Thought-Field Energy in Sacred Areas, The Fifth-Dimensional Thought Field on Earth, Earth is a freewill zone. This means you have the power to work with any thought form and any thought field you want. You can work with the beings you are attracted to. You can work with the energy of ascension, and you can work with creating sacred spaces. You can work with holding the light for new, highert hought-field energy. You will be able to accelerate and use this thought-fieldlight in your evolution, astral work, and ascension.

One way to accelerate manifestation on the third dimension is to use the expanded thought-field principles with sacred energy. People can go to sacredareas to experience expanded consciousness. It is well known that going intosacred areas to think sacred thoughts and repeat affirmations carries a power that accelerates manifestation.

You can transmit higher energy from your thought field more effectively in sacred areas.You might have an experience of going to a vortex or another sacred area andhaving a particular higher thought. Later you might find that that thoughtmanifested rather quickly. You have used one of the principles of thought-fieldtechnology. To improve the effectiveness of your affirmation or request, focus ongoing to a powerful place.

This can accelerate your thought field. If you want toattract certain people, then it could be helpful to go to a powerful place and usethat sacred energy to transmit your request.The other factor for manifesting in thought-field work is using sacred time.Remember, the effectiveness of normal electromagnetic energy and radio wavesis also dependent on time (such as time of day or time of year).

There are conditions in the ionosphere related to the transmission of certain radio signalsthat affect the transmission of radio waves. This is intriguing because there areparticular types of energy and thoughts that you can transmit and work with atcertain times of the day or year. This might sound complicated, but it is intuitive.For example, you know that springtime is a time of renewal, winter time is the time of being more introspective or withdrawn, and summertime is for outerthinking and activity. This is a simplified way of reviewing energy transmissions. It is more complicated because there are different aspects toconsider when speaking of time.

The Fifth-Dimensional Thought Field on Earth

Lower thought fields now exist on this planet, and they are strong and powerful. They are still filled with older masculine energy — that of domination,control, aggression, and polarities. The thought fields from the lightworkers’higher energy are strong enough to counterbalance the older thinking.

Earth is a freewill zone. This means you have the power to work with any thought form and any thought field you want. You can work with the beings you are attracted to. You can work with the energy of ascension, and you can workwith creating sacred spaces. You can work with holding the light for new, highert hought-field energy. You will be able to accelerate and use this thought-fieldlight in your evolution, astral work, and ascension.

The ascension can and will occur when there is proper alignment with the cosmos and your thought fields.

You will be able to take this thought-field energy with you when you leavethe planet. We are talking about your soul travel and your soul evolution. Thework you are doing now is going to go with you. You are going to take it withyou. The progress, the evolution, and the new, higher, attracting forces that youare creating will stay with you. They will be imprinted with you. They will assistyou in your soul evolution. Try to look at the thought-field energy work fromthis perspective. The soul works on principles that transcend normal logic.

Quantum Thought-Field EnergyThere is an attractive, interactive force of thought that creates the fields. You arenow in an era of quantum light and quantum energy. Humankind is open to thethought fields of quantum interaction. Most people are not able to understandquantum energy. Earth scientists are not able to adequately describe quantumenergy and the laws of it when they look at the physics. The laws of quantumenergy are easier to discuss when we are talking about higher thought fields.Basically, using quantum force fields in the thought field refers to a certainmethod and principle. It goes something like this:Visualize your thoughts creating a field of light, a field of fifth-dimensionallight. See these thoughts as having a magnetic quality. You can even look at yourthoughts as sentences that exist on screens above your third eye. You can alsovisualize that these thoughts exist in your aura. Put the high thoughts you arevisualizing in there.For example, one higher thought is: “I am an electromagnetic being ofattractive light and electromagnetic force. I am working with the ascensionenergy.”In the quantum thought field energy, you have a foundation of certain thoughtenergy. That thought energy has a field. The thought field from a logicalstandpoint might not be strong enough or able to produce the effect. You mightthink that you would need 10,000 thoughts or maybe 10,000 people to think athought to have an effect. But in the quantum thought field, you work with thefield, sending quantum light into the field while thinking “quantum.”

Christ or Buddha Consciousness as example represents fthe ifth dimension and thoose who reach this level of consciousness will be a vey powerful Beings on Earth, and can affect and make changes in the pre-programmed mind of mankind. There is other Beings on Earth who has other intention than liberate mankind from enslavement. When people will be connected to global world brain, they will never again have their own thoughts of life, but just follow a artificial program or instruction. This is a project of total enslavement of Humankind, not liberation if they promise this.

