Western countries thinking they should have the monopoly on power and industry, and this include the power of your own consciousness (that´s why the Illuminati will create a Global World Brain and a One World Government). Without an open heart you can get just so far. Therefore, we have access to what we need in those worlds and dimensions, but we still are not whole in consciousness. We lost our wholeness as our consciousness became cloudy or blocked with Earth level density. When the density of Earth began blocking parts of our energetic supply (Divine Life Force), we had to find other ways to generate energy. Interestingly enough there have been periods in our recent history in which people in the Western world have been purposefully and specifically cut off from learning about our internal energies. Over the last 2 thousand years there has been a very purposeful movement to externalize God and remove any knowledge that every person has the ability to connect to and BE God by going inside themselves.

Western countries thinking they should have the monopoly on power and industry, and this include the power of your own consciousness. Therefore the human ego-mind is tuned into a low vibrational frequency world, and mankind is cut off from be able to shifting their mass consciousness into a higher frequency. The next step in this process is to connecting everyones minds to the computerized Global World Brain.

Mass consciousness

In the spiritual states between Earthly incarnations and in other more physical worlds in the many Universes, our developmental stage is the same as when we are on Earth. However, we are focused on those particular worlds and dimensions. Therefore, we have access to what we need in those worlds and dimensions, but we still are not whole in consciousness. We lost our wholeness as our consciousness became cloudy or blocked with Earth level density. When the density of Earth began blocking parts of our energetic supply (Divine Life Force), we had to find other ways to generate energy, learning that different types of thought forms, emotions, and behaviors provide different intensities of energy. We began pulling from one another. In time, we have formed a group-mass type of consciousness that is very dense, heavy, and vibrationally slow. In order to break out of this mass consciousness, each one of us has to start consciously reconnecting with Divine Life Force, reworking one’s system (body, mind and spirit) to be able to vibrate once again in the Higher frequency ranges.


There are many zones of influence that exert power over us whether we realise it or not and they come in many forms. —) We are connected to mass consciousness thought and belief from societies, media, friends, family and politics and all this impacts on our belief bank. Unless we actively guard against this other power gets in and we absorb it as our own. We need to be aware of its manipulative power, guard against it, block and throw it out. Basic belief self-defence is a good starting point to block and change this outside power.

Once an awareness , no matter what the awareness is , reaches a critical point within mass consciousness , this awareness can touch everyone’s individual consciousness.


Governments tell us what to do, marketing companies hound us, media pressures us, advertising aims to bend us to their needs, movie stars, films and books influence us, and people in power argue about what is right and wrong.

Ignorance is but fear blocking reason and enlightenment. Mass consciousness is now generating great fear and hysteria, which is causing the physical manifestations of the weakness to increase upon planet Earth.

Most importantly you have to understand how the mass consciousness affects your ability to connect to the purity of

How To Transform Your Perceptions

There are some principles invoked with transforming your perceptions:

Understand your perceptions are an intangible creation in your life that determines your emotional triggers and your creative ability. Understand this is a powerful step in transforming your perceptions because you are now aware that you have a choice of living with limiting perceptions. or transforming your perceptions to heal your emotions and expanding your creative ability to manifest your desires by allow ing the power of divine lost to flow through your chakras.
Understand the power of divine love is the highest vibration that is able to connect with all other creations in existence and transform the vibrational rhythm pattern of these creations. The greater your connection to divine love. the more powerful your ability to transform your perceptions of pain. fear. and limitation. The key is to connect to the purest source of divine love possible.

The most powerful source of divine love that exists that can be used to transform your perceptions is located in the now moment. The now moment is a state of existence beyond time and the limitation of space where the illusion of the ego. of emotions, of limiting perceptions cannot exist. simply because the purity of divine love Uansfonns these lower vibrational rhythm pattern creations back to the innate perfection within these creations. Flow you reach the now moment is by living each one of the combat transformation principles. each of which arc designed to transform your evermon, that separate you from your divine perfection. and to focus your unlimited freewill to connect to the power of divine love that exists in the now moment. You have to transform your perceptions of time and space. You meditate to expand your consciousness into the now moment. Most importantly you have to understand how the mass consciousness affects your ability to connect to the purity of divine love in the now moment.

If you stood in the middle of a vast stadium of pure white light that represented the transforming power of divine love. your freewill could set an intent to heal a limiting perception stored in your chakra. The vibrational rhythm pattern of divine love would connect to and raise the lower vibrations of the limiting perception. In this example there is a clear playing field between your creations and the purity of divine love.

Now add billions of creations of fear to this vast stadium of pure white light. This transforms the pure white light where you could see. touch and connect to pure divine love everywhere into a jungle of limiting perceptions that hide and distort your connection to the pure white light of divine love. To fix this problem of billions of creations of limitation blocking your access to pure divine love, humanity’s requests and prayers for help to higher awarenesses In the universe were answered with the solution of seven energy pathways being anchored by them on the planet as a gift.

It’s as if you had engineers who went through the jungles and built a road. so that you could now go through the jungle on your transportation much easier that cutting your v. ay through and fighting all of the tree limbs, all of the plants. and all of the things that were in the way. The seven energy pathways anchored to your planet simply have cut a path for you through the vast anointsof limiting ribuJonal rhythm patterns of the mass consciousness. These pathways are maintained the same as the road may be maintained. You need do nothing to maintain these pathways.

They are a gift to you. Just as the road is built through the jungle, you may or may not choose to use it. You may choose to still take a wandering path through the jungle, or you may never be interested in entering the jungle at all. You may never enter into the road that is there yet it is there, and it is maintained any time you wish to use it.

The same is true of the seven energy pathways, so long as they are a service to humanity, they shall be anchored and they shall be maintained. Clearing your chakras using a clear energy pathway is not something you could do in the past before the seven energy pathways were anchored to the planet. It’s very important to understand that, because you may have made a very definite attempt to work on transforming the perceptions stored in your chakra system. Without using the seven energy pathways, you are working with masses of energy without being able to clear the energy. You are only rearranging the perceptions in your chakras somewhat and at times being able to transform some of the perceptions that had collected there.

Set your intent to connect to the purest source of divine love you can and use the transforming power of this divine love to heal the limiting perceptions stored in your chakras. You can do this by connecting to seven energy pathways through setting your intent. You may want to see these pathways as light, or anything that serves you because the mind often needs a visual. Remember, energy is without definition and therefore, all this is, is clear energy without distortion. Your intent to enter that energy pathway simply puts your there. It isn’t difficult which is very important for you to know. See your perceptions travel from your chakras up into the pathways designed for them to be transformed by pure divine love. Then see your transformed perceptions returned to your chakras in a transformed state. To help you accomplish this read for the next ten days the following guided chakra clearing meditation:

Setting Your Heart on Fire

One of the highest skills wherein the practitioner wreaths himself in the Divine flames

The heart center feeds the upper chakras, and as it clears and becomes pure, the third eye chakra opens to a greater intuition and awareness, and the crown chakra opens to a higher consciousness. This purifying or clearing is like that of God’s refining fire…where the wheat and the chaff will be separated and “the chaff burned with unquenchable fire” (Matthew 3:12).

When the chakras are cleared, and the emotional and physical blockages are released, an opening in the crown chakra allows for an energetic exchange with the universal energy field.

……It also began the process of mass consciousness on the Earth to identify with masculine energies over feminine energies. mind over heart!

All too often people on the path of ascension spend so much time developing the light and wisdom aspects of self that they in essence close down heart. Without an open heart you can get just so far. The statement “God is love” is not a sentimental one but a fact. It is one of the essential qualities at the very core of this solar system.

The love/heart nature of God and ourselves is in dire need of attention as we seek to follow the path of initiation and ascension. What must eventually take place within each and every one of us is a complete integration of the four-body system with that of the higher bodies. In this process, none of the divine attributes that comprise ourselves on any level of our beings can be overlooked.

The lower-self qualities, or negative-ego qualities, must be brought under the control of the conscious mind and replaced with the higher, christed or spiritual qualities of the oversoul and monad. We must therefore work with that blessed attribute of love. In this process we clear away all hindrances to love’s true and full expression by working through the blocks that exist in our subconscious minds.

We likewise work with learning how to invoke the quality of divine love, which will descend upon us when called forth sincerely, as a downpouring from the very heart of God itself.

We begin with love. What is the nature and purpose of this divine heart-force that rises from the depths of our being? How does it melt the False Self and heal our relationships? And how can we participate in its sacred call to action?

In mystical consciousness, love is experienced as a divine force field that extends to infinity. It is conscious and its center is everywhere and wherever we are. In the experience of loving consciousness, there is no separation, no separate self, no other, only One. Beyond time, space and place, the power of love transcends all the artificial limits and beliefs imposed by conventional beliefs. Touch anywhere and we touch the whole, love anywhere and we love the whole, love the whole and we touch everyone and everything. Unlike a bank account, love never runs out, never, and we can never use it up. The more we spend, the more rises within, like a primed pump. The greatest gift of love is more love. Love can even affect the past and the future, for all is one, even time, and time disappears in love. When we immerse ourselves in the divine force field of love, we become what God is: Love. We discover all this when we learn to experience our own divinity.

