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Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, we stimulate and release this unused kundalini energy, and allow it (it is never forced) to rise up the central column of the spine until it reaches the top of the skull, activat-ing the secretion of the pineal gland. This brings about a major change of consciousness.

When this energy returns down the Ida and Pingala and activates and balances the various energy centers, there is a major change in the person’s life. Although there are cases of the kundalini rising sponta-neously, without purposeful spiritual practice, your reservoir of kundalini ener-gy usually remains dormant throughout your entire life. It’s like having a rac-ing car and never getting out of first gear!

“Wherever there was any manifestation of what is ordinarily called supernatural power or wisdom, there a little current of kundalini must have found its way into the shushmana. Only. in the vast majority of such cases. people had ignorantly stumbled on some practice which set free a minute portion of the coiled up kundalini. All worship, consciously or unconsciously. leads to this end.”


“What is Kumlalin’? The energy of the glandular system combines with the nervous system to become more sensitive so that the totality of the brain per-ceives signals and interprets them, so that the effect of the sequence of the cause becomes very clear to the man. In other words, man becomes totally, wholesomely aware. That is why it is called the Yoga of Awareness. As all rivers end up in the same ocean, all yoga ends up by raising the kundalini in the man. What is the kundalini? The creative potential of the man.”

Kundallni is a reservoir of latent energy that resides at the base of the spine of every human being. She is located in the Muladhara Chakra, lying in a coiled form of three and a half time at the mouth of Sushumna, the central energy channel of the subtle body, keeping it closed. Psycho-spiritual in nature and an aspect of Shakti, she is also known as ‘Liquid Fire’ or ‘Liquid Light’.

The return journey

The awakening of dormant Kundalini followed by its ascent up through Sushumna marks the return journey. To awaken Kundalini is the biggest hurdle, an extremely challenging task. An entire lifetime of pursuit and practices may not be enough to achieve this goal.

The innermost layer and closest to our soul, it is the eternal center of consciousness. There is a great difference between the joy and pleasure experienced by the mind and this sheath of bliss. The mind feels happiness and pleasure based on external circumstances and sensory stimulus which is temporary and the feeling changes over time. The state of eternal bliss is the everlasting peace and joy experienced just due to our being, without any external factor. It has its origin in Sahasrara Chakra. It is also known as casual body.

This is the final stage of meditation, where a state of supreme bliss and divine Consciousness is achieved. At this stage the Kundalini Shakti rising from the base of the spine unites with Shiva in the crown of our head. This is called enlightenment and it is the Realization of the Ultimate Truth.

Kundalini Energy. The place in the body where dormant energy lies, from which all potential might be accessed, involves a gland tucked under the sacral bone at the lower end of the spine. In Sanskrit it is called the Kunda. Medical science is aware of the organ and refers to it as the coccygeal body, but doesn’t understand its function.

“Kunda” literally means “reservoir.” This reservoir lies dormant as a pool without a single ripple. The energy is sleeping so deeply that one could go through an entire lifetime unaware of it. “Kundalini” is a little pool of energy that has been activated.

Kundalini is not the whole of the Kunda but only a little wave that has been aroused and brought into consciousness. It is a hint of what is possible when the infinite reservoir of primal power is accessed.

When that awakening happens, when that energy moves upward to nourish the brain, you are startled to find the dimensions that open and the knowl-edge and capabilities that are suddenly available.

They have always been present but are not in your awareness until Kundalini is activated. A tiny trickle of Kundalini is already awakened. It animates your body, providing just enough consciousness to get through the day but not enough to access the higher realms. This minimal flow of Kundalini energizes all the senses.

As the flow increases, you can access the invisible spiritual dimensions beyond the limits of the senses.

How it Works.

Physiologically the Kunda interacts with the reservoir of cerebro-spinal fluid at the base of the spine. The fluid continuously flows up to the brain bringing nutrients and bathing every cell. Then the fluid moves back down the spinal circuit carrying away metabolic residue. The movement of the LifeForce (Shakti) energy magnetizes the spinal fluid.

When this magnetized fluid reaches the brain many neurons, formerly dormant, become activated. There are two main types of pranic energy. The energy accessed at the base of the spine is lunar prana, “Shakti,” magnetic feminine energy related to physical manifestation and the lower chakras. The energy accessed in the brain is solar prana, “Shiva,” electrical masculine energy coming from the heavens. These two energies are constantly intermixing through your body.

If it were not so, life could not continue. The four ventricles (cavities) in the brain all serve as reservoirs for the cerebro-spinal fluid. When the fluid is magnetized by Shakti energy, the brain reservoirs become a magnetic field which attracts. Shiva (electrical energy). Thus the ancient myth is played out in your own physiology.

You cannot feel Kundalini in the brain until you have refined your sensitivity.

As you begin to awaken Kundalini and it rises from one chakra to the next, new energies begin to flow through your being. You might occasionally experience involuntary movements (kriyas) indicating resistance to its passage. As the flow becomes steady, goals and desires which you once thought to be important lose their fascina-tion. Consciousness becomes more refined, vibrating at higher frequencies. At each level of consciousness, new dimensions of your Being begin to open up. Eventually you transcend the sensory plane and enter more subtle bodies (etheric, mental, astral.)

This power or energy is called the kundalini . Kundalini shakti is defined in the traditional tantric philosophy as the power that is lying unused in the human body . Tantra aims to tap this reservoir , set in motion by the latent energy , and give full …

Kundalini Energy

The Root or Base Chakra represents the seat of energy, the basic force that infuses life. The Hindu religion refers to this base as the reservoir of Kundalini energy. Kundalini is believed to emanate from a central core of the body, physically related to the spine. Through a channel called the Sushumna, the energy rises through a cavity in the bony canal of the spinal cord. This physical canal also provides a central connecting electrical system from which the peripheral spinal nerves of the body communicate with the brain.

The Silver Cord

Sanskrit teachings detail a “silver cord” connecting the human spirit with God, a Higher Power or an overriding Spiritual Principle. This Divine energy flows down through the top of the head, or Crown Chakra. An extension of Sushumna energy, the “silver cord,” connects the spirit and body together. Kundalini yoga or meditation practitioners often teach techniques which implement the movement of Kundalini energy from the Root Chakra at the base of the spine, all the way up the Kundalini Path of energy to the Crown Chakra—and on to connection with the Divine spirit and spiritual reality.

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