When we incarnate on Earth, the Archons maintain control over us through the distorted space-time structure with implants which confuse the human mind and emotions. These implants are crystals that are programmed and were put into mental, astral and etheric bodies of every human on Earth. This was done with strong electronic mechanisms. On the etheric and lower astral planes, they maintain the artificial intelligence technology that holds the Matrix in place. This Matrix has a built-in alarm system that alerts these Archons if an awakened being creates a hole in the Matrix with his Light. If that occurs, they send a Reptilian slave warrior to put pressure on the psychological weak spots of this awakened person in order to lower his vibration and close the hole in the Matrix. In addition, those Reptilian slave warriors constantly put pressure on the mind and emotions of incarnated humans on Earth in order to prevent their spiritual growth and to suppress their fight for freedom. Their power is in fear and all of their hidden agendas-all of the cover-ups. They are losing all of their power in the face of the Light, truth and courage on the part of the humans on Earth.

Control of Human Consciousness

Meanwhile, the Archons, having assumed control of humanity on the Inner planes, furthered their domination over humans by designing ways to hijack the karmic wheel and the reincarnation process of the human race and established themselves on the etheric and astral planes as the “Lords of Karma’. In doing this, they were able to determine to a large degree our life circumst-ances when we incarnated into a new body.

They’ve essentially considered humanity their ‘herd” that is here for them to feed off of. so they’ve kept us on the wheel of karma, stilling our opportuni-ties for attaining liberation from it.

The Dark Force beings existing in physical form began breeding with certain humans and also recruiting others as their “minions; thus creating the Cabal and Illuminati bloodlines which would serve to keep humanity in line. In the past. there were the royal bloodline sovereigns and priests who acted in this role.

Today these royal bloodlines are mainly hidden in our political military. religious and corporate structures. The energetic Veil technology still in operation today also includes the placement of implants in our etheric bodies, designed to suppress the consciousness and prevent spiritual awakening.

The technology also helps prevent us from being able to form a coherent telepathic consciousness with each other. whereby we could become dangerous to them. They also use Al and (drones) to monitor our thoughts and steer us away from information that would help us grow spiritually.

The Fall of Consciousness

So this is a rather dark version of the story of the Fall of Consciousness Into the extremely dense Third Dimension with all its inherent distortions and anomalies causing Immense suffering. We have been living In this fallen state for these last 25.000 years or so. It’s important to recognize what this fallen state of humanity has entailed, as we tend to simply take the aspects of our fallen state for granted since it’s all we’ve known for so long. We no longer have reference points of what is like to be living in a civilization of beings who are not existing as a fallen race.

The “fallen’ state Involves the fact that life Is generally fraught with difficulty. The human condition is dominated by the struggle for survival, and much of humanity lives in poverty. barely maintaining the necessities of life. Most of our time and energy go into obtaining food and shelter.

Additionally. we experience illness, difficult aging, suffering, and physical death. Relationships on earth often bring deep disappointment, sorrow and heartache, and many people are alone, abused or emotionally lost. Any sense of true fulfillment is rare and usually fleeting All but a few exist in a state of separation from the Divine and forgetful-ness of their own divine nature.

The fallen state of our planet also means that just about all of our institutions are corrupt, and that no matter how hard we try to change or replace them. corruption always seems to take over again. Most countries are unable to live in peace with one another: and despite all the efforts of those desiring peace throughout history, we still fight and kill one another. And always the innocent suffer.

Most of us generally accept that this is just ‘how fife is”. It’s what we’re brought up to believe, what we learn in school. Life Is struggle. you have to work to survive (unless you’re one of the very few fortunate ones), and life always has sorrow woven through it.

Unbeknownst to most people, in the many unfallen civilizations existing throughout the universe, none of this is true. What we generally experience in life here is due to our fallen state as a species. It’s a result of the fact that we live behind massive energetic barriers which keep the Light of the Creator from us. Although all of this is at long last changing at a fairly rapid pace, we are still somewhat at the effect of these controlling forces that were set in place thousands of years ago.

What does This All Mean?

Think about all this for a moment. We’re being told that we are a race enslaved by other hostile races and have been for thousands of years. If this is all or even just somewhat true, consider what it might mean, not only for humanity as a whole, but for each of us as individuals. If, indeed, we have been held as hostages in quarantine, if we have had implants inserted into our consciousness to control us with negative programming that holds back our awakening to Source, and if we have been incarnating over and over again through a karmic system designed to keep us unaware of who we really are – what does this all mean about us?

Mankind is kept in a spiritual sleep state which is constant fed by fear and concepts of ignorance. In this state people are easy manageable and controled, and they believe there thoughts belong and come from themselves, and therefore thinking they are totally free. Its when they awakening they will understand which the surrounding is made of and who we living around. They will then understand Mankind is living within the Archons Matrix or the Prison of the Mind (ego). We are enslaved into the Matrix, kept captivated in a cave of ignorance and won´t understand we have to fight all the way for freedom and liberation from the clutches of darkness (ego).

If someone spiritually awakens everyone (the collective ego) will turn against them and partcipating in spiritual, psychological and political warfare of terror, This include friends and family. Everyone will try to prevent an awaken person to advance or spiritually progress, and therefore prevent them from changing the program that keeps mankind within this MInd Prison.

They will do anything to prevent awakening people ftom raising their inner frequency. If they trying to raise their inner frequency they will be bombarded with low frequency information to put pressure on their mind and keep them in a constant state of oppression or in a constant state of a slave to them.

Therefore, frontrunners or awaken souls is spiritually and psychological beaten up in a kind warfare they have to manage to break through. They are constanly bombarded with methods of psychological warfare, mind control and brainwashing.

The more the awaken people advance or raise their inner frequency the harder the will bombard their minds with information, sounds or frequencies to create doubts, confusion, havoc or breakdown.

One individual o a few awaken souls can make a difference and even change entire organizations as well as society. These are the legacies that can transform the world and create a new wave of collective consciousness.

Collective Consciousness

The Mystery holds the key to our future. All we have to do is be willing to enter it and be changed by what we learn if we are to avoid the potential global nightmares hanging over us. We will have to let go of much of what we believe we ‘know’ if we are to create a sustainable future. For example, love and compassion as they are popularly understood through religious teaching will not suffice if they continue to be rooted in egocentric and ethnocentric values. The time is clearly here for us to come to some deeper spiritual understanding of our future as a human community. We have to encourage the awareness of our collective consciousness in order to balance the rapid development of technology. There is no denying the extent of the interdependencies that already exist and that are strengthening every moment. The issue is whether our consciousness can expand quickly enough to include the levels of complexity created by the vast differences in ideologies and values that exist throughout the world. Are we capable of operating from a mindset of alliance, breaking out of the patterns of our conditioning and honouring the power of the collective? Paradoxically, such a change can only take place one person at a time.

There is seven layers which can be seen as separating us from Spirit. or as a means for coming into union with Spirit. Related to our own energy bodies on a macrocosmic scale are the seven cosmic shells that Gnostics consider to enclose the earth, separating man from God.John Michael Wenzel writes that Gnostics consider that these are “the scats of the Archons (rulers), which are the seven planetary gods borrowed from Babylonian astrology.

The Archons collectively rule over the world, and each individually in his sphere is warder of the cosmic prison” (Wenzel 1996). these Archon bar the way of the soul that seeks to ascend after death in order to prevent their escape from earth and their return to God. The true person is the innermost soul, whose origin is not of this world.

The soul, or true identity. is so encased in these layers that it is not aware of its existence. Henry describes these layers as -vestments” or “soul garments.” and states that “the only escape is to acquire self-knowledge and to ignite the divine spark- (Henry moo). Gnostics aimed to work through the layers in which man is encased and return to the natural state in union with the light. Knowledge of the spheres in which the earth is enclosed helps the Gnostic to understand what he has to achieve. so that he can open the spheres and pass through them and move towards union with God, just as when the body dies, the soul travels up through these spheres discarding each layer.

When layered onto the labyrinth, your journey has several similarities with the work of the Gnostics. You can see your seven energy bodies as being similar to those described in Gnostic texts. Awareness is gained through gaining knowledge and awakening the soul, just as you are doing with the labyrinth. Becoming more aware of these bodies is part of the process of working through the barriers associated with the seven cosmic spheres of the cosmic architecture. Labyrinth work assists you In becoming more aware of your energy bodies so that you can work with them and progress on your spiritual path, gaining enhanced self-knowledge and illumination.

Your spiritual body contains within it all your other bodies, and is your connection to everyone and everything. Even if you cannot easily feel your connection with oneness, your spiritual body is a body of potential, holding the image of oneness for you. It is always there for you. It is just a matter of time when you connect with and become part of this oneness.

With the dissolution of the Matrix, a new reality is happening for your people, and that is reincarnation but on a natural path of ascension as is enjoyed by every other in your universe, and this of course, is the natural cycle of choice by the soul.

When you fear, you allow yourself to remain stuck in the Matrix system. Yes. You allow yourself to support the Matrix system, to energize it, and to remain deluded into this falseness as you always have been.

What does the Archons fear most? They fear Oneness and they fear everyone that has awaken in the journey from DUALITY towards ONENESS. The ego is exist in a state of duality and can´t exist in a state of Oneness, because higher frequencies dissolves the lower Nature of Man th Archons keeping mankind tuned into, by feeding our minds with low frequency technology, low culture, fear based news/media, and fear based and predictable programming through the movie industry.

David Icke says; make an attempt to reconcile these two positions, with human and non-human beings portrayed as parts of one greater entity; humans and reptilians, while ‘real’ within this Infinite Oneness, have forgotten that they are essentially parts of the same being (Icke 2003, 329-30). For Icke, then, although it appears from the everyday point of view that humanity has been enslaved by powerful, secret forces, from a higher level, this situation continues only because we allow It to.

Nevertheless, Icke stresses that the possibility remains for individual human beings to see through the illusion that the world of four dimensions is all there is by gathering and ordering information and reconnecting with Infinite Oneness. When enough individuals realize this and choose love and oneness over fear and separation, the Time Loop collapses, and humanity is transformed:

“Only by triggering and expanding a reconnection with our higher levels of being will we have access to the information and love that we so desperately need in order to heal ourselves … we stand on the threshold of indescribable and incomprehensible change (Icke 1994).

So much of our 3D world has run on deception, manipulation, deceit, lack of transparency, and non-vulnerability. So much of its manifestation has been fed by fear. These lower vibrational frequencies only sustain when we are disconnected from parts of ourselves, our soul bigness, our Higher Heart, our sense of Oneness connection, and our connection with Divine Source.

They have ‘ruled our world’ because they were meant to for a phase of time, for the phase of ‘Dark Ages’ that we all signed up to experience, as these energies needed to be purged from humanity’s collective unconscious. We have been collectively experiencing a Dark Night Of The Soul, even as many of us are waking up into a Light Day Of The Soul phase as our next Now.

The ability of parts of you to hide much of anything from yourself and from others is greatly being challenged by the influxes of love and light waves flowing in from the Divine. The light invites you to illuminate what has been in shadow within you and to bring it into your awareness and consciousness.

The pure love invites you to embrace what has been previously judged, suppressed, and resisted within you in order to heal the fear-based frequencies INside and transmute them into love. ‘

Affairs’ of any kind become impossible with the high vibrational frequencies that are being offered to us now. Withholding becomes unappealing as the truth wants to just burst through your opening heart and your expanding soul. Self deception and deception of others runs out of ground inside you as the cost to the heart and soul is too great.

The more that a personal disclosure has been occurring in your life through the awakening process, the less it will impact you as the global disclosure occurs. The more transparent you have been in your own life, the less it will affect you as the lack of transparency on a collective level is revealed and purged. The more parts of you have let go of 3D conditioning and lifestyle, the less it will rumble through your world when some of the 3D systems collapse. The more you have energized and chosen a love-based life for yourself, the more this higher timeline will unfold for you. Surrendering into the process of personal disclosure is where your empowerment is, rather than focusing too much on the global play outs. Going within to explore the inner terrain that is being revealed to you offers the most opportunity for growth. Surrendering to the bigger container of Divine love that is holding the process allows you to go within, leading with courage the exploration of this new inner landscape that is being revealed to you. You become like an explorer then, seeking out the next and the next NEW terrain inside. You then invite others to do and BE this with you as you connect to the Oneness energies of Infinite Love for which we are all connected and BElong and ARE!

The Creator God’s henchmen, the archons or rulers of this world, wish to prevent the soul from reuniting with the God and a state of ONENESS. Instead they were determined to prevent men from achieving liberation, and regaining their destiny as the image of God.

LIBERATION is the state of ONENESS and FEAR keeping mankind enslaved in the state of DUALITY. Therefore the mind-ego-duality will automatically target every awaken soul in their journey from duality towards Divine-Oneness-Consciousness.

The Archons on Earth has designed a mind, reality and world to suppress the real consciousness and prevent spiritual awakening or spiritual advancement.

“Those Reptilian slave warriors constantly put pressure on the mind and emotions of incarnated humans on Earth in order to prevent their spiritual growth and to suppress their fight for freedom. Their power is in fear and all of their hidden agendas-all of the cover-ups.”

Therefore the Archons building up a constant high pressure of a constant stress on awaken souls minds. But the awaken soöus will never move from their journey forward and it will just reverse and put much more pressure on their own energy grid and make it thinner and weaker, until the veil of ignorance is pierced. The key of understanding is to not move anywhere, but just handle the higher pressure. This is what´s fuels the fusion process towards Oneness. The more pressure they create against awakens souls and they don´t move anywhere, the faster they will be able to pierce the veil of ignorance and break through the energy grid, or exit “The Matrix” or the prison of mind. Then they are free from the clutches of the ego and enslaver of mind. Then the ego has become under control of mass consciousness, people will turn against the awaken soul with all form Archon based warfare psychology to push them back in line and back to the fear state of mind. Scriptures says; fear not, and the one´who overcome fear will recieve the white stone or manna from heaven. Therefore they fear “fearless individuals” because they will continue their journey until they reach the state of Oneness, matter what.

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure”.

Within the human being too a sharp distinction is drawn between body and spirit. Each person has a divine spark (pneuma), which comes from the divine world of light and has fallen into this world. The Archons try with all their might to keep these sparks imprisoned on earth and in humans, so as to prevent them from ascending to the divinity (Oneness), of which they were originally a part.

The divine spark or inner person is asleep, but must awaken and be liberated by means of knowledge (gnosis) both concerning God and humanity and its world. This knowledge is gained when an envoy from the world of light manages to get past the Archons to wake up the inner person and give him or her gnosis, by means of which he can ascend and force the Archons to let him through.

As regards the Shadow, the coming mutation will trigger the end of our addiction to the drama of life and the beginning of our discovery of what true freedom really means. At its core, the Shadow conceals the longing of consciousness to return to its own unity, although this is most commonly expressed as the romantic longing for the perfect soul mate. There is a wonderful Hindu myth known as Indra’s Net in which the cosmos is seen as an infinite lattice with a jewel at every junction in the net. Within each individual jewel every other jewel is perfectly reflected. The Shadow casts a veil over these jewels, thereby keeping humanity trapped within the net and unable to experience the unity of all things. With the coming shift, our awareness will finally be able to slip through the strands of the emotional net that has kept us in a state of victimisation for so long.

Both movies – despite their brilliance – in the end recoil from the full implications of their scenarios. They assume that the humans trapped within the matrix have an authentic self, which remains untouched by all the technological manipulations, and that beyond the matrix awaits an authentic reality, which the heroes can access if they only try hard enough. The matrix is just an artificial barrier separating your inner authentic self from the outer authentic world. After many trials and tribulations both heroes – Neo in The Matrix manage to transcend and escape the web of manipulations, discover their authentic selves and reach the authentic promised land.

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