What the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Secret societies, Bilderberger Group, Committee of 300 fear most is; A fully awaken kundalini person and awaken in Christ can become the most powerful person on earth. Kundalini transformation is a metamorphosis into a new species of human beyond the ego-mind

Kundalini transformation is a metamorphosis into a new species of human.

Throughout history, many individuals have awakened their Kundalini. All the outstanding personalities of history—from great kings to enlightened saints and from painters to state leaders—would have had an awakened Kundalini. They may have not done this through conscious yogic practice but through the intense practice of righteous actions.

Metamorphosis With the awakening of Kundalini, a cathartic transformation takes place. It has little to do with one’s religious or ethical considerations. Simply stated, you have found new freedom, the freedom to do anything you please without social or personal shackles. When Kundalini awakens, the physical body reacts and adapts to that awakening: the cells in the body are completely charged and a process of rejuvenation starts. The voice changes, body odor changes, and hormonal secretions are completely altered. The rejuvenation of brain and other body cells takes place at a much higher rate than normal.

Why bother with Kundalini Awakening? Your motivation is the most important factor in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It can waken psychic abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance, it can make you have a mystical experience, it can help you change your body, and perhaps even change your destiny (if you believe in destiny).

However, if you want to fill that void of existential meaninglessness, then you would pursue the communion of Shiva and Shakti. These are the greatest forces within you, and they enable a grand experience of the universe. You will know how the entire universe gains its meaning from your enlightened self. Samadhi, Nirvana, Liberation… make sense. You will have the power to consume Reality!

Kundalini Energy does not stay still. Even with no attempts at awakening it, this energy will manifest itself. However, modern man is so obsessed with objectivity that he diminishes the importance of his subjective voice. Objectivity is not the ultimate authority on what we perceive as reality! Kundalini Yoga belongs to the tantric tradition that states how expansive the mind and our consciousness can be. This supreme quality of human character has been ignored since the Industrial Revolution.

Why does the rulers, the illuminati and all secret societies keep knowledge from the masses? In this way they can control everybody’s mind and destiny, and keep them suppressed and connected to the ego-mind, and at same time keeping them disconnected from their Divine, Higher Self. Scriptures says, Luke 11:52; “Woe to you experts in the law! You have taken away the key to knowledge. You didn’t go in yourselves, and you hindered those who were trying to go in.”

A fully awaken kundalini person and awaken in Christ can become the most powerful person on earth. A warrior for Christ who cannot be shamed into silence, can-not be intimidated, cannot be made to conform, cannot be controlled by earthly forces, is a nuclear force in God’s holy arsenal. He is the sort of Christian who crushes empires and conquers civilizations.

Eckhart Tolle wrote; “The ‘second coming’ of Christ is a transformation of human consciousness, a shift from time to PRESENCE, from thinking to pure consciousness, not the arrival of some man or woman.”

The Singularity Archetype cannot be located in linear time and is not reducible to a premonition of particular outcomes or predetermined futures. It could, however, be viewed as a -strange attractor,”9 a not fully formed pattern associated with the future that is affecting individual and species in past and present. Another way of defining the Singularity Archetype (in its collective form) is as a resonance, flowing backward through time, of an approaching Singularity at the end of human history.

The Singularity Archetype is a critical point where transformation, in ways impossible to fully anticipate, will greatly shift human consciousness and therefore the nature of “reality.” From an ordinary, grounded human perspective, this Singularity may be perceived as apocalyptic extinction. From a more cosmic perspective, the Singularity is revealed as a transcendent evolutionary threshold. The Singularity Archetype, however, is not merely located in the future, but has also existed in the past and is very much alive in the present as well. It reflects the potential that exists in the species in real time and has relevance to individuals whose lifespan does not extend to the event horizon of the species.

There is no norm any more ; all is in metamorphosis . The energy of Kundalini is exploding outwardly into new creative technological forms — and inwardly into new forms of consciousness.

This evaluation of consciousness can only occur through the transformations brought by Kundalini and by no other agency , human or divine.

