There are higher dimensions beyond Earth. The ego acknowledges itself. The ego understands it is separate from other people. It understands it will die and one day no longer exist as it does right now. The ego is tied to temporary experience, consciousness is not. When we push beyond the awareness of one’s ego, one expands in infinite consciousness. Tavistock Institute. Part 79

There are higher dimensions beyond Earth.

Regardless of one’s belief system, the notion of resurrection offers a model for understanding transition. One of the most prevalent symbolization of resurrection is in the biblical story of Christ. As told, Jesus of Nazareth was put to death, crucified, on a large man-made cross and, after burial, was resurrected.

This particular “rising from the dead” has been remembered and celebrated for centuries by a large pan of Earth’s population. The cross of the crucifixion of resurrection is itself an important symbol and a key to other dimensions. That cross symbol-izes the intersection of dimensions and the multidimensionality of all existence. It teaches us that (horizontal) reality in the material plane, the third dimension, is intersecting with (vertical) reality beyond, in other dimensions. The cross tells us that death, or the exit from the third dimension, is access to the dimensions beyond and access to what some have decided to call “heaven.”

The dimensions beyond the material plane might appear to some to be heaven in that physical suffering may not be possible there. But remember, there are places beyond the physical body where other forms of energy disturbance, tension and knotting—similar to emotional pain, energy conflict and other chaos—may exist. Whether or not we interpret such an energy arrangement as similar to physical pain, there are parallels.


Their shall come an Exalted ken of Beings to 5,4 Dimensional Earth • They will be known as The Diamond Beings. The aniral of there mull-dimotrional. multi:Arta! Dagen of Pare Conutorunen and Diamond Techirokt mill mark the most araptikur Epoch in Human Erollaion and for Life on New Earth. The am.rai of the Diamond Rare sill her& the imprinting of the next Great Age at human and planetary mammas —The Diamond Age — An Age new expetieneed on Earth at any point dining human Silence. A New Goan Age it mmn us. sub a Great Linedutiona, Age to follow: A Diamond Age (Nicola Christi).

Transfomiers of consciousness have been incarnating throughout human history. In the past, they have been recognised as singular beacons of light. Since the mid-1930s a mass wave of ambassadors for the Light began to incarnate, namely; Light-workers, Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbow Souls. These are the “way-showers,” for humanity, blazing a trail for human evolution. I lowever, a new wave of consciousness transformers are due to arrive in the not so distant future, they will incarnate through the Rainbow Souls, and are to be Imown as the Diamond Beings. Diamond Beings will begm to arrive from around 2030 until approximately 2060.

These Beings are highly advanced and will align human consciousness with the level of the Diamond N find. The years beyond 2060 represent the Diamond Cycle for humanity. Diamond Beings arc an expression of multi-dimensional, multi-faceted consciousness -hence the term ‘Diamond Beings’ Many new facets of consciousness will be introduced to the human race by these Beings. The purpose of the arrival of this wave of advanced Beings is to channel wisdom from dimensions beyond the 3rd/4th./5th/6th and to bring new Diamond Technology to the world in order to advance the evolution of humanity. They will also imprint 6’h dimensional Diamond Consciousness into a 5th dimensional Crystalline world. Many reading these words will return as part of the Diamond Wave. The first wave of Diamond ‘scouts’ are among us already, however they number very few, and most of these are not yet fully consciously aligned to the Diamond Frequency.

At our current level of evolution humanity is simply unable to imagine what the arrival of the Diamond Beings will initiate and bring with them. Unprecedented shifts within human consciousness, the energy field, and internal structures within the human brain and body will have taken place. These changes will impact human genetics, the light-body, DNA, brain function, and physical health. The experience of suffering will belong to the past and will be considered a rare occurrence.

What is a dimension? Let’s start with looking at a subject as a whole, then focus on specific parts. Let’s visualize the Great Body of God. IT is made up of many dimensional patterns, or frequency patterns. God created these dimensions so that the inhabitants are not generally able to see beyond the one they are primarily on. We are on the Earth plane. Therefore, we are in the third dimension and generally cannot see beyond the third dimension. We are here to experience living in the third dimension as our primary home. This dimension has what we need to master it and grow. We will then move up to master the next dimension that we need. The word “dimension” is not always under-stood or used the same by spiritual authors. In actuality we do not live in only one dimension. We live in our physical bodies, our astral bodies (emotional body), our mental bodies, and spiritual bodies. We flow between the different dimensions all the time.

The atom is the most elementary division of consciousness in this universe. Subatomic particles have consciousness also, but it is part of the whole, not divided. Your current explorations into the understanding of these particles and discovery of their power is one aspect of the expansion of consciousness that is going on now on Earth. They symbolize the higher energies that are available to become a part of your physical reality. The new elements created in your atomic accelerators and other experiments which your physicists carry out are presently very unstable at your level of energy use. As you learn to use atomic energy creatively, they will become more stable and will eventually become a normal part of Earth’s material substance. The subatomic particles symbolize your stretch to integrate more of the potential of the universe, your own potential, really, into your physical-plane, conscious reality.

We exist beyond level five of the earth – consciousness . We are a level of energy , and we are a system . We are connected with the consciousness of earth for various reasons . But we are not of these dimensions . “ When a being of the earth – consciousness is released from its physical form , which means that it no longer exists in — or will no longer be tied into – earth energies , then it moves into a different energy dimension that goes beyond levels one to five.

The ego is the outer wrapping and includes our body and how we present in the world. It includes our mind and how we are conditioned to think. The ego holds our will to survive. From its experience, it has preferences of likes and dislikes. The ego is conscious of our personality and how we identify ourselves in relationship to others on the Earth.

The ego acknowledges itself. The ego understands it is separate from other people. It understands it will die and one day no longer exist as it does right now. The ego is tied to temporary experience, consciousness is not. When we push beyond the awareness of one’s ego, one expands in infinite consciousness. One becomes available to the concept: if I am not my body and I am not my personality, then who am I? One’s spark of light merges into higher states of expanded consciousness. One opens doors. We exist in this world, but can also take refuge in higher frequencies during meditation where the body and the mind cannot go. In these higher expressions of our consciousness, we can restore, balance and renew. Our ego comes back to Earth and is ready to perform its Lightworker mission.

The Lightbody contains many portals to higher consciousness. Higher consciousness assumes there are different plateaus or channels. Each channel is at a different frequency. As we grow in the understanding of this, we can resonate at higher frequencies of consciousness. There are three portals to higher consciousness that are discussed here. A portal is a doorway or an opening to another dimension beyond our everyday reality on Earth. As one progresses, one opens doorways to new understandings.

We are just beginning to raise the consciousness of the whole world in a global community. Many beings will pass from earth never realizing the next level of the game of life.

The ability to gain an overview of the planet Earth , which has occurred only in the past quarter century, already heralds the creation of a planetary civilization and planetary consciousness . It lays the foundations for achieving an overview of Earth.

Ultimately, going into space is not about a technological achievement but about the human spirit and our contribution to universal purpose. Space should be seen as a metaphor for expansiveness, opportunity, and freedom.

Since all it wants is the infinite, but since it is terrified of accepting the necessary death, it goes about seeking infinity in ways that prevent it. Since the ripple wants release and is afraid of it at the same time it arranges compromise and a substitute. Instead of finding actual Godhead, the ripple pretends itself to be god, cosmocentric, heroic, all-sufficient, immortal. This is not only the beginning of narcissism and the battle of life against death, it is a reduced or restricted version of consciousness, because no longer is the ripple one with the ocean, it is trying itself to be the ocean. Tavistock Institute. Part 78

These “worlds” [or dimensional-levels] are not separate regions, spatially divided from one another, so that it would be necessary to move in space in order to pass from one to another. The higher worlds completely interpenetrate the lower worlds, which are fashioned and sustained by their activities.

What divides them is that each world has a more limited and controlled level of consciousness than the world above it. The lower consciousness is unable to experience the life of the higher worlds and is even unaware of their existence, although it is interpenetrated by them.

But if the beings of a lower world can raise their consciousness to a higher level, then that higher world becomes manifest to them, and they can be said to have passed to a higher world, although they have not moved in space.

The various levels, then, are mutually interpenetrating and interconnecting. But not in an equivalent fashion. The higher transcends but includes the lower–not vice versa. That is, all of the lower is “in ” the higher, but not all the higher is in the lower. As a simple example, there is a sense in which all of the reptile is in man, but not all of the man is in the reptile; all of the mineral world is in a plant but not vice versa, and so on. “The more highly evolved,” explains Wachsmuth, “always contains in itself the attributes of the earlier, yet always develops as a new entity, an activity clearly distinguishable from that of the other.'”

Thus, when the mystic-sage speaks of this type of mutual interpenetration, he or she means a multidimensional interpenetration with nonequivalence.

The explanation, by the mystic-sages, of this multidimensional interpenetration forms some of the most profound and beautiful literature in the world.

The essence of this literature, although it seems almost blasphemy to try to reduce it to a few paragraphs, is that “in the beginning” there is only Consciousness as Such, timeless, spaceless, infinite, and eternal. For no reason that can be stated in words a subtle ripple is generated in this infinite ocean. This ripple could not in itself detract from infinity, for the infinite can embrace any and all entities. But this subtle ripple, awakening to itself, forgets the infinite sea of which it is just a gesture. The ripple therefore feels set apart from infinity, isolated, separate.

This ripple, very rarefied, is the causal region (level-S1, the very beginning, however slight, of the wave of selfhood. At this point, however, it is still very subtle, still “close” to the infinite, still blissful.

But somehow not really satisfied, not profoundly at peace. For in order to find that utter peace, the ripple would have to return to the ocean, dissolve back into radiant infinity, forget itself and remember the absolute. But to do so, the ripple would have to die–it would have to accept the death of its separate self-sense. And it is terrified of this.

Since all it wants is the infinite, but since it is terrified of accepting the necessary death, it goes about seeking infinity in ways that prevent it. Since the ripple wants release and is afraid of it at the same time it arranges compromise and a substitute. Instead of finding actual Godhead, the ripple pretends itself to be god, cosmocentric, heroic, all-sufficient, immortal. This is not only the beginning of narcissism and the battle of life against death, it is a reduced or restricted version of consciousness, because no longer is the ripple one with the ocean, it is trying itself to be the ocean.

Driven by this Atman-project–the attempt to get infinity in ways that prevent it and force substitute gratifications–the ripple creates ever tighter and ever more restricted modes of consciousness. Finding the causal less than perfect, it reduces consciousness to create the subtle.

Exercise 1: Designing Your Portal into Metascension

Your way, your access, your key, your vehicle into your own state of expanded consciousness can be designed by you. Who better? First design a vehicle, something you can ride to the higher level of your own consciousness and something you can ride in and out of the physical dimension to heal. What do you think such a vehicle would look like? Next imagine that this vehicle must serve as not only a vehicle into the realm of your expanded consciousness but also as the very doorway or portal the vehicle travels through. What would you do to turn this vehicle on, to activate it? Is there a switch on it? Imagine that you can decide at any point in time to start your vehicle, that this is a matter of your consciousness activating this vehicle.

Now take your vehicle for an exploratory ride …

To shift the locus and focus of your consciousness, raise what you think of as its “vibration” to attune you to the tremendous expansion of your reality available to you. Create an opening in the “wall” between your realities and focus on that opening, seeing your vehicle of transport at that opening and concurrently seeing it as that opening.

Prepare the Way You can prepare yourself for a shift in your reality, for a transcendence of your world. Prepare yourself by exercising your consciousness, by building your connection with your core self. Get to know your consciousness. Feel it standing separately of your body; feel its essence. How confident you can be of your consciousness, of its enduring nature and of its free will, is the de me to which you can know in advance of leaving (or traveling to and from) physicality that you can exist independent of a physical body. Prepare the way for your self and your species and perhaps also your ecosystem to expand beyond its existing reality into a new reality to change patterns of existence that call for change or healing or exiting.

Metascend to a New Niche

The human species is a species of consciousness rather than a species of physical biological body. The human body is the vessel that the human species has inhabited to travel within while inhabiting the physical plane on Earth. Evolution of the species of the human consciousness is under way. Pull this fantastic process into the consciousness of biological humans, including yourself. Assume conscious control of your evolution. Select the niche or niches you will reach into, expand into, evolve into well beyond the physical plane. You can hang onto your physical-plane niche, continue to occupy it, but whatever you choose to do about your physical-plane “can’t live with/can’t live without” paradox, do not miss the opportunity to also evolve beyond physicality. Get going! The time is now!

Before we can lift the veil, we have to arrive at some kind of concept of what is behind the veil. We have spent so many centuries approaching life either objectively or subjectively, dealing with either cause or with effect, that lifting the veil is no easy matter. Behind the veil is a completely different reality, a reality we cannot imagine until we have experienced it. Ascension consciousness is a kind of divine Gestalt where the whole is not only more than the parts, but when they come together they become different from the sum of the parts. Tavistock Institute. Part 77

Science tells us that even our cells are communicating with each other, that a subconscious intelligence is telling our hearts to continuously beat, that a digestive intelligence is processing our food, and that this subliminal intelligence is fulfilling all our countless bodily functions of which we are not remotely aware. As such, our “sub” conscious mind contributes far more to our daily lives and total being than just the fraction of our selves constituting our conscious awareness. Rather than our conscious awareness being one-eighth of our total intelligence, it is more like a fraction of one percent.

It is as though, like computers, we have this superconscious, all-inclusive, transcendental intelligence stored in our selves, our hard drives, but we have to have the right software in place and know how to use it in order to access the information we desire. I believe that if we are fully conscious beings we can, through the software of meditation or prayer, go from our limited conscious mind into our subconscious minds, and by clearing the way at that level we can open ourselves to the superconscious mind of God.

Accepting the reality of our connection to superconsciousness is the major step we must take on the road to ascension. If we can fully accept our innate ability to listen to the superconscious mind, we do away with the superstition that we are helpless victims of circumstances, that there is a “will of God” apart from that that is within us. We can free ourselves from any outside influence over us whatsoever. We can realize that heaven is right at our fingertips. All we have to do is to open ourselves up to and let the superconscious flow through our different levels of consciousness into conscious awareness. We enter this world- like murky ponds into which clear water begins to flow until the whole pond becomes transparent, at which time we are fully conscious.

Webster’s Dictionary points out that the word, “conscious,” comes from the Latin word “conscire” meaning “to know,” and primarily relates being conscious with being aware. So the conscious mind is the aware mind, and to be fully conscious is to be fully aware. Because only a spiritually enlightened person fully knows what he or she is doing and why, when a person becomes fully conscious that person becomes a spiritual master. To be fully conscious, one has to be aware of the double thread—actively aware of one’s divine being in relationship to the earth and at the same time aware of one’s self and other beings at their physical, mental, and spiritual levels inclusively. Being fully conscious means having the capacity to be simultaneously aware of physical appearances without losing sight of one’s spiritual significance and one’s relationship to the whole of life.

“Science isn’t getting anywhere in trying to understand or explain consciousness. I think the reason for this is that we are still stuck in a paradigm, which has eventually got to crash the paradigm that claims that the material reality that we observe is the fundamental reality. I think the new paradigm, which will emerge, isn’t fully here yet. We are heading towards a very different point of view than we had in the past. It is not space, time, matter, and energy that are the fundamental reality; instead, consciousness is the fundamental reality, out of which space, time, matter, and energy emerge”

In the Spectrum of Consciousness, Ken Wilber authorized our personal quests with his uniquely modern twist of agreement. He wrote, “The only believable, the only scientifically reliable authorities today are those conscientious explorers who have experienced all the various levels of consciousness, including both that of being an ego and that of transcending the ego” (Ken Wilber, Spectrum of Consciousness,


Therefore if any man be in Christ (Christ consciousness), he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; to wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:17-19).

For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition…for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace; And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body (Ephesians 2:14-16).

Webster’s Dictionary tells us that reconciliation comes from the Latin word “conciliare,” which means to bring together. The dictionary defines the word as “to make friendly again, to compose a difference” and “to make consistent, compatible; to bring into harmony.” If I had to choose a single word that would sum up the consciousness of the entire Christ message and its unique emphasis, it would have to be “reconciliation.” Taken as a whole, what’s new about the New Testament is its insistence on reconciliation, both in terms of objectively bringing together two or more people or things and, subjectively, the necessity of reconciling our man of earth selves with our man of God selves.

Until we can look right out at the world and reconcile the human or material with the spiritual or subjective and see that they are one and the same, we will never know that it is all God.

Before we can lift the veil, we have to arrive at some kind of concept of what is behind the veil. We have spent so many centuries approaching life either objectively or subjectively, dealing with either cause or with effect, that lifting the veil is no easy matter. Behind the veil is a completely different reality, a reality we cannot imagine until we have experienced it.

Ascension consciousness is a kind of divine Gestalt where the whole is not only more than the parts, but when they come together they become different from the sum of the parts. Psychologically, according to Webster’s Dictionary, a Gestalt is “any of the integrated structures or patterns that make up all experiences and have specific properties which can neither be derived from the elements of the whole nor be considered simply as the sum of these elements.” That is what takes place when the Christ consciousness is finally attained, when the subjective and the objective are reconciled and become one and a totally new self comes into being. That new self is not a refinement of the old self but is a completely new self. That is what happens when one is truly born again.

Through meditation and other practices of self-examination, we realize that our waking or superficial consciousness is a fragment of a wider whole. Every individual has in him this vast whole of consciousness, the great tank, of the contents of which the conscious self is not fully aware. Our personal consciousness knows but a small fraction of the sum total of our conscious states.

The main problems with the human mind is that the user is only in direct conscious contact with a fraction of the whole.

The conscious part seems to be located somewhere between the ears and behind the eyes. At any one moment in this very limited space the larger part of our current waking thoughts and feelings are experienced, our sense data interpreted and our present actions planned, initiated and monitored. It is also this tiny space that feels at that instant most closely identified with our innermost selves — our personal beliefs, attitudes, values, memories, likes and dislikes, loves and hates, and the other passing clutter and baggage that goes to make up one’s mental life. But we are only aware of a very restricted amount at any one time.

The ideas, feelings, images and sensations seem to flow like a stream past a blinkered observer standing on the bank.

We can’t see far upstream or downstream, but we can take in between one to two seconds worth of what goes past. This is what comprises the conscious workspace, the experiential here and now. Beyond this present awareness lies a vast and only partially accessible knowledge base. Some of the information contained there is in the form of previous life events (episodic memory), though this becomes very patchy for the time before we were five years old, maybe even later. Other parts of it are used to make sense of the world (semantic memory).

