Unlock Your Higher Consciousness, The ladders of ascension are key to unlocking the codes of ascension for Earth.

The human pineal gland has smal crystals and human ear has also same kind of crystals, and these crystals is same as them been used in mobilephones and tv screens. Radios, cellphones, and televisions cannot work without them. They vibrate at 32,768 pulses per second. The pineal gland and the inner ear have micro-crystals inside them. Piezoelectric technology could be a form of free energy from crystals.

Crystals have unique powers, for they hold past, present, and future knowledge. At the same time, they activate points within your consciousness that stimulate DNA activity, allowing an unlocking of your higher consciousness that enables you to experience
the higher light as thought and new knowledge. It is important that you learn to transmute this light into thought, knowledge, and useful information. This is your job as third-dimensional beings.

Let the light and energy that we have worked with be transmuted into a form
of crystalline activation within each of you. Look at all of the events on the
planet, and bring your thoughts of harmony and balance to them. Use your
holographic connection to the Central Sun to foster greater power and harmony
beyond what you are capable of emitting individually. You are holographically
connected to all, and in particular, to the great balancing and harmony power that
is coming to Earth from the Central Sun.

Energy and thoughts placed in the noosphere go directly to Earth’s feedback
loop system. The feedback loop system then receives instructions and
information that will help it stay caught up with the dramatic changes that are
necessary for the planet and its spirit to maintain this new and sensitive balance.

You live in the third dimension, and you have been programmed to have certain levels of consciousness, fields of perception, and ranges of emotional energy. The spectrum of electromagnetic energy waves that your body can potentially perceive is quite extensive. You probably have the ability to perceive five to ten times more than what you now perceive. A good way to compare this is to look at a horse that has blinders on; it can only see what is in front of it. It cannot see what is to the left or to the right. That means that there will be no distractions. You have these blinders on your energy perception, and now you are going through a transition that is leading you to evolve toward a fifthdimensional being. That means you must change your core perceptual program and the codes that were given to you to allow you to expand your consciousness and your field of perception

Communicating with a Planet Many of you are devoted to Earth and want to contribute to Earth’s ascension. Earth as an entire planet is going to ascend. But for a planet to ascend, it needs certain energy and information. It also needs spiritually minded beings like you. The planet must interact with spiritually minded beings who can guide and lead that planet to
the fifth dimension. descisions.

Everything on Earth is designed to keep mankind tuned into the lower desire self (ego) and ruled by the three lower physical chakras.

The FORMULa for MAKING money on Earth and become wealthy depenrs on just this: people must be tuned into their desire brain. By keeping all of mankind in a state of ignorance; is their safery valve. Spiritual awakens souls will make other decisions. As long people is hindered in their ascension to higher levels consciousness nothing can spiritually evolove, and this create a free space for develop controlling and spying tecjnologies that will enslave mankind. The planet must interact with spiritually minded beings who can guide and lead that planet to the fifth dimension. descisions. They have a big interest continue keeping mankind separated from light, higher frequencies, spiritual information.

Luke 11:52 says; “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.”

This is what they have done: hijacked the field of knowledge. People can no longer decode their higher energy field around them. They have make people powerless by keeping them tuned into the lower frequencies.

Earth’s feedback loop system needs certain affirmations and input to prepare
for ascension too. You both need certain preparations and affirmations to expand
your consciousness. Earth needs your input with some affirmations that are quite
similar to what you are using for your ascension work.

There are other forces that contribute to Earth’s ability to relate to its fifthdimensional evolution as a planet. One of the main factors that contributes to Earth’s evolution and the opening of its chakras to the fifth dimension is Earth’s alignment with the Central Sun. That’s right; Earth also has chakras. Earth has energy centers and meridians! Earth’s crown chakra is on top of the North Pole right now. The chakra system of a planet is not exactly parallel to the chakra system of a person. Upgrading Earth’s Feedback Loop System The
Planetary Tree of Life configuration provides an interactive energy force to reach the feedback loop system of the planet.

You might consider the ladders of ascension as portals in which you, at the time of ascension, could go through and leave the planet to ascend.The ladder of ascension has multiple purposes. It is not just one portal for you to use to ascend, as powerful and important as that is. The ladder of ascension also helps the planet connect with the fifth dimension. The ladders of ascension bring down fifth-dimensional light into Gaia.

The ladders of ascension are key to unlocking the codes of ascension for Earth.

The Unified Energy Field How do you create the unified energy field, and what would that do? The unified energy field would have direct input into Earth’s feedback loop system and the noosphere. The input would raise the spiritual light quotient of the noosphere, which would enable higher spiritual events to manifest — unity, peace, and harmony. Earth
would be able to manifest more fifth-dimensional energy.

This unified energy field will be a healing force.

This Shift of Consciousness is so far-reaching that our limited imagination cannot
begin to grasp the magnitude of the changes we are now experiencing. As part of this
transition, almost everything we’ve taken for granted is falling away or reconfiguring. The
rigid frameworks that once dictated the way nations, cultures and individuals experienced
themselves in our third-dimensional societies are unravelling.

This Shift is not only altering our consciousness, it’s also changing the world around us. It is affecting every aspect of life on the planet: our political, social and economic structures, the environment, the weather, every institution, wars, how we view our relationships, our work, every thought we think and every feeling we feel.

This Shift will occur whether we pay attention to it or not. Humanity and the planet are changing whether we resist it or assist it. So the question is: how will you choose to move through this Shift?

Although you may not recognize it, the Shift is providing new understandings of how
we can once again live in harmony with each other, the Earth and All That Is. Together we
are becoming a global community. The third-dimensional structure of duality – black and
white, East and West, right and wrong, us and them, good and bad, and male and female –
is changing. On the one hand, many dividing lines are becoming less distinct.

On the other, we are watching extremism, division, separation and fear all around us. We are moving from the third-dimensional experience of separation and extremes to a way of life that allows for greater possibilities, connected communities and an expanding sense of
ease and wellbeing. However there is a period of transition between where we currently
exist and this new Heaven on Earth.

And this transition will sometimes be rough and uncomfortable. If you observe any segment of culture today, whether it be religion, politics, education or relationships, you may notice that separation and division are more prevalent. Racial tensions, human rights problems, wars, fear and bullying have dominated the news and the attention of many. Things seems to be getting worse, louder and less kind.To reach that Heaven on Earth, everything that is of a lower vibration must be brought up to the surface, out into the light of day and released. This is why such a high degree of conflict exists in the world right now. As unpleasant and uncomfortable as it is, this increased unrest is a good sign that the imbalances are leaving, soon to be replaced and uplifted.


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