While the Philosopher’s Stone has remained an eternal puzzle and great mystery to many people for centuries, the real power of the stone may have always been inside us. Tavistock Institute. Part 143

The kundalini also seems to be a factor in the production of the Philosopher ‘ s Stone ,

Life is amazing! Every 13,000 years on Earth a sacred and secret event takes place that changes everything, an event that changes the very course of history. And at this moment, this rare event is occurring, but only a few people know. And most of those who do know have kept it quiet and hidden until now.

What I am speaking about is the Earth’s Kundalini. Connected to the center of the Earth is an energy that appears and behaves much like a snake as it moves, similar to the way Kundalini energy moves in the human body. It is this energy that gives rise to the spiritual seekers everywhere on Earth—not only in the ashrams, kankas, and monasteries of the world, but also even in ordinary life and ordinary people who, in their own way, are seeking God.

The Earth’s Kundalini Is the secret energy that is connected to the hearts of all of mankind. The Earth’s Kundalini is always attached to a single location on the surface of the Earth and stays there for a period of about 13,000 years. But then it moves to a new location for the next 13,000 years, based upon cycles of time, or what we call the Precession of the Equinox. And when it moves, our idea of what “spiritual” means changes. It transforms according to the new energies of the future cycle, leading us Into a higher spiritual path.

The bigger picture is this. The Kundalini has two poles, and one is in the exact center of the Earth. The other is located on the surface somewhere and anywhere in the world. It is the consciousness of the Earth herself that decides where it is to be. And there Is a pulse of exactly 12,920 years when the polarity of the Earth’s Kundalini changes to the opposite pole, and it simultaneously changes location on the surface of the Earth.

This new location not only rapidly wakes up the people living near this sacred point on the Earth, but also It sends a frequency into the electromagnetic grids surrounding the Earth. This, in turn, affects those consciousness grids In ways that are determined by the Earth’s DNA. We grow according to a set plan and design. To the few that know of this event and what is occurring all around us, a wisdom is transferred, and a peaceful state of being becomes their inheritance, for they know the awesome truth. In the midst of chaos, war, starvation, plagues, environmental crisis, and moral breakdown that we are all experiencing here on Earth today at the end of this cycle, they understand the transition and know no fear. This fearless state is the secret key to the transformation that, for millions of years, has always followed this sacred cosmic event. On one level, this means that spiritually the female will now have her turn to lead mankind (womankind) into the New Light. And eventually, this female spiritual light will permeate the entire range of human

In Kundalini Yoga , there is often a parallel drawn between these rivers and the awakening of the Kundalini – the serpent – power that lies dormant at the base of the spine

But amţita is hidden away in the depths of the ocean ; it can be obtained only by churning the sea .

A stone that makes gold and stops you ever dying!’ said Harry… ‘Anyone would want it: — The Philosopher´s Stone.

The prize is a Philosopher’s Stone – a precious jewel that is a great source of power. According to literature, the Philosopher’s Stone is a mysterious substance with astonishing powers. It is alchemy’s most famous symbol of transformation. Alchemists, who use knowledge from magic, philosophy, chemistry and psychology, have desperately wanted to make or find this stone.

Among its supposed powers is an ability to transform metal into gold. Such a stone also produces the Elixir of Life, which makes its drinkers immortal. Over many centuries, alchemists have tried to change crude materials into fine and flashy products. They have mixed poor ingredients together in the hope of getting rich results.

Working in secret laboratories, alchemists would blend gross chemicals like sulphur and mercury to try to produce pure gold. Alchemists were determined to turn raw and vile elements into something better, higher and more powerful. The true power of the Philosopher’s Stone, however, may be much more personal. Some experts believe that the power of the stone is not about transforming physical ingredients into material rewards at all. Rather, the stone represents powerful psychological change.

The stone symbolizes the achievement of inner power at the highest level. According to the Swiss psychiatrist Dr Carl Jung, great transformations take place deep inside the human mind and soul. And it takes time and experience for our psychological states to develop into something sophisticated or superior. In his famous psychoanalytical works, Jung believes the Philosopher’s Stone has strong psychological power and he calls it lapis philosophorum.

While the Philosopher’s Stone has remained an eternal puzzle and great mystery to many people for centuries, the real power of the stone may have always been inside us. The playwright Ben Jonson, for example, describes the stone in The Alchemist as:

A stone and not, A stone; a spirit, a soul, and a body, Which if you do dissolve it, it is dissolv’d. If you coagulate it, it is coagulated, If you make it flie, it flieth.

So, the stone has a spirit and soul – signs of psychological life. And it flies – just like hope and happiness are said to do. Sure enough, the word psyche in psychology also means the soul or the very essence of life, according to the ancient Greeks.

In her book Emotional Alchemy, psychotherapist Dr Tara Bennett-Coleman confirms that the alchemist’s stone is really about developing psychological power.

Alchemists, the tales go, sought to use a magical Philosopher’s Stone to transmute lead into gold. But lead and gold, in the more philosophical school of alchemy, were metaphors for internal states: the alchemist’s discipline was one of psychological and spiritual transformation. Alchemists realized the mystery they sought to solve was not outside but in the psyche.

Alchemy is about changing “our ordinary state of mind” from a “lump of coal” to the “clear awareness of a diamond” and turning “our confused and crippling emotions into the gold of insight”, says Dr Bennett-Coleman. With the right approach, all people have the power to turn their heart-breaking experiences into rich psychological rewards.

Thus, the whole goal of the alchemical art lay in “the general idea that the powers of the cosmic soul must somehow be concentrated in a solid, the philosophers’ stone or elixir, which would then be able to carry out the transmutations that the alchemists desired.”

It was an attempt to reconstruct, for specific cases, the descent of specific minerals from that undifferentiated “cosmic soul” or medium as exactly as possible, in order to incorporate that “cosmic soul’s” very powers of transmutation in ordinary matter. As Holmyard states it, “The underlying idea seems to have been that since the prime matter was the same in all substances, an approximation to this prime matter should be the first quest of alchemy.”38 The ability to confect such a “philosophical gold” would indeed give its possessors an awesome power.

You can see how the same fundamental principles apply to every level, and how the Stone is a real and physically obtainable substance which follows the exact same principles.

It elands from the earth to the km ex It wrath; the lights firm, the heights awl &sands to the meth entailing the sterol the ahem and the belowfor it is niththe hgW of the bet It mends from the earth to the Imam again it dean& to the earth old mann the form of things sprier and rafeeier. The earners from the earth into the tend even &sends from the sky to the earth. and remises the poser and effinay ?things above and of things halos: Ii abrisebfrom moth into Imam and gain it dearnde to the earth. and maims the pears of higher and of kw Minsk It repeatedly ascends born earth to heaven, and then descends Irons beaten to earth, thus teething power lions both the high and the low.

Again, direct instructions for making the Stone, now focusing on the Second Part of the practical operations. ‘the Stone is repeatedly evaporated (ascends) and condensed (descends), from this it becomes more purified and gains power (more life-orerry.)

The repeated change of state, between solid, liquid and gas, allows the substance to become purer and it increases the amount of life energy.

From a spiritual perspective you could say that our moving between the astral and physical planes, repeatedly dying and being hoe again, is an example of us perfecting ourselves, following the same principles.

Therefor the darkness flees it.

By this memuye shall beer the glory of the whole world that all obscurity shall fly from you. By this means yoy acquire the glory of the whole world, and so you will and drive away all shadows and blindness. Thus you will have the glory of the whole world. Therefore, all obscurity will flee from you. Then you will have the glory of the whole world. All ignorance will flee from you.

This is saying firstly that you will have the “glory of the whole world”, which is the highest honor in the physical world: the Philosophers’ Stone, which is the physical counterpart of the power of God.

Secondly, all obscurity, or ignorance, will Ike from you. This applies of course on every kveL It means that you will now understand so much about the workings of Nature, and no longer be ignorant, and new knowledge will come to you easily it will be easy for you to see the truth from the lies. It also means, from the physical standpoint of making the Stone, that once past a certain point of purity, the Stone will very quickly be able to become more pure. Once it gets passed a tipping point, the Stone will convert impurity into its own pure form, as opposed to being diluted or corrupted by any dense or impure particles (exponential development.)

The greatest power overcomes everything that is subtle and it penetrates all that is coarse. Its force is above all force, for it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing. For this by its fortitude snatches the palm from all other fortitude and power. For it is able to penetrate and subdue everything subtle and everything crude and hard. Of all strength this is true strength, because it will conquer all that is subtle, and penetrate all that is solid It is true force and the most powerful, for it conquers all subtle things and penetrates all solid things.

The Stone will convert all subtle and undetermined things into its own form, and for solid (determined) things it will penetrate them and bring them towards their true perfection. This is why it will protect a life-form from decay, and it will turn any metal into gold. It penetrates all things and encourages them to reach their full potential.

All things: all matter, all worlds, all frequencies, all universes, all planes, are adaptations of the same thing, following the same principles. It starts with the One, and from there each level is a distorted reflection, an adaptation of the same thing, each level being a reflection of the level above. This is how all things are made. This is why the physical world exists. This is what it is. This is what all things are.

The scholars made this their path. This is why Thrice Hermes was exalted with wisdom. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. And because of this they have called me Hermes Tristmegistus since I have the three parts of the wisdom and Philosophy of the whole universe. Therefore am I named Thrice-Great Hermes, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world

This is the path of knowledge. Hence I am Hermes Thrice-Great, having three parts of the philosophy of the whole world.

Alchemy is the path of knowledge. One of the more difficult paths to enlightenment, reserved for the wise and intellectual. Traditionally that was so, but now is the time of alchemy.

Hermes is “thrice-great” (three times great) because he was the custodian of the three sacred sciences: alchemy, astrology and geometry. The three sacred sciences are all related to each other of course, since like everything else they follow the same principles.

According to Hermes, this should be all that is necessary to fully understand. That is assuming you already have a good understanding of philosophical principles. I hope that my commentary has helped you to understand The Emerald Tablet and see the truth of alchemy.

It is the operation of the sun because the sun is a level above us and a symbol for the Stone. The same principles apply on every level.

A fundamental truth, without error, perfect and complete. As above, so below; the greater and lesser; macrocosm and microcosm: they are the same. Following this principle, all things were made from the One. And as all things arose from a thought by the One; thus all things were formed as an adaptation of the One.

This is the fundamentalprincipk Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, it is carried by the wind, it is nursed by the earth. Its power is complete if it can be turned into earth. Separate the earth from the fire; the subtle from the dense, the light from the heavy; with care and wisdom. It repeatedly ascends from earth to heaven, and then descends from heaven to earth, thus receiving power from both the high and the low.

Then you will have the slog of the whole world All ignorance willfkefeom you. It is true force and the most powerful, for it conquers all subtle things and penetrates all solid things. This is how the world was made. Each level is a reflection of the one above; the microcosm is in accordance with the macrocosm. Now you know how all things are made through adaptation from the One. This is the path of knowledge. Hence I am Hermes Thrice-Great, having three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. I have said all that is needed concerning the operation of the Sun.

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