We ask, will they do it? Who answers? Who dare answer? Who goes? Who interests himself, as a brother, to reclaim the mind from the haunts of wretchedness? We see who does not. And we see the reason. Public opinion is in the way. Public suspicion would be aroused. The fear of that opinion melts no mind into the sweetness of virtue. Mass consciousness is the opinion within the Matrix. Tavistock Institute. Part 151

The Bible ;ettres nothing with the mind that rejects it. It does not settle many things with minds who profess to be guided by it. It gives what it has to give, and nothing more. It preaches peace on earth, and has for the last eighteen centuries, but war reigns—the strife is not ended by its decision. The Bible is settled, but mind is not. The Bible is well, but who is controlled by it?

Who, when a man smites him on one cheek, turns to him the other also ? We ask who ? Answer me, ye, who turn the peace of the world upside down ? Ye who contend with your brethren, and who write to overthrow what you never will accomplish, the wisdom of men like your own. We write what we see and know.

The forces of worldly wisdom never can overthrow them-selves. The more parties, or coals it makes, the more divisions and subdivisions it creates ; the more works opposed to works are written and read, the more sects and creeds will prosper, and mind will work against mind with no abatement of vehemence, no relaxation of zeal, no inducement to reform without wisdom from heaven to induce, and there is no hope of union and harmony, without hope in mes-sengers of superior wisdom. Who then shall aid ? Who shall write, and preach, and publish what will overcome minds and reconcile them with each other? Who? We can see who will not do it ! We can see who will do it. But who will do it? The an-swer is written. God has written it. Nature is the page. Nature is the answer. But what is nature ? Hold ! What is mind ? Is it without nature? Is it not a work of God in harmony with nature ? Are not all his works in harmony with each other? Has he made any mind without nature? What has na-ture not, then, to do with it?

It is not a circle in harmony with the welfare of man. It is not a circle befitting the cause of hu-man progress. It is not a circle which can be made serviceable to our designs, without a change which would deliver it front a condition that distinguishes it as the second circle in the sight of good men and angels.

It is a circle so low as to warrant no work of reform among men, so worldly as to forbid the sacrifice necessary to other’s improvement, and so much of all things in common with all things, as to be nearly useless in the work of human redemp-tion. It is a circle devoid of independence, devoid of sincerity, devoid of will without selfish gain, de-void of industry without worldly applause, and de-void of the essentials of true wisdom.

It will not be employed by spirits who will to correct the vices of society, by spirits who will to overcome the evils of men, and who are in-terested in what is necessary to secure a permanent reform. Wisdom will not select such votaries of folly to advance its cause. It will not ask such cowards to put on the armor of service. It will not offer pearls of wealth to minds in the mire of worldly wisdom.

It will not move hands to write what will do no good. It will not move minds to act without controlling the action. It will not write what will please the fancy and folly of weak-ness, the ignorance and wrong of misguided minds, or the superstition and partiality of sectarian wis-dom. It will write what will instruct, what will make wise, what will do good, what will not do harm, what will not destroy the soul.

We ask, will they do it ? Who answers? Who dare answer? Who goes? Who interests himself, as a brother, to reclaim the mind from the haunts of wretchedness ? We see who does not. And we see the reason. Public opinion is in the way. Public suspicion would be aroused. The fear of that opinion melts no mind into the sweetness of virtue.

It is not just the public opinion that stands in the way, but the product of mass consciousness with is based on public opinion to think as all others to stay in line to the controllers of The Matrix.

What conditions force upon the mind, the same conditions never will remove. The facts are not changed. The wisdom of facts never change. The wisdom of unchangeable facts is eternal. And the impression of eternal things on the mind is eternal. When an impression is eter-nal on the mind, it is not wise to write what is op-posed to the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God is not the wisdom of men without God. The wisdom of God is not selfishness. It is not partial. It wishes good, and does good to all mind, by removing the ignorance with which it is encompassed.

Wisdom is of God. Wisdom is not of ignorance. Whatever is wise is of God. Mind, wise in the wisdorn of God, is of God. Mind, without the wisdom of God, is not of God—not of the wisdom of God. When minds are wise of the wisdom of God, they do as God does. They bless as God blesses. They have mercy as God has mercy. They forgive as God forgives. They save as God saves. They cure as God cures. When mind is unwise, it denies the wisdom of God. It acts not as God acts.

Enlightment is the only way to exit the Archon Matrix Mankind is trapped within/imprisoned within. “Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.” Therefore, the Ego get´s is strenght and power out of ignorance which is the opposite to enlightment. “The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.” Ignorance is what keep mankind trapped within the matrix of the archons.

The spiritual hard work is to remove thousends old years of structures within the human mind. Ignorance blocks the way to the heart and hindering it to open. When the gate to the heart is open then fear no longer has control over mandkind.

The first cir-cle of mind will condemn. The second circle will object. The third circle will criticise, and the fourth circle will approve. This will allow of no abatement. It will not be denied, when spirits in the body reach the wisdom in this sphere. The fourth circle represent the spiritual heart. when open crosses the abyss.

The wisdom of the fourth circle is what is best adapted to the progressive advancement of minds in the body. We see what is best, and we see that progress, step by step, is the only way to improve minds, in the condition which this text will find them. We see wisdom in greater glory than we can make minds, in the rudimental sphere, understand. We see a circle where no mind in the body can approach, without long application to study the works of God.

We see a wisdom which far outshines what nature reveals to minds in the lesser circles. Communications, emanating from this circle, will always be adapted to the condition of the minds for whom they are intended.

What will benefit one may not personally instruct another. We see who will he benefited. We see who will not be instructed. The instructor is not instructed by his instruction. The mind who receives instruction is instructed. We write for those who receive, and we see that many will do so. Others will not. Let him who bath an ear, hear what the spirit saith unto him. Let him who bath not an ear to hear our mess age, understand that we shall not write what will do no good. We will write what conditions require, and as they require wisdom.

The minds which are wedded, because united, can never be disunited ; even the work of wisdom, which calls one and not the other to this sphere, does not separate those whom God has joined together. The circle of wisdom which unites the two, death has no power to disunite. They are one in the affinity of their minds.

REPENTANCE is reform. Reform is progress. Pro-gress is advancement in wisdom. Wisdom is of God. Folly is of men. As wisdom of God prevails over folly, so reform is worked among minds. No mind reforms without wisdom. All reforms are wise, and wise because good. All reforms are not reforms, which bear the name. They are not reforms, because they are not good but evil. No mind is happier for them. Many are more wretched. Such are not reforms, nor their promoters reformers. But what promotes and increases the en-joyment of mind, without disturbing the harmony of a common brotherhood, is repentance. Some re-forms are of this character. Others are wrought as selfishness and ignorance desire. When selfish-ness and folly engage in a work, wisdom and worth do not aid. The reform is what will answer the de-mands of its promoters.

The wiser information and knowledge people using or set in action the higher results in the end. Then ego is not based on wisdom its results in the end is low outcome or just working for a while. Wisdom change deeply in the mind, ego change the surface, wisdom the whole structure of the building, or may create a New Man and New Earth. Wisdom is eternal and it´s range is infinite to any dimension of men´s and woman´s mind and heart. Therefore its power can heal the soul and liberate it from the depths. Wisdom awakes the soul when it get the call of wisdom.

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