And yet other knowledge structures (called schemas) control our routine perceptions, thoughts, words and actions. We have a rough idea of the contents of this long-term knowledge base — not all of them, of course, but enough to be aware of the general headings. But what we don’t know is how stored items are called to mind.

The reality is that while we are conscious of the products of such retrievals — the words, feelings, images, thoughts and actions — we have little or no awareness of the processes that seek them out and call them to mind. Understanding this is very important since most of our mental lives involve a continuous interaction between the conscious workspace and the long-term memory store.

Actually our senses can know only a small fraction of the facts of the universe . Each individual is constantly experiencing effects from his environment of which his conscious mind is entirely unaware . All objects , alive or dead , give off radiations with potent effects upon man ‘ s mental and bodily activities.

To me it is transparently urgent for Man to understand more deeply what Man is, and especially the human mind. We have by now explored far, and with such unbelievable success, outside of Man, into the Atom and now into Space. But we are all witnesses of the psychological immaturity of the human beings in whose hands these newly discovered secrets of Nature are being used to threaten Man himself, the whole structure of our life. We must also have felt the force of materialistic values, the greed for possession of things, sweeping away our finer sensitivities, and values for that which cannot be bought and sold. How penetrating and mighty are the influences which play upon us constantly.

Yet in facing the outer world and its impacts. if we are a little thoughtful. we realize, that influences from outside cannot affect us without striking an answering chord from within us. It is to this answer that we have to listen, and hear its echo from our own depths. Only then can the echo die away and leave our minds clear and free, unshaken by whatsoever outer storms may come. In the present World Crisis, it is important that there should be some people who are thus free, to remain unshaken and steady. to be lamps steadily glowing. whatever darkness may be outside – darkness of Man’s unconsciousness, even if we avoid the grim darkness of another world conflict.

Most of us may have known that the Great Teachers of Mankind have always urged the importance of man’s knowing himself, and have told that this self-knowing must fill the journey of our life.

But until now, the challenge has gone unheeded, or largely unheeded, down the generations. It is significant that in this very age of such discoveries and such conflict and turmoil. precisely now there has arisen anew and from several quarters, the stimulus to us to become widely and deeply aware of ourselves.

What is unconscious in individuals becomes cumulatively the hidden and unknown in the mind and heart of humanity, and our individual lives and our collective societies are being battered and sundered by all this.

We must awaken. But not only must we. It is not mere necessity. Indeed, it is surely the way to that which it is to be truly human. Herein lies the way to our greater happiness, creativity and freedom.

The mind, our mind. has great depths hidden under the surface mind of everyday rational action and thought and decision. Modem psychology has. in theory at least, made us aware of the unconscious mind.

Therefore, any enquiry into the hidden background of our minds, would need to be pushed very deeply. It would need to go deeply into what is special to ourselves, our own personal. but hidden, aspirations, ideals, hopes, fears etc. And the enquiry would also need to go deeply into what we have in us in common without neighbours, and ultimately with men everywhere. (The collective unconscious. as the great Swiss psychologist CG. lung has termed it). In these hidden depths of our minds, some residue of past cultures there may be. but also we have to be ready to confront the marks within us of all the influences, of all the family and social prejudices. the community conventions and demands, and the imprint of age-old religious bigotries: The subtle, and yet powerful, impact of these is constantly moulding and defining our lives. We are under the sway of collective hopes and unfulfilled, but long-pursued dreams.

The scars of the whole humanity are within ris. expressing themselves as primordial fears and violent passions. There are remnants within us still of the primitive man who was our ancestor: From parents to children, generation by generation, all this is handed on especially In the exposed, vulnerable years of infancy and early childhood. The heritage is planted within us. without our ever knowing it.

The surface of our minds, all we usually know of ourselves, and what we usually think is the whole. may be correct, confirming, respectable. We may feel we are indeed ‘cultured’. But that surface is only a veneer. Underneath it. lie emotions and cravings, and passions and fears which the conscious mind may shun to recognise most of the time, but which still boil and ferment under that deceptive surface.

Human culture was becoming so refined, we thought. so enlightened. But obviously we deceived ourselves. During this very century there has been eruption after eruption of brutality and violence in massively destructive wan, in social revolutions, in racial hatred, in religious strife.

Man’s inhumanity to Man has been flagrant and wanton. And now, out of the scientific discovery of the means to split the atom, man has forthwith devised weapons of mass destructiveness and horror, beyond the device of any prior epoch. Yet all this is the complete opposite of the so-called ‘culture’ of our surface minds, individually and collectively. So how could Man act in all these ways with brutality and violence, unless the potentiality for such action lay within him, even if normally deeply suppressed from expression. even if hidden away from his own consciousness about himself?

And how could communities and nations be so, which is collectively mankind, unless, for the most part, individuals were themselves in such a condition of conflict, violence, tension—and above all in such ignorance of their own depths and powers and passions? The deep and violent tensions are hidden even to ourselves in that mostly we live for a lifetime with ourselves without ever knowing ourselves.

Now those who undertake the voyage of self-discovery, who are therefore steadily uncovering all that had previously been hidden in themselves and so coming to a real self-knowing would come to discover a secret well of loneliness, most deeply within. They would discover a hidden fear of ‘me’ alone, and separate from the whole movement of life. They would then obviously have to enquire deeply into the very essence of this sense of intense loneliness, and this fear.

Our minds revolve in endless self-centred thinking, around ‘me’ and ‘my’ gains and losses, ‘my’ desires and despairs, ‘my’ past and ‘my’ future. And this very thinking around ‘myself, endlessly self-centred, brings vastly more unhappiness than happiness to us all. But is this the inevitable and final state of our minds?

The surface mind having thus become still, then the deeper mind can unburden more of itself to the surface and become known. There is progressively more conscious and less unconcious in the mind. In this way, the extent of the still layer of mind increases, becomes more extensive. Until at last the whole mind may be still, receptive, passive, listening and no longer the intensely active initiator.

Then that moment might be reached when the mind abandoned its self-centred movement, its endless movement around the “me”, and instead, waited totally upon the action of that something from beyond itself.

Then, and only then, could the mind be said to be an utterly new mind. It would be freed of its old involvement with the burden as well as the fascination of the past, and with the anxious concern for me and my affairs in the future.

Freed of all this, the restlessness stilled, then our minds would become truly creative. At the same time. our hearts, freed at last of the mind’s calculations, would be truly open to the Highest, to the direct religious experience.

Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. We just use a fraction of our divine power. Grasping the Root of Divine Power. Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. This was the true essence of cultivation. All powers have their origins, their birthplace. To tread the ancient path meant to search for the origin, to search for the path that led to the everyonés Higher Divine Self. A sacred space is a focused portal and spiritual gateway to worlds beyond our own. Tavistock Institute. Part 76

Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. We just use a fraction of our divine power. Grasping the Root of Divine Power

Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. This was the true essence of cultivation. All powers have their origins, their birthplace. To tread the ancient path meant to search for the origin, to search for the path that led to the everyonés Higher Divine Self.

A sacred space is a focused portal and spiritual gateway to worlds beyond our own.

Ancient path of Ethereal Opening, seeking for the ancient, exploring the most primitive strength of the Dao. Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. This was the true essence of cultivation. All powers have their origins, their birthplace. To tread the ancient path meant to search for the origin, to search for the path that led to the beginning. It was a path that would lead to eternity, which was why it was called the ancient path. Perhaps it was because of dao or power that one could open up an ancient path and break through, allowing them to transcend the river of time and escape from the passing of time. They would not die or perish, their true bodies’ hearts would not be destroyed by the passing of time.

Man revolves on an axis of self-hood, and the alternations of spiritual day and night result, not from God turning away from us, but from our turning away from him. We live too much to the cold, dark, external—we localize too in uch in our habits and tastes—we submit rather to the sway of the earthly, than to the centrical influence of the heavenly body. If we held the earth with a loose baud, we should live in a perpetual atmosphere of sunbeams. The wind bloweth where it listeth ; so is every one that is born of the Spirit. In the spiritual life there is freedom of motion ; the spiritual man follows the path of light, and cannot be subjected to the icy durance of a polar winter.

Whence arises the pain, the bondage, the misery of man, but from his looking to the external, and render-ing ‘undue importance to the creature life. What are the jars and afflictions to which humanity is liable, but the clashing of rival potsherds ? We turn to the creature instead of turning to the light, and the orbit of one is disturbed by the orbit of another. If we live to the internal life, we escape the troubles of the external. If we centre towards God, we dwell in perpetual light. Our glory is evolved when we turn our back upon the world, and look to the unseen. All misery and discon-tent comes from the creature source, and result rather from envious contrast, than from real hardship.

Here the creature rises to his proper sphere ; asserts the divinity of his birth, and the dignity of his being. The realization of this kingdom, is not deferred as some suppose, to the contingency of an indefinite post obit.

The only death required, is the death of self-will. Godliness hath the promise in this world, as well as in the world to come; but the promise is made to the new man, not to the old one. We receive the necessaries for the external, through faith of the internal; wherefore it behoves us to look at the former through the latter—to behold the visible in the light of the invisible world, not to overshadow the invisible by the obtrusion of the visible.

Do we not perceive in nature, that everything grows towards the light? Where the fruit is beneath the soil, the blossom is above. So man grows in the stature of wisdom, as he turns towards the centre of spiritual light, and submits to the attraction of the divine power. He must blossom above, to bear fruit below. He cannot derive true benefit and nourishment from earthly things, but as his intellectual man is expanded to the sun and the dew of heaven.

The larger a spiritual body becomes, the higher its magnetic power. The dragon drew a third part of the stars ; so we find to the present day that a very large proportion of mankind affinitize to the antagonistic or antichrist principle.

The celestialized word is a counter magnet, of far more powerful diameter. Scriptures says; “I, when I am lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” As the seed of the serpent and satellites of the dragon, we progress only on our belly, and feed upon dust ; with all our natural subtlety and sagacity, such is the proneness of our mental posture, that we mind only earthly things. As Moses who is a figure of the outward law, lifted up the brazen serpent in the wilderness, so Christ who is a figure of the inward law, lifts up the Son of man.

We are animalized, not by the divine law of our being, but by the earthward tending, money getting propensities of our material nature.

Our life is not the offspring of time, but of eternity, and therefore inherits the indestructibility of its parent.

Man grows like the aloe, and blossoms once in an age. The lower leaves or outward integuments decay and drop off, but are re-supplied by fresh ones unfolding from the centre. Still we grow higher and higher, till the day of fruition arrives, and the mortal puts on immortality. Our outward manifestation is but the husk, the fruit is within. Though when ripe with age we fall from the parent tree, and drop into the ground, it is but to take a fresh lease of being, and to spring up in newness of life. The external body is not the life, it is merely a temporary form assumed by the life. Herein consists the difference between the natural and the spiritual man. The natural man identifies himself with the body, the spiritual man with the life. As natural men we are subject to the mutations of the body ; as spiritual men we are inde-pendent of those mutations. As a green husk denotes unripe fruit, so a strong compaction of the external, denotes crudity of spirit. The outer man perishes as the inner man is renewed. Even the outward organization changes with the change of spirit; and our peculiar characteristics as individuals, are re-modelled by the power of the internal being.

A man who lives to the world, and minds only earthly things, shuts up and confines his spiritual being within the outward compaction ; and thus sacrifices the universal to the local existence. Locality and time are peculiar to the animal estate ; these are the bounds of our Adamic habitation.

The growth and enlargement of the divine principle universalizes the one, and swallows up the other: such a dispensation is consequently fatal to the constricted powers of the flesh. The extreme tension of those powers is the source of all our. misery.

The whole creation is in one universal labour, caused by the spontaneous efforts of the divine life to develope its essence and to liberate itself from the bondage of fleshly corruption.

The mental anguish which we feel, does not as some suppose, proceed from the new creature, but is the result of a narrow and contracted organization, which will not passively give free egress to the outgoings and aspirations of the divine life.

A protracted labour denotes either feebleness of the internal, or great compac-tion and rigidity of the external life. Thus many through fear of death, that is, a fear of submitting their natural powers to the parturient Worts of the new creature, continue to retain it within the compass of their natural understanding, and thus, are all their lifetime subject to bondage.

Wherefore the grand desideratum is, that our prejudices, our contractions, our selfishness, and our narrow-mindedness should give way, in order that the vital expansive word might be no longer subject to the dead-ening compaction of a finite understanding ; but have free course and be glorified. In our fleshly ignorance we find fault and rebel at many a dispensation through which we are called to pass; because forsooth it is op-posed by our will, or our understanding. The only remedy is to let the will and the understanding give way, and leave the dispensation to explain itself. I would wish to have no separate will nor understanding of my own ; that so the power and wisdom of God in nature alone, might be manifested in me.

As sure as the implanted scorn produces the oak, so the germ of the divine nature expands into the universal principle. The law of eternal progress works as freely in unconscious passivity, as in conscious volition. As youth grows in his sleep, so man is progressing in the knowledge of the good and the true, even whilst encom passed with the dreams of folly and lewdness.

Every fall deepens, every rapid widens the channel of our ex-istence; and however zigzag the course, it must eventually reach the ocean of light and love. Man is hood-winked by the external senses; he sees the demonstra-tion of the divine power, only in the parenthesis of his natural understanding. This accounts for the diversity of creeds, and is the cause of all erroneous doctrines. The dispensation, “true in transition, becomes false if fixed.” It is only as the spiritual perception is enabled to look clear out of the isolated vehicle, that man can attain to just and equitable views of his maker.

We war against a condition or manifestation only when we fail to see or to exercise our proprietorship therein; but as the universal spirit is evolved in us, we become more Godlike in our adaptations, and learn to realize to its fullest extent, the truth that “all things arc ours.” The apprehensive powers of the intellect, if not followed and carried out by the appropriation of the life, will fly off, and lose them-selves in space. That divine power in us which finds a throne in heaven, will also find a footstool in earth. Even the pains, weaknesses, and infirmities of our inferior nature are essential to the evolvement of our spiritual life; since we cannot realize its power but by mystically dying into it.

Thus, as in the process of vaccination, the morbific venom loses its fatal virulence, by virtue of the clean beast through which it is made to pass ; and that which was hitherto death to the creature, becomes a beneficent purge to his constitution. The Christ nature is the blooming exotic, which transmutes the ordure of our first humanity, into priceless flowers and fruits, and produces that re-actionary blessing, which exceeds all former calamities. Therefore I say, die to the external, and you shall die into life—live to the internal, and you shall live in peace. By forsaking the outward world, we lose nothing but its cares ; by living to the inward, we realize all the essentials of the outward. “Be godlike in your aspirations, and you shall be Gods indeed.” — (Psalm 82:6)

We are the purveyors of our own Heavens. ‘The blessing is always proportioned to the desire. We can never attain that which is perfect, by striving after that which is an part. If our eye be single, and our aim universal, we shall realize in the perfection of blessedness, and the blessedness of perfection, that truth of the apostle, that he who spared not his only begotten Son, but delivered him up for us all, will also with him, freely give us all things.

Away therefore with the pinched frugalities of a mere time and sense estate; nor let our freeborn spirits be longer subject to the beggarly contractions of a creaturely apprehension. Let us not debase the inward, by the littleness of the outward condition; but let the glories of the inward man irradiate through the external deportment. We shall thus dignifv the worldly calling by the power of ihe heavenly life, and instead of being overcome of evil, shall overcome the evil by the good. Apprehend trutbfully that Eternal Love who works in you to will and to do his pleasure; and you will thus be enabled to work out for yourself, a full and complete salvation.

Scientists tell us that currently, we only use approximately ten percent of our mental, or brain capacity. Ask yourself this question, if we were only meant to use a fraction of our brains capacity, then why would it have been created to utilize only ten percent of its capacity in the first place? Why would God give us such an unlimited resource to create from, if we were only to access just a limited fraction of it? If that were truly the case, then why wouldn’t our brains have been created just big enough for what we are currently using? Tavistock Institute. Part 75

It is a commonly accepted fact that we human beings are utilizing only a fraction of our mental potential.

Whatever your purpose , let it also serve the purpose of the power that has brought you to the point where you are

Currently, the vast majority of us are creating and expressing our individual truths, or realities, from a much lower vibrational thought energy. That is to say, that since the majority of us are not consciously aware of the fullness, or unlimited potential of a “higher” vibrational thought energy that is our collective Truth, we are only utilizing a very limited piece of what is truly possible.

A fraction, of our divine power. Because this lower vibration is the majority of the energy that is being processed individually and released back into the pool of our collective thoughts, it stands to reason that the majority of what we are creating both individually and collectively, is the direct result of this lower vibration.

This is because we, through the ever growing altered state of our human egos, have simply forgotten just how to access the dormant parts of our minds. The areas that have the capacity to receive those unlimited, high frequency thought waves, as our brains have been created to do. So, instead of reaching above and beyond the status quo of collective thought, for an even greater, and more expansive thought, we stifle ourselves at that lever of thought where most unconscious minds thrive.

Scientists tell us that currently, we only use approximately ten percent of our mental, or brain capacity. Ask yourself this question, if we were only meant to use a fraction of our brains capacity, then why would it have been created to utilize only ten percent of its capacity in the first place? Why would God give us such an unlimited resource to create from, if we were only to access just a limited fraction of it? If that were truly the case, then why wouldn’t our brains have been created just big enough for what we are currently using?

Since we have chosen to believe in, and therefore embrace this limitation, we continually fail to embrace our truest potential.

Therefore we continually recycle the lower frequency thought vibrations that keep us creating all of the manifestations and experiences that bring forth all of the multitudes of undesirable states. The states of lack, limitation, sickness, diseases and death that we have spoken of all through these writings.

This pool of low frequency thought that the majority of us are creating and expressing from is what is known as “social consciousness”. Only our divine awareness of our God realization can break these mental constructs of our own creation. This, so that we can in essence, rise above this mental, limited, looping process.

Once we have transcended our created limitation, then we may align with our true power, and start truly reflecting the unity, oneness, beauty, and love of our essence. Bringing the truest reflection of our Creator, into this world that we have collectively created to do just that.

The results of this social consciousness, from which most of us are drawing from, are apparent in the many manifestations of our mentalities, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. It is responsible for our judgment and condemnation of each other. From our collective societal mentality, we are modeling what we embrace as some sort of a template for how we must manage and conduct just about every aspect of our lives.