This state of awakening consciousness and its subtle effects are real. They are what the world needs now to balance its endless call for more rhetoric, conflict, war, grandiosity and top-down agendas. Too often, our heroism simply moves the pieces of the problem around, like a never-ending chess game, changing nothing, for the self-idea and its intrinsic duality will always produce more actors to produce more tragedies. What’s the alternative? Wake up! Wake up as a Divine Human in a sacred world. Love is our ultimate goal, the Divine Human is the ultimate way.

Known as the Divine Plan, it included an accelerated period of consciousness-raising in the last years of Earth’s evolution that would awaken multitudes of evolved souls to their creative potentials and to their destinies to serve an evolution of consciousness on Earth. Reawakening to the power of the light within their hearts, they would begin a process of cleansing and purification to reintegrate the unified aspects of masculine and feminine intelligence. The evolutionary plan also included a promise to honor God above all.

People were to realize their divine connection as the unity that God had intended in the beginning and honor their promises to each other. The course was set as a divine destiny for humanity and for the Earth. A recent period, the “quickening”, awakened many to the potentials of their higher intelligence. It opened many hearts to the presence of God in their lives and sparked imagination to envision a more positive future, should enough of human-ity grow to the intelligence of love. Through consciousness raising efforts, many awakened individuals teach us that a mass consciousness shift will occur that will eventually transfigure the Earth and its inhabitants, completing Earth’s evolution and redeeming humanity in God’s eyes. However, the creative legacy of evil has proved more resilient than expect-ed, and as prophesied, there were many false prophets, as well as doomsday plans orchestrated by Dark Lords.

For when the mind is tranquillised and purified and the pure psyche liberated from the insistence of the desire soul, these experiences are free from any serious danger, — except indeed that of limitation and a certain element of error which cannot be entirely eliminated so long as the soul experiences and acts on the mental level. For there is then a pure action of the true psychical consciousness and its powers, a reception of psychical experience pure in itself of the worse deformations, although subject to the limitations of the representing mind, and capable of a high spiritualisation and light. The complete power and truth, however, can only come by the opening of the supermind and the supramentalising of the mental and psychical experience.

When we come into this world, we tie ourselves to matter, time and space: our temporary nature. There is also another side to us, one that is permanent and made from the matter of Invisible Light. When we are free of the restrictions of matter, and in the reflective light, we are alive in a refined copy of the physical body, but much more alive, sensitive and dynamic. When we are awake in this light, we can capture the true memory of nature and our motives, desires, and impulses. Opening heart and body to the earth expands us. Tavistock Institute. Part 42

“The blazing fire of sunlight”, “abundance of brilliance everywhere” – these poetic phrases convey the light of the eternal essence that Arjuna saw in the cosmic form. It is the same eternal essence that re-sides within all of us, but is covered with a layer of avidya or ignorance.

The energies of the first, the second and the third Tree are integral part of our structure. The Global Current of Creation (wherein each of us was an element as Original Human Seed), created and animated the different stages of the Mineral World, the Plant World and the Animal World. This Universal Management from which we are issued will continue through the construction of the tree of Man or tree of Fire, the Fourth Universal Journey.
To grasp fully the contents of each Journey, we should not lose sight. As soon as the Unitary Energy is differentiated, its densification begins level by level. At the time of the first Journey, the “Earth” one, the energy still descends, however it descends under its four aspects.

The four components of the Primordial Energy: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, are present during the first Journey in which only the Earth element will be awakened. The three other elements are inactive. On the second Journey, the Water one, the first element is activated, the second is awakened and the two other, always present, are still inactive. It will be like this up to the fourth Journey, which is still unfinished. We are therefore bearers of the four aspects of the Primordial Energy. The entity that each of us is today has never lived in the state of diamond, of rose, or royal eagle.

A Heart of Clay Becoming a Heart of Fire

Everything in the universe happens gradually. First, consciousness as identification conies about and form follows. Next mind and emotions evolve with their scaffolding of ideas for the building of knowledge and wisdom. Whatever the endeavor, gaining knowledge is based on binding the present with that which is believed to exist in the future. The first question one asks in this process is, “Who are we and how do we relate to the sun, the source of our system, be it humans, planets, or solar systems?” We originated from fire, heat, and light and we come from its elements: earth, water, and air. Subjectively, the sun is the sum total of heat and light. This Fire (mind) animates us and demonstrates as consciousness. The coming together of Spirit and matter, not only objectified the solar system, it also brought life and form into manifestation and provides the continuum of all human relationships.

On the lowest level, we are exact replicas in miniature of the universe including the sun. A veil of matter deeply hides everything, but the future is bright! In time and in due process, as the Wheel of Fire turns, all within that fire will correlate and assimilate the Flame of other forms, human or planetary, and all will eventually be complete in kind. We are all solar fires: a heart of clay becoming a Heart of Fire. We need to think optimistically about how we want our future to be. When we think about the future, proactively, it gives us increased power. We should see our planning as already happening and self-knowledge can contribute to that outcome.

When the human mind is on fire, it becomes a powerful weapon. A time will come when the warm breath of Cosmic Awareness will exhaust the dark sea of matter.

The more we explore this Inner Light, the more we will see similar parallels with the light of physics. Physical light and Consciousness have no mass; they are not part of the material world. Physical light seems to be necessary to the universe. The light of Consciousness is likewise necessary; without it, we would not be able to experience. The reality of the mind and the reality of the physical world share the same common pathways of the Light of the One Totality. When we return to the quietness of our Being, we are submitting to our future that has always been.

When we gain knowledge of the substance from which we surfaced, we can move into the true nature of our relations with fire/electricity. We then comprehend its quantity/quality and utilize it beyond present commercial uses. When we have discovered how to contact and use positive solar electricity in combination with our planetary electricity, human and earthly, we shall then see very benign conditions unfold in that ideal environment for happiness.

An individual optimistic view must be adapted in human for the preventative measures against poverty to take hold. A vibrant citizenry motivated by genuine politics of betterment will lead in finding the practical solutions toward overcoming poverty at all levels of the social stratum. The mind must rise above the concept of failure. Poverty is mirroring our collective social psychosis of wealth. Poverty and wealth both show a dislike for balance in the mutual interplay of the human magnetic field. This magnetic field bridges the underlying fields of the polarity poles of electricity, both large and small.

Idealistic minds and skilled scientists have said much about life, but with little purpose other than life being an education of the senses. Science has done little to lift the veil over the First Light of the Cosmos and the mysterious beginnings of life on earth. The more we try to penetrate through its vast levels, the more intense is the learning. Perhaps, somewhere along the way we will find that its mysterious ways lie in our own garden. Every molecule of the living body contains the germ of mortality in itself. It begins fading as soon as it is born so that its successor-molecule can pass on in its turn. Every part of the living being has some specific function in life and is a combination of such molecules. Through education, we transform the natural forces of life into feelings, will, thought, and conscious growth. Life and learning are everywhere and yet they are not permanent. We live and educate ourselves for decades only to find we have slept half of them away in the busyness of learning. However, life as an education becomes beneficial when we sense that space, time, cause and effects are but what we perceive within ourselves.

Because of our lack of transparency with the natural order of life, we tend to develop behavioral traits that are contrary to its order. As a spark of this order we are producing, evolving, and embodying the Cosmic Principle through the methods of attraction/repulsion and cyclic progress. When active intelligence utilizes the qualities of compassion and wisdom, eventually we will develop full self-consciousness that meets the needs of the indwelling thinker. In our struggles for strength and courage, in our laws to follow and faults to avoid, we will each forge the templates to bring out the best in us.

Whatever we do, say, or think in the physical world also penetrates the invisible world, or parallel universe. That universe becomes real only when consciousness anchors itself within that dimension. Once consciousness is within that dimension, its laws animate and govern, and the thinker awakens, either permanently or as a visitor.

When we come into this world, we tie ourselves to matter, time and space: our temporary nature. There is also another side to us, one that is permanent and made from the matter of Invisible Light. The life that flows into all forms (mineral, plant, animal, human) is an invisible substance that pervades space and serves as a medium for the transmission of light and other forms of radiant energy of the higher regions beyond the earth.

This invisible energy shapes consciousness so it can permeate the higher (mind), middle (heart) and lower (body) level of human existence in order for a relationship between oneself and one’s environment to take shape. Every person operates from one or a combination of these three parts of the self. Our behavior determines the nature by which we live life. By will we can ascend toward the higher or we can descend to the lower regions of action.