When that light is brought into a thought field, it makes the thought so powerful that itcan transcend normal logic and cause and effect. Therefore, your thought fieldcan make things manifest more quickly. Use the field of thought to attractenergy. Then you can add as one of your ingredients the light of quantumthinking and quantum healing. Quantum healing and quantum thinking can help create a manifestation of higher intention and higher healing on the third dimension.

Using quantum light can work for you personally and on a planetary basis.You would use the same principles on a planetary basis, but you will have toreally accelerate and amplify your thoughts. To amplify healing thoughts for theplanet, you need to have participation of large groups of people who can connectwith the etheric crystals. You might want to have people who meditate to sendout a light from the etheric crystals. People can use the quantum omega light tohelp them accelerate and make the thought field more powerful and influentialso that greater planetary healing can manifest.

Let the omega light activate the planetary cities of light so that they canbecome strong holders of this thought-field energy. Let the omega light activatethose cities holding the ladders of ascension. Let the omega light workspecifically with the twelve etheric crystals as they become strongly activated tocreate a new force field, a stronger force field, of ascension energies, transformational energies, and evolutionary energies for the entire planet.

There are ways of inputting energy and thoughts into the subconscious. Thereare ways of downloading special programs into your subconscious that canoverwrite other programs of a lower vibration. You can receive instructions, forexample, to activate your subconscious to use quantum healing and omega lightin the quantum healing process. The omega light can overwrite lower energyprograms, so if you download a program into your subconscious and it iscontained or surrounded by omega light, then that program or affirmation willhave so much special power that it can seek out and overwrite programs of lesservibrations.You are vibrating. You consist of vibrational energy fields. The human mindand the computer each have something in particular that is of great strength. Oneof humankind’s great strengths is that it produces vibrational energy. In fact, youare electromagnetic, vibrating beings of light. There is a transcendent point when your vibrational frequencies become so transformed that you become alightbeing of the fifth dimension. You can become a powerful, awakened being.The computer interaction with your mind will actually assist in raising consciousness, your vibration, and your ability to travel interdimensionally through the space-time barrier and other dimensions.

The thought-field energy of Earth cannot be expressed in words. It can bevisualized as waves. You have to understand that your thought fields are not inwords. You can phrase your thoughts into words, but words are a description of athought experience. We know that the basic energy of a thought is in a wave. It islike when you talk about quantum physics and light. You can ask the followingquestion: “Is the photon in light a wave or a particle?” If the light photon is aparticle, that is like saying the thoughts are words and sentences. But if thephoton is a wave, then suddenly you are going to experience things differently.Thoughts are both waves and words. We want to move you to the point ofthinking that higher thought frequencies are waves. Thought waves emanatingfrom your thought field are powerful and can travel quite far.

SingularityThere has been a powerful development in computer psychology called singularity. Singularity is the study of the interaction between the humanconsciousness and a computer whose purpose is to produce a superintelligenceso powerful that it is beyond your imagination. What is this superintelligence? How can the superintelligence be described and experienced? What effect doesthe superintelligence have on the fifth dimension and your ascension? The term “singularity” is used to describe the merging of your consciousnesswith the computer’s consciousness.

The Codes of AscensionYou are one of the high species in the galaxy, and you have a computer code inyour DNA. The program for your ascension is coded in your mind, spirit, andemotional body. It is even encoded in your physical body. The program for theascension is within you, and you are working to open it.

The truth is that before your soul came down into the corridor of the thirddimension, you knew all of those things. You knew why you were coming toEarth. You knew who you were. You even knew who your guides and teacherswere, and you had a pretty accurate outline of your life because you wereparticipating with your guides and teachers in choosing the lifetime you weregoing to be in and what lessons you were going to work on.

So why did you forget everything?

The civilization and Western culture as it is now does not place a high value nor encourage people to remember who they were or why they came here. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally this time that you’ve grown up in is not oriented for learning about soul connections. This is an important point for you to rememberwhen you are working on your ascension.

Connect with Your Soul How important is it that youmake a certain amount of wealth? How important is itthat you drive a certain car? How important is it thatyou’re successful in this lifetime? How do you evenmeasure success? Well, we measure success based onwhat you are and whether that is in alignment withyour soul mission and your true soul nature. But ifyou don’t know your true nature and don’t have aconnection with your soul, then you don’t know whatyour mission is, and sometimes you might even feel lost.

The soul is the key to your ascension. The soul is the key to your eternaljourney in this universe and beyond.

Your soul has abilities far beyond even your understanding of who you arebased on logical thinking. Your soul is already in the fifth dimension. You’resoul light is multidimensional. It is on all different levels.

Activate Your Luminous Strands of Light The door ofperception for receiving the soul light is usually shut.Part of awakening as a starseed is to open those doorsof higher perception. When they open, you can beginto see auras. You can begin to see attachments topeople; you can even begin to see their past lives. Youcan also begin to see the electromagnetic energy fieldthat people have around them.