When we expend our mental focus on these falsehoods, we forget our reality in the process. The truth that has us realize that there is nothing that we must do to obtain our beingness. We already Are, so we mistake our “beingness” with obtaining “acceptedness”. When our doingness ceases to be to “get to” our beingness, then our doingness will start to reflect our beingness, therefore reflecting our truth. What happens with all of this social influence, is that the more we embrace it, the more we embrace the illusion that we are the “created”, and not the true “creators”. That is to say, that we begin to bring forth our creation strictly within the limited confines of what we have already created, (The Mental Box), as opposed to bringing our creations from our core Source of creative energy.

Now we have mentally obscured the core platform of creation, or God, with all that we have used his very power, the power that we are, to create. We, the creators, have mentally lost ourselves, and in so many ways, imprisoned ourselves, within our very own creation. How can anything created ever be more than its creator?

Or less than it’s creator for that matter? It is as if we have attempted to make gods of all of the things that we have created, and we dedicate ourselves whole heartedly to those “things”, and worship them, or the chase of them, with every moment of our lives. Instead of us being the divine observers of our creation, we become the seemingly powerless victims of it. All the while, unfulfilled, and usually complaining of what we will tell ourselves is our unfortunate lot in life.

This is why this information that we are bringing forth is not usually spoken of in the main-stream, and why ourselves, and the majority of those who are speakingof truth, are considered “odd”, or even “crazy”. The Truth just doesn’t fit within that social “box”. This is because “society” would have you believe that there is nothing outside of that box. This is why our awareness is paramount to our true fulfillment.

When we can be accountable for our creative power, then we can do what is necessary for our expansion, the expansion of the very mind of God, into the unlimitedness of our collective eternity. We can then change our experience, and then collectively evolve.

We can rise above our own created limitations, embrace our power, our divinity, and get on with the business of bringing forth pf j of the desires dour hearts. The “heaven” of which, we have all heard told.

A human being who denies that life is a meaningful spiritual struggle has lost the war right from the start] Realizing the nature of the soul and one’s purpose in life. We can learn how to acknowledge the nature of reality, the psychological suffering that people endure. ‘Are can learn to acknowledge the enormity of the Human catastrophe on our planet. We can acknowledge the reality of the soul and the fact that the world is a hostile environment for the soul. We can realize that the essence of the soul is its ability to filter out impurities, extracting the pure gold that the soul relishes, the gold of wisdom, goodness, virtue, beauty, and love.

Sufi teachers callx this world “the upside-down world” This world is upside-down, but the educational system (for the most part) cannot acknowledge that because the educational system is an upside-down system taught by many people who are upside-down people’.

Of course, we need to consider that we recognize but a fraction of the forces we are steered by. Our sight of things does not reach any further than to allow us to rudimentarily understand processes that have been empirically examined — at least in others. On an emotional level, this refers to conditioned and therefore verifiable behavioral patterns. Our own emotional level we can only grasp in fragments, our spiritual level even less so. If we are personally concerned, we are particularly blind to our blind spots. Even knowledge that is basically available does not seem to exist anymore or does not seem applicable to our special case. Our biased trust in the purely material aspects of life keeps us from realizing that the source of any human change lies inside. It seems to be of a spiritual nature, and only a few of us possess a conscious, clear and, above all, trusting access to this source% field of information. That’s why it seems that the exigency for change is brought to us from the outside. It leaves us believing that development is being forced upon us. This automatically stirs up resistance, at least if the imposed goods are unpleasant.

We have the choice to connect with or, for whatever reasons, split away from the Divine, which we recognize as something inside, something that belongs to us, our birthright so to speak: if we come to such an understanding, we get access to this inner force and resume sole responsibility. Very few comprehend the Divine as a constructive field of consciousness they can lean on in a very practical way, which operates as a supportive force in their lives. Therefore, it seems likely that a leap into the unknown accompanied by a phase of instability feels alarming. This is why many people lack basic trust in situations that require inner movement; they can’t say: “I move on with courage, I respond to my challenges as well as I can and I trust that something constructive will come out of it.” To put it in even simpler terms: “I do what I can, as best as I can, and my Higher Self will take care of the rest.” There is a saying that expresses the work of the Divine in a poetic way: Take five steps toward God and He takes ten steps toward you — the Divine, seen as something that goes far beyond our comprehension but can still be grasped as a constructive intelligence, a force which operates regardless of our religious faith.

If you take five steps toward God and He takes ten steps toward you. This is the whole understanding for the alchemy. Its in this process the transformation taking place. The secret of alchemy is to stay in this process, not going forward or backwards, and after a while its time to take five more steps forwards and at same time God takes ten new steps nearer you. The art is to be able to repeat this process year after year, until duality becomes oneness and the inner vibrational frequencie is been raised to higher levels during this process.

Superconsciousness takes human awareness outside the brain. We may say even that the brain is only a filter for superconsciousness. It can serve as a window onto superconsciousness, much as windows themselves reveal the scenery lying beyond them, but the brain can no more produce superconsciousness than a window can produce scenery. That is why scientists encounter so much frustration in their efforts to subject higher levels of awareness to testing by the scientific method. The conscious mind cannot oblige to do its bidding. Tavistock Institute. Part 74

Consciousness requires a material medium, such as the brain, to bring it into material manifestation, but it requires no such medium to exist. The outward manifestation of con-sciousness was a potential from the beginning of creation. That this is not an inference, but an actual fact, can be expe-rienced in superconsciousness by anyone who attains deep states of meditation. As the Bhagavad Gita, India’s best-known scripture, states, that essential consciousness exists everywhere, but is forever unaffected by anything.

The universality of consciousness helps to explain a sci-entific anomaly. Telepathy, so often demonstrated as to be held no longer in serious doubt, continues to baffle re-searchers because, unlike that of any other known phenom-enon, the power of thought remains constant with increasing distance. Every other known force, including light, diminishes with distance, but a thought can be received as clearly on the other side of the earth as in the next room.

Superconsciousness takes human awareness outside the brain. We may say even that the brain is only a filter for superconsciousness. It can serve as a window onto superconsciousness, much as windows themselves reveal the scenery lying beyond them, but the brain can no more produce superconsciousness than a window can produce scenery. That is why scientists encounter so much frustration in their efforts to subject higher levels of awareness to testing by the scientific method. The conscious mind cannot oblige to do its bidding.

The Human Potential

Only in humankind does consciousness reveal its potential for abandoning its material identity altogether. The fact that human beings seem to possess a capacity for increasing their awareness indefinitely suggests that they may even have the potential to continue that expansion to infinity. Rational thought suggests, and the experience of great mystics—the “scientists” of the spiritual world—confirms, that human beings, with their more highly refined nervous system, have the potential to transcend ego-awareness altogether, and attain cosmic consciousness.

As consciousness moves outward from its center into material manifestation, it takes on the appearance of material limitation. In human beings, too, superconsciousness is filtered as if through heavy, smoked glass. It is not possible for people to achieve perfection outwardly, since any outward flow of en-ergy and attention only continues the process of filtration.

We can attain perfection only by reversing our flow of energy and consciousness from the objective world, as it is revealed to us by our senses, and directing it inward to our divine center. This is the essence of all true spiritual teaching. Outer practices and beliefs are helpful only to the extent that they inspire us to seek our divine center within.

This is what Jesus Christ meant by his statement “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21).

The secret of self-transcendence is daily, deep meditation.

Meditation Practice

Plumb the depths of intuitive perception within you, at the calm center of your own heart. If any rest less or disturbing feelings arise there, withdraw deeper still—to the very center of feeling, as if to the calm eye of a storm. As any period on this page might be reduced indefinitely in size, even to the point of becoming in-visible under the strongest microscope, without ever ceasing to exist, so there is no limit to how deeply you can withdraw into the center of your being. Try to find the innermost center of intuitive per-ception in your heart. If you experience the slightest disturbance, go deeper still. Finally you will enter a vast hall of calmness. That center is the center of everything, everywhere. This, not intellectual analysis, is the way to attain per-fect insight into people and events—into any difficulty that you face in life. This is the way of intuitive under-standing. Your intuition must be cultivated—not abstractly, but with kindness toward all, with acceptance of whatever happens, and with perfect love for all life.

Raising Your Consciousness

One often hears references to “altered states of conscious-ness.” Implied in the expression is a suggestion that higher states of awareness are anomalies. Actually, there is only one state of consciousness: super-consciousness. The conscious and subconscious minds are our “altered states,” representing as they do the downward filtering of superconsciousness through the brain. Superconsciousness is, forever, the reality. It is our true and native state of being. The secret of meditation lies not in affirming states that are foreign to us, but in reclaiming what we are. Meditation is a returning to our center within. It may be termed a process of upward relaxation into superconsciousness. The only “effort” required is to resist the tendency, born of habit, toward tension and restlessness. What we must do, simply, is increase our receptivity—mentally and emotionally first, and then intuitively.

Long association with matter has conditioned us to consider our bodies our true identity. The body, however, is merely a filter through which the higher Self expresses itself on this material plane. All life is drawn into the upward spiral of evolution by the silent call of the Self.

Human beings are especially aware, though most of them only dimly so, of how persistent that call is to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. The call is usually drowned out by the seemingly more immediate and pressing demands of outer life. One recalls the prayer of St. Augustine, “Lord, make me good, but not yet!” We live in a state of constant conflict between our higher and our lower natures.

Somehow we carry deep within us the dim, ancient memory of our higher nature, but the lower represents for us the security of the familiar. it is this sense of ego-familiarity, rather than soul-remembrance, that draws us downward into diminished awareness; this fact, however, doesn’t always represent to our minds the disaster it actually is, for we imagine it as a comfortable alternative to meeting life’s challenges head on. Wouldn’t it be easier, we wonder, simply to let ourselves become less aware? There is the call to soul-freedom in higher awareness, and the opposing call to a delusive freedom in unawareness: the call of the sacred, and of the profane.

Under normal circumstances human consciousness has no control or awareness of the bodily functions, and it cannot awaken or control the deeper layers of the mind-brain.

On the other hand, superconsciousness can be awakened by the negation of ordinary human consciousness through the practice of Yoga and meditation. And, by transcending ordinary human consciousness in the state of satori.

Paramhansa Yogananda used to say, “You can’t banish darkness from a room by beating at it with a stick. But turn on the light, and the darkness—yes, even of a thousand years—will vanish as though it had never been.” His solution has all the simplicity of divine wisdom. For only by the “light” of supercon-sciousness can the darkness of delusion be dispelled forever. And yet—and yet: A question arises in the mind. What if, engulfed in all that darkness, we can’t locate the light switch? Suppose, while searching for it, we bark our shins on the furniture, or stumble over has-socks, or trip on the edge of a carpet? In these cases we naturally tell ourselves to walk more slowly and carefully. If we bumped heavily into anything, we wouldn’t flee in the opposite direction: We might only crash into something else. What we do, therefore, is back off carefully, and just as carefully experiment with other directions.

When the superconscious is passive, the subconscious comes awake, so to speak. And, similarly, a passive subconscious mind makes possible the true awakening of the superconscious in visionary experience. One might say, to extend this paradox, that the superconscious is only half-awake in visio-spatial/analytical activity, while the subconscious is only half-awake in logico-verbal/intellectual passivity.

Our higher mind is generally only half awake. It will be our duty and privilege, in the future, to bring it fully awake, as we are transformed into Supermen.

Awaken Your Power!

The superconscious mind is our connection to everything.

Awaken Your Power!

This is where two particles, which had interacted with each other, were separated by space and time and yet were able to act as if they were somehow connected or communicating. Since everything in our existence consists of the same energy—based on this principle—we all should be connected to it as well. This is the law of oneness. This is the superconscious mind. The superconscious mind is everything that is manifested in our existence and everything that has the potential to ever be manifested. It is both everything and nothing.

It is the God-force in us that religion teaches. It doesn’t matter if you believe in religion or not—the superconscious mind exists and works just the same with or without belief in it.

The superconscious mind is also known as the higher self. This self has the power to create anything. It can allow you to heal from any sickness, create wealth, find true love, and do anything else you can desire. It can also send you valuable insight and wisdom. The higher self communicates to us through the heart center in the form of intuition.

Most people would agree that we have a conscious mind along with a subconscious mind. Not as many people know about the universal mind—or collective unconscious as Jung called it. That is unfortunate because it appears that this often unknown mind is what connects us to our infinite power. It connects us to everyone and everything, including the source that some call God. This superconscious mind, the universal mind, the higher self, the spiritual self, or whatever you want to call it appears to be the secret energy source that allows the law of attraction to work and lets us manifest our desires into reality.

When the physical body is sufficiently vivified by the influx of energy from the higher dimensions, it begins to create higher overtone reflections of itself in the akasha or energy substance of the higher planes, and thus its pattern is preserved and made immortal.

When man has evolved to superman, he will, under the direction of the superconscious mind in accordance with God’s will as it manifests in evolution, take an active part in the molding and directing of the evolution of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms.

This brings us to Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini — is a concentrated form of prana or life force, lying dormant in our bodies. Traditionally it is conceptualized as a coiled up serpent. It has also been described as, “a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic invisible energy absolutely vital to life; beginning in the base of the spine as a man or woman begins to evolve in their first incarnation; fed by the chakras along the spine and by the cosmic energy entering through the feet from the earth; as wisdom is earned in each incarnation, this electromagnetic, ultrapotent energy moves slowly upward through the spine; it is directed by the speed of the soul mind as the soul-mind meets the requirements of each chakra, according to the needs and thinking of the individual; eventually this energy is unspiralled through the medulla oblongata, pituitary gland, pineal gland and through the crown chakra to unite with the silver cord; at which point, one will ascend to the higher realms to finish evolutionary cycle…

One way to understand the human mind is to see it as three levels, or layers, that interact and influence one another.

There are three main areas of the mind: the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. The conscious mind is composed of your current perceptions and what you think is real. The subconscious mind represents all the thoughts, memories, and emotions that your conscious mind has perceived, interpreted, and recorded over your lifetime, and now lie buried below the level of daily consciousness. You can access your subconscious mind through hypnosis or simple questions designed to awaken this powerful part of your mind. The superconscious mind is where true genius, wisdom, power, and joy are located. This is your connection to your source.

Like an iceberg, most of which is hidden beneath the waves, the answers to your deepest questions live in the part of your mind that is mostly beneath your awareness. Remember that the expanse of iceberg beneath the surface is just as real as is the tip above. Similarly, the expanse of the superconscious mind that embraces both your conscious and subconscious mind is just as real. This part of the mind is like a treasure chest, full of jewels and unlimited wealth, just waiting for you to open it.

You can access your superconscious mind by quieting your thoughts and asking powerful questions. Pray to God first, for He is your greatest resource. When the superconscious mind contacts the divine, it is assured of success, because it is attuned with God’s unlimited power. Provide your mind with the gift of deep contemplation by being very still.

It is a commonly accepted fact that we human beings are utilizing only a fraction of our mental potential. As one scientist said, “Probably 99% of human ability has been wholly wasted; even today, those of us who consider ourselves cultured and educated operate for most of our time as automatic machines and glimpse the profounder resources of our minds only once or twice in a liefetime.

The infinite power that we now notice in the mind is expressed in the mind’s clear, perfect vision of the ever-transcending Beyond. Machine-power is to some extent blind. It takes tremendous joy in destroying the world. Our soul-power is constantly, incessantly, trying to come to the fore and guide our outer consciousness, our outer life. Unfortunately, right now we do not pay any attention to the soul-power; but once we go deep within and become familiar with it, we shall be able to use it most effectively. The soul-power is the power of universal oneness. Arise! Awake! Realise and achieve the Highest with the help of the illumining, guiding and fulfilling Masters. Tavistock Institute. Part 73

We stayed with our weak body, aggressive vital, unlit mind and insecure heart for a good many years. Then something deep within prompted us to enter into the spiritual life, the life that could give us the message of the Infinite, the Eternal and the Immortal. Now that we have started making progress in the spiritual life, we have come to realise that this very body of ours can become most powerful.

Our vital, our mind and our heart can also become most powerful. But we must know that the power of the body is not the power that we outwardly see, the power that takes the form of destruction. The infinite power that we now see in the body is expressed in the body’s self-dedication to the Supreme Lord. The boundless power that we now see in the vital is expressed in the vital’s dynamic, enthusiastic urge to welcome the vast world as its very own.

The infinite power that we now notice in the mind is expressed in the mind’s clear, perfect vision of the ever-transcending Beyond. Finally, the infinite power that we now notice in the sun-vast heart reveals that there, in the heart, our divinity grows and our reality constantly fulfils its own Immortality. There are three types of power usually seen in the present-day world: machine-power, man-power and soul-power.

Machine-power is to some extent blind. It takes tremendous joy in destroying the world. Although machine-power is unconscious, even in its unconsciousness we notice that, in a subtle way, it enjoys destruction. But we must remember that this machine-power is utilised by man-power, by the power of man’s fertile brain. So machine-power can easily be brought under our control if we use our human brain-power or, preferably, our heart-power. Heart-power is the power of love, the power of oneness. If we use the power of our love and the power of our oneness, then the power of destruction can easily be nullified.

Our soul-power is constantly, incessantly, trying to come to the fore and guide our outer consciousness, our outer life. Unfortunately, right now we do not pay any attention to the soul-power; but once we go deep within and become familiar with it, we shall be able to use it most effectively. The soul-power is the power of universal oneness. The soul-power is the power of real fulfilment and complete perfection in our aspiring lives. There is a negative power and there is a positive power.

The soul cannot be won by the weakling. If we at all want to dive into the inner life, if we want to be guided and moulded by the soul, then we have to be extremely strong. The strength we need is not so much physical strength, but the strength of self-discipline, the strength of self-enquiry, the strength of self-withdrawal from the life of the senses, the strength of self-effacement in the world of offering and self-fulfilment in the world of aspiration and meditation. The Upanishads again inspire us most profoundly:

Arise! Awake! Realise and achieve the Highest with the help of the illumining, guiding and fulfilling Masters. The path is as sharp as the edge of a razor, difficult to cross, hard to tread—so declare the wise sages.

But the Upanishads in no way want to discourage us. On the contrary, this sacred message will always inspire us to run towards the Goal. But we have to know that only he who is awakened can run towards the Ultimate Goal. The Goal, God-realisation, cannot forever remain unattained or unattainable.