When we are just witnesses, we are alert and observe what is happening inside or outside of ourselves. As a result, there is no judgment and no attachment as to how one should be in the world. Our awareness then becomes a reference point of pure insight and not an action state. When we become overly attached to the action state, we fall into the lower self and become earth bound. When we are earth bound there are limitations to this invisible substance. However, when we are in the higher regions of the mind, these restrictions are no longer there and a commonality occurs between the heart and mind with each assisting the other in universal truth and equality.

In this higher state, the will of mind, powerful and rational, is now void of restrictions of matter and space. When consciousness and rationality are free from the web of another’s creation, the higher and middle parts can instantaneously create real places of refuge, real mountains and oceans, all front this Invisible substance.

When we are free of the restrictions of matter, and in the reflective light, we are alive in a refined copy of the physical body, but much more alive, sensitive and dynamic. When we are awake in this light, we can capture the true memory of nature and our motives, desires, and impulses.

Opening heart and body to the earth expands us.

The third element is Fire. The source of Fire and light in the solar system is the sun. In the human body, the source of Fire is the metabolism. Fire works in the digestive system. In the gray matter of the brain cells, Fire manifests as intelligence. Fire also activates the retina which perceives light. Thus, body temperature, diges-tion, the thinking processes and vision are all functions of bodily Fire. All metabolism and enzyme systems are controlled by this element.

Individual corporeality, the sense of one’s own body, gets transformed into the universal body which holds the potential forms of all things but in terms of their true nature. All of this connotes the potentiality of the Great Void.

In the heart flame healing system

Heart consciousness, to identify it with the Earth, is our shamanic intelligence. We have not yet begun to know who we are or what is avail-able to us. The biggest mistake of the eleven seconds we have been on Earth may have been to take ourselves as minds and bodies, directed only outwards. The psyche has its own deep mystery, wisdom and knowledge. We tune out its knowledge because we believe we cannot have it. How great is the power of our ideas to keep reality out.

As Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic philosopher put it: “You could not find out the boundaries of soul by traveling in every direction, so deep a measure does it have.” Earth is waking us up to the truth about our-selves. We are all, everything here, projections of God. There are no atoms in the void, but we are, very deeply, all connected with our source and with each other. All consciousnesses are interconnected.

Christ as a Wisdom teacher of the path of transformational love. Through his life and death, he made changes to and advanced the morphic field of all humanity, which enables us to truly follow that path. The journey is back to the heart of God, the divine compassionate consciousness from which we have come, and in whom we exist. That journey is helped by the practice of meditation and contemplative prayer as a means to attain unitive consciousness, a state of oneness with the divine, the “Sacred Unity.”

The Holy Vedas declares that within each of us resides the Atma—the divine spark of God that dwells deep in the heart.

God says: “Between you and Me, there are sev-enty thousand veils; but between Me and you, there are no veils.” Our work is to remove the veils. “Marry your soul,” says Rumi, “that wedding is the Way.” This is the work of aligning our person-ality to our higher self. When we accept our longings and bewilder-ment with compassion, deeper truths emerge organically and our divine identity asserts itself. Once the work of transforming the little self is under way, a cry from within bubbles up to the surface of our consciousness: “O my Sustainer! Open up my heart to Thy Light!” . We become aware at an experiential level that Divine Heart is in human heart.

And how do we open the window of our heart? There is the invaluable work of purifying our being and also the discipline of meditation and silence. These two practices bring us closer to the Divine Heart. But the essential work is to embrace not only the ten thousand joys of life but also its ten thousand sorrows. When we avoid or deny them, we are creating stone walls around our hearts and closing ourselves off from Divine Heart.

Our true names are not just our personalities, formed by our conditioned reactions to life circumstances, but also the gift of the Divine Breath bestowed on each of us. We need to make a distinction between behavior and being, between form and essence.

It is through man that God evolves himself and the universe, for man is the focus for the cre-ative evolution of God’s energy:” Whether or not Bergson and other philosophers of our time acknowledge the source of creativity and energy as God, they have glimpsed the process upon which hinges the function of consciousness. Bergson distinguishes between the consciousness of an animal and the consciousness of man.

He says: “In the animal, invention is never anything but a variation on the theme of routine. Shut up in the habits of the species, it succeeds, no doubt, in enlarging them by its individual initiative; but it escapes automatism only for an in-stant, for just the time to create a new automatism. The gates of its prison close as soon as they are opened; by pulling at its chain it succeeds only in stretching it.

With man, consciousness breaks the chain. In man, and in man alone, it sets itself free.”fl Since we know that animals are incomplete or limited expressions of the Word, having neither free will nor conscience, but only a group soul or awareness, we can agree with Bergson’s observations. Further on he says that “the movement of the stream is distinct from the riverbed, although it must adopt its winding course.

Consciousness is distinct from the organism it animates, although it must undergo its vicissitudes.’” For the student of Ascended Master Law, this statement is found to be startlingly accurate in the light of the knowledge of the Christ and the influence of the Word that affects all creation without being tied to the creation.

Nevertheless, the Word is molded by the cup of consciousness into which it is placed. “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.’” Bergson says that by no means is the brain indispensable to consciousness; and as proof of his theory, he cites the fact That “the lower we go in the animal series, the more the nervous centres are simplified and separate from one another, and [that) at last they disappear altogether, merged in the general mass of an organism with hardly any differentiation.

If, then, at the top of the scale of living beings, consciousness is attached to very complicated nervous centres, must we not suppose that it accompanies the nervous system down its whole descent, and that when at last the nerve stuff is merged in the yet undifferentiated living matter, consciousness is still there, diffused, confused, but not reduced to nothing? Theoretically, then, everything living might be conscious. In principle, consciousness is co-extensive with life.

Our hearts have unlimited power also. It is very important to understand this, but of course we realize that the frequency of God’s heart and the frequencies of our hearts are very different. To transform the frequencies of our hearts to the frequency of God’s heart takes great time and effort. The true secret is that it takes time to transform the frequencies of our hearts to the frequency of God’s heart. The easiest way for you to do this is to consciously reach up to the soul. It is the soul level that will open the heart fully, for when you exist fully as your soul your heart will be completely open, your experience will be unbounded expansiveness. Tavistock Institute. Part 41

A Divine Soul Song is a divine mantra. It carries divine power for healing and transformation of every aspect of life.

The first line of this Divine Soul Song, God gives his heart to me, means God offers his love, forgiveness, compassion, and light from his heart to our hearts and to every aspect of our lives. God is an unconditional servant.

The second line, God gives his love to me, means God gives his love to every aspect of our lives to transform them. God’s love can heal, prevent sickness, rejuvenate, prolong life, and transform relationships, finances, and anything.

The third line, My heart melds with his heart, means God and I are one. God and you are one. Heart touches heart. Heart melds with heart. God’s heart has unlimited power.

Our hearts have unlimited power also. It is very important to understand this, but of course we realize that the frequency of God’s heart and the frequencies of our hearts are very different. To transform the frequencies of our hearts to the frequency of God’s heart takes great time and effort. Singing or chanting the words to this Divine Soul Song is one of the best ways to transform the frequencies of our hearts. Every human being has a different spiritual standing. Every human being’s heart has a different frequency. In order to transform our heart frequency to the frequency of God’s heart, it takes different amounts of time and effort for different individuals, but in theory and in practice, we can transform our heart frequency to God’s heart frequency.

The true secret is that it takes time to transform the frequencies of our hearts to the frequency of God’s heart. The fourth and final line, My love melds with his love, means God’s love power can become our love power. My heart and God’s heart are one. Your heart and God’s heart are one. My love and God’s love are one. Your love and God’s love are one. But we must realize that the purity of our hearts is far from the purity of God’s heart. The unconditional service—which includes unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and enlightenment—in our hearts is far from the unconditional service in God’s heart. To attain the power of divine love, it again takes time to purify our hearts and to truly become a total GOLD unconditional universal servant. Soul touches soul. Our souls are touched by God’s soul. Soul melds with soul. Our souls meld with God’s soul. This is the ultimate goal and destiny of our spiritual journeys.

A great deal of this ability to open the heart lies in the ability to make a full and conscious connection with the soul, for, as you will understand, at a soul level all is love. There is nothing else that is more important in the frequencies of light than the concept of frequency and the vibration of love, for in the living light which is the substance and body of the divine creator this frequency of love is the most preponderant. You could say it is the one which contains many other frequencies, and because of this it is one of the dominant frequencies of the universe, for there are many sub-frequencies which lie within it.

This is the key frequency of love. It contains many of her frequencies, and when it manifests upon the earth plane it manifests in many forms. But in these forms there are always commonalities, and these commonalities will tell you that it is compassion that is present. There will never be a mistaking of compassion, for it is such a strong and dominant vibrational frequency. Connecting into the frequencies of compassion and opening the heart to the extent that you wish to do can be achieved upon the earth plane.

The easiest way for you to do this is to consciously reach up to the soul. It is the soul level that will open the heart fully, for when you exist fully as your soul your heart will be completely open, your experience will be unbounded expansiveness, an understanding of the true, unbounded and limitless abundance of all that there is. And this abundance especially concerns the frequencies of love, for there is no limit to love — it is all about you. By tuning into this abundance of frequencies, this abundance of love, of course you will tune into an abundance of all else your heart desires.

