We are here to awaken consciousness that is asleep in our ego

“Humanity lives in a deep, deep sleep…”

“Every human being can attain the experience of reality. Every human being has the right to have great spiritual experiences, to know the kingdom and nations of the electronic and molecular regions.

Every aspirant has the right to study at the feet of the guru, to enter through the splendid doors of the Great Mystery Temples, to talk face to face with the shining sons of the dawn of the Maha-Mahavamtara of creation.

We must begin by Awakening the Consciousness. It is impossible to be awake in the Superior Worlds if here, at this physical and material world, people are sleeping. Whoever desires to awaken the consciousness in the inner worlds must be awakened in this dense world, here and now.

If the aspirant has not awakened his consciousness here, in this world, he will certainly not be awakened in the superior worlds.

Those who awaken their consciousness here and now will be awake everywhere. Whoever awakens his consciousness here in this physical world, in fact and by his own right, remains awake in the Superior Worlds.

The first thing you must know in order to awaken your consciousness is to know that you are Asleep.

To understand that you are asleep is something very difficult, because everyone is usually absolutely convinced that they are awake. When a man understands he is asleep, then the self-awakening process begins.

If we would say to any intellectual man he is asleep, he will certainly be offended. People are fully convinced that they are awake. People work asleep, dreaming… they handle cars asleep, dreaming… they get married asleep, they live asleep, dreaming… nevertheless, they are fully convinced that they are awake.

Whoever desires to awaken their consciousness, here and now, must start by understanding the three subconscious factors called: identification, fascination and dreaming.

The fascinated human being doesn’t remember himself, that is to say, he doesn’t remember his Being. Great things are open to us when we remember ourselves profoundly. We should remember ourselves in the presence of any representation that could fascinate us.

This identification with our problems absorbs us, we are dreaming, fascinated with our problems. It is necessary to stop dreaming, it is necessary to awaken the consciousness; and that process of the awakening should be carried out at all times, in all places. The human being doesn’t only dream when the physical body sleeps, but also dreams when the physical body is not asleep.

When one remembers oneself, when one works on oneself, when one doesn’t get identified with all the problems and hardships of life, in fact one is going on the Vertical Path. It is ostensible and anyone can understand that there are two lines, Horizontal and Vertical, they intersect from moment to moment in our psychological interior and form a Cross.

The Personality or Ego develops and unfolds on the horizontal Line of Life. The personality is born and dies within its linear time; it is mortal. The personality is not the Being.

The Levels of the Being are not of time, on this extraordinary Vertical, on this Marvellous Ladder, it is clear that we can find all levels of Beings. Each person is different; this is something that no one can dispute.

On the Marvellous Ladder, on the Vertical Path, the concept of time does not fit in. It would be absurd, to look for our own Being outside ourselves. Therefore, titles, ranks, promotions, etc, in the external physical world cannot in any way originate authentic exaltation, re-evaluation of the Being, or a move to a higher rank in the Levels of the Being.

“On the “Marvellous Ladder”, a higher Level of Being is directly above us from moment to moment. It is not in any remote horizontal future but here and now within our own selves, on the VerticaL”

The work on oneself is the fundamental characteristic of the psychological rebelliousness, of the transformation of the Human Being, it deals with a certain transformation of the present moment in which we are. We need to learn how to live from moment to moment. To live in full attention, in full self-observation of ourselves, to live alert to what we think, feel and how we act; it is definitive, we have to stop dreaming, stop living fascinated and identified with all our problems.

When we understand things in a superficial way, we will stay on the surface because we are ordinary, while when we understand things in divine depth, we will access divine reasoning, and after tasting the depth; we will climb to a certain height for an extraordinary life. Deep sleep is a passage between the two worlds, visible and invisible. Since the invisible world is the sustenance of the visible world, human life is a replay, because his real life is spent in deep sleep, of which his day is an image projected from the invisible.The mystery of deep sleep is a way that allows us to access divine reasoning in order to access depth and come out at a height that represents for us an extraordinary life. Without the deep divine sleep, there will be some divine things that cannot be achieved. In the case of Adam who had had his wife Eve after having reached divine depth through one deep sleep, it was on this occasion that he heard things never heard, he saw never seen, and he had a knowledge he had never mounted in his heart.A person who does not know how to control his deep sleep is a living dead, because he will not reach the depth of divine reasoning to reach the depth and come out of the height.

