thirds, sixths, and ninths, are extraordinarily powerful.” Again, the exact meaning of this statement is not fully understood, maybe because the scientific community didn’t take Keely seriously enough to give it a thought, or maybe it is a hidden secret like Tesla’s papers. What is obvious though, is that 3, 6, and 9 were so important to another enigmatic and visionary engineer, and in the same context as in Tesla’s work, which thickens the cloak of mystery surrounding these numbers, but at the same time emphasizes on their frequency and vibrational connections.

The scientific community didn't take either Tesla´s or Keely´s ideas about the numbers 3, 6, 9 seriously enough to give it a thought. So there may be a hidden importance they want the masses not to understand, because it would give them access to unlimited information and energy – intuitively. This mean the global elite cannot control the flow information when it comes intuitively to Earth man. 

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla

Either Tesla or Keely was the scientific community didn’t take Keely seriously enough to give it a thought

3: The number 3 symbolizes life’s ever-present spiritual component. The Holy Trinity, which consists of the union of the Neutron (Father), Proton (Son), and Electron, manifests itself in the atom (The Holy Spirit). The Aether is the proton-neutron structure that facilitates electron movement and is the driving force of everything.

6: The physical component of life, matter, is represented by the number 6. Everything has life energy because of the “void,” which is the driving force behind the carbon manifestation of matter and energy. Carbon 12 is The Creator’s signed building block, with 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons. Six signifies the flesh and earthly belongings, that which is not eternal but is connected to the Earth. It is the union of the mind and the body.

9: The number nine is associated with god consciousness, divine completion, or the all-seeing eye. It is represented by the pyramid’s top and is the result of resonance between 3 and 6.

There is harmony when there is a balance or yin yang between the spiritual and physical lives (resonance). As God gives humankind dominion over all animals, once this divine consciousness develops, it magnifies into divine knowledge with reference to humankind. When the numbers 3 and 6 align, the third eye opens, allowing you to perceive higher dimensions and, eventually, the truth.

The number nine stands for The Way: , I am the way, the truth, and the life: no one comes to the Father except by me.”

These numbers represent an union and opening of heaven when they vibrating in same frequencies

John 14: 6 Anyone who wishes to be reborn must first resonate with King David’s Wisdom, which is the Spirit of perfect truth.

 “Truly, verily, I say unto thee, a man cannot see the kingdom of God until he is born again.” John 3:3

However, not everyone can be reborn, and only a select few will be allowed to enter. “verily, verily, I say unto thee, Unless a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God,”  Revelation 3:5

Resonance, also known as synchronicity, is two-way cyclic communication between all living things. Resonance is a concept that applies to everything in the Universe and promotes harmony.

It is resonance when you pray to Almighty God and He responds. It’s called resonance when your right hemisphere (brain), which is primarily responsible for the perception and processing of emotions/feelings, sends a message to your left hemisphere (brain), which is responsible for logical, abstract thinking and the development of causal linkages, and the left brain reacts.

It is resonance when your gut-brain (second brain), also known as the enteric nervous system, is healthy because it is kept in balance by beneficial bacteria and sends messages to your main brain (first brain), which then sends signals back to your gut lined with millions of neurons.

When your pituitary gland (body) is healthy and generates oxytocin, it sends and receives messages with your pineal gland (soul), which is known as resonance.

It’s resonance when you’re traveling overseas and experience acute stress, and your favorite plant at home exhibits stress symptoms at the same time. It’s resonance when a monkey realizes that washing its food (sand and dirt) in water makes it simpler to eat it, and all the monkeys in the world naturally start doing the same.

Everything is made up of light, power, energy, and electricity, and everything vibrates at a certain frequency or the number of vibrations/waves per second.

“Think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration if you wish to discover the secrets of the universe.” – (Nikola Tesla)

Resonance is the cosmic principle of stimulation and reaction between things of the same sort, and it can resonate or dissonate with humans. Multiples of a given number are linked to it and to one another, resulting in unison.