But the interesting paradox of human growth is that when humans open to true compassion they are no longer interested in all the abundance of manifestation in quite the same way. They find the simple sight of a butterfly, the ripple of water, the rising of the sun, to be more exquisite than any beautiful antique or lovely painting.

Although these two will still be appreciated as the beautiful products of skilled hands, yet it is the natural and divine-sourced manifestations which will give the most pleasure. And there will not be much pleasure in watching the accumulation of the money within the bank account, for this trivial manifestation is not one that introduces much joy. It may bring happiness, but this is a different frequency. But it is not an untrammelled frequency of joy, which is part of the compassion range.

The Earth transforms back to its original state of divinity and paradise and your heaven of dreams becomes real once again. All hopeful souls living and breathing collectively to the finer combustion of dreams come true. Restoration is natural; all creations are thriving and ecstatic when in the field of pure light consciousness. Nature returns to your hearts and you all become one in the sea of loving particle matter in the chi of life. Our hearts expand into the universal field of limitless potentiality and we find our piece of heaven on Earth. You embrace each experience with open arms and graciously accept the gift from the lessons of the heart. Our collective consciousness propels us into eternity, as we find our place closest to the heart of the kingdom of love. Our vibration exceeds the gravitational oscillations and this frequency becomes foreign in our universal soul. Our higher self consciousness knows of returning to the gates of love and actively participates in the loving arena of dreams come true.

The new consciousness of love for your millennium is for every earthbound soul to walk their journey as their higher self of wisdom and joy, to see only beauty and promote peace. Let’s hook up and come fully into the realization that separation is out of date and embracing one another as we always have, is truly how we return to the kingdom of love.

The universal problem on planet Earth is the division of frequencies of love. The ruling and dominating frequency on planet Earth today is ego-based frequency. This has been controlling and prevent mankind spiritual progress for eons of time, and generation after generation, and for thousends of years. The One who is control of planet Earth is the Reptilians and they promotes fear as their source of control. In other words they create and world, reaility, culture and enviroment based on inducing fear.

Become fearless means to understand the humans original state is eternal. Its has never been born or never dies, because the eternal is always eternal. Something that knows is eternal divine being never meeds to fear nothing or anything. This gives power to the journey towards Divine Consciousness. This strenghten braveness to overcome this dominating fear frequency and replaces it with high vibrational frequency of love.

The presence of the Goddess links us to the Heart and The Power of Love. The presence of God links us to the Mind and to The Power of Knowledge. The Power and Frequency of Love is the Universal Language of Sound linking the Heart and Mind and all of creation in perfect vibrational resonance with each other. The Power and Frequency of Love, once activated, has the power to connect us to an experience of essence that dissolves all fears and territorial boundaries and makes possible our unity with One Universal Consciousness. In that oneness of being, love prevails, and no one can ever threaten each other again.”

Without prior knowledge, People might have been inclined to reject the new information he was presenting without considering any of it. Instead, people allowed their mind to open and expand to embrace new ideas, allowing a fresh perspec-tive to fill their reality and world with greater meaning.

To get there One must walk through the Water Consciounsess and Fire Consciounsess

Through Water and Fire

The journey from eternity to eternity is a journey through water and fire. As we look from the center, we can look back to the water, or the flood, or the sinking of Lemuria, and Atlantis. Thus, there are many vague memories of a flood in the so called past. As we look to the so-called future, we an see the fire at the end of the beginning.

Thus, we must look both to the past and to the future at the same time in order to see what the journey through the water and the fire is. We have water on one side and fire on the other. Thus, the so-called lake of fire at the end of so-called time is not something to be ignored as the figment of someone’s imagination, nor is the water at the so-called beginning of time the figment of someone’s imagination.

Of course. both the water and the fire are of the imagination, but as we know, the imagination is as real as anything else. Thus, we are concerned with actual water and fire. The lake of fire is as real as anything is supposed to be, and it is not something that we should seek to escape. for we need to go through it in order to learn the lesson of fire and water. Thus, the place of safety is realized by going through the fire, and overcoming it. Thus, when one survives the water test, one has yet to survive the fire test. Thus, the Solar Travelers go through the lake of fire, for they are ready to create a new solar system.

Thus, the Solar Travelers reconcile fire with water. The Solar Travelers bring the water and fire together as one, yet not one. This is how the sun is cooled off, or how the creation is performed. We have a vague memory, and a record of how the creation took place in the so-called past, but now we can look forward to the new creation instead of looking back to the old one. The same creation is about to be performed again. Some wonder how, and some wonder when, and some wonder where, but the Solar Travel. as do not concerns themselves about these things, for they are there when the creation takes place. They are the creators of it. and are aware of the creation taking place.

Those who do not pass the water and fire test will not know when the creation takes place, for they will be taken out of creation while it takes place, and then put back into it after it is over, but they will not know how they got there, and the creation will again be a mystery to them until they pass the water and fire test.

Thus, the Solar Travelers bring the creation to the present, or the center where the whole play can be seen at the same time. Thus, the so-called beginning and the so-called end of creation are seen at the same time. Thus, the water that cools the fire is not in the so-called past, and the fire is not in the so-called future.

The water and the fire meet at the same time and become one, yet not one. Thus, fire and water become aware that they are the same thing. Thus, when the water and the fire meet, they become one. and then split. Thus, this brings forth the new creation. When the fire and water meet, creation ends. or is burned up. yet comes forth as a new creation. This is the point that creation an rest, for creator and creation have become onc, yet not one.

The creator is not separated from Its creation, nor is It just one with it. The creator and the creation both become aware that they arc one, yet not one. They are neither male, nor female, and birth and death is at rat. Thus, the creator first gave birth to every living creature. and then It gave birth to Itself. Thus, the creator is the creator of all things, yet the creator of one thing. Thus, the creator goes through the complete cycle of creation before It becomes aware that It has been crating Itself. Thus, each creation will eventually give birth to itself, or will go on creating until it does become aware of itself. Thus, the creator will create everything that can be imagined, and eventually it will get back to itself, and give birth to Itself.

It will then be neither male, nor female, but both in one that it is neither one, nor the other. Thus, the creator learns the lesson of creation, and can rest from Its labors. Thus, one learns to create without creating. for creation is seen for what it is. Creation is an illusion, yea reality.

Thus, when one gives birth to oneself and become the solar body or soul body, one can create something without creating it. Thus ones creations need not interfere with the creations of another. Thus, one an Mite, and then do away with the creation without it affecting another. Thus, the solar body an materialize something. and then dematerialize it. Thus, one eventually learns that creation is creation, yet not creation. It isn’t an easy lesson to learn. Thus, the journey through the water and the fire is the journey from creation to creation, or from eternity to eternity. Thus, the end time events are concerned with the so-called fire test.

Fire is not what it appears to be. nor is water, but we must learn the nature of them. We must face fire as we would death, or anything else. We know that death is not death, and birth is not birth, for they are one, yet not one. Thus, water is nor water, and fire is not fire, for they are one, yet not one. Thus, we must go beyond the illusion of things, and reconcile illusion, with reality.

When the Solar Traveler realizes that fire is an illusion, it can form a body that will undergo fire, or a body that is one with fire, yet not one with it. The solar body is one with fire. yet not one with it. The solar body is fire, yet not fire at the same time. It is water, yet not water at the same time. It is solid, yet not solid at the same time. It is infinite, yet finite at the same time. Thus, fire doesn’t burn the solar body, for the solar body is fire.

The sun doesn’t burn itself, for it is the sun, yet not the sun at the same rime. Thus, fire can be overcome, and the solar body has already overcome it. Thus, the fire test is being presented to the entire universe. It is not just a test that someone gives you, for the test is in accord with the nature of things. The tat coma at the end of a so-called cycle. The lake of fire is a tat, and you are not forced to take the test, for you are the one giving the test.

Another can pass the test, and be an example to you, but if you do not follow the example, and do it yourself, it won’t get done. The Solar Travelers can bear the wrath of God for you if that is what you want, and they will, for they always do, but your salvation comes by bearing the wrath of God with them.

One dies for all, yet all must die for one. One can lead the way, yet each must lead its own way. Thus, we can bear the wrath of God to-gether, yet not together. Thus, we can act as one, yet not one. Thus, to bear the wrath of God for another is to save oneself. Thus, you are not asked to give your life for another, for you must choose this for yourself. If you give your life for something that you didn’t actually do, you will be saved from the destruction, for you will reconcile fire with water. But if you do not choose to give your life for something that you didn’t actually do, you will die anyway without knowing why.