The mystical journey is a reversal of the creation process. The unique capacity of self awareness allows humankind to utilize consciousness to ascend up the ladder of creation (which we experience as levels of consciousness), moving back through the levels of Symbol, Archetype, Divinity, ultimately reaching Unity with God. It is believed that Creation, before the emergence of humankind, lived in a deep sleep, unconscious of the Absolute. In its many parts, creation reflected Unity but without consciousness, the world laid separated from God with each aspect reflecting its own being. The Sufi speaks of this state of unconsciousness as that of being veiled from the awareness of God. It is the unique ability of humankind to awaken and in the process of journeying back to God, to pull back the veils, allowing God’s Unity in creation to be made apparent.’ 2 For humanity, the veils descend as the spirit attaches to a body at birth. The spirit descends into darkness or shadow, the degree of darkness increasing with the increasing distance from the source of Light.

When an individual becomes aware of her imprisonment, she can begin the journey back to her Origin. The awareness of captivity is an awareness of the illusionary nature of life as a mere shadow of the Truth. To find Truth, the mystic must journey up the hierarchy of manifestation using the ladder of consciousness. The journey starts by gaining control of the sensory aspects of being and the desire systems associated with these. From here consciousness shifts upward, enfolding the aspects of consciousness in the same order as Divine essence originally unfolded Itself.”

All people are asleep. Sleep is a natural state of humankind. It´sdifficult to understand how this work.

We are not talking about the biological sleep, necessary for the body. Mankind is asleep (psychological sleep). You see, people are asleep and daydream that they are wide awake and in control of their lives. A whole life can be spent in deep sleep, with eyes wide open and the body function-ing perfectly.

“Humankind is part of the thin layer of organic matter that covers this planet. To Nature, people are still animals. And to become human and different from animals, people must awaken. Believe me, there is no other way to enter Paradise.”

When one of you awakens and sees the light.. In sleep you live in darkness. Whenever a person awakens from his deep psychological sleep, even for a second, and connects himself with a superior energy, he can perform miracles.

It is no secret that strange things happen when the world turns dark or rather slips into the Dark Age of Ignorance. Darkness disrupts the natural order, balance, and arrangement of human life as it was originally design to be. It causes mankind to become derange in their minds, spirits, and souls.

To grasp a better understanding of the word darkness, it can be broken down as “dark nets” because the dark is like a black net that has been willingly or unwillingly cast over so many minds. It is responsible for the psychological entrapment of countless people who have comfortably wrapped up themselves within the folds of darkness.

To this effect, they have fallen so deeply asleep that the sleeping giant (genius) within will always remain hypnotize and comatose if they continue to choose to sleepwalk throughout life. Remember: when caught up in the Deep Sleep life is but a dream!

Resurrection of the intellect will only occur once the illumination and penetration of the light of knowledge breaks through the inner darkness. This is the beauty of the dawn wherein the mind, heart, spirit, and soul become colorfully illuminated to experience the miracle of living.

Osho says;

As a visionary and a man of truth, Osho has given insights which are valuable for the whole humanity in saving their lives, and lives of the future generation from falling in the vitriolic trap of the priest and the politician. He has clearly stated: Man lives under a great hypnosis. Man lives under deep conditionings: The society has conditioned you, the state has conditioned you, the priest, the politician, the culture, the religion, the church—all their investments are there in your deep sleep. They don’t want you to be awake. Once humanity is awake, there can be no politician possible. Once humanity is awake, there can be no priest possible. Once humanity is awake, temples, churches, religions will disappear from the earth. This whole exploitation is possible because man lives in sleep. The exploitation is possible because man is miserable— only a miserable humanity can be exploited.