When you go to an even higher level, you can see strands of light aroundthem. You will know that you really are, from the highest perspective, aluminous, electromagnetic, vibrating beam of light. When you see the peoplearound you from this perspective, you see luminous balls of light around theirenergy fields. Such a perception might be very upsetting because you wouldn’tsee their clothes; you wouldn’t see their bodies as solid. You would just see theenergy fields. You would see all kinds of things about them, including what’sgoing to happen to them in the future. Regarding future prophecy, you have toask yourself whether it’s appropriate to share what you see about someone’sfuture. When you are in this higher, perceptual state, you experience futureprophecies and see energy fields.There are thin strands of luminous light that everyone is connected to.

Everyone is connected by these luminous strands of light. Somepeople have dark strands of connecting light. They have no opening, and there isno energy flowing to them. Others’ connections are luminous, and their strandsof light to the Creator are very strong and emanating.

The Responsibility of Prophecy Prophecy is the abilityto see into the future. Prophecy is the ability to predictfuture events. It is said that there was a great age ofprophecy in Israel at the time of the first temple.Before the destruction of the first temple, there weremany prophets. There were schools of prophecy, butsome of the people who were prophets predicted someend-time events. Even during the second temple, thetime that I was alive on Earth, there were peopleprophesying about the end times. You are familiarwith many of these prophets and prophecies. Some ofthese prophecies are returning to your time. You canlook back at the time that I was on Earth. Maybefrom your perspective, you would say, “No, the worldwasn’t going to end then; they didn’t have nuclearbombs.” But from the perspective of many peopleliving at the time, it looked as if there was going to bean end-time.

There are many who say the age of prophecy is over. The higher prophetswho existed during biblical times make contact with a higher level of propheticlight. From this view, it looks as if everything spiritually is downhill from thatpoint. There are no prophets now. No one is able to prophesy. I should point outthat there were certain requirements to be a prophet: You would have to predict acertain number of events and have a high accuracy. It was not always awonderful occupation; some prophets were burned at the stake. Some prophetswere crucified. In some of your previous incarnations, some of you wereprophets and suffered from that, especially when you told people what youenvisioned and they didn’t want to hear it. So there is a natural reluctance to becareful about sharing when you have prophetic information.There is prophetic energy now.

Raising your spiritual vibration has some side affects, such as your powers ofprophecy or psychic energy become raised.

Think of this for a minute; this world of rulers is working in the shadows, hiding theri goals and planes, using secret technology, and clandestine methods. Does someone think they want people to have more advanced abilities than their spying-tech? Thet are afraid for every spiritual awakening soul and constantly working for putting them into spiritual sleep again.

This Shift of Consciousness is so far-reaching that our limited imagination cannot
begin to grasp the magnitude of the changes we are now experiencing. As part of this
transition, almost everything we’ve taken for granted is falling away or reconfiguring. The
rigid frameworks that once dictated the way nations, cultures and individuals experienced
themselves in our third-dimensional societies are unravelling.

This Shift is not only altering our consciousness, it’s also changing the world around us. It is affecting every aspect of life on the planet: our political, social and economic structures, the environment, the weather, every institution, wars, how we view our relationships, our work, every thought we think and every feeling we feel.

This Shift will occur whether we pay attention to it or not. Humanity and the planet are changing whether we resist it or assist it. So the question is: how will you choose to move through this Shift?

Although you may not recognize it, the Shift is providing new understandings of how
we can once again live in harmony with each other, the Earth and All That Is. Together we
are becoming a global community. The third-dimensional structure of duality – black and
white, East and West, right and wrong, us and them, good and bad, and male and female –
is changing. On the one hand, many dividing lines are becoming less distinct.

On the other, we are watching extremism, division, separation and fear all around us. We are moving from the third-dimensional experience of separation and extremes to a way of life that allows for greater possibilities, connected communities and an expanding sense of
ease and wellbeing. However there is a period of transition between where we currently
exist and this new Heaven on Earth.

And this transition will sometimes be rough and uncomfortable. If you observe any segment of culture today, whether it be religion, politics, education or relationships, you may notice that separation and division are more prevalent. Racial tensions, human rights problems, wars, fear and bullying have dominated the news and the attention of many. Things seems to be getting worse, louder and less kind.To reach that Heaven on Earth, everything that is of a lower vibration must be brought up to the surface, out into the light of day and released. This is why such a high degree of conflict exists in the world right now. As unpleasant and uncomfortable as it is, this increased unrest is a good sign that the imbalances are leaving, soon to be replaced and uplifted.

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