Thus, to escape the wrath of God, one must bear it. When one bears the wrath of God, one reconciles the God of love with the God of wrath, and bears the wrath and love of God at the same time. Thus, wrath is canceled out, and love is canceled out, and the solar one is born, yet not born. Thus, the lake of fire is there, but it is not what it appears to be. We see that all things end with the lake of fire, begin with the new heaven and earth. Thus, we go from the water to the fire, yet we never left it. We started at the center when we started our journey.

We started out as an unmanifested star, or sun, and. we end as the manifested sun. Thus, we never went anywhere. We are always on the sun. The Solar Travelers never move anywhere. They are always right where they are, and that is everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. Thus, the Solar Travelers do not need to seek shelter. They remain at the center of the sun through the water and the fire. There is nowhere for anyone to go to escape the so-called lake of fire, and the Solar Travelers know this, and go right through the fire.

Thus, we find that all things come back to the so-called center. The water on one side, and the fire on the other side are but two sides of the same thing. The water and the fire meet. Thus, all things meet at the center. Now we can see the nature of the one cosmic war chat rakes pace at the so-called and of time. We can see how the so-ailed battle of Armageddon will be fought, and why it is fought at the so-called center of the earth.

We can see how that they come from the four corners of the each to do battle, and why it is the battle that ends all battles. We can see that this battle is neither in the past, nor the future, nor the present, but in all these places at the same time. This battle takes in all from eternity to eternity. for it is the reconciliation of all things into one, yet not one. Thus, we find that we are always on the battle ground, for we never leave the center, except as projections of ourselves.

The only nape is the sun, or the center, and that is the lake of fire, but only the Solar Travelers know this. No matter where one goes, one is still at the center, for the center is every-where. This is why there is a cosmic battle being fought. The four corners of the universe appear to be opposed to one another. Thus, the four corners of the earth come to the center for battle. Thus, we can sec the nature of the four angels of the four corners that are ready for battle. We can see how this is the battle to end all battles. None an oppose the four angels, and this proves itself when it is tried.

The lesson is learned when it is seen that nothing is opposed to anything else. Thus, when this battle is ended, it will be seen that all things RC one, yet not one. The Solar Travelers start at the center, and end at the center. Thus, they never need to move anywhere, for they are everywhere. yet at one point. Thus, when the solar traveler comes back to where It started, It must end all conflict, or neutralize all things, and bring them into balance. This is what happens when one Solar Traveler returns home. That is, It ends all conflict within Its so-called small world, or the world of Its creation.

This so-called small world is equivalent to all worlds, and what happens in one world, happens in all worlds as far as the Solar Traveler is concerned, for all worlds are one world, yet not one.

Thus. one new creation indirectly affects all creation. for one new creation is equivalent to all creation. Thus. we need to see how it is that things appear to oppose themselves, and then we will see how all so-called opposition will be brought to an end.

First, we have the conflict with God and Satan, or the positive and negative side of things, or the north and south of things. Then, we have the spiritual travelers, and the So. lar Trawlers in conflict, or the so-called neutral conflict. or the east and west of things. Thus, we have the four corners of the earth represented at the one cosmic battle. We found that the conflict of Satan was an illusion. Satan seeks to keep one in hell, or prison, so it appears. But we know that we must return to this so-called hell. Thus, Satan is neither for or against us. While Satan seeks to keep us in hell, God casts out of heaven those that don’t belong there.

Now, while Satan seeks to keep one in hell, It is also telling people the so-called way to es-cape hell. It does one thing. and preaches another. Thus, Its gospel is preached in the world of matter, and it appears to be a contra-diction, but it is just in conflict with Itself, and isn’t aware of what It is doing. In the worlds of Spirit. God does the same thing. for It seeks to get people back to the world of matter, yet at the same time, It becomes the spiritual trawler and goes into the world of matter to deliver those that are that to take them to the world of Spirit. Thus, this appears to be a contradiction also.

Thus both God and Satan have a dual role to play. But the conflict doesn’t end with the spiritual travelers, for they find that there is still some conflict with the Solar Travelers. Only the Solar Travelers know that there never was a conflict to begin with, and only they an end it. and it does end with them. Thus, all things meet at the center that is not a center. All things meet at the center that is everywhere, not just at one point.

The Solar Trawlers bring all things into balance by reconciling all not one with all bodies in the universe. The solar body is at the so-called center of an infinite number of bodies that it has created while becoming aware of Itself. Thus, the solar body was the first body, and it becomes the last body to be created, for when it started its journey, it wasn’t aware of Itself, and was as the unmanifested star. Thus, it started as itself. Thus, it was born in the beginning, yet it was not born, for it was always there, but unaware of itself. Thus, It needed to be born again. Thus, at the so-called end of the journey, it is born again, and becomes the manifested star. Thus, although we were never actually born, we still create ourselves. Thus, we are neither born, nor are we not born. Thus, by the time we have created ourselves, we have created the whole universe, for we used the trial and error method. It took a while to get the job done, but it is a job well done when it is finished.

One eventually learns that one is both Bride and Bridegroom, and that one always was and always will be. That is, one is neither Bride nor Bridegroom, male nor female, yet one is both without being either. Thus, the solar body is neither male, nor female, but it can assume either a male or female body, but these so-called male and female bodies are but projections of the solar body. Once the solar body becomes aware of itself, we become aware of it. We are the solar body, yet not the solar body.

The solar body forms a body around itself. Thus, it can form a body around itself on any one of an infinite number of planes. The four corners of the earth also can represent the four sea-sons of the year, for these will be reconciled at the end.

The four angels holds the seasons in their hands, for they are the seasons, yet not the seasons at the same time. The four angels control the whether at all so-called points of the compass. Thus, it can be seen how the disturbances of nature mentioned in the book of revelation can be carried out. The four angels all work together. The whole universe works together as one, yet not one, whether it knows it or not. Thus, the Solar Trav-elers are aware of all from beginning to end, and beyond that on both sides. Next, we have the spiritual travelers and they are aware of all except the details of the nature of the Solar Travelers. God, as one knows God is aware of all below the spiritual travelers.

Next, Satan is aware of all below God. Thus, all have a certain part to play in the overall pattern of creation, but all are working to-ward the same goal. Thus, there is an appearance of conflict until we get to the Solar Traveler, but when we get to the Solar Traveler, the conflict is neutralized, and all things are seen to be in their rightful place. Thus, we have the four so-called independent workers of eternity. Of course, there are other workers that come under these so-called four independent workers. Thus, all have workers both above and below them.

That is, the outer sun, and the inner sun are realities, yet they are illusions at the same time. When this awareness is realized, reality and illusions become one, yet not one. The outer and inner sun meet at the so-called center, and we are at the so-called center.

The water and the fire meet, and we become the sun, or the new creation. Old things pass away, and all things become new. The new Sun is a light unto itself. Day and night is no more, for day is reconciled with night. Eternal day and night meet and become one, yet not one. All things are, as it were, neutralized. Thus, there is neither male, nor female, hot nor cold, for all things are in balance as creation takes a rest.

So it is when a soul returns home again. This rest is waiting for all who can become aware of it, for all who return to the center from which they came. Therefore, all things start with the Solar Traveler, and all things end with the solar traveler. The Solar Traveler is the beginning and end of all things. Thus, we started as the unmanifested sun, and ended as the manifested Sun. We started in the water and ended in the fire. We start where we end, and end where we start.

The beginning and the end are one, yet not one. We are at the point where we can become aware of the beginning and the end at the same time. If you have followed what I have been saying through my writings, you will see that I have brought you to the point where you can see both ends of eternity at the same time. All records up to this one are not complete in that all of eternity is not accounted for, or both sides of eternity is not accounted for. This is a record of the complete cosmic cycle from one side of eternity to the other and back again to where we started.

Accordingly, everything we find, we lose, and that is the cosmic lesson to learn. We find ourselves and then lose our-selves. When we find one, we lose it, for it becomes what we are, and then becomes an independent co-worker in the King-dom of the Sun. Now since the Transcendent One is the ultimate of that which can be found, to find It is to find all things. Accordingly, when the Transcendent One finds you, It has found all things.

Thus, when the Transcendent One finds you, you can give up the search, for you will have found It. You then become the co-worker of the Transcendent One, for you become the Transcen-dent One. You become free of all and servant to all. It then becomes one for all and all for one. Thus, all are being gathered up and brought into the Kingdom of the Sun.

The Transcendent One has found the Kingdom. It has found everything that belongs to it. It has caught or cap-tured the entire universe of universes, which is the Kingdom of the Sun. At the same time that It captured the Kingdom, It turned it over to Its captives. Thus, It allowed Itself also to be captured. Thus, the captives become the chosen ones.

Thus, each must learn to capture, without capturing; and to allow itself to be captured, without being captured. The student allows itself to become a captive of a Master. But the Master must allow the servant to become Its Master.

Thus, everything in the universe becomes both Master and servant. Thus, each become the most bold of all things in the universe. But at the same time, each become the most humble of all things in the universe. Each, therefore, becomes the balance or the reconciliation of all things.