Earth’s creatures benefit from the frequency 432 Hz since it resonates with their bodies. This natural tranquil frequency was modified to 490 Hz, which is energetically destructive. All great ancient civilizations and musicians, whether Sumerians or Egyptians, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Debussy, or Vivaldi, tuned their instruments to the base frequency of 432 Hz. Stay in balance by listening to 432 music.

The Divine resonance frequency is a combination of 432 Hz and 234 Hz, with 234 Hz symbolizing the Heavens and Above and 432 Hz representing the Earth and Below. The frequency 432 Hz is represented by an upside-down triangle/ pyramid, while the frequency 234 Hz is represented by an upward pointed triangle/ pyramid.

The most typical shape of a natural rough diamond is a diamond with two pyramids connecting at their bases when these two opposing frequencies are combined. Tetrahedral units make up the diamond (pyramid with 3 sides and a base). The diamond is the final step of the carbon element and hence represents perfection; the carbon atoms in the diamond are connected in essentially the same way in all directions.

The number 432 can be found everywhere

Tesla was not secretive about his advancements in science and would often give demonstrations of his innovations to the elite Brotherhood. He produced wireless power that he called ‘Balls of Lightning.’ These ‘Balls of Lightening’ tend to occur naturally as part of nature all over the world.

These elite men were all members of the Masonic Order. They wanted to get rich off of new inventions and not give anything to the public that was free. Because of their selfishness, they were instrumental in breaking Tesla, both publicly and financially. He died a poor man.

What Tesla was undoubtedly unaware of was that these same elite men took his technology underground and began using it for their clandestine projects. With free energy sources in the palm of their hands, these men, whose plan was to control the world, could go about their secret business without governmental or public awareness. The elite Brotherhood knew Tesla’s technology possessed the capability their Order needed to exercise power over the masses. Tesla had already proven to them the energy’s capacity to be used as a mind control tactic. He had shown these men that the powers of electricity directly affected the electromagnetic fields and, in turn, produced altered states of consciousness within humans.

Tesla pointed out to the Brotherhood that the earth resonates. It has the same musical pitch as that found within the Pyramids and the Gothic Cathedrals. Tesla had in his possession the knowledge of sacred geometry, which he used to expand the capabilities of his own inventions. Resonance, he proved, could be used to cause interference in the weather patterns, changes in the health of humans, and induce unsuspected altered states of consciousness. Tesla’s knowledge was so powerful that the world’s `Puppet Masters’ had to do whatever it took to secure it for their sole use. They publicly destroyed Tesla so that no one would take his work seriously.

Today, we are witnessing of the resurgence of Tesla technology in what is being called non-lethal weaponry. Radio frequency beams can be aimed at an unsuspecting public without their knowledge. These Extremely Low

Frequency waves (ELF) vibrate the neurons in the brain. They produce an effect on an unsuspecting person, who does not realize their biological reactions such as fear, panic, heart racing, sweating, etc., came from a source outside their body. This technology has the capability to take over the brain’s ability to instruct the body to perform biological functions against the person’s will. Humanity cannot fight back, as the body does exactly what the brain tells it to do. If one is beamed information into their brain that it is cold, then the body will shiver even though it is 100 degrees outside. Humans have no way to block these biological hackers from tapping into their main computer, the brain. It is the perfect weapon in the arsenal of psychological warfare, where the enemy never has to fire a shot to totally secure or annihilate their victim.

Tesla’s invention of the ‘death ray’ harnessed similar technology to that which is now found in X-rays, lasers, and particle beam technology. Through transmitters strategically placed around the world, Tesla’s energy will be used in the near future to manipulate and control mankind. The Top Secret Star Wars Project is proof that Tesla’s inventions are being mainstreamed into daily life. In fact, the public has never been fully briefed as to where this Star Wars technology originated.

The money hungry Brotherhood would never want the people of the world to know their secrets. They definitely wanted to keep Tesla’s discovery of free energy hidden. If they had not, then every home would be maintained without any cost of electricity. It would have widely gained public approval, as Tesla’s energy did not pollute the atmosphere, thereby giving people a better world to live in. Unfortunately, those that believe they are so illuminated want his technology for their purposes.