In modern times , we have lost our capacity to bestow sacredness to this transformation which is the herald of the future.

“The moment kundalini is awoken, passive thinking becomes active, and active will becomes passive. We can describe this moment of awakening by saying that our inner being acquires an active, i.e. productive thinking, and a passive, i.e. receptive will.”

The many meditations given by Steiner are an aid in this transformative process. Our capacity to perceive the spirit is acquired through transformation and metamorphosis of soul faculties into organs of perception for the supersensible. When as spiritual pupil we become able to withdraw the kundalini fire voluntarily from the organism, it becomes possible to free ourselves from the physical body ‘as if this were no longer presene.15 We can then voluntarily govern from within what hitherto streamed into us and governed and determined us from without. According to Indian yoga teachings the kundalini resides in all of us at the lower end of the spine; it is symbolically depicted as coiled and sleeping in the lowest chakra. Steiner

According to Indian tradition the kundalini chakra lies between the six-petalled and ten-petalled Innis flower as a kind of intermediate organ.” Somewhat diverging in position from this, in Steiner’s works it corresponds to the organ which he calls the heart organ and etheric centre from which a network of rays issue to the various lotus flowers. in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds he gives the following account:

The purpose of this development is to enable a focal centre to form in the region of the physical hear, from which streams and motions emanate in the most manifold spiritual colours and forms.

In reality this focal centre is not a mere point but a very complex configu-ration, a wondrous organ. It shines and glimmers spiritually in the most varied hues, and displays forms of great regularity that can change with great rapidity. And other forms and currents of colour flow from this organ to the other parts of the body, and also beyond it, pervading and illumining the whole soul body. But the most important of these currents flow toward the lotus flowers, infusing their separate petals and governing their rotation; then from the tips of the petals they stream outward and lose themselves in external space. The more highly developed a person is, the greater is the periphery around them in which these currents spread.

In his 1910 book Occult Science, an Outline, Steiner then describes the development of this heart centre as follows:

In the region that roughly approximates to the physical heart, we become aware of a new centre in the etheric body which configures itself into an etheric organ.

Movements and streams pass from there in the most diverse ways to the various parts of the human body. The most important of these streams pass to the lotus flowers, permeate them and their separate petals and then pass on beyond the body, pouring out like rays into external space.”

In Hatha Yoga, kundalini is connected with the elemental human spine and with our strength of I and will power.2I Steiner also speaks of these aspects of kundalini in the context of anthroposophy’s view of the world and human nature, and in relation to further important aspects of schooling. In a lecture on 26 August 1913 in Munich, for example, he says:

The strengthened sense of I one develops is an inner stability which we could call an elemental spine. We need to have developed both: lows flowers so that we can transform ourselves, and something resembling a spine in the physical world, an elemental spine, so that we can develop our strengthened I in the elemental world.

As preconditions for supersensible experience, Steiner speaks here, as often elsewhere, of the need to strengthen soul life and of ‘higher moral experiences’ such as stability of character, inner assurance, tranquility and courage.

The moment the lotus flowers have awoken, luciferic and ahrimanic spirits seek to usurp them and the elemental spine by connecting the lotus flowers too closely with the elemental spine.

This danger for higher development can be neutralized only by developing moral impulses and by inner cleansing (catharsis), without which a person would be chained and straitjacketed in egoisms and illusions.

The path to inner cleansing and self-knowledge is in turn connected with the kundalini power: ‘Through the kundalini fire, as it is known, a person can observe themselves from within ‘

Just as we only see objects in the physical sense world by virtue of reflected sunlight, the awakening of kundalini fire and kundalini light makes it possible to perceive soul qualities: ‘The moment we are able to illumine the soul with the aid of kundalini light, it becomes visible like an object upon which the sun shines its light.’

In the further course of schooling, kundalini becomes a light organ that also enables us to have vision of the world of spirit, ‘illumining the things of the higher world just as the outer sun illumines sensory things and creatures’.