Thus. if anything sect itself up as God. it will fall or be captured, for one so-called God cannot compete with all infinite number of them.

The transcendent God of the universe does not claim to be God, for if It did. It would only lose that position. That which is needs no claim or mod of what it is. for it is all things and nothing, at the same time. When one claims to have found oneself to he God. one will lose both oneself and God. And when one claims to know God, one will lose the knowledge of God.

And that, of course. is why knowledge has ceased in relation to the old world. Those who worship what they refer to as an unknown God have also lost the knowledge of God. The time has come to reconcile the unknown and the known God. For both the known and the unknown God have been captured by the Transcendent One.

The Kingdom of the Sun transcends the realm of matter. It goes all the way to the realm of spirit and beyond that. Thus, its no wonder It has become lost. It is not at the bottom of the ocean. It sunk all right, but not into the ocean, It sank into the realm of matter. It is transcendent of both spirit and matter.

Thus, It became spirit and then matter. Thus, you were allowed to get just as lost as anything could possibly get. The realm of matter is the so-called lowest part of the universe to hide, but nonetheless, you have been found in the realm of matter. There really is no place to hide, for the hidden things of darkness are, indeed, come to light. Since you have been found in the realm of matter, you must, by the nature of the thing, come captive with me unto the Kingdom of the Sun. Thus, we must resurrect ourselves from the realm of matter and go home or come home, for we don’t simply come or go. We raise the vibrations of our consciousness, and thereby raise the planet up from the realm of matter.

We go and come at the same time. The Kingdom of the Sun is not just a physical or spiritual Kingdom, for It is that and more, for It is transcendent of both spirit and matter. It is the reconciliation of spirit and matter. It is the transcendent consciousness, the transcendent everything. Thus, we must move the planet with us as we go. We must move into an interdimensional association with the transcendent consciousness of the Transcendent One. For we are held captive, by our own rules of the game, to move with the captor. Thus, we will move all things out of the positive-negative world concept and place them in the Kingdom of the Sun where all dwell in transcendent freedom.

The Crucible of Being

Now that all are being gathered unto the Kingdom of the Sun, we must speak boldly and enter boldly into the throne of grace. Both religion and science can now recognize just what the sun in the sky represents. Within the scope of religion and science, we can include all things. Science can recognize the sun as the center or the neutral ele-ment in all things. It sees all things revolving around the sun.

It is the neutral element of science that makes for the chemistry of change in all things. Thus, the neutral element is the melting pot where all things go through changes of vibrations. It is the neutral element that allows one element to change into another. Thus, the neutral element is, indeed, a crucible for melting down anything. It is the cosmic fire for purifying all things. Thus, the sun, the neutral element, is the lake of fire mentioned in the Bible.

The science of chemistry has been trying to realize the nature of itself. But there is much confusion in the world of chemistry. It has come to be something that has defeated itself. It has lost itself, and has become a thing of matter. One relates it to the changing of base metal into gold. Chemistry is transcendent of itself just as all things are. It is ones being that is to be tried in the fire and brought forth purer than gold.

The trial of one’s being is much more precious than gold. For when one is tried in the fire and becomes one with it, gold itself will conform to the pattern your mind makes for it. Thus, the streets of gold is not just an imagination of someone.

For in the Kingdom of the Sun, all the elements of nature conform to the mind of its inhabitants. The elements are conscious of themselves. That is, they have the same consciousness as anything that relates to than. Thus, it is a waste of time trying to change metals. for what little good it might do even if you did change them would be insignificant compared to what one can do by changing oneself.

It is not necessary to force nature to do anything, and it only hinders the process when one does try to force things. When one captures an element of nature. that clement becomes one’s servant.

Thus, one need not force anything. It is a matter of capturing the elements, and then freeing them so that they can serve willingly. We must function in harmony with them, and allow them to function in harmony with us.

Since the Transcendent One has captured all the elements both above and under the sun, all the elements are set free to serve It. Thus, the heavenly cities are actually built by the minds of its inhabitants.

The elements that have come through the fire into the Kingdom of the Sun are the purest of all elements, for they are the elements of the reconciliation. They vibrate at the level of transcendency.

Therefore, the dements of the Kingdom can change their form to conform with what the mind of it, as reflected in the mind of an inhabitant of the Kingdom, has set for it. Thus, one literally has everything to gain by becoming an inhabitant of the Kingdom of the Sun. But the cost is great.

That is, the cost appears to be great. One must face the crucible of being, and have the elements of one’s body purified. It is a matter of facing the crucible of being willingly. One does face it unwillingly, but one doesn’t know that one does.

Thus. one must remain in fear of it until one does face it willingly. This is the same with the concept of death. One must learn to die, as it were, daily. Thus, dying willingly. Those who do not learn to die willingly die anyway but they don’t even take that into account.

It has led captivity captive. The captives are being led to freedom. Thus, all are free to move as they will. However, one cannot even will to go back to the old, for one must. of necessity, move with the rest of the universe, for no one wants to be left alone. All the opportunities will be in relation to the reconciliation of all things.

There is a job for everyone, but the nature of it is the opposite of what has been the trend. Now that we are moving in relation to the reconciliation, we need to realize the nature of the reversal of things. Since we are moving in relation to the new universe, we need to realize what relationship is the suitable one for the time.

Now that we have brought the old cycle to an end, we must relate to the new one. We need to realize how the old world ame through the melting pot; how the old world was neutralized: how we brought the old cycle to an end. All these things. we are realizing now. We have brought the old world to the transcendent end of itself, for there is no actual end to anything. We brought it to an end in our transcendent consciousness. We moved from the realm of time/eternity into transcendency, and then back into time/eternity.

We begin the reconciliation that has neither beginning nor end. In the old world, things were moving apart in consciousness. They were moving that way because they were let move that way. But now that which !imeth has been taken out of the way. The forces that held the old system together have been removed. They have been put through the fire of the neutral elements. The neutral ones came to outnumber the positive/negative force. That brought the old world, as it were, to its knees. The world came to bow before the transcendent Christ. All things were put under Its feet.

Thus, with the end of the old system of the world, we begin the new, for the neutral ones became the transcendent ones. Thus, the reconciliation is begun. We are moving consciousness toward the reconciliation. The things that were let fall apart must now be reconciled. As the falling away marked the end of the old world, we can secehow it brought itself to an end. It simply fell apart.

Now we are going to do what none ever thought possible. We are going to pick up the pieces and put the world back together again. That which had a great fall is being put back on the wall. We are now reconciling the possible with the impossible. There is nothing that doesn’t come under the reconciliation. All things above and below the sun are being reconciled.

Thus, when we realize the nature of the reconciliation, we can see how the reconciliation affects all things in the universe. We can see how time is reconciled with eternity. We are in time, but at the beginning of eternity. This is a matter of consciousness, for we were always in both time and eternity. We are just changing our relationship of identification.

We are relating to the new consciousness of eternal day. We are now relating to the beginning, not the end. We are at the beginning, but we are reconciling this beginning with the end of this cycle. As we reconcile the beginning with its end, we will have reconciled all things within and without the cycle. That is, by the time we reach the center, all things will have been reconciled. And when we get to the end of this cycle, we will at that time transcend it and start another movement of consciousness, and go forth again in the other direction.

Of course, that is in the far distant future, at the other end of this new cycle. Thus, our purpose for being at this time is to function in relation to the reconciliation. Any other purpose would be sense-less at this time. Just as we had one purpose in coming down into matter, we now have one purpose in moving out of matter. All are now serving the reconciliation, whether they know it or not. Revo-lutionary changes are taking place all over the world. Thus, an infinite number of things are coming under the reconciliation. Thus, each thing as an individual thing is coming under the reconciliation.

Each thing is reconciling itself. Inasmuch as a thing reconciles itself, all things around it reflect that reconciliation. Thus, the entire universe is coming under the reconciliation. The whole and the part arc becoming reconciled. Thus, each individual will find his place in relation to the reconciliation. Each starts from where one is. Each reconciles what one is doing with what all are doing. Each reconciles what one is doing in relation to the positive-negative concept.

That is. each reconciles the positive world with the negative world. The two so-ailed ends of a thing are being reconciled with the center. Whether it be one thing or an infinite number of things, all are being reconciled. The reconciliation is a thing of consciousness. We keep the reconciliation of all things at the forefront of the mind at all times. We no longer think in terms of separation.

We no longer think in simple positive and negative terms. We are reconciling the positive world with the negative world. Thus, one of the things to be reconciled is the language of the world. Thus, all the languages of the world are coming under the reconciliation. Those who are working with languages will have the responsibility of reconciling and building the new language that all the world can speak.

It is not that someone will sit down and write a new language. The language will develop as the concept of the reconciliation demands it.

The old language cannot serve the new consciousness, for it cannot express itself fully. The new language will be the reconciliation of the positive and negative concept of speech. The entire universe is being born again.

Just as it took it an eternity to die, it will now take an eternity to be born. Birth and death, destruction and creation is not an instantaneous thing. Each take an eternity to be performed. The instantaneous aspect of birth and death is in relation to the Transcendent One.

The world has been brought to an end in the transcendent sense. Thus, you can now enter the new world of the reconcilia-tion by an act of faith. Even if you would, by an act of faith, reject the new world consciousness, that would not affect it in anyway. It would only show you where you are in relation to the transcendent universe.

Accordingly, all can now become free of the old world by an act of faith. You arc not forced to recognize the Kingdom of the Sun. You will be allowed to make your own decision in relation to It.

However, now that we have come to the new world consciousness, we an see just how much freedom of choice we ever had. For example, in the old system, we had a positive, negative. or neutral choice. Of course, that is all one ever needs in any cycle of time. The only other choice, and the only one left for those in the old system of things, is the transcendent choice. It is the choice, decision, or the act of faith that marks their birth into the new-born Kingdom of the Sun.

Thus, ultimately we find that there is no such thing as a choice. That is, we find that we have four choices. The four choices are all that one ever needs, and all that one will ever get. This may stem like a hard thing to face, but that’s how it is. So that’s the way I’m telling it. Thus, the newborn Kingdom is being offered to all, and all will make one of the four choices in relation to it.

Accordingly, if you think that you have escaped being captured by the Transcendent One, you can now forget it, for you have all been caught, as it were, sleeping. You had to be awakened from your nightmarish dream. Your dreams will now become the reverse of what they were in the old system. They will no longer be in conflict with themselves.

Thus, your dreams will now reflect the reconciliation of all things. Your dreams will now reflect your waking life. Dreams are now seen to be but a pan of your waking life. Your dreams were dreams of confusion because your waking life was a life of confusion.

Accordingly, everything that one has learned about dreams is now used up, for everything is now reversed. We need no longer seek to interpret dreams, for dreams are now become a part of one’s waking life.

They have come under the reconciliation. As we move the positive and negative world toward the neutral center (the spiritual heart), we are reconciling the dream world with the waking world. We are, therefore, uniting heaven and earth. We an now move in and out of the body. We can go from one dimension to another. We are reconciling all dimensions into the one central dimension, the Kingdom of the Sun.

Thus, while we are in the so-called waking body, we are conscious of our dream body. And when we are in the so-called dream Body, we are conscious of the waking body. Thus, we are come to function in parallel bodies. This is not something to consider a difficult thing, for it is but the natural process of reconciling the positive and negative world. When we reach this point in consciousness, it becomes as natural as anything an get.

Heart Fields and Heart Coherence. When we are in heart coherence, we can access the “heart’s intelligence. The Heart Bridge. It serves as our connection to the unified field and represents the union of duality or polarity. It is where separation, division, and polarized energy merge to become one. From this creative state of wholeness and oneness, magic begins to happen in your life because you’re no longer creating from duality or separation. Tavistock Institute. Part 40

The whole organizes the parts, and when we align our physical human self with our nonlocal primary consciousness, we optimize our human potential and positive relationships with others and our world. When we are in coherent states, our connection between our human self and nonphysical self is clearer, and when our primary nonphysical Self is more available and present, our human self becomes more coherent.

When we come into relationship, we share information at every level of our being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and reality (local, energetic, and nonlocal). These can be shared consciously or at unconscious levels. We share information from past and present experiences and from future events. We can influence and be influenced by one another in this shared holographic field of experience (McCraty, 2003; Radin, 2006).

Heart Fields and Heart Coherence

Scientific findings from the Institute of HeartMath says; The institute’s extensive research suggests that our heart’s electromagnetic rhythmic field acts as a global synchronizing carrier wave for our whole body; that when our heart field is more coherent, our brain and our whole system becomes more coherent; and that our emotional states are correlated with the patterns of heart coherence. When we experience expansive emotions of love, well-being, gratitude, and joy, we are more coherent. When we are in constricted emotional states, such as frustration or anger, we lose coherence (McCraty, Trevor, & Tomasino, 2005).

When we are in heart coherence, we can access the “heart’s intelligence,” which HMI defines as:

“The flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self-initiated process. This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thought and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others.” (The opposite, when it is not operating in an orderly manner, is heart incoherence).

The Heart Bridge

As you read about blessing the energy centers, the heart, located right behind the breastbone, is the body’s fourth energy center. It is our bridge to greater levels of awareness and energy, as well as the center where our divinity begins. The heart is the intersection of our lower three energy centers (associated with our earthly body) and our upper three energy centers (associated with our higher self).

It serves as our connection to the unified field and represents the union of duality or polarity. It is where separation, division, and polarized energy merge to become one—where opposites unify as the yin and the yang, good and bad, positive and negative, male and female. past and future. When your heart becomes coherent, your nervous system responds by increasing the brain’s energy, creativity, and intuition, which has a positive effect on virtually every organ in the body.

Now the heart and the brain are working together, causing you to feel more whole, connected, and content—not only within your own body, but also with everything and everybody. When you are in a heart-centered state, the wholeness you feel consumes any feelings you may have of want and lack.

From this creative state of wholeness and oneness, magic begins to happen in your life because you’re no longer creating from duality or separation—you’re no longer waiting for something outside of you to provide relief from the internal feelings of lack, emptiness, or separation. Instead, you are becoming more familiar with your new, ideal self and creating new experiences of yourself.

If you keep activating your heart center properly enough times during the creative process each day. in time you will feel more like your future has already happened. How can you ever want or feel lack If you feel whole? If the first three centers reflect our animal nature and are based on polarity, opposites. competition, need, and lack, the fourth center begins our journey to our divine nature.

It is from within this heart center that we change our mind and energy from living in selfish states to living in selfless states, and then we feel less affected by separation or duality and are more prone to make choices for the greatest good of everyone.

All of us have felt the consciousness of the heart center at one time or another in our lives. This energy is related to being fulfilled and at peace with yourself and your surroundings. When we embrace the feelings related to the heart—feelings that lead us to give, nurture, serve, care, help, forgive, love, trust, and so on—we can’t help but feel filled up, whole, and complete. This is our original innate nature as human beings.

Heart coherence is an optimal state of functioning that synchronizes the heart and mind and creates harmony in the systems of the body.

Coherence between the heart and the emotional brain stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, both sympathetic and parasympathetic. Having reached a state of balance, we are optimally poised to confront any and all contingencies. We simultaneously have access to the wisdom of the emotional brain—its “intuition”—and to the faculties for reflection, abstract reasoning, and planning of the cognitive brain. The more training we have in using this technique, the easier it becomes to induce coherence. Once accustomed to this inner state, we become capable of communicating directly, so to speak, with our heart.

Christ and heart coherence

spiritual coherence

According to the transcendentalists, such states of ecstasy are rational and even wise because of the coherence of superconsciousness. Superconsciousness refers to consciousness of the “superincumbent tendency” by which all life is supposed to be organized as part of the cosmic order (Emerson 1841, page 57). Emerson’s disciple Bronson Alcott described the psyche as an oracle to which we should listen with enthusiasm.

“Believe, youth, that your heart is an oracle; trust her instinctive auguries, obey her divine leadings; nor listen too fondly to the uncertain echoes of your head. The heart is the prophet of your soul, and ever fulfils her prophecies; reason is her historian; but for the prophecy the history would not be.” (Alcott 1840, page 87)

The functions of the soul as an oracle or inner voice are multifaceted according to transcendentalists. Initially, Homer distinguished the essence of understanding (i.e., sentient life or Greek quh `c) from the will (i.e., Greek jum’ ov). According to the Orphic mysteries, recognition of the true path of spiritual knowledge also depended on inspiration from the Lake of Memory, which allowed people to recognize the divinity within themselves (Geldard 1989).

The human drive for coherence requires the integration of these three functions. Growth in self-awareness increases understanding, but recognition is required before understanding. Recognition depends on memory, and the will of the psyche is to do spontaneously what is understood to lead to well-being. Therefore, to learn is to remember and to act. By the time of Plato, the three functions of self-aware memory, understanding, and will were regarded as interdependent functions of the indivisible psyche, thereby permitting coherence to arise by growing awareness of what is divine within all things.

According to the transcendentalists, the key to any radical transformation of consciousness (i.e., metanoia) is the contemplation of the unity of being, which requires the mind to be aware of itself. Hence, when we listen to the psyche, the appearance of a subject-object dichotomy is eliminated.

When we pass beyond the narrow gate of dualism, which appears to separate physical matter from its surrounding immaterial atmosphere, we enter into awareness of oceanic feelings.

According to the naturalist Thoreau (1848), such contemplative thinking is merely the awakening of the “common sense.” Materialists, of course, regard the “common sense” as simply a romantic illusion. Reliance on the physical senses alone leads toward the negative philosophy, whereas listening to the psyche leads toward the positive philosophy.

Questions about the role of intuition in consciousness are at the crux of disputes about whether human beings can know the truth of reality directly by intuition or only through appearances from the physical senses. The understanding of materialists is that belief in the nonlocal consciousness and phenomena like spiritual healing are illusory.