Today’s impossibility will not always remain an impossibility. No! If the seeker’s cry is strong and powerful, the Smile from Above is bound to dawn. In our day-to-day life, we constantly exercise power, either in accepting or in rejecting reality. When we use power to accept reality with a view to transforming it, if necessity demands, then this power is called the soul’s power, the power of the Source. But if we exercise power to reject the world-situation, to reject the possibilities of the world, to reject this world because we feel that its sufferings and turmoil are past correction, then our own transformation and illumination will always remain a far cry for us.

Each human being gets the opportunity to invoke power in various ways. Every day he gets the golden opportunity to invoke power with his hope. Hope is nothing but concealed power. When we cherish hope, we must know that we are consciously or unconsciously invoking an inner or higher power.

Today’s hope turns into tomorrow’s actuality. Today’s dream is bound to be fulfilled in tomorrow’s reality. As hope is a power, so also is expectation a power. We expect many things from ourselves and from the world. We feel that today’s expectation is going to bring down tomorrow’s realisation. But in the spiritual life, we play the role without any expectation whatsoever. We feel that our role is to perform divine service, but not to expect the fruits thereof.

Each seeker should feel that it is his bounden duty to realise the Highest. But each seeker must know that God-realisation, the realisation of the Ultimate Truth, need not and cannot be the sole monopoly of any one individual. Everyone is destined to reach the Highest. But there is a way that leads a seeker to his Destination quite fast, and that is the way of the heart.

If we empty the heart and welcome the eternal Guest, our eternal Beloved, He comes in and fulfils His own Transcendental Reality in our day-to-day existence. The other way, the way of the mind, is lengthier and more difficult. But if we can silence the mind, then Peace, Light, Bliss and Power in infinite measure can enter into us also. We are all seekers. In our inner life, our spiritual life, we have already travelled millions of miles.

The inner life must constantly embrace, guide and inspire the outer life. The outer life is eventually liberated by the inner life, which already has liberation in fullest measure. The inner life and the outer life can and must run abreast.

The inner life will constantly receive messages from Above, messages of Infinity, Eternity and Immortality. Infinity, Eternity and Immortality are not vague terms. When one becomes an advanced seeker, he sees and feels infinite Peace, Light and Bliss within himself. One need not be a God-realised soul to have this experience.

All of us have Peace, Light and Bliss in infinite measure in the very depths of our aspiring spiritual heart. But right now the door of our heart is locked by ignorance. We have to open the door and dive deep within to go beyond ignorance to where our own Peace, Light and Truth reside.

What is freedom? Freedom is our conscious, spontaneous and selfless search for Light, abundant Light, infinite Light. There are two kinds of Light: the outer light and the inner light. The outer light exposes us, examines us and judges us. The inner light awakens us, illumines us and fulfils us. Once we enter into the world of aspiration, we come to realise that there are three types of freedom: animal freedom, human freedom and divine freedom. Animal freedom enjoys total destruction. Human freedom enjoys fleeting or deluding pleasure. Divine freedom enjoys illumining and fulfilling oneness.Animal freedom and human freedom are earth-bound freedom. Divine freedom is Heaven-free freedom. Earth-bound freedom is the song of our unlit ego’s supremacy.

Heaven-free freedom is the song of our reality’s perfection and divinity’s manifestation. In today’s world, man and perfection are perfect strangers. In tomorrow’s world, man and perfection will be bosom friends, illumining friends and fulfilling brothers. In the mind of today’s world, divine manifestation is sheer impossibility; but in the heart of tomorrow’s world, the divine manifestation is an unmistakable inevitability.

Spiritual freedom is our liberation from the mire of self-created bondage. When the body is liberated from the mire of ignorance, the body divinely serves God in man. When the vital is liberated from the aggression of ignorance-dream, the vital divinely loves God in man. When the mind is liberated from its tiny, limited ignorance-cave, the mind divinely manifests God in man. When the heart is liberated from its insecurity-prison cell, the heart constantly feels the Supreme Pilot here on earth, there in Heaven. In the spiritual life, we need speed (it comes by raising inner frequencies).

In the inner life, speed is aspiration. If there is no aspiration, then there is no speed, and God-realisation remains a far cry. We know the speed of an Indian bullock cart and the speed of a modern jet plane. Aspiration has the speed of a modern jet plane. Aspiration is the heart’s mounting cry that finds its satisfaction only when it reaches the Goal of the ever-transcending Beyond. Once it reaches the Goal, the inner being is inundated with freedom, the freedom that feeds us, energises us and fulfils the hunger of humanity. Right now, if you ask, “Who needs freedom?” our answer is that everyone needs freedom. If you ask, “Who has freedom?” the answer is that nobody has it. But if we launch into the spiritual life, if we follow the path devotedly, soulfully and unconditionally, then today’s bondage can be transformed into tomorrow’s freedom. Outer freedom is fleeting and badly lacking in satisfaction. Inner freedom gives us real and abiding satisfaction.

Unless and until we have attained satisfaction, we shall always remain unfulfilled and empty. In order to bring satisfaction into our life, we cry deep within. When God’s Hour strikes in our life of aspiration, we become not only men of freedom but also lovers of freedom. At that time we transform mankind with our embodied, revealed and manifested Freedom divine.

Human love binds; divine Love expands. Human devotion is our unconscious attachment; divine Devotion is our conscious awareness of our Ultimate Reality. Human surrender is the surrender of a slave to his master; divine Surrender is the surrender of the finite to the Infinite. This surrender is conscious, wholehearted and unconditional, and it allows the human being to realise his Source, God.

After God-realisation, the finite human life becomes inseparably one with the Infinite. At that time, the Infinite sings its most soulful song, the song of God-Reality, and the finite sings its eternal song, the cry of millennia.

The moment we enter the spiritual life, one sublime thought, word and idea becomes paramount to us, and that is ‘consciousness’. Strangely enough, this state of being abounds in lakes. Lakes consist of water, which signifies consciousness. Consciousness and spirituality are inseparable. When we elevate our consciousness to the highest level of awareness, illumination dawns.

When we spread the wings of our consciousness, we fly into the sky of Immortality. Each seeker consciously tries to expand his consciousness, illumine his consciousness and fulfil his consciousness; for in the expansion, illumination and fulfilment of his consciousness.

Peace is not to be found in external knowledge. Most of our external knowledge is founded on information, and information cannot give us any abiding satisfaction. Peace is not to be found in outer efficiency. Peace is found in self-mastery. If we want to achieve peace in our inner and outer life, then we must know the necessity of reciprocal inclusiveness and not mutual exclusiveness. Earth and Heaven must be united. Heaven has the silence of the soul. Earth has the sound of life. The silence of the soul leads us to our Source, the highest Reality; and the sound of life allows us to manifest what is within that highest Reality. In the inclusiveness of earth and Heaven we can achieve peace. Peace is the only authority in our life of ascent and descent. When we ascend, we lean the song of unity in multiplicity. When we descend, we learn the song of multiplicity in unity.

For too long we have kept mystery an arm’s length away from the most important parts of our lives. We do this out of fear, but this only keeps the world an arm’s length away from being drawn into the desire of Jesus’ final prayer—that the world may believe. Cherishing the mystery of Christ, especially within intimacy, causes the first part of the oneness Jesus prayed for to come to life, our oneness with Him. This is an uncommon unity that brings us into the mold of the apostles in the book of Acts, the kind of oneness with Christ that is a prelude to unity with one another. This is a supernatural oneness that causes the world to marvel and say with new belief, “they have been with Jesus.”

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

This is such a powerful, yet unique promise in John 16:33. In the same sentence Jesus tells us we will have two things, two different things, concepts that by our typical definitions contradict one another: peace and tribulation. Many of us know of the peace we are supposed to have despite the trials of the world, and many of us are fighting for such right now. But do we know that we are actually able to have more peace in our lives and throughout the world because of the trials we are passing through? It sounds about as contradictory as the promise of both peace and trials being found together, Jesus shared in the promise above. But the reality is we have a world searching for peace, of which we as Christians are not called to be pursuers of such peace, but carriers. How do we carry such peace to the world? We learn to profit from our trials, and that profit is peace. Every trial we face, every uphill battle, every tear or circumstance that just cannot be explained to anyone—they are the equation to peace, and we are the ones learning to profit from such. In a world that seeks to unite for the sake of peace, we unite with Peace for the sake of the world.

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing” (James 1:2-4).

For there is no power but of God : the powers that be are ordained of God . Whosoever therefore resisteth the power , resisted the ordinance of God

The only power we now recognize that we have over this physical world is our technological ability to destroy life, pollute the air and water, and make this earth uninhabitable for living things. But it seems to me that the technological power that we currently have over the earth, the power to destroy most of life as we know it, should do more than just frighten us. It should make us realize that we do have more power than we ever imagined before. Who would have believed, back even a hundred years ago, that humans would ever have the technological capability to destroy all of the higher life forms on this planet?

There are two realizations we need to have. One is that it is our egoself thought system that is making nature the means of separation that it is. Secondly, we are making it as we see it because we sincerely believe that we are not already pure, and that there are lessons we need to learn so that we can progress to purity. Our egoself is setting up a situation designed to develop separate but equal “Gods.” We have set up disease, death, and competition in nature, along with the beauty and tenderness, so that we will sense that there is a force of love and life, and that there is also a force of disease and death. Our egoself has given nature both of these qualities so that our conscious selves will learn that, while there is a God, there is also the need for us to develop our own strength to be able to compete with God for what is available. If we believe that God exists as Love, then our egoself wants us to believe that we must compete for that Love.

The physical world is an illusion, but the energy that forms it is real. The physical world is the dissipated energy of the Light of God, waiting to be re-united with the energy of the Light of God that is within each of us. We do not experience the full creative force of the Light of God now because we are not consciously united with each other and with nature. It is not until we are united that we will fully realize who we are, what we have made here, and what we can Create, not make. We are truly one with each other and with nature.

The Power of Oneness: Live the Life You Choose. Your Infinite Potential. If We Cannot Perceive Energy with Our Five Senses, How Do We Know That It Exists? What Is The Importance of Recognizing We Are Energy? We’ve always been aware that our bodies are part of the material, physical world. While this is true, when we perceive ourselves exclusively as matter, we are only acknowledging the body/mind aspects of ourselves. This perspective completely ignores the non-material world where the infinite potential of our spirit exists. When we remember that we exist in both the material and non-material dimensions we are acknowledging our whole self. Tavistock Institute. Part 72

Infinite Potential

The universal field is a field of collective intelligence which holds infinite potential and is available to all of us. It expresses itself through the channels of our minds in the energy of our thoughts.

It is within this non-material field of energy that we humans have an inherent ability to access universal with and wisdom through our intuition, dreams, and imagination. The universal field is the source of all material creation—whatever we can perceive with our minds can be created in our physical world. In fact, everything that exists in our material world began with the pure energy of someone’s thoughts and ideas.

Constant Motion Energy, by its very definition, is continuous movement. It cannot stand still and must move in a constant motion called vibration. As humans, we also are vibrations of energy. When we see ourselves as vibrations of energy, we realize that our lives are not a static condition but a process of constant change, growth, and evolution. Every cell within our bodies is constantly changing with the flow of energy—in fact, scientific studies have proven that our cells change so rapidly that we have an entirely new body every few years! This tells us that we are not reservoirs storing energy. We are channels of a constant flow of unlimited energy—therefore, we are in constant motion!

If We Cannot Perceive Energy with Our Five Senses, How Do We Know That It Exists? We know that energ exists in the elements of nature because we can harness it for our physical use. We harness the energy of the sun through solar cells, the wind with windmills; water through waterfalls, hydroelectric water wheels and dams; nuclear material with reactors; and organic matter with natural and chemical prcesses that convert it into fuels. These forms of energy are not tan-gible nonetheless, we can certainly feel the effects of their existence each day of our lives. Every time we pay our electric bill, we are adcnowledging the reality of something we cannot touch, see. Ilea; smell, or taste—yet we certainly are aware of when we have electricity and when we don’t.

We Can Sense Energy Outside of Our Bodies All of nature is energy. Is there anything more energizing and regenerating than inhaling fresh air, looking at beautiful flowers, standing in a lush green meadow, feeling the warmth of the sun on our face as we listen to the mesmerizing sound of ocean waves, walking in the woods on a crisp autumn day, or gazing at the awesome beauty of a mountain? We humans seem to have a built-in energy sensor with which we can instantly detect the collective energy of our surroundings without any logical explanation. Our sense of the nature of the energy outside of us varies with the situation. We even use terms to describe this sensation, such as “good vibes” and “bad vibes,” which describe our energetic impres-sions of the vibrations of people and situations, based solely on our intuitive senses.

What Is The Importance of Recognizing We Are Energy? We’ve always been aware that our bodies are part of the material, physical world. While this is true, when we perceive ourselves exclusively as matter, we are only acknowledging the body/mind aspects of ourselves. This perspective completely ignores the non-material world where the infinite potential of our spirit exists. When we remember that we exist in both the material and non-material dimensions we are acknowledging our whole self.

We Create Our Reality

When we see our whole self—body, mind, and spirit—from the integrated perspective of both our physical and metaphysical existence, we begin to recognize our true human nature. We are more than just our bodies and minds—the spiritual aspect of our being is formless, unlimited, infinite potential, constant motion, and pan of a universal field of energy. Realizing that we are energy, as well as matter, opens our awareness to our extraordinary human potential. Energy is the capacity to create; therefore, we are dynamic, creative beings. We express our human creative nature spiritually, mentally, and physically in the following ways:

Spirit -Our spirit expresses its creative nature through the pure energy of thought.

Mind -Our mind expresses our thoughts through the energy of the words and actions we choose.

Body – Our body expresses our creative nature through the experiences which result from the thoughts, words, and actions we choose.

Because we are creative beings, it is extremely important to become aware of how the energy of our thoughts, words, and actions shapes our personal and collective realities.

Once we understand that we can choose our thoughts, we can no longer perceive our thinking as an involuntary action and our lives as something that happens to us. When we con-sciously choose our thoughts and how we express them, we are taking responsibility for the quality of our lives. Rather than think of ourselves as being beholden to our outer world, we see the truth of our role in helping to create it. This is an awesome realization because it means we can create a new personal reality simply by changing the way in which we choose to think!

Once we become aware of our power to create, we begin to realize that it is of paramount importance that we be mind-ful of the intention with which we project the energy of our thoughts. Intention is more than just words—it is the objective of our thoughts underlying our words and actions. We are all channels of universal energy which is consis-tently flowing through us. Because universal energy is the essence of life, it is neutral; however, as it flows through our minds it becomes positive or negative energy, based on our intentions.

We Can Change Our Reality by Changing Our Thoughts

If we don’t like what we see in our exterior world, we don’t have to wait for the circumstances to change. We have the creative power to change our external circumstances by changing the interior world of our thoughts! How many times have we heard ourselves and others say that our lives will be better when we have more money, more time, less work, fewer problems, and the list goes on and on. We are, in essence, waiting for our circumstances to change us instead of changing our situations by changing our thoughts. Our life circumstances are not the cause of our thoughts—they are the result of the thoughts we are sending out to the world!

We do not need to wait for our circum-stances to change before we feel better. When we choose to think differently the circumstances will follow our thoughts. Life is not a permanent condition. It is a dynamic process of constant change and growth. If we don’t like what we are attracting, we can change the thoughts we are projecting. Our frequency then changes, as does everything we attract. The frequency at which we are projecting our thoughts is what determines the nature of our personal reality.

When we wait for our outer reality to change our inner reality, we are delegating our inner power to create our per-sonal reality to everyone other than ourselves, causing us to feel that we have no control over our lives. Understanding how our thoughts form the perceptions that shape our reality is the foundation of our personal healing process.

What Are Perceptions?

Perception is how we interpret our environment through physical sensation. One way to envision our individual percep-tions is to imagine that we are all born with our own personal paint brush and a palette with a rainbow of colon. Our life is the neutral canvas on which each of us paints our own individual pictures of how we see our experiences. One person’s picture may be delicate brushes with a few objects of pastel colors, another a very busy picture in broad strokes of vivid colors, yet another in all different shades of the same color with no objects at all.

The greatest divine gift given to humanity is free will to choose our personal perceptions.

Will is defined by Webster as, to determine by an act of choke: the mental powers manifested as wishing, choosing, desiring, or intending.

When we are aware that we can choose our perceptions, we empower ourselves to live consciously. If we are not aware of our inner power to make choices, we live our lives unconsciously. Whether we are conscious of it or not, our perceptions determine the way in which we see and experience absolutely everything in our lives. While we may all be looking at the same scenery, each person’s picture is different because we all sense life in a unique and individual way.

This is why we can all experience the same thing, yet have entirely different responses. It also explains why ten people can interpret the same situation in ten different ways, each one thinking that he or she is right. It does not matter how anyone else sees the scenery, the individual pictures we perceive with our minds are what is real for each of us. In essence, each of us is an artist painting our own personal reality through our unique perceptions.

If We Can Change Our Reality with the Conscious Choice of Our Thoughts, Why Don’t We Just Change Our Thinking? The willingness of each of us to recognize our infinite potential to create depends on the beliefs which we, and the generations that preceded us, have developed throughout the years. Many of us have forgotten our inner power because we believe that our lives are a permanent condition created by someone else. There is a certain measure of pseudo-security in this point of view because we can somewhat hide from life by blaming others for the circumstances we experience. Awakening to the truth of our inner power to create means we have to take responsibility for how our thoughts are creating our personal reality. As we become aware of the creative power of our thoughts, we can empower ourselves to choose perceptions of life which coincide with our inner truth.

As we become aware of what our perceptions are and our inner power to choose them, we empower ourselves to expand them to align with broader perspectives which incor-porate a larger world view.

What Is Perspective?

Perspective is the overall viewpoint from which we see the world. Our perspectives are the context and our percep-tions are the content. For example, when we imagine a glass filled with water, we can relate the glass to the context and the water to the content. Similarly, if we use the analogy of an artist painting a picture of his personal reality, perspective is the frame and perception is the picture. We don’t actually see our perspectives. We look at life through our perspectives, much the same as we see through our eyeglasses. It is like cutting a tiny slit into a box and putting the box over our heads. If we look through the slit, all we can see is a narrow perspective of a much larger view, and yet we may think it is all there is to see. Perspectives are self-imposed mental boundaries (also known as paradigms) that can blind us from seeing larger possibilities.