It will be a while before they divulge all of Tesla’s discoveries, as that would mess up their financial status and stronghold on an unsuspecting public. These powerful men will instead gradually release bits and pieces into the mainstream such that no one will question where the process originated.

Tesla technology is presently being utilized to control the weather through a military-funded project called HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project). This project possesses the power to change weather patterns anywhere in the world. It can also halt all communications around the globe. HAARP has the potential to be used as a massive tool toward psychological warfare, as it can affect the brain of all living things from a great distance. It holds the power of particle beam technology and can essentially `death ray’ anything it targets. This force of energy, derived from Tesla’s technology, is unlimited and cannot be matched by anything else on the planet. It is but one of the secret weapons that will be used in the near future to control the world.

Tesla discovered that energy waves can be charged to produce gravity waves. These waves have the potential to be harnessed and used to power aircraft. This may very well be the answer to the question as to what kind of energy is being used in the propulsion systems of UFOs. Being able to produce gravity and anti-gravity actively involves manipulating and controlling the Laws of Mother Nature. This Sacred Science of harnessing the key to nature’s forces is the premise behind the ‘Unified Field Theory’ proposed by Albert Einstein. Possession of it would mean god-like power.

  • The elite don´t want any free energy (make money on oil)
  • The elite don´t want peace (make money on wars by loan money to both sides)
  • The elite don´t want find health-solution (drugs keep mankind  in a lower state of mind)
  • They don´t people to think for themselves (and using massive mind control technology)
  • They want control every new invention

Black budgets are used to fund a variety of secret projects. The purposes of these clandestine game plans are well-hidden, far from the public’s view. Funding strategies are so secretive that very few members of Congress even know where or how the money they have allocated from the taxpayers’ dollars is actually being spent. What this so-called democratic process amounts to is that a secret group is using your taxes in a planned and coordinated effort to eventually control you.

Everything from the CIA, to private laboratories, and intelligence organizations around the world are owned by this wealthy Illuminati Brotherhood. Employees working within these black budget organizations are operating in what is called a “Black World.” They have certain classifications and cannot discuss their work even with their co-workers unless they are working within the same classification. Not adhering to these strict employment guidelines results in immediate termination, or depending on one’s level of clearance, death. The Illuminati mean business when it comes to maintaining secrecy.

Tesla technology has further been used in developing high tech surveillance systems. Eavesdropping can now easily be The power to control and manipulate Tesla’s powerful microwaves will allow the Order to disable, confuse, and even kill a person. The hidden use of these waves of energy makes it appear that the person died of natural causes. Microwaves are a cost effective weapon, and one of the most dangerous ever developed due to their profound effect upon the brain. The human brain functions in 4 wave frequencies: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta waves (13-35 Hertz) occur in normal outward thinking and are where agitated states can originate. Alpha waves (8-12 Hertz) indicate the body is in a relaxed state. Theta waves (4-7 Hertz) are involved in controlling internal functions within the body. Delta waves (3-5 Hertz) occur during deep sleep. If any of these brain waves are manipulated by a wave from an outside source, the person will experience sleepiness in low wave states and agitation if hit with higher frequency waves. Microwaves produce a host of chemical releases within the brain. These chemical releases generate feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, and weakness.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves, between 1-10 Hertz, cause loss of consciousness. These electromagnetic fields have a direct affect on heart rhythm, blood pressure, and the body’s metabolism. They can also produce visual hallucinations, hearing problems, seizures, and the formation of tumors. A constant low frequency wave of 3-5 Hertz can kill a human. Enhancement of what appears to be ominous phenomena can be increased to make something unreal seem real to the person who is being subjected to these waves. When a person’s right to think and choose is violated and controlled from an outside source, it is the most evil thing that can be done to that person.

Free will is what God gave humans but it allowed Adam and Eve to eat from Satan’s Tree of Knowledge because they were not robots, they had a choice. God warned them not to eat but they still had free will to make their own decisions. We, all, have an ability to choose between good and evil. Removing free will and the ability to have control over our bodies through psychological warfare is a tool the Antichrist is planning on using in order to make all people politically correct and accept him when he comes to power. Mankind, without internal control of one’s biological processes, will become nothing but programmed robots. This future event is a major reason one should desire to become a Christian, so they can be caught up in the air as part of the Rapture and not left behind to endure such torment.