Consequently, human beings can advance step by step if they use their freedom of will (i.e., the space free for expansion and contraction with the seasons) to move along the ascending path of consciousness by keeping their thoughts elevated in search of what is beautiful, true, and good.

“This is then God’s will, that the soul should labor like the body in search of nourishment … that our minds may be always thinkin.g of Him, advancing slowly step by step toward His perfect knowledge; for if we could reach that knowledge at a bound, we should walk on and search no more; but to be ever seeking after truth—this is to live. ” (Lamartine 1851, page 138)

Hence, there is freedom of will to grow in awareness along the path of the psyche. Such growth is an evolution of the degree to which we can see and recollect the interdependent influences on our life. As we grow in awareness (i.e., as we “awaken”), what was formerly part of the collective unconscious becomes conscious, according to Jung’s terminology. Growth along the path of the psyche is the awakening of awareness of the cosmic order in the individual being.

The finite cannot hold the infinite within itself, but it can participate in the infinite with ever-decreasing resistance. Such nonresistance must involve freedom of will because what is unbounded is necessarily free. The free and stepwise reduction of our resistance to the intelligibility of the cosmic order is the path of the psyche.

According to the transcendentalists, we differ in our capacity for selfless love in proportion to our awareness of the truth that all humanity participates in the universal unity of being. Our little individual self in space-time becomes one with the universal Self that transcends space and time.

In addition, Emerson described the movement thong the path of the psyche as fluid and free, like flowing water, action and reaction in the cycles of nature, or beautiful dancing:

Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms. Any fixedness, heaping, or concentration on one feature … is the reverse of the flowing, and therefore deformed. Beautiful as is the symmetry of any form, if the form can move we seek a more excellent symmetry. The interruption of equilibrium stimulates the eye to desire the restoration of symmetry, and to watch the steps through which it is attained. This is the charm of running water…. This is the theory of dancing to recover continually in changes the lost equilibrium, not by abrupt and angular but by gradual and curving movements…. To this streaming or flowing belongs the beauty that all circular movement has … the annual wave of vegetation, the action and reaction of Nature; and if we follow it out, this demand in our thought for an everonward action is the argument for the immortality. (Emerson 1860, pages 178-179)

In contrast, materialists deny the possibility of free will and think that everything is caused by something in the past, which may or not be measured. This leads materialists to regard people and the world as deterministic machines for which love is a dispensable convenience, rather than an intrinsic living spontaneity. For materialists, what is unpredictable is the result of not knowing what to measure or the action of chance in nature. Nevertheless, according to modem physics, freedom is a fundamental quantum phenomenon underlying all things. There is underdetermination of all events in space-time, such that only probabilistic statements can be made about material events. More exactly, there is a limit to the precision with which any material event can be predicted in space-time. The unpredictability of physical events is another way of talking about freedom.

BALANCE OF HEAD AND HEART Heart and Minds, though both part of the mental body, are quite distinct. Mind seeks to find a coherent meaning in multiplicity and to create new and integrated things from it; heart starts from the inner unitary view and seeks to give expression to it in a multiple world. Each must adjust to the other and its differing viewpoint and functions.

They must balance each other, neither one predominating. It is an important point that harmony between them is so vital for the life of spiritual undemanding which is integral (or one) and undivided, not being set one against the other nor heart against head. If we concede that heart is different from love and that it is part of the mental body, where does that lead us? It is certainly true that at the moment of Realisation love is the be-all and end-all. It seems to me that on the Path, heart and mind must go hand in hand right up to the banks of the gulf of Realisation, where their separate bits are ended in awareness of oneness with God, because there all separation ends, whether separate mind, separate heart, or separate ego.

Head and heart express themselves through reason and love. They relate to eath other in three ways. They can be divorced from each other, running parallel but kept as separate as possible and inaccessible to each other so that love is unillumined by reason and reason unlimited by heart. Or they may be mixed up together and in a state of conflict. where both love and reason operate but not in harmony. Although this causes confusion it is a necessary stage in the evolution of a higher state, which transforms them.

There is a third way where heart and head are truly balanced.

SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS. Baba says about the stages of cooperation between love and reason: in the third type of love, this synthesis between love and reason is an accomplished fact—with the result that both love and reason and so completely transforme that they precipitate the emergence of a new lewl of consciounsess that, compared to the normal human consciousness. It is described as superconsciousness.” (Meher Baba. Disantries, p. III) It is the consciousness of Beyond-Beyond God’s Being. Baba says this super-consciousness appears in the seventh plane in the vacuum of Nirvana in the first stage of Realisation. where fully involved consciousness is only aware of Beyond-Beyond God’s ‘I AM’ and the divine absolute Vacuum.

“it is but natural that the full consciousness, fully involved, and now free from even the slightest trace of any impression, should give no other experience but that of the original, absolute vacuum state of God [in the beyond the beyond state of God] which once prevailed and which is now experienced consciously. This full consciousness, fully involved, is the super-consciousness . . . The unconscious God in the original, absolute vacuum state is now fully conscious, or super-conscious, of His original state of God in the Beyond the Beyond state.” (Meher Baba, God Speaks, p. 125) This is an enormous statement, that the synthesis and transformation of love and reason can precipitate the emergence of super-consciousness, which is God’s consciousness of His own original state.

This limited strength is related to our entrance into the second circle of creation (abyss) long ago, where we measured our creations by means of positive and negative viewpoints, duality. In other words, we used a 2-dimentsional corresponding system, which means that in the second circle our energy was like — in character, quantity, origin, structure, and function — what it was in the first circle. The difference was that we began to record our creations by using the 2-D system of a mental level, perception, time, and space. Do not confuse this 2-D system with your 3-D consciousness. Because we brought a large but limited amount of energy into the second circle (astral/physical realms) with us, everything came from the same structure, quantity, and origin of the first creation. The only difference was that the energy was limited. In other words, it had the same character and the same function as in the first — which was universal — but in the second creation the energy had a positive and negative blueprint to it, which made it limited. Since leaving the first creation, we have been restructuring and reorganizing that limited amount of energy into positive and negative patterns.

Solar Plexus Chakra The third chakra, or yellow solar plexus located in the center of the belly, lends the spark of fire that has the transformative ability to produce energy from solid matter. In the solar plexus we harness the fire and put it to work for our ego. After the birth of self in the first chakra and the experience of “other” in the second, our ego brings us into an autono-mous self that chooses to be separate. This progression is necessary; it is here that we begin to define ourselves in relation to the wider world and our role in it. In the third chakra we come to understand our purpose in life and the actions we need to take to fulfill this purpose. These actions require willpower in order for us to move forward toward our future in a conscious way, and so it is the function of the third chakra to engage our willpower. The concept we have of ourselves is established in the third chakra and when it’s balanced, our self-esteem is confident, bring-ing vitality and healthy choice through our will. A compromised third chakra could manifest in low self-esteem that becomes a self-destructive downward spiral threatening our very spark for life.

If only we can shut down the constant, superficial ego-chatter of the left brain, we can gain access to blissful and expansive states of awareness.

The left brain is our normal conscious mind (or limited ego self ), while the right brain has access to a far wider spectrum of consciousness. The left brain is designed for focusing, and when it is in balance with the right brain, it focuses helpfully on the positive, and on our goals and desires. But when it is out of balance, the left brain can stress and torture itself with anxiety, blame, guilt, negativity, worry, self-doubt, judgement, pretence, defensiveness and hurry-sickness — whereas our right hemisphere seems to be a doorway to states of inner peace, love, joy, compassion and authenticity. While the left brain is head-centred, our right brain is heart-centred. When the chattering mind becomes silent, we can listen to the heart.

When we are in a state of heart coherence — when the so-called ‘heart-brain’ is functioning well — this seems to coordinate all the systems in our physical body and energy field, so that our physical health is supported along with our happiness and spiritual growth.

With a conscious universe, the human body — rather than being controlled by genes and biochemistry — is dancing to the tune of consciousness and subtle energy. This is then mirrored in changes in our biochemistry, neurology, organs, muscles and physical structure, and even in how genes are expressed. In other words, what happens at a physical level is merely a symptom of what is occurring at higher levels of organisation — just as we can begin to affect our physical health in moments by connecting with our higher self. Within this new model, changes in the body ‘unfold’ into physical reality from the invisible realms of energy-consciousness .

Thus discriminative ego shuts up man in his one bodily habitation and prevents him from enjoying his proper estate , the rich universe. Let go of your EGO And you will find GOD.

The ego accomplishes this by shutting down the heart to the point where the portal remains closed to the spirit world. The portals pop open only when a certain amplitude is reached, so keeping it below a certain level prevents opening. What keeps amplitude low are all the familiar maladies: fear, hostility, self-importance, depression, self-doubt, cynicism, and frustration. Because of these, most people’s hearts are shut down most of the time,

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