How Is Our Collective World Perspective Expanding?

Our world society is not only expanding its collective perspective of the physical world—we are also seeing evidence of our collective emotional and spiritual growth. The social upheaval we are experiencing is an indication that our global society is growing beyond the limited perspectives of physical survival and the ego gratification of materialism.

We are moving toward the much more evolved and expansive perspective of recognizing that we are citizens of an interconnected global community. Our society is making a major paradigm shift from a life theme of living from the outside-in, a perspective based on surviving our outer physical world, to the more expanded per-spective of living from the inside-out, a life theme based on the values of our inner spirit.

As we take a closer look at these perspectives, we can see that the “outside-in” approach focuses on a Perspective of Separation which views our bodies and minds as separate from our spirit, whereas the “inside-out” approach is a Perspective of Oneness which embraces not only the body and mind aspects of ourselves that exist in our material world, but also the spiritual aspect of our whole self which exists in our non-material world.

The Perspective of Separation is our traditional paradigm of thinking. Each of us must explore how we have lived in this limiting perspective in the past in order to heal and expand to broader, more expansive perspectives that are aligned with our spiritual truth.

The Perspective of Separation

The Perspective of Separation is a view of life in which we see our concrete, physical world as our only reality. This is a model of life in which we live from the outside-in because we look to our outer physical world for our energy and verifica-tion of self-worth rather than living from the core of our inner spirit. Up to this point in time, it has been the predominant theme for our personal lives and social structures, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. The Perspective of Separation is based on fear and perpetuates an existence based on competition and survival because it emphasizes the parts rather than the whole of our existence.

It is a view of life which focuses on separation within and without in that we view our material world as separate and disconnected from the non-material world of spirit, perceive our own lives as separate and disconnected from the lives of each other, and perceive the inner makeup of our own minds and bodies as being separate from our spirit. Because this perspective of life does not acknowledge the connection of our minds and bodies with the limitless life energy within the non-material world of spirit, we look to each other to replenish our energy and to prove our individual supremacy. Accordingly, the outside-in perspective is based on external control and hierarchy. It is very important that we understand this perspective which focuses on separation because, just as the contrast of darkness enables us to know light, it is by understanding the parts of who we are that we can embrace the larger meaning of life.

The Unseen World – Your True Self

When you come into the consciousness of your true self, you will realize that all problems are the product of your physical senses and are aperienad by the five senses only. so you let them go and they have no power over you. We would like to say a few words about prayer. We see many of you who say. “I pray all the time, but my prayers are never answered: To pray without ceasing. as we have told you, is to live constantly in the realization of God. But we hear most of you praying as though you are praying to a God outside of your own self.

There is not, as we have said. God and Man, but Cod manifesting as Man. Remember always. “the kingdom of Cod is within you: Cod is life. True prayer is the constant recognition that God is life. In this consciousness. instead of seeking. asking. and begging for something, you turn within and listen to the still, small voice, which assures you that all is well. You cannot pray in the right way unless you are aware of your true being. It is your conscious awareness of the oneness of being. the oneness of life, truth, and love, which results in answered prayers.

The reqognirion of your divine selfembrea* and including the oneness of God is true prayer. Remember whatever you are seeking is already a pan of you. Always remember that God made all there is: there is only God. there is none other.

The feeling of the need for prayer, or for anything else is in your mind. You have separated yourself from your true being, therefore you feel alone, or as an individual. If you truly understood your divine self, your oneness, you would know nor feel any need: you would know, whatever the need, was already filled. When you go within to God, you must leave outside all worldly wishes. You must drop this world. You must not pray to gain anything of the world, but “come to me empty.” Seek not things of the world that bind, but seek your own true identity.

Communion with God is true prayer; too long have you been seeking outside of yourself. Now go within and truly learn there is nothing to bind you, other than believing there is a power outside of your own being. It will become dear to you that God consciousness and your con-sciousness is one. When you are fully aware, you become peaceful. You realize the all powerful and ever-lasting presence that will never leave you. You need not pray for things; you only need to recognize that this power, this all-inclusive power, is right within. No more will you fear conditions or circumstances; you know you are in charge. Release from all fear and doubt brings true freedom. Bless you.

The Formula on how to Blend the Ego

Today we want to explain the creator of your ego. Do you know that your mind is the creator of your ego? Do you know that your mind is not only the creator of ego. it also feeds the ego? Think about what we have just said: it feeds the ego. How many times has some link thing happened and at first you don’t think too muds about it, then all of a sudden you begin to dwell on it and before long it is no longer a small thing.

it is a huge thing. The more you think about it the bigger it gets. This is “here the saying. “making a mountain out of a mole hill” ante from. As soon as you stop thinking about what happened it is no longer a problem because you have taken the power away from it. Do you see how to become the maser of yourself? It really is quite simple.

Do not feed the ego the food that it craves. Take you mind off whatever it is that you allowed your ego to kick up. Every time the thought comes up about the event, think of God. Remember you cannot think of two things at once. If you do not believe what we are telling you. try thinking of two things at once and see for yourself. This is how you become the master of yourself. This is the way to blend the ego. If you do not feed it. it no longer exists. Do not try to tell others how to live their life. Stay in your own world and take are of your own ego.

When you learn to know yourself, the true self, you will give up all thought of being a separate self. You will realize you have lived an illusion for eons of time. You realize the folly of chasing after things, money, houses, and so on. You are only chasing phantoms, nothing lasting. As long as you do this you will forever be chasing something beyond your reach. When you reach one, another will take its place, for you will be hoping for the phantom of future happiness, unable to experience the truth of the present—the now. It is the understanding of the “unity of self within the whole” that is the key.

If you will look dosely you will discover that it is the thought of pain and insecurity that keeps you enslaved. The harder you try to escape, the more entangled you become.

The more you worry about something, the harder it is to release. When you have become weary and realize the fruitlessness of worry and at last exclaim, “I give up, let whatever will come, come,” the moment you make that decision you are free. You have surrendered yourself—freed yourself from the image of fear through the willingness to accept whatever may come, and then the awakening comes.

You find that fear conjured up by the self is a symbol of the experi-ence, and not the experience itself. You realize that you have given fear, anxiety, and so forth, power through having faith that what you fear will happen, but when you surrender yourself you are free. Then you see the folly of believing that you are a separate self. You realize that the self is an illusion.

Then you can begin to realize that you are all one with all there is, be it people or things. You know you are eternal, and not in a body that you somehow have called “you” for a short period, only to become a spirit floating around in either heaven or hell.

Again we must impress upon you that you must come to the place in consciousness where you are ready to become detached from the world. You must live in a state of detachment. This does not mean you leave the world, it means you transcend the world. You must also be aware that people, places, or things do not bring about true happiness. If you do not know where happiness is you will look for it forever. You will go on and on and return to the place you started from, and still happiness will elude you. If you do not know that happiness is within, you will not find it without.

All about Ego

Your soul is an inner Universe, vast, mysterious and powerful. All you need to tap into this part is to release yourself from the ego. You will then discover the Infinite Self, the powerhouse behind all life. You will never find true happiness as long as you live to please your ego. Remember thought is everything.

If you think you are not in con-trol of your life then you won’t be in control of your life. If you live solely for your ego, you will be unhappy because the ego is a trouble-maker. Your ego keeps you in fear. Your ego will make you believe you are merely human and not worthy of blessings.

As long as you allow your ego to be the master you will be unhappy. Oh, there will be times you feel elated and on top of the world, so to speak This is the way the ego keeps its power.

Once you take the power away from the ego, you will find that mood swings will no longer be there to pump you up one minute and depress you in the next. Direct your power towards allowing your soul to be in control, for the ego will take all the power that you will give it. It is ego that makes you feel hurt when your teachers point out something you are doing that will lead you away from your chosen path.

The ego makes you feel hurt when someone says things to you that you find offensive. It is also from ego that others make offensive remarks. We have told you before that your ego can be your downfall if you allow it to be the master. It will lead you astray. It can make you desire material things. It can make you want to control others. It is very sneaky; you do its bidding without realizing what you are doing or why you are doing it. It can make you want more and better material things than someone else has.

Toward a Superconsciousness. The Light of Superconsciousness – How to Benefit from Emerging Spiritual Trends” explains the emerging techniques and attitudes that will help ease the transition to a more spiritually nurturing society and teach us to awaken the seeds of intuition, freedom, and joy that lie dormant within each of us. Toward a Superconsciousness. Tavistock Institute. Part 72

When an individual attempts to enter the spiritual dimension that transcends his karmas , he will be confronted by Satan and his legion of devils who will do their best to obstruct his progress

“The Light of Superconsciousness – How to Benefit from Emerging Spiritual Trends” explains the emerging techniques and attitudes that will help ease the transition to a more spiritually nurturing society and teach us to awaken the seeds of intuition, freedom, and joy that lie dormant within each of us.

Many people doubt , or even flatly deny , the existence of Satan , but all saints have said that Satan is a reality . He ‘ s not somebody with a red suit and a long tail , but it ‘ s a consciousness that tries to keep everything in delusion .

Everyone possesses inexplicable powers and can be presently aware of events and experiences transcending the five senses. Some people know this; some only suspect it, while others are in outright denial of it. It would make a world of difference in your life if these powers were brought from the background of your existence to the forefront.

You exist in a realm of infinite wisdom, of infinite possibilities. In this realm, accessible by your spirit, you are truly God-like; you identify with all that is attributed to Deity in all wisdom and power. In this realm, you are subject to no limitation or external determination, you extend beyond mental comprehension, and you are greater than any pre-assigned finite value, however large.

With this awareness, you have a ticket to see across a span of space or time, a tool to know that you are, and have been, more than the physical world will permit. I want you to know this, discover this, make the journey inward and beyond your earthly self, and see the difference it makes in your life.

Deep within each of us dwellsa staggering power: a power that would astonish. a power most only dream of, a power each offspring of divinity possesses yet most ignore. Such a force can shatter our imprisoned human condition. This force is greater than any physical condition and needs only to be awakened. cultivated. and put into action.

You are an empowered being. empowered with the full potential of the divine-kind, capable of manifesting any reality for yourself and the world. Let no one define your reality or falsely limit your possibilities. Aim off the television. the radio, the newspaper, or even the church that would serve only to strip you of your divine heritage. Own pau r spi ritual perceptions and do not give your power away.

It is all within your grasp. This moment is an opportunity to explore your inward depths to discover who you truly are and determine the experiences you will bring with you on the path to ultimate transformation. You will discover and experience the significant aspects of your immortality and become truly enlightened or transformed, feeling more alive and fulfilled than you ever thought possible.

But thanks to this world, we’ve been conditioned to live exclusively in the field of the senses rather than in the super conscious realm—the spirit realm. There is a conspiracy to keep us from living in super consciousness. Satan is the mastermind of this conspiracy. and his strategy is to confine Christians to the illusion of the physical and thereby blind them from the ultimate reality—the invisible spiritual reality.

The purpose of this conspiracy is to firmly commit you to false perspectives propagated by a variety of Satan’s ponies such as the media (much of it). the entertainment world. the academic world, and the false religious beliefs—until you arc immersed in the world system.

This collective illusion bears a persistent impact on all of us. It’s difficult to escape its assault on our senses and our souls. In order to transcend it, there needs to be an unveiling of the spirit within man; this will bring man the true perspective of life as far as possibility and reality are concerned.

Start right away exploring the possibility of the extraordinary in your life by translating your knowledge of it into experience. Remember, knowledge can only be translated into experience by exercising it. Therefore, now that you know that you are more than the physical, engage the powers of your higher self by venturing into those things that transcend your physical capabilities. And a doorway into a world beyond your wildest dreams will be opened to you.

Threefold Nature of Man

The matter of the threefold nature of man might not be new to you. In fact, it shouldn’t be new to any mature Christian. Many believers know that they have a spirit, but it is still a mysterious part of their being because they largely live on the level of the sensible in logical terms.

Before you learn how to escape the shackles of random living and live a life that transcends space and time, you must first understand the distinction between your spirit, soul, and body and understand their specific functions.

The more you learn about yourself, the more able you are to fully connect with the various levels of existence in the spectrum of life. You will be startled to discover that there is an aspect of yourself transcending the physical and has all along struggled for expression but has so far been overruled by your finite reasoning.

The average opinion on theconstitution of the human being is dualistic—humans constitute of mind and body. However, 1 Thessalonians 5: 23 reveals that the human being, in full view, is a tripartite being, comprising of three definite aspects or phases of existence—spirit, soul, and body: ‘May the God of peace himself sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept sound and blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ:

Notice that a distinction is made between man’s spirit and soul. Most people fail to make this distinction; they treat spirit and soul as though they were the same. However, not only are spirit and soul different terms, their very qualities and therefore utilities also differ.

Much of what has been theorized about man has been a product of finite reasoning and, therefore, cannot be depended on. However, from the scriptures, in Genesis 2: 1, the curtain is raised, and we are shown the very origin and creation of mankind: And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul:

In this text, we see three different phases of man’s creation: the physical, the spiritual, and the soul. ‘Formed from the dust of the ground’ refers to the human body; ‘breathed into his nostrils the breath of life refers to the human spirit as it was launched from God; and ‘man became a living sour refers to the human soul when the body was animated by the spirit and brought into being a living and self-aware man.

Therefore, the human being, in full view, is a trinity—the composite of spirit, soul, and body.

The breath of life became man’s spirit; that is, the principle of life within him. It is this phase of man that makes him more than the physical—that adjoins transcendent qualities to his existence on this earth.

The meditator, by contrast, turns away from the subconscious in a superconscious that is free to exist for itself on its own spiritual terms, that is to say, in the direct cultivation of awareness as a means to a higher end — namely the attainment, one way or another, of spiritual transcendence. It is the difference between a bound-electron equivalence and a free-electron equivalence, between the atomic (egocentric) and the post-atomic (superconscious). No-one would ever think of praying in the post-atomic age, for prayer would be far too egocentric. Besides, fictions derived from cosmic facts are of no importance to a psyche biased towards truth, which is to say, awareness. Certain illusions derived from the truth and pertaining to the Cosmos will, of course, remain acceptable, in the interests of Transcenden-talism. But no fictions derived from cosmic facts would remain so, and for the simple reason that the psyche will be too superconscious to have much respect for subconscious contents, which, in any case, would have receded into the psychic distance of discarded archetypes.

Evidently, mass consciousness is quite far removed from the perception of democracy as a “regime of col-lective thinking and self-restricted freedom”

Moving beyond the mind into a higher awareness of the soul taps into the transforming power of divine love. It also provides the understanding that each individual _ soul creates their own reality, affected by the collective consciousness of humanity. If the collective consciousness was enlightened, then you would have a hard time living in limitation and the illusion of the ego because of the affects of the mass consciousness on you. You are connected through the oneness of life to the collective consciousness.

When you meditate and move into the vibrational rhythm patterns of physical existence, it will be easier to feel and understand why all life is one. If your mind thinks you are separate from everything else because there is space around you and it, then in meditation move into the vibrational rhythm pattern of empty space and you will discover space is not empty, there are higher dimensions and creations in the empty space but beyond those are a fabric of divinity that connects all things in the oneness of life.

The five senses will not be aware of the oneness of life, but in meditation moving into the vibrational rhythm patterns of your body will allow you to feel it. Living from the mind and emotions does not provide the power of transformation or the understanding of a soul’s creative abilities. There is a clear path to reaching this enlightened state of awareness for it to become a part of daily life. Until that path is mastered there will be struggle of belief and action.

There is no cheating available that allows the mind to understand and apply the Transformation Power and Drama Transformation principles. Past experiences, current beliefs and most of society will not support the path to mastering these two principles. It is an inward journey to a gateway of expansive understanding and transforming ability available through connecting to the soul. Remembering this helps to remain on the path of transforming the source of war and conflict ‘within’ during the moments of truth where doubt screams to turn back to the safety of the survival instincts and the comfort of past beliefs.

As your divine love becomes the reality you trust and express in your daily life, the path towards transformation becomes clear and uplifting.

The pineal gland and the pituitary gland. Neuroscience. The portal to the truth is the human mind, when we connect the heart with the pineal gland — the center of our spiritual senses. There are many ways to reach this center, namely, through different forms of meditation. All our institutional systems, our government, our schools, and our universities reflect a first chakra energy. The moment we begin to challenge the belief systems which are held in the first chakra, we begin the awakening or remembering process. There is no easy path to enlightenment, no pattern of chakra opening that is any easier than another. Tavistock Institute. Part 70

Ali our institutional systems, our government, our schools, and our universities reflect a first chakra energy.

The moment we begin to challenge the belief systems which are held in the first chakra, we begin the awakening or remembering process.

There is no easy path to enlightenment, no pattern of chakra opening that is any easier than another.

The ancient mystery schools, the Knights Templar, and the Magdalen Cults are just a few of the tendrils spreading out from the Graal mystery. Martyrdom and persecution tested their initiates throughout the centu-ries as they sought the deeper truths. What is the lure or source of rapture that transcends such torturous sacrifices of the flesh throughout the ages? The secret of the Graal has grown more enticing over the years as it has become more unreachable. Legend continues to enshroud the true source of transformation hidden under the mask of the Graal.

Eternal life requires the sacred feminine principle to ignite the resurrection power of all truth. So simple a truth has caused tidal waves of human suffering. A common human frailty upon the Graal path is the desire for shortcuts to acquiring its magical power. The Graal quest has been strewn with historical accounts of testings and human failures while attempting to possess its sacred mysteries. But there is no easy path or quick study into enlightenment, especially into the Graal ini-tiation. For centuries it has been cloaked by secrecy and trials by fire! What if the quest itself is a never-ending maze that protects the Graal from the wrong intention. of the malignant soul?

The Graal is hidden within an illusive smoke screen that has kept humanity chasing in circles, always seeking but never really finding the truth. Is the Craal actually a conundrum? Chalices, bloodlines, sacred documentsarc mere representations of a much higher real-ity. Hoes enlightenment rest upon the actual discovery of sacred treasures, or could the truth exist right before ones eyes all the time?

Clear the smoke out of the way, and the truth lies inside, awaiting each of us to be recalled. Truth embraces unwavering compassion and hon-est simplicity on this higher path of transformation. Complications surround the Craal quest with confusing doorways and cryptic initiation codes continually reveal-ing a never-ending labyrinth ahead.