A happy man is a rebellious man. Happiness is tremendous rebellion.(Divine Melody, Ch. 10, Q. 1)

Following tale told by Osho puts succinctly the whole issue in perspective:

There was a rich magician who had a great many sheep. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where his sheep were grazing. He was very miserly and very mean. The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines, and so on; and above all, they ran away for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and skins, and this they did not like.

At last, the magician found a remedy. He hypnotised his sheep and suggested to them first of all that they were immortal; and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned—that, on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant. Secondly, he suggested that the magician was a good master who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them. And in the third place, he suggested to them that if anything at all was going to happen to them, it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it. Further, the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all: To some of them he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians. And after this, all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins.

This tale is a very good illustration of man’s position. You have been hypnotised to remain in misery. You have been taught, conditioned, to remain in misery. And the trick is very subtle. (Divine Melody, Ch. 10, Q. 1)

is great and the resources exist aplenty. Mankind has wasted its attention on wars instead of developing the processes it requires for living. It is as if mankind has switched itself off. It has fallen into the deep sleep of feudalism that allows no awakening, no development, no scientific and technological progress, nor anything else except that which lines a few pockets with gold.

It has been said that Adolf Hitler was the century’s foremost fascist. This is not true. Mankind as a whole is far deeper entrenched into the game the Adolf Hitler ever was. It has totally committed itself to shut down its future, globally, which is something that Hitler may never have dreamed of as being possible.

Mankind has dabbled with nuclear energy for a while, even developed a system with a near infinite potential in affordable energy production and resources at hand that are sufficient to last for zoo million centuries, or however long the solar system will remain inhabitable. Mankind has even built for itself demonstration facilities to prove the practicality of such a system and has experienced its potential, and then suddenly, progress is stopped. Suddenly, utopia is brought onto the scene to replace rationality. It is brought into the financial markets in the forms of fictitious gains that have nothing to do with the platform on which mankind earns its living. The real platform, then, suddenly, becomes neglected and decays, while the utopia that grows into a great bubble gets all the attention, all the support, and delivers nothing but empty dreams.

The physical economy would be far more advanced than it is today had it not been put severely under pressure by the feudal system, for decades and centuries. The feudal system that demands a kings ransom for investment funds cannot support the scale of investment that is necessary to develop the new energy, mineral, and farming resources that are required for humanity to maintain itself in the near future. Mankind is already in a severe deficit position in its achieved development compared to what would be normal for an infinite development system.

Naturally, far greater investment resources are required within the infinite system of economy, than even the huge resources that currently flow in the financial markets for speculation, which don’t produce anything.

In order to address the world’s current needs, and the requirement for the near future, the presently existing development deficit needs to be overcome as quickly as possible. The needed development resources for this recovery can only be provided through a decisive commitment to the principle of the nation-state. It cannot come through feudalism. The feudalist game must be called off if mankind intends to survive. Mankind has no choice here. The requirement is dictated by fundamental principles.

The feudal oligarchy’s answer is to forget the future, to stop all meaningful development on the planet, to let the population starve, get sick, and die back to a low level of population density and civilization for which no new resources need to be developed. In such a case the oligarchy would reign supreme over all, for eternity. Even right now, this oligarchy has the upper hand, and its game is to let humanity die.

The ideology that this oligarchy embraces, such as deindustrialization, shutting down development, scaling back resources, enforcing disinvestment in agriculture and infrastructures, creating depopulation through poverty and the escalation of diseases, are all in the forefront of implementation, and are widely accepted by mankind as a supposed necessity. One can hear the key-phrases spoken everywhere; “There are too many people on the planet..We are destroying the earth….”

At same time they suggest; we must unite into a one world government to save mankind, because they don´t want mankind to awake to the real life and real reality.

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