A third stage follows ‘at which the “true I” awakens, the world-encompassing self-awareness which is able to receive the key to true knowledge’.

The Dionysian mysteries are a well-documented example of European initiation connected with kundalini power.

Sensuality transforms into love: it spiritualizes and ensouls itself. And the god who, for the Greeks in the mysteries, was close to this power of sexual maturity was Dionysus…. The god Dionysus is the last-born of the gods; that is, the Greeks saw him as the one who had brought human beings to their present state of autonomy…. Dionysus is the creator of autonomy.

Steiner sees the higher goal of this development in connection with overcoming the division of the sexes.

The ascent of the human being occurs initially through the overcoming of physical love; secondly through regulation of the breathing process, in relinquishing oxygen, the life of the plant; and thirdly by developing the kundalini light whereby we give back the light reflected by the mineral kingdom.

The discovery that a man’s etheric body is feminine, and the etheric body of the woman is masculine, was for Steiner one of the most ‘seismic inner soul experiences’.30 But this polarity is found in the astral body too. Starting from his account of every person’s astral body being hermaphrodite, with both a male and female half (the ‘second half’ of the astral body is feminine in a man and masculine in a woman), Steiner, in a notebook entry, situated the kundalini fire very precisely.

According to this, the kundalini fire is ‘the activity, initially warmth and light, which is kindled in the second astral body’.31 In a sketch, Steiner drew the stream of kundalini forces rising to the heart centre. Our upper and lower aspects meet in this stream.

According to this sketch, the new heart organ—expressly not identical with the heart chakra of the twelve-petalled lotus flower—is located between the ten-petalled and twelve-petalled lotus flowers. In Indian traditions this heart lotus flower occupies an independent position alongside the twelve-petalled lows flower and is often referred to as the ‘isle’ or ‘throne’ of jewels, upon which the vision of the ‘world teacher’ is seen.32 This points clearly to an affinity with the Christ mystery.

A further, subtle aspect of the kundalini fire is mentioned on only one occasion by Steiner, in a lecture he gave on 29 December 1903. He considers here what connects the astral body with the physical body and its organs when, during sleep, these two entities are detached from each other and the astral body is dwelling in the world of spirit. His answer runs as follows:

There is a kind of bond, a connection, which is a transitional matter between physical and astral matter. And this is called the kundalini fire. If you look at a sleeping person, you can always tract the motion of the astral body in the astral: you have a luminous streak leading to where the astral body is. You can always locate this place.

As the astral body moves farther away, the kundalini fire becomes correspondingly thinner, forming an ever more tenuous trail and increasingly coming to resemble a fine mist. If you observe this kundalini fire very carefully, you will see it is not uniform. Some places within it are more luminous and dense, and these are the points that lead the astral back to the physical. Thus the optic nerve is connected to an astral nerve by a denser pan of the kundalini fire.”

Pursuing the path from above downward, starting with thinking and the realm of cognition, and passing from there to the life centre, we can connect this with the biblical image of the Tree of Knowledge. The opposite path, from below upward, is by contrast connected with the Tree of life. Kundalini initiation alters and completes the initiate’s con-figuration of supersensible bodies by reintegrating the qualities of the Tree of Life that were lost at the Fall:” In contrast to most yoga traditions which cultivate the life energy rising from the lower life centre, the western, Chris-tian schooling path embodied by Steiner starts in our upper centre of consciousness, in thinking and the I. From there, the heart centre is then first developed. What is called the ‘etherization of the blood’ underlies this path. From the heart, light-filled, etherized blood rises to the head region. There, in connection with the pineal and pituitary glands, it becomes an active energy by means of which, according to Steiner, we can redirect our thoughts into the lower, living realm of metabolism. The etherized blood here helps to free our thoughts from egoism and dependency on the physical organs so that they become capable of perceiving reality:

Just as in the region of the human heart a continual transformation of the blood into etheric substance takes place, so a similar process occurs in the macrocosm. We can understand this if we direct our gaze to the Mystery of Golgotha, and to that moment when the blood of Christ Jesus flowed from his wounds

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