All these efforts feed our pride, and they expend a tremendous amount of energy — chasing one’s own tail. Amps seeking, but ?Wet fining the truth. The human mind is curiously elevated by the mental challenge of unraveling more chits and unveil-ing more secrets, which miss the original purpose of the Graal quest. Fin amour! Where is love?

Do we bypass the real difficulties of death to self by acquisition and self-ish uplifting of the mink If anyone is seeking the Graal, then one day the path will simply lead to the blood that was shed at the inception of the Holy Graal: that of Jesus Christ. Is the creation more important than the Creator? This trick question holds the key that will unlock all the doors. If the desire of the heart is filled with pure love, or fin amour, the doors will open at last.

If we lose our previous enlightenment, and fall away from the Holy Spirit in our lives, we are in danger also of losing life’s essence. And so we see at the end of the journey that part of the rare and precious gift of enlightenment is acceptance. Acceptance of the new life we have been offered.

Freedom and spontaneity work well to limit resistance. In C.S. Lewis’ essay “Free Will”, he states “God gave us free will because a world of automata could never love and therefore never know infinite happiness:’ So this inner freedom allows us to experience a different kind of love, one which is not self-indulgent, but one that goes beyond the usual reciprocity.

We are said to be enslaved by our wayward motives and emotions, but taming them brings freedom. M. Gandhi says it well in this comment,”Rejoice in freedom and delight in a life free from craving!’ Joy begins with being in the present moment, feeling the fullness of life now and the gratitude that accompanies this moment. We have a taste of inner freedom, when we are gratefully present to all aspects of our freedom, both inner and outer. Once we realize that freedom is a gift to be shared with others, we see the beginning of a new reality, an inkling of one of man’s greatest privileges, an opportunity to choose to love without hesitation, without expectations and with conscious freedom. A call to freedom is a call to love.

The prophetic call is a permanent one. Once an individual has been chosen and thus anointed as prophet, it cannot and will not be revoked. The Holy Spirit is especially careful in choosing among the believers the best possible candidates for this gift thus once a decision is made, it is a permanent one. There is no turning back for the prophet in training. The individual is not given the gift for a trial period where, if it does not work out it could be returned. This option does not exist. Once the Holy Spirit makes the choice it is an everlasting choice that will not be changed.

The prophetic call requires arduous training. This is the most challenging and laborious training that the prophet will ever endure. It calls for the breaking of the outer man. It breaks the outer shell of the individual bit by bit until the inner man, who is the spirit of the man, is released. When this happens the prophet’s spirit and the Holy Spirit can communicate freely without the distraction of the flesh or the outer man. This is not accomplished over night. It takes time and patience. It takes trial after trial to beak through the outer man, or the carnal nature of man, which is useless to the prophet in training. The prophetic call is usually difficult to balance.

The Holy Spirit never gives up on the prophet. He continues to probe him. After deciding to obey the Holy Spirit, and endure the discomfort and pain, the Holy Spirit continues the work but does not leave him defenseless. He continues to assist him by encouraging him in his low moments. During the periods where the prophet is feeling defeated, the Holy Spirit would remind him of the strength that is available to him through Jesus Christ. He encourages him to rely on the Word of God for strength.

The prophet is not focusing on the guide you, lead you, embrace your church, and allow you to lead the church with His strength. The Holy Spirit becomes the counselor promised to us by Jesus.

Take note—the Holy Spirit is not going to be the counselor for people who cannot host him. He stays and does his job only where he is welcomed. This is proven Biblical principle. Jesus told us that he is at the door knocking. Whoever hears his voice and opens the door, he will come and dwell within them. When will you ask and plead God to be able to walk with Him? Tell him that you have a desire to work with Him. Spend day at His feet to get all the instructions that you need.

The Holy Spirit is like a hot magma inside the volcano; it is up to you to let it out or keep it inside for a later date. Either way, a long process of growth must occur before the eruption. When you spend more time in the Spirit, you expect and receive more of a highly explosive Spirit. People start their journeys without the Holy Spirit and then wonder why they get stuck in the middle of the trip. Instead, when you receive the call of God you must welcome the Holy Spirit immediately, and tell Him that you are going on the journey together. Then, just let Him become the most influential person in your min-istry. Let him manifest Himself in you and out of you. Let this be your miracle.

This charge may sound impossibly simple—just stand back and let God take over—but it works. We operate too quickly based on our own will and under-standing when Proverbs 3:6 reminds us “do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowl-edge Him.” He is ready. Are you?

The second key to partnering with the Holy Spirit in application is to understand that the Spirit’s knowledge knows no limits. He is God!

The third key to partnering with the Holy Spirit in application is the fact that we come into alignment with the Spirit’s ultimate purpose, that we bear fruit to God’s glory.

The Spirit is very powerful, in same way Christ energy is very powerful. To make it understandable to the human Earth mind, it is like Ninja´s from Heavens working with peaceful strategies. Their strength is they are fearless because of their high levels of spiritual knowledge. They can break down every existing barrier, they can open every existing knot of limitations, and can move mountains of ignorance and tranform it to knowledge or transmute it to Light, and at same time building a new Being, and the Spirit can awake or heal whoever it wants, if themselves want to recieve the Spirit. In Christ, we are never defenseless.

God has given us three invincible spiritual weapons. They are listed in Ephesians 6:11-18, which says,

Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore, take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand, therefore, having your loins girded about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness. And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Above all, taking the shield of faith, with which ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. (KJV)

Christ wanted to be wholly present in the human ego without dulling it in any way at all. ‘He wanted to dwell within mankind, but He did not want to dull the emerging ego-consciousness of human beings. He had done this once in Jesus, in whom from the Baptism onwards the con-sciousness of the Son lived in place of his ego-consciousness. But this was not to take place in people of future times, in whom the ego was to be able to rise up in full consciousness and the Christ nevertheless to dwell within them’. In order to bring this about, Christ had first to vanish before the direct sight of human beings in order to unite with them in a new way. The former event happened through His Ascension: ‘As Christ fulfilled His Ascension, so did He become invisible’. But then after ten days He sent His disciples the Holy Spirit, or ‘that divine being who does not extinguish ego-consciousness, to whom one ascends not in contem-plation but in the Spirit who cannot be beheld’ (ibid.). Now Christ could also enter into human souls without extinguishing individual ego-consciousness. This happened in the event of Whitsun. For from then onwards He worked within man not directly but through the mediation of the Holy Spirit. ‘Thus the Holy Spirit is that which was to be sent by Christ in order that man might be able to retain his ego-consciousness and Christ can dwell unconsciously within man’ .

The first chakra is not usually where we start the evolutionary process because it holds so much of the collective consciousness.

If we retrace the journey upward through the physical body, we find that the first three chakra centers are involved with processing physical realities.

Our root chakra holds our survival and safety issues that overlap into our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual body.

The second chakra center declares war on everyone and everything that dares to challenge its decisions!It either fights or runs away when faced with opposition. In either situation, it is out of control and reacting to stimuli from the survival and safety energies of the first chakra center rather than processing them logically, objectively, and with wisdom and balance.

The third chakra center tries to present “reason” to use via the modality of gut feelings and intuition, but it is fired by the energy of the two preceding chakra centers. When that energy is negative in nature, or reflects the basic materialistic perceptions, the third chakra has no choice but to go with the flow. It exercises its strength, will, and voice in the form of manipulation and control. When it responds in that fashion, then it too is out of control. The balance and wisdom of intellect that governs right versus wrong is severely out of balance, therefore; control and manipulation of situations, events, and people become the focal point of this chakra center.

The call of the Spirit is very rare among humans. And even among those who are called, fewer still heed the call and respond to it. For the average human mind the doors of knowledge are sealed and the needs of his outer being nail him to the earth to such an extent that he behaves as though it were the only reality. Men sometimes respond to the touch of great ideas and ideals but that is only for a short time and that too under the inspiration and influence of the uplifting hour.

Withdraw your identification with the fruitless yearning of earth for a perfect life and detach yourself from this unconvincing dream of the earth, and recover your wings that can fly across infinity and pass back into the Power from which you have come. You can raise your flight to that height, and when your heart rises above the unsatisfied beats on earth, it can feel once more the immortal and spiritual joy of a soul that never lost its felicity by descending to earth and its woes. Raise your heart of love which has fallen into the abyss of desire and moves about in an agitated manner in that gulf. Liberate yourself for ever from Nature’s forms and find out what the aimless cycles of Time seek to realise in earthly shapes. “Break your mould of mortality into eternity. Melt like lightning into the invisible flame that you really are. 0 ocean-like being, draw in and clasp the waves that roll on your bosom and be happy for ever in that all-encompassing surge.

There is no perfection possible here on earth, so withdraw into the Kingdom of God within you and live there in your soul.

“If you wish to liberate man and earth, ascend to the heights of the Spirit and from there look down on life and discover the truth of God and man and the world. Only then, seeing all and knowing all, do what you propose to do. But first of all, rise 0 soul, into your timeless self; and from there decide how to change destiny and then stamp your will on it.”

The pituitary gland

This centre is the seat of our higher consciousness, mind and siddhis (powers of the psyche), and is linked to the pituitary and pineal glands

The sixth chakra or third eye: Located between the eyebrows and the pituitary gland in the frontal lobe of the brain is the centre of soul as self awareness, spirituality, clairvoyance, deep insight and psychic abilities. Also called the soul centre or spiritual eye. When this chakra is vibrating perfectly and is in harmony with the other chakras, its consciousness is self as soul awareness, self realization, heightened perception and all knowing. When not vibrating properly the consciousness of this chakra is one of atheism and non spirituality dominated by egocentric rational thought, intellect and science, rejecting intuition and spirituality as baseless ideology, leading to narrow mindedness and lack of wisdom, often accompanied by deliberate ignorance and arrogance.

The pineal gland

The crown centre is known as the thousand petal lotus, which is located at the top of the head. Its colour is violet, and is linked to perfection—not to be confused with our egoic sense of perfection. It is the seat of our soul, and associated with enlightenment. It is situated in the limbic system of the brain. When the kundalini unites at this energy centre, the meditator attains Supreme bliss, Superconsciousness, the highest knowledge, Self-Realization. Experiences of transpersonal states of consciousness, and different dimensions of consciousness come when this centre is awakened. We are able to rise beyond into a timeless state, and experience divine inner joy and bliss.

Unless you are an avatar who has come to this Earth fully conscious, the human brain is not unfolded enough to receive higher vibrational thoughts. It has to be slowly activated by the higher vibrational thoughts. God designed this wonderful process. Until now we didn’t need to have our brains activated. We were to be busy with working out our karma. Just existing in this hostile world was enough to con-tend with. Now is the time when we are entering a higher evolution of mankind taking a quantum leap of consciousness. We are now ready to know how to activate our brains to really get to the ultimate purpose for which it was designed. Glands like the pineal and the pituitary are activated by higher vibrational, electrical impulses and hormone secre-tions. These activations result in getting the brain into a new gear!

Do you see how the word “activate” keeps coming up? It denotes an action taking place. An ((awakening,” a ((re-,, connecting,” a linking, an ((accessing, a ((reviving, a restoring, a resurrecting, a ((transforming, a ((transmuting,” a “quickening.” This is what the Holy Spirit, the Essence of God, is given to do for us and through us and with us and within us.

The seventh chakra or crown chakra: Located at the top of the head in the area of the fontanel down to the pineal gland in the centre of the brain is the centre of God consciousness and attunement to The Divine Source, serving as a direct link between our individualized divinity and divine consciousness (soul) and the omnipresent omnipotent omniscient universal divinity and universal divine consciousness of The Divine Source. When the crown chakra is vibrating properly and is in harmony with the other chakras, its consciousness is God realization, attunement and bliss. When not vibrating properly the consciousness of the crown chakra is one of deep insecurity caused by a complete lack of faith which often leads to depression and anxiety when under pressure, and atheism and arrogance when not under pressure.

Ultimately it´s only via purification of the heart and vibrational attunement to The Divine Source via meditation, pranayama and other vibrational attunement techniques that vibrational levels are permanently refined and raised; leading to spiritualization and permanently higher levels of consciousness. To be effective, vibrational refinement, enhancing and attunement techniques must be practiced in conjunction with sincere adoption and integration of The Essential Divine Standards. When an individuals vibrational levels are raised and refined sufficiently, vibrational attunement to The Divine Source occurs and we become spiritualized. When this occurs, our intellectual power, energy levels, powers of perception and health are significantly raised also; for they are also aspects of our vibrational state.


The portal to the truth is the human mind, when we connect the heart with the pineal gland — the center of our spiritual senses.

There are many ways to reach this center, namely, through different forms of meditation that imply exteriorizing our emotions. But the effect is better absorbed when the mind already contains enough synapses to process what is new. And there is only one day to accomplish this: through reading about the truth.

While scientists focus their investigations on the behavior of objects in consciousness, mystics concentrate on the subject to consciousness—that ‘self’ or ‘I’ to whom the objects appear. And while scientists seek to develop ever more refined and comprehensive theories about how reality works, mystics seek to Realize a Truth about its fundamental nature that lies beyond the grasp of any theory whatsoever.

This is why you must know what to learn before learning anything.

When stagnation appears and spreads, a few will break free, and become the rebels that push humanity forward and into that light.

The pituitary gland is a gland that protrudes from a part of the brain called the hypothalamus.

The pineal gland, according to this belief, can be activated or developed by various spiritual and mental practices or exercises, such as meditation, by certain sacred sounds or music, or by staying in the dark for at least 300 hours (or 12.5 days).

It has been claimed by certain psychics and healers that the Third Eye can be opened or activated by massaging one’s forehead, which I doubt very much.

The third eye can see beyond the physical as is looks out through the chakrasystem when we meditate or look for answers from higher frequencies. The pineal gland contains a complete map of the visual field of the eyes and it plays several significant roles in human functioning. When activated, the pineal gland becomes the line of communication with the higher planes. The crown chakra reaches down until its vortex touches the pineal gland. How to learn to activate the pineal gland.Tavistock Institute. Part 69

When the pineal gland awakens one feels a pressure at the base of the brain. This pressure will often be experienced when connecting to higher frequency. A head injury can also activate the Third Eye – Pineal Gland.

While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers. Development of psychic talents has been closely associated with this organ of higher vision.

The third eye can see beyond the physical as is looks out through the chakrasystem when we meditate or look for answers from higher frequencies. The pineal gland contains a complete map of the visual field of the eyes and it plays several significant roles in human functioning.

When activated, the pineal gland becomes the line of communication with the higher planes. The crown chakra reaches down until its vortex touches the pineal gland. Prana, or pure energy, is received through this energy center in the head. With Practice the vibration level of the astral body is raised, allowing it to separate from the physical.

To activate the ‘third eye’ and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland and the pituitary body must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation and/or relaxation. When a correct relationship is established between personality, operating through the pituitary body, and the soul, operating through the pineal gland, a magnetic field is created. The negative and positive forces interact and become strong enough to create the ‘light in the head.’ With this ‘light in the head’ activated, astral projectors can withdraw themselves from the body, carrying the light with them.

As human beings continue to evolve further out of matter, on the journey from spirit to matter back to spirit, the pineal gland will continue to rise from its state of age-long dormancy, bringing back to humanity astral capacities and spiritual abilities.

At certain brainwave frequencies, a sense of ego boundary vanishes. In the theta state, we are resting deeply and still conscious, at the threshold of drifting away from or back into conscious awareness. As the brain enters deeper states, our consciousness is less concerned with the physical state, our ‘third eye’ is active, and separation becomes natural. Many native traditions and mystical practices refer to the ability of ‘seeing,’ or being aware of energy fields at higher levels. This abstract awareness is much more subjective and does not involve the normal level of mundane consciousness, which is mostly concerned with self-identity. This ‘seeing’ refers to the sight of the ‘third eye’.

Consciousness is raised from an emotional nature into an illumined awareness when the pineal gland is lifted from dormancy. If the pineal gland is not yet fully developed, it will be in the course of evolution. When our sense of ego and personality are set aside and we keep our mental energy intact, we can become conscious of the non-physical, our inner self, the subconscious, through different practices to activate the ‘light in the head.’

The symbol of the All-Seeing-EYE has always been part of Earth’s creational mythologies and mysteries. As all of reality is a metaphor – there are many connected to the symbol of the eye.

As you now know, when we as a consciousness move beyond the world of the senses in this three-dimensional reality, we can tap into frequencies that carry specific information beyond the vibration of matter and the speed of light. When this happens, the brain processes extremely high amplitudes of energy.

You cannot have a change in energy without a change in consciousness, or a change in frequency without a change in information.

As people connect to deeper levels of the unified field, the brain is activated by a greater energy that carries specific information in the form of thoughts and imagery. The brain then literally tracks and records this profound inner event, and to the person having the experience, whatever is happening in their mind seems more real than any past external event. In that moment, the increased energy in the form of a profoundly powerful emotion captures all the mind’s attention. This is the instant the brain and body receive a biological upgrade.

If we can interface with a more coherent field of information, which then creates such stimulating inner events, there must be a neurological, chemical, and biological explanation for such supernatural occurrences. What are the unique systems, organs, glands, tissues, chemicals, neurotransmitters, and cells involved that could give rise to such intensely profound experiences? Could there be physiological components that are just sitting dormant, waiting to be activated?

The pineal gland is a neuroendocrine transducer secreting melatonin responsible for physiological circadian rhythm control. A new form of bio-mineralization has been studied in the human pineal gland and consists of small crystals that are less than 20 microns in length. These crystals are responsible for electromechanical, biological transduction mechanism in the pineal gland due to the structure and piezoelectric properties.2

That’s a lot of words to digest, but let’s break it down into two meaningful points. The key words here (in reverse order) are piezoelectric properties and transducer.

The piezoelectric effect occurs when you apply pressure to certain materials and that mechanical stress is changed into an electrical charge. To put it in simple terms, the pineal gland contains calcite crystals made of calcium, carbon, and oxygen, and because of their structure, they express this effect. Like an antenna, the pineal gland has the capacity to become electrically activated and generate electromagnetic fields that can tune in to information. That’s point number one. In addition, in the same way an antenna pulsates a rhythm or frequency to match the frequency of an incoming signal, the pineal gland receives information carried on invisible electromagnetic fields. Since all frequency carries information, once the antenna connects to the exact signal of the electromagnetic field, there must be a way to convert and descramble that signal into a meaningful message. That’s exactly what a transducer does—and that’s the second point.