Wireless transmission of electrical power was a grand accomplishment of Tesla. This type of free energy, as we have already discovered, would financially ruin companies that today charge mega dollars for electricity. Tesla’s technology, no doubt, has given a powerful free source of energy to the Illuminati to fulfill Satan’s Plan. These elite men are making good use of this hidden energy by devising ways never imagined to control mankind in the near future. The Antichrist will also garner its seemingly miraculous powers over the Laws of Nature to mesmerize humanity into total submission.

The world’s financial leaders and Puppet Masters prefer to make millions of dollars off the unsuspecting and ignorant public. They believe their plan for society keeps us in line as we need them for our livelihoods. These elite men fully enjoy their global power. We, the working class, are forced to buy their products, thereby supplying them the financial means to play games against their enemies. We are their puppets.

Think of how many people are forced into war, while those belonging to the elite orders of Secret Societies somehow bypass this threat of death. If the world were to have nuclear war, those same elite men, who control the power to push the button, have their ready-made bunkers for survival already built, while the rest of us would perish.

Yet it is the common man’s high taxes and every penny made that are spent on payments for gas, oil, electricity, etc., that have paid for these bunkers to be set up for only a select few to escape such a disaster. What is even sadder is that this clandestine group, with a secure place to hide, is the real cause of most disasters in the first place.

Take a moment to just imagine free electricity and free travel without gas pumps. Imagine clean air without pollution, which is responsible for causing so many diseases. Today, there are millions of cases of cancer that are annually caused by air pollution. And just think, the Illuminated Ones do not even blink an eye that their neighbors are suffering. Very simply put, these elite men serve mammon (money and self) and not God. It makes no difference to them if common man lives or dies. Their goal for humanity is just to control us, work us to death, take our hard-earned money, deceive us, and make us so unhappy that we will give up our souls in all the agony.

The secret Order of the Illuminati wants to keep mankind so busy that we will not have the time to see what they are up to or have the money and/or power to do anything about it. Because of Satan’s Plan, this elite Brotherhood will continue using secret technology to increase their control over mankind instead of using it to help us, all the while deceiving mankind into believing that what they are doing is in the world’s best interest.

In 1907, J.P. Morgan, the huge banking mogul, caused a panic by spreading rumors about a competitor’s bank failing. This false panic caused Congress to convene and establish the National Monetary Commission. In 1910, J.P. Morgan’s hunting club on Jekyll Island, Georgia, became the location where J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller’s interest were formulated for America’s Central Bank—The Federal Reserve. It appears that Morgan and Rockefeller were great at the satanic ‘Craft’ of deception. Their money was used to contribute to Thomas Edison’s light bulb technology, where an enormous amount of money could be made off the general public by them selling electricity instead of giving it away freely through Tesla’s technology.

Tell the public as little as you have to. Keep them satisfied so they will not ask too many questions. Make them think the powers-that-be are also just now learning of the discovery of this new form of energy.

This is a simple tactic used by the Illuminati. When mankind starts to ask too many questions about technology, feed them deception with a little truth to pacify them.

Questions remain as to how Tesla’s technologies have been and are presently being used. There can be no doubt that the Star Wars Project is a direct result of his technology. Along with this project, we have already discovered that his inventions have the ability to control the world’s population from space through world radar, the ability to cause earthquakes, manipulate brain waves, produce laser beam energy/weapons, create ELF microwaves, and change weather patterns.

J.P. Morgan’s cover-up and takeover of Tesla’s technological feats were to the advantage of him and his Puppet Master buddies. If they had not intervened, Tesla would have dominated the world instead of them. Tesla was a direct threat to their control agenda and he had to be stopped.


Nanotechnology is the revolutionary new wave of the future. Nanorobotics is a vital part of this new science. It involves miniaturized robots, which are smaller than bacteria and are powered by nanotransistors to go where no other technology has ever gone before. These robots can be inserted into your body through an injection or simply by swallowing them. They are controlled by computers.

The robots can also receive signals through transmitters and antennas, some of which are being secretly set up around the world. Unfortunately, in the wrong hands, these tiny robots are capable of being programmed to attack you internally if you are perceived, by the enemy, as a threat or just plain politically incorrect. Nanorobots have the capacity to be secretly injected into a person during a mandated vaccination program. These robots could be issued easily to people around the world if an outbreak of small pox or some other life-threatening disease were to occur. The unsuspecting public, rushing to receive immunization from the dreaded disease, would never know they have been internally invaded.

The Antichrist and the latest technologies go hand in hand as he will use technology to glorify himself and to mimic God. This is why he honors it with gold and silver, precious stones and pleasant things. This being interpreted, he will use money, taxpayer money’s via governmental monies to fund the technologies that help him achieve his diabolical aims.

As in all cases of new scientific discoveries, Nano-technology will be promoted for all its good purposes and intentions. Promoters of nanorobotic technology claim it has the programming capability to target and search out cancer cells and eradicate them without destroying good cells within the body.

Nanotransistors are being developed today, which are smaller than a single molecule. These tiny transmitters have the potential to be linked to antennas like the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project), located in Alaska. HAARP’s production of Electromagnetic Low Frequency (ELF) waves could then be broadcast to these transmitters and used as psychological warfare against anyone injected with a nanorobot. We have already discovered in an earlier chapter that ELF waves can produce hysteria, hallucinations, agitation, increased pulse rates, tumors, and even drive a person insane. Masses of people could be targeted much more easily if they are also recipients of this technology. They would not only have their pineal glands receiving the ELF effects, but would also have robotic transmitters helping in this reception.

Holograms, which are 3-Dimensional pictures or illusions, can be generated in the sky using HAARP technology. Through the implant, a person’s brain can be made to believe they are in danger when it is only an illusion. Nanotechnology offers many possible surveillance options that are readily accessible to the Brotherhood. The use of this new science has the potential to brainwash all those who will not open up their pineal glands to Satan. It is an advanced step in the wicked seeds’ effort to rule the world.

The desire to control the world has been the ongoing goal of the elite within Secret Societies. One of their own, Dr. Jose Delgado, Professor at Yale University, where the famous Skull and Bones Order is located, said,

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view . . . Man does not have the right to develop his own mind . . . We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain.”

Dr. Delgado’s scientific work began in the 1950’s, when his mind control tactics were funded by the Naval Intelligence and the Air Force. He proved through his vast research that individuals are defenseless against direct electrical manipulation of the brain because it deprives the person of the most intimate mechanisms of biological reactivity. By using electrical stimuli, the subject is unable to stop the biological response in his body. A person cannot override what the brain fires for the body to respond to. The individual is therefore rendered completely helpless. This discovery led to the 1960’s investigation into the strategy of directing microwave beams at targeted human beings from a distance. These studies found that microwave (ELF) beams created enormous anxiety and hyperactivity in those targeted, so much so, that it led to their complete physical exhaustion.

The plan to take over the mind of humans has been developed in stages. It has been going on for quite some time, and uniquely, it incorporates much of Tesla’s technology. The intent of Satan’s Plan is to take away a person’s capability of recognizing the difference between good and evil, thereby hindering their biological ability to exhibit freedom of choice. It is an evil system designed to allow the politically correct and so-called illuminated men to make all decisions for you and your family with their free will, while robbing you of yours. This has been Satan’s ancient agenda; to create a collective consciousness that will ensure evil progresses without defiance by Christians.

With the science of Nanotechnology in the wrong hands, dissenters will be faced with two choices after they have been implanted. That is, to either be surgically slaughtered internally by nanorobots for failing to follow the Antichrist, or simply just following the Antichrist out of fear of being internally slaughtered. Either way, one must follow the New World Order or their death will be immediately programmed and the robots will take action toward that end. Those around the person will think the individual died due to natural causes and will never suspect what is really going on. As nanorobots are perfected, they will have the capacity to attack the brain and damage areas where human emotions exist. This will produce an instant solution to the control of any rebel not willing to go along with the New World Order.

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