A transducer is anything that receives a signal in the form of one type of energy and converts it into a signal in another form. Take a moment to look around you. The space you are sitting in is filled with TV, radio, and Wi-Fi waves that are all different frequency ranges of invisible electromagnetic energy. (You can’t see any of them with your eyes, but they’re still there.) For example, the antenna that picks up a range of frequencies carrying a signal to your TV is transduced into a picture on your TV screen. When you tune in to an FM station, you are tuning your antenna to a specific electromagnetic frequency. The information carried in that frequency range is then transduced into a coherent signal, which is the music you hear with your ears.

The word piezoelectric is derived from the Greek words piezein, which means “to squeeze or press,” and piezo, which means to “push.” So it’s no coincidence that meditators is told to hold their breath and squeeze those intrinsic muscles. When they do this, they are pushing cerebrospinal fluid up against the pineal gland, exerting mechanical stress on it. This mechanical stress translates into an electrical charge, and it’s this exact action that compresses the stacked crystals in the pineal gland and creates a piezoelectric effect: The crystals of the pineal gland generate an electric charge in response to the stress you’re applying.

One of the unique characteristics of the piezoelectric effect is that it’s reversible, meaning that the materials exhibiting the direct piezoelectric effect (the crystals) also exhibit a converse piezoelectric effect. Once the crystals in the gland are compressed and are creating an electrical charge, the electromagnetic field that is emanating from the pineal gland causes the crystals in it to stretch as the field increases. When the crystals generating the electromagnetic field reach their limit and can stretch no further, they contract and the electromagnetic field reverses direction and moves inward toward the pineal gland. When the electromagnetic field reaches the pineal gland crystals, it compresses them again, producing yet another electromagnetic field. This cycle of expanding and reversing the field perpetuates a pulsating electromagnetic field.

When we inhale through our nose, and at the same time squeeze our intrinsic muscles, we accelerate the cerebrospinal fluid into the brain. As we follow the movement of energy to the top of our head, then hold our breath and squeeze, we are increasing intrathecal pressure. The increased pressure moves the cerebrospinal fluid from the fourth ventricle through a small canal into the third ventricle (arrows). At the same time, fluid traveling around the cerebellum (arrows) compresses the crystals of the pineal gland. The mechanical stress that is applied produces an electrical charge in the pineal gland, creating a piezoelectric effect.

As the fluid enters the brain, it moves up through the central canal, through the space between the spinal column and the spinal cord. From this juncture, it flows in two directions. First, the fluid moves into the fourth ventricle, followed by the third ventricle. As the fluid travels from the fourth to the third ventricle, it passes through a narrow path or channel, and nestled right at the back of the third ventricle rests what looks like a tiny pinecone (that’s what pineal means). This is the pineal gland, and it’s about the size of a large grain of rice. Second, the cerebrospinal fluid also flows around the back of the cerebellum to the other side of the pineal gland—surrounding the entire gland with pressurized fluid.

By increasing the intrathecal pressure, you funnel a greater volume of fluid into the chamber of the third ventricle as well as from the space around the cerebellum. So when you hold your breath and squeeze, this extra volume of fluid exerts pressure from both directions up against the crystals, causing them to compress and create the piezoelectric effect. This is the first event that must take place to activate the pineal gland.

Much like sending a rocket ship into space, overcoming gravity to get it off the ground is the part that requires the most energy, so to move that energy from our lower centers demands a great deal of intensity and effort. The breath becomes our passionate intention to free ourselves from the self-limiting emotions of our past. The spinal column becomes the delivery mechanism for this energy, and the top of the head becomes the target.

As you know by now, every time you perform the breath, you send charged particles up the spinal column. As these particles increase in velocity and acceleration, they create what’s known as an inductance field

This inductance field reverses the flow of two-way information that typically facilitates communication from the brain to the body and the body to the brain. Much like a vacuum, the inductance field draws the energy from those lower centers—energy involved with orgasm, consumption, digestion, fight-or-flight stress, and control—and delivers it directly to the brain stem in a spiraling motion. As the energy travels up through each vertebra, it passes the nerves that run from the spinal cord to different parts of the body, and some of that energy is then transferred through the peripheral nerves that affect the tissues and organs of the body. The current that runs along these nerve channels activates the body’s meridian system, resulting in all the other systems of the body getting more energy.

As energy is released from the body to the brain, it passes by each spinal nerve exiting between each vertebra. The excitation of this system further switches on the peripheral nerves, which then transfer more energy to different tissues and organs in the body. As a result, more energy is delivered throughout the body.

Once the energy reaches the brain stem, it must pass through the reticular formation. It’s the job of the reticular formation to constantly edit information going from the brain to the body as well as from the body to the brain. This formation is part of a system called the reticular activating system (RAS), which is responsible for levels of wakefulness. For instance, when you wake up from a deep sleep because you hear a sound in your house, it’s the RAS that alerts you and arouses you. That’s its rudimentary function. However, as the sympathetic nervous system is activated and merges with the parasympathetic nervous system, instead of depleting the body’s stored energy, it releases that energy back to the brain. Once this energy reaches the brain stem, the thalamic gate opens like a door and energy moves through the reticular formation to the thalamus, where it relays information to the neocortex. Now the reticular formation is open and you experience greater levels of awareness. In a sense, you become more conscious and awakened.

Right between each thalamus located in the midbrain sits the tiny pinecone-shaped pineal gland, facing the back of the brain.

As a side note, there are two individual thalami in the midbrain (one on each side), which feed each hemisphere in the neocortex. The pineal gland sits right between them facing the back of the brain. When the energy reaches each thalamic junction (remember the thalamus is like a relay station to all other parts of the brain), these thalami send a message directly to the pineal gland to secrete its metabolites into the brain. The effect is that the thinking neocortex becomes aroused and goes into higher brain-wave patterns, like gamma. The nature of those chemical derivatives of melatonin relaxes the body and at the same time awakens the mind.

As you run a current up your spinal column by accelerating the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, your body becomes like a magnet and you create an electromagnetic field around it. A torus field represents a dynamic flow of energy. At the same time the torus field is moving up, out, and around your body, when the pineal gland becomes activated, a reverse torus field of electromagnetic energy is drawing energy into your body through the top of your head. Since all frequency carries information, now your pineal gland is receiving information from beyond the visible light field and from beyond your senses

When Melatonin Gets an Upgrade, Magic Happens

When your pineal gland (or the third eye) is awakened, because it is picking up higher frequencies, these higher energies alter the chemistry of melatonin; the higher the frequency, the greater the alteration. It’s this translation of information into chemistry that primes you for those transcendental, mystical moments.

Another chemical created from melatonin produces a class of very powerful antioxidants called pinolines. Pinolines are important because they attack free radicals, which harm your cells and cause aging. These antioxidants are anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti–heart disease, anti-stroke, anti-neurodegenerative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. That’s a perfect formula to upgrade melatonin’s normal role as an antioxidant to the role of a supercharged antioxidant that further restores and heals the body to a greater degree than the melatonin molecule normally does.

When melatonin (which makes us sleepy and dreamy) alters just slightly into this more powerful molecule, it carries a message to extend rest and repair even further.

The pineal gland is a crystalline superconductor that sends, as well as receives, information through the transduction of energetic vibrational signals (frequency beyond the senses, also known as the quantum field) and translates it into biological tissue (the brain and the mind) in the form of meaningful imagery, the same way as an antenna translates different channels onto a TV screen.

When the pineal gland is activated, because you now have this tiny antenna in your brain, the higher the frequency it picks up, the more energy it exerts toward altering and transmuting the chemistry of melatonin. As a result of this change in chemistry, you’re going to get a very different experience from what melatonin normally produces. Perhaps a better way to say it is that you’re going to get a clearer picture. Think of it this way: The higher the frequency, the more your experience will feel like you’ve gone from the picture of a 1960s television screen to a 360-degree IMAX 3-D experience, complete with surround sound. Melatonin, the dreaming neurotransmitter, evolves into a more powerfully lucid neurotransmitter to make our dreams more real.

When we tune in to these higher frequencies, we have access to a different kind of light—a frequency faster than visible light—and all of a sudden we are activating a greater intelligence within us.

The crystals in our pineal gland, acting like a cosmic antenna, are the doorway to these higher vibrational realms of light and information. This is how we have internal experiences that are more real than our external ones.

These pineal metabolite chemicals your body produces fit into the same receptor sites as serotonin and melatonin, but they carry a very different chemical message from a realm beyond sensory-based material reality. As a result, the brain is now primed for a mystical experience, opening the door to other dimensions and moving the individual from a space-time reality to a time-space reality. Since all frequency carries a message and that message is a change in chemistry, once the pineal gland gets activated and you start experiencing and processing these higher frequencies, energies, and elevated levels of consciousness, they often present themselves as complex, changing geometric patterns usually perceived in the mind’s eye. This is good—this is information.

When you have these mystical experiences, because your nervous system is so coherent, it’s able to tune in to these super coherent messages. In the darkness of the void, the pineal gland becomes the vortex for these very organized patterns and packets of information, and as you place your attention on them, just like a kaleidoscope they constantly change and evolve.

When your pineal gland picks up information, it’s picking up these same types of waves in the environment around you. These coherent, highly organized standing waves that exist beyond the visible light spectrum are constantly being consolidated into packets of information and transduced into images by your pineal gland. They are just patterns of information that are intersecting in a very coherent way, and when you put your awareness on them, they change and evolve to become increasingly more fractal, intricate, beautiful, and divine. It’s all information, and just like a transducer, your pineal gland takes that information and descrambles it into imagery.

Additionally, as the kaleidoscope causes the brain to move into alpha or theta brain waves and you become more suggestible, you can see how gazing into it in a state of trance primes your subconscious mind for a mystical experience.

Once your pineal gland picks up the imagery, fasten your seatbelt because things are going to get exciting. You might come out of your body and travel down a tunnel of light, or your entire body might become filled with light.

When you start having these very profound, unknown experiences, you have one of two choices: You can contract in fear because it’s the unknown, or you can surrender and trust—because it’s the unknown. The more you surrender and trust, the deeper and more profound your experiences become, and because the experience is so profound, you’re not going to want to rouse yourself back to wakefulness, thereby changing your brain waves back to beta. Instead, this is the time to surrender, relax, and go even deeper into this transcendental state of consciousness. In this moment, you are not sleeping, you are not awake, you are not dreaming—you are transcendent of this reality. If your brain chemistry is right, your body will be totally and completely sedated. This is what spiritual seekers and meditators working to achieve:: to experience greater levels of wholeness, oneness, love, and higher consciousness.

Alteration in Chemistry Creates a New Reality

Imagine if in this moment all your senses were increased by 25 percent. If that were the case, everything you were seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling would cause you to become more aware of everything around you. If awareness and consciousness are the same, then as your consciousness is heightened, the energy your brain is receiving would also be increased (because you can’t have a change in consciousness without a change in energy, or vice versa). As your brain connects to a different frequency that is processing a new stream of consciousness, it is literally turning on, and because your senses feel amplified, you’ve produced an elevated level of awareness. The higher the energy or frequency, the greater the alteration in your chemistry, and the greater the alteration in your chemistry, the more lucid your experience will be. So when you’re in this transcendental state, you feel more awake and more aware than you are in your day-to-day reality. As your awareness amplifies, you would feel as if you were truly in that transcendental reality.

If you’re picking up information from beyond your senses, information that is not originating from visible light or the sun, then it makes sense that it’s called the “third eye.” Because you had such a profound internal experience, and since new experiences assemble new neural networks, that experience enriches the circuitry in your brain. As your body processes these higher energies, that energy alters your chemistry, and if the end result of an experience is an emotion, then this experience creates elevated feelings and emotions. When it’s activated, you are seeing with a different eye, with inner vision.

If the accumulation of feelings equals an emotion, and emotion is energy, then we know that when you experience survival emotions, because they are a lowering of frequency, you feel more like the density of matter and chemistry. But as you experience these higher states of consciousness, because they vibrate at a higher frequency you will begin to feel less like matter or chemistry and more like energy. That’s why I call this energy in the form of feelings elevated emotions.

If the environment signals the genes in a cell, and experiences from the environment create emotions—and emotions are the chemical feedback from the experience in the environment—then if nothing ever changes in the external environment, nothing changes in the internal environment of the body (which is still the outer environment of the cell). For example, when you live by the same self-limiting emotions for years, your body never biologically changes because it doesn’t know the difference between the emotion coming from the outer environment and the emotion coming from your inner environment. Instead, the body believes it is living in the same environmental conditions because the same emotions are producing the same chemical signals.

Just as the body lives in an external environment in which nothing is changing, the cell too lives in a chemical environment in which nothing is changing.

But when you start having these internal experiences of heightened awareness and expanded consciousness—experiences that are more real and sensory than any in the past—the moment you feel that new heightened emotion or ecstatic energy, you’ve altered your internal state, and as a result you’re going to pay more attention to the images of the reality created within you. And if you have a new experience that is so real it captures all the brain’s attention, that new experience (or awakening) embosses the event neurologically in your brain. That new emotion now creates a long-term memory and those new emotions signal new genes, but this time the experience that’s creating the long-term memory is not coming from your outer environment; it’s coming from your inner environment—which is still the outer environment of the cell.

Because the event is so powerful that you cannot not be aware, therefore:

⦁ The higher the energy, the higher the consciousness;
⦁ The higher the consciousness, the greater the awareness;
⦁ The greater the awareness, the broader experience of reality you have.

If you continuously have these expansive experiences, you’ll continuously experience a broader and broader spectrum of reality. This lifts the veil of illusion, and when that veil is lifted you can see reality as it truly is—vibrating, shining, connected, and shimmering in luminescent light—and energy is driving the whole process. You’re now tuning in to a greater spectrum of information where all of a sudden everything looks and feels different than it did when you saw it simply as matter—and your relationship changes. This is how the mystics and masters made their way: by tuning in to their inner world and thus broadening their perception of the nature of reality in their outer world. Imagine who you could become if you stopped living by the hallmarks of the lower three energy centers, including survival, fear, pain, separation, anger, and competition, and instead lived from the heart and operated out of love, oneness, and connection to all things, both seen and unseen.

By having enough interdimensional experiences from information beyond the senses, the mystics and masters no longer saw equal to the genes they were born with. They no longer processed things the way the brain they’d been given at birth had been wired—the way the human brain has been imprinted for thousands of years. Instead, because of their interaction with the field, they created the awareness, the circuitry, and the mind to perceive a different reality—one that’s always been there.

These mythic and magical properties of the pineal gland, the brain’s alchemist, are certainly not new information, although it seems modern science is just now catching up to what ancient civilizations have always known.

When activated, the pineal gland becomes the line of communication with the higher planes. The crown chakra reaches down until its vortex touches the pineal gland. Prana, or pure energy, is received through this energy center in the head. With Practice the vibration level of the astral body is raised, allowing it to separate from the physical. To activate the ‘third eye’ and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland and the pituitary body must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation and/or relaxation. When a correct relationship is established between personality, operating through the pituitary body, and the soul, operating through the pineal gland, a magnetic field is created. The negative and positive forces interact and become strong enough to create the ‘light in the head.’ With this ‘light in the head’ activated, astral projectors can withdraw themselves from the body, carrying the light with them.

As human beings continue to evolve further out of matter, on the journey from spirit to matter back to spirit, the pineal gland will continue to rise from its state of age-long dormancy, bringing back to humanity astral capacities and spiritual abilities. At certain brainwave frequencies, a sense of ego boundary vanishes. In the theta state, we are resting deeply and still conscious, at the threshold of drifting away from or back into conscious awareness. As the brain enters deeper states, our consciousness is less concerned with the physical state, our ‘third eye’ is active, and separation becomes natural. Many native traditions and mystical practices refer to the ability of ‘seeing,’ or being aware of energy fields at higher levels.

The pineal gland secretes melatonin (a hormone) during times of relaxation & visualization ; when activated it becomes the line of communication with the ‘higher’ planes.

To activate this `3rd eye’ the pineal gland and pituitary gland must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation & relaxation.

Visualization is the first step in directing the energy in our inner landscape, to activate the 3rd eye. Intuition is achieved through 3rd eye development. We raise our consciousness from emotional nature into an illuminated awareness when the pineal gland is lifted from dormancy. We then loose our sense of ego and become conscious (aware) of our inner knowing.

“We, nead to’ be willing to let our intuition guide us, and the be willing to follow what guidance directly and fearlessly.”

Tuning In to Higher Dimensions: the Pineal Gland as a Transducer

Depending on the translation you’re using, in Matthew 6:22 Jesus said, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” He may be talking about activating the pineal gland, because this allows us to experience a broader spectrum of reality.

The prefrontal cortex, along with the part called the Amygdala, is involved in generating emotions and executive functions for cognition and also hardwired for happiness. The frontal lobe is also concerned with creativity, judgement, and problem solving. The limbic system is the emotional brain which is deep within the cerebrum, and has been called the center of emotions.

The human brain is an exceptionally complex and intricate organ of the body with very complex architecture. The neurons (the nerve cells) are the basic building blocks that connect with each other and form complex neurocircuitry. These cells send chemical signals that are transformed into electrical signals. The chemicals are called neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and neuropeptides like endorphins, glutamate, and others.

Of recent, the pineal gland has gained new attention and it is the so-called third eye that meditators use, and acts like an antenna that receives information and as a transducer converts the signal into a message. it is capable of picking up frequencies from the realm of space-time and turn them into mental images. So, this gland needs to be activated to tune to frequencies from higher dimensions.

For it to transduce mechanical signals into multisensory visions or images requires special meditation and breathing techniques which will be discussed later on in a later chapter. The neurocircuitry of the brain with trillions of nano-electrical signals creates a polypharmacy of neurochemical transmitters and peptides for all occasions. Dopamine and oxytocin for love and happiness, melatonin for night-time sleep, adrenaline rush for fight or flight response, cortisol for stress and fear, endorphins -the cocktail for pain and molecules of thinking. Lastly, the brain has the capacity to change constantly using the neurotransmitters at the plasticity of the synapses, neuronal junctions with the dendrites of the neurons.

Neurons can communicate to each other and alter or change. This is called neuroplasticity. Glutamate is an amino acid and acts as a neurotransmitter at the plastic synapses of neurons and crosses the synaptic connection to bind with special receptors. So, when the synaptic connections are activated by new bits of information and energy signals they become more organized and multiply. These molecular networks can be activated by new learning, thoughts, images, and patterns, or exercising the mind-brain complex. The mind-brain complex with the focused charged cybernetic loop can unleash full potential.

The Zero Point or Shift of the Ages will probably introduce us to the 4th dimension where everything we think or desire will instantly manifest, including love and fear: our intention will be of utmost importance. Our physical body is changing as we approach Zero Point. Our DNA is being “upgraded” to 12-strand and a new light body is being created. We are becoming more intuitive. Most technology that we know will cease to operate (possible exception being technology based on so-called Zero Point or free energy).

Most mystical traditions and esoteric schools have thought this area in the center of the brain, to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Many consider it a powerful source of ethereal energy initiating supernatural powers. Associated with the crown chakra, the hormones released by this gland play a part in the stimulation of the higher-mind and the development of intellectual pursuits. It is said toxins in this gland indicate the spirit is weak due to lack of will combined with an invasion of the psyche.

A Simple Account of the True Art of Alchemy. The Pineal is a powerful “Spiritual Telegraph”. The source of consciousness lies beyond the grasp of consciousness. For the more subtle is also the more powerful,—one might say, the more truly concrete; it is less bound than the gross, it has a greater permanence in its being along with a greater potentiality, plasticity and range in its becoming. Each plateau of the hill of being gives to our widening experience a higher plane of our consciousness and a richer world for our existence. Tavistock Institute. Part 68

The Pineal is a powerful “Spiritual Telegraph”

The activation of the pineal gland was used in alchemy. The energy needed for this alchemical process moves up from the sacral chakra, through the heart chakra (heart), to the third eye chakra (pineal gland). The “White Drop” or amrita, secreted from the upper dantian or pineal gland, travels to the middle dantian (heart). Here in the heart, the White Drop mixes with the “Red Drop” or heat generated by the lower dantian (sacral chakra). This mixing opens the door to the sacred coordinate of the heart. Our third eye, heart, and sacral chakras are fully activated. We are now able to dwell in the house of the Lord, or our hearts’ sacred coordinates.

The Chalice of the Heart Mystics have known for centuries the importance of the heart, not only to the physical body but to the spiritual body as well. The heart is comprised of four chambers — two smaller upper chambers and two larger lower chambers. As such, the heart is a vessel or container that is shaped like a cone or chalice. Physical function aside, the metaphysical heart is rich in lore and mystery. Most religious traditions perceive the heart as the centerpiece of human existence. It is the meeting point between Heaven and Earth, mortal and immortal, profane and divine. The chalice of the heart holds timeless knowledge such as the deepest truths, the workings of the Universe, and the One Heart’s relation to every human heart. It is the wellspring of wisdom from which we drink.

Our heartwires are our main arteries connecting us to the One Heart. This sacred bloodline facilitates the coordination of our human and divine energies. It continually feeds our bodies the nutrition they need from the One Heart. Man does not live on bread alone but from every word that comes from the mouth of God. In other words, our lives depend on the transmission of information/light through this bloodline from the One Heart. How much information/light we receive from the One Heart is up to us: We are the caretakers of our sacred connections. What we feed our minds, how much we open our hearts, and how devoted we are to the One Heart affect the integrity of this sacred bloodline. If our hearts are set upon finding the truth, the truth we shall find and this truth will set our souls free. Free to be the divine sparks of God that we are.

When activated, the pineal gland becomes the line of communication with the higher planes. The crown chakra reaches down until its vortex touches the pineal gland. Prana, or pure energy, is received through this energy center in the head. With Practice the vibration level of the astral body is raised, allowing it to separate from the physical. To activate the ‘third eye’ and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland and the pituitary body must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation. When a correct relationship is established between personality, operating through the pituitary body, and the soul, operating through the pineal gland, a magnetic field is created. The negative and positive forces interact and become strong enough to create the ‘light in the head.’ With this ‘light in the head’ activated, astral projectors can withdraw themselves from the body, carrying the light with them.

The mental seed atom finds its place in the pineal gland in the brain, resting at the terminal point of the consciousness cord, which anchors there. The consciousness cord extends only from the head region to the soul and does not reach upward to the monad. It bears a record of all the inherited and innate qualities of the mind of the individual. It registers all the mental and mind powers developed by and through the individual during the ages of his evolutionary progress. It also is an atom of the present and the future — in that man can create changes within it immediately by changing his mind.

The “Double Triangle:” The junction and blending together of pure spirit and matter Of which the Triangles are a Symbol. 23.

When the heart inflames the pineal gland and sets it vibrating rapidly, then so strong is the inflow of spiritual force that the man experiencing this has his very body clothed in an aureole of glory.

The source of consciousness lies beyond the grasp of consciousness.

But the Truth to which mystics bear witness is an Absolute Truth—one which, as the Hindu sage, Shankara, says, “is beyond the grasp of the senses,” and which, and spiritual writers says, “cannot be arrived at by the intellect by means of any rational thought process.” This Absolute Truth can only be known through a third mode of cognition—called variously Enlightenment, Realization, or Gnosis —which transcends both thinking and experiencing. In fact, it is precisely our ordinary ways of thinking and experiencing that veil this Truth from us, for as Buddhist master, writes: Blinded by their own sight, hearing, feeling and knowing, they do not perceive the spiritual brilliance of the source substance. If they would only eliminate all conceptual thought in a flash, that source-substance would manifest itself like the sun ascending through the void and illuminating the whole universe without hindrance or bounds.

Dionysius the Areopagite says of the Christian mystic’s Enlightenment: Renouncing all that the mind may conceive, wrapped entirely in the intangible and the invisible, he belongs completely to him who is beyond everything. Here, being neither oneself nor someone else, one is supremely united by a completely unknowing inactivity of all knowledge, and knows beyond the mind by knowing nothing. In other words, the Truth to which all Mystics testify is of an entirely different order than the truths formulated by science. When Jesus said, “Know the Truth and it shall make you free,” 18 he wasn’t talking about the theory of relativity. And when the Buddha said, “The gift of truth is the highest gift,” he wasn’t referring to quantum physics.

There are quite a few seekers out there today who think that discovering mystical Truth is simply a matter of “shifting your paradigm,” or learning a “new worldview.” And while it is certainly valuable to examine your worldview and to investigate new paradigms, it is also crucial to remember that, no matter how revolutionary a worldview may seem, or how compatible with mysticism a paradigm may be, worldviews and paradigms always remain conceptual constructs. But the Absolute Truth revealed by Gnosis lies beyond all concepts, all paradigms, and all worldviews, whatsoever, into that Ocean of Silence at the Heart of the World.

The relations of sense and substance too must have a corresponding subtlety and flexibility and must be determined, not by the relations of physical organ with physical object, but of mind with the subtler substance upon which it works.

The life of such a world would be the servant of mind in a sense of which our weak mental operations and.our limited, coarse and rebellious vital faculties can have no adequate conception. There mind dominates as the original formula, its purpose prevails, its demand overrides all others in the law of the divine manifestation.

At a yet higher reach supermind—or, inter-mediately, principles touched by it—or, still higher, a pure bliss, a pure conscious Power or pure Being replace mind as the dominant principle, and we enter into those ranges of cosmic existence which to the old Vedic seers were the worlds of illuminated divine existence and the foundation of what thcy termed immortality….

The principle which underlies this continually ascending ex-perience and vision uplifted beyond the material formulation of things is that all cosmic existence is a complex harmony and does not finish with the limited range of consciousness in which the ordinary human mind and life is content to be imprisoned.

Being, consciousness, force, substance descend and ascend a many-runged ladder on each step of which being has a vaster self-extension, consciousness a wider sense of its own range and largeness and joy, force a greater intensity and a more rapid and blissful capacity, substance gives a more subtle, plastic, buoyant and flexible rendering of its primal reality.

For the more subtle is also the more powerful,—one might say, the more truly concrete; it is less bound than the gross, it has a greater permanence in its being along with a greater potentiality, plasticity and range in its becoming. Each plateau of the hill of being gives to our widening experience a higher plane of our consciousness and a richer world for our existence.

The oldest Vedinticknowlage tells us of five degrees of our being, the material, the vital, the mental, the ideal, the spiritual or beatific and to each of these grades of our soul there corresponds a grade of our substance, a sheath as it was called in the ancient figurative language.

A later psychology found that these five sheaths of our substance were the material of three bodies, gross physical, subtle and causal, in all of which the soul actually and simultaneously dwells, although here and now we are superficially conscious only of the material vehicle. But it is possible to become conscious in our other bodies as well and it is in fact the opening up of the veil between them and consequently between our physical, psychical and ideal personalities which is the cause of those “psychic” and “occult” phenomena that are now beginning to be increasingly though yet too little and too clumsily examined, even while they are far too much exploited….

Behind all these terms of ancient psycho-physical science lies the one great fact and law of our being that whatever be its temporary poise of form, consciousness, power in this material evolution, there must be behind it and there is a greater, a truer existence of which this is only the external result and physically sensible aspect.

Our substance does not end with the physical body; that is only the earthly pedestal, the terrestrial base, the material starting-point. As there are behind our waking mentality vaster ranges of consciousness subconscient and supercoracient to it of which we become sometimes abnormally aware, so there are behind our gross physical being other and subtler grades of substance with a finer law and a greater power which support the denser body and which can by our entering into the ranges of consciousness belonging to them be made to impose that law and power on our dense matter and substitute their purer, higher, intemer conditions of being for the grossness and limitation of our present physical life and impulses and habits.

If that be so, then the evolution of a nobler physical existence not limited by the ordinary conditions of animal birth and life and death, of difficult alimentation and facility of disorder and disease and subjection to poor and unsatisfied vital cravings ceases to have the appearance of a dream and chimera and becomes a possibility founded upon a rational and philosophic truth which is in accordance with all the rest that we have hitherto known, experienced or been able to think out about the over and secret truth of our existence.

The ascent of man from the physical to the supramental must open out the possibility of a corresponding ascent in the grades of substance to that ideal of causal body which is proper to our supramental being, and the conquest of the lower principles by supermind and its libera-tion of them into a divine life and a divine mentality must also render possible a conquest of our physical limitations by the power and principle of supramental substance.

And this means the evolution not only of an untrammelled consciousness, a mind and sense not shut up in the walls of the physical ego or limited to the poor basis of knowledge given by the physical organs of sense, but a life-power liberated more and more from its mortal limitations, a physical life fit for a divine inhabitant and,—in the sense not of attachment or of restriction to our present corporeal frame but an exceeding of the law of the physical body,—the conquest of death, an earthly immortality.

For from the divine bliss, the original delight of existence, the Lord of immortality comes pouring the wine of that bliss, the mystic Soma, into these jars of mentalised living matter; eternal and beautiful, he enters into these sheaths of substance for the integral transforma-tion of the being and nature.

In men, says the Upanisad, the Self-Existent has cut the doors of consciousness outward, but a few turn the eye inward and it is these who see and know the Spirit and develop the spiritual being. Thus to look into ourselves and see and enter into ourselves and life within is the first necessity for transformation of nature and for the divine life. (ibid., pp. 910-11.) …

The spiritual individual acts out of that sense of oneness which gives him immediate and direct perception of the demand of self on other self, the need of the life, the good, the work of love and sympathy that can truly be done. A realisation of spiritual unity, a dynamisa-tion of the intimate consciousness of one-being, of one self in all beings, can alone found and govern by its truth the action of the divine life. (ibid., p. 913.)

There is a reality, a truth of all existence which is greater and more abiding than all its formations and manifestations; to find that truth and reality and live in it, achieve the most perfect manifestation and formation possible of it, must be the secret of perfection whether of individual or communal being. This reality is there within each thing and gives to each of its formations its power of being and value of being…. (ibid., p. 929.) …

A perfected community also can exist only by the perfection of its individuals, and perfection can come only by the discovery and affirmation in life by each of his own spiritual being and the discovery by all of their spiritual unity and a resultant life unity. There can be no real perfection for us except by our inner self and truth of spiritual existence taking up all truth of the instrumental existence into itself and giving to it oneness, integration, harmony. As our only real freedom is the discovery and disengagement of the spiritual reality within us, so our only means of true perfection is the sover-eignty and self-effectuation of the spiritual reality in all the elements of our nature. (ibid., p. 931.)

To study the nature of this experience is rather a difficult matter. All that one can hope to do is to set down a few general impressions. It is a type of experience which is not clearly differentiated into a subject-object state, an integral, undivided consciousness in which not merely this or that side of man’s nature but his whole being seems to find itself. It is a condition of consciousness in which feelings are fused, ideas melt into one another, boundaries broken and ordinary distinctions transcended?’ Past and present fade away in a sense of timeless being. Consciousness and being are not there different from each other. All being is consciousness and all consciousness being. Thought and reality coalesce and a creative merging of subject and object results. Life grows conscious of its incredible depths. In this fulness of felt life and freedom, the distinction of the knower and the known disappears. The privacy of the individual self is broken into and invaded by a universal self which the individual.

The overcoming of all the usual barriers between the individual and the Absolute is the great mystic achievement. In mystic states we become one with the Absolute and we become aware of our oneness. This is the everlasting and triumphant mystic tradition, hardly altered by differences of clime and creed.

The Divine is both in us and out of us. God is neither completely transcendent nor completely immanent. To bring about this double aspect, contradictory accounts are given. He is divine darkness as well as “unencompassed light.” The philosophers with their passion for unity emphasise the immanent aspect, that there is no barrier dividing man from the real. The unity of man and God is the fundamental thesis of the great philosophic tradition which has come down to us from the Upanisads and Plato. Aristotle, Plotinus, Samkara, Spinoza, Bradley and a host of ‘ others are witnesses to it.

Those who emphasise the transcendence of the Supreme to the human insist on the specifically religious consciousness, of communion with a higher than ourselves with whom it is impossible for the individual to get assimilated. Devotional religion is born of this haunting sense of otherness. We may know God but there is always a something still more that seems unknown and remains unspoken. A profound impression of the majesty of God always remains with the devotee who is certain that we can never reach the divine level of glory.

We deactivate for an indefinite time the aging of our cells, tissues, organs, and functions, and reconnect in our Being, in a harmonic and balanced way, the twelve codes of DNA, to reach the twelve higher levels of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental awareness. Likewise, we now activate the growth and functioning of our pineal gland, to feel the higher frequencies of thought that knowledge provides and to set in motion the process of ascension that is engraved in our DNA.

Before the Neophyte can fully realize the power of the Optic Thalmus, the Divine Eye within his own brain, he must understand the meaning of Or espe-cially in its relation to Word and Jordan. Iordan (not Jordan) is the word in the original text. I is framed from Iod—the 10th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and means “hand,” or that which creates. Or is gold, not metal, but the “precious substance” the seed.

The upper brain is the reservoir of this Or and is the gray matter or “Precious Ointment” of Christ. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.’ All things were (or is) created by it.” The upper brain is the Word, and it furnishes all that man contains, or is. Jesus was not a Savior until he was Christed of John in the Jordan. Then he became the “Beloved Son.”

Why was the baptism necessary?

Because there are two fish. One was Jesus, the Carpenter, the man; the other, the Christed Jesus the Son of God. The Christ substance gave the electric or magnetic power to the seed to cross the nerves at Golgotha without disintegrating or dying.

To crucify, means to add to or increase a thousand fold. When electric wires are crossed, they set on fire all inflammable substances near them. When the Christed seed crossed the nerve at Golgotha, the veil of the temple was rent and there was an earthquake, and the dead came forth, i. e. the generative cells of the body were quickened or regenerated.

The crucifixion or crossing of the life seed gives power to vibrate the pineal gland at a rate that causes the Optic Thalmus to fill the “whole body with light,” and send its vibration out along the optic nerve to the physical eye, and thus heal the blind.

A noted Professor of Greek, in one of our Universities, says that the translation of many New Testament texts from Greek are radically wrong. For instance, “He that saveth his life, shall lose it, and he that loseth his life, for my sake, shall find it,” should read: “He that saveth his seed—life—shall loosen it (set it free), and he that loosens it, shall find it,” which means that this “Bread cast upon the waters” shall redeem him.

Here is the physiological explanation: When the Christed substance, the ointment from the river Jordan, the oil in the spinal cord, reaches the pineal gland, it vibrates to a rate that causes new blood—the new wine. This is the blood of Christ that heals all infirmities.

The word Secret is derived from Secretions. The upper brain, the Cerebrum, contains the secretions, gray matter, creative, or that creates, builds and sup-plies all life-force of the human temple.—Soul of Man’s (Solomon’s temple). Hence God, the Crea-tor, dwells in you. The cerebrum is his throne. Prayer or desires expressed by man in the cerebellum for righteousness, is answered in the cerebrum. Thus Optic Thalmus by prayer to God within, and in no other way, can man overcome the adversary or the “carnal mind which is at enmity to God.”

The Pineal gland, the dynamo that runs the organism of man, is composed of sand plus a cement, an ointment, a smear, found, as has been explained, in large quantity in the spinal cord, also, to some extent, in all parts of the body. When this cement is wasted, as the Prodigal Son wasted his substance in riotous living, there being a deficiency of this precious oil, the pineal gland becomes brittle, and does not vibrate at a rate that vitalizes the blood and tissue at the health and strength rate, and the house, beth or body.

In the union of the Sun and the Moon . It is within the two crown jewels which adorn the head (the pineal and pituitary glands) that this divine work is primarily consummated.

A veritable germ of light , a Sun – seed , forms in the pineal gland of every human being. It is a part of his divine or Christed heritage. However, this seed of light remains dormant, lies fallow, until one is wise enough to know how to use it.

This Science of ‘as above so below’ is the most ancient universal system of harmonizing man with his natural surrounds! The stars above and the stars below, i.e.: our own bodies. Mankind is in harmony with Nature only when he realizes that he is the microcosm of the Universe and a Galaxy unto himself. Man has lost this profound knowledge over the past few thousand years due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. The dark history of the recent past was foretold by the ancients. Hesiod, Hermes and many others foretold a time when the understanding of the sacred truths would become obscure and the knowledge would have to go underground to be preserved for a future time. That time has now arrived.

Primitive Christians, the Essenes, fully realized and taught the great truth that Christ was a substance, an oil or ointment contained especially in the Spinal Cord, consequently in all parts of the body, as every nerve it the body is directly or indirectly connected with the wonderful “River that flows out of Eden (the upper brain) to water the garden.”

The early Christians knew that the Scriptures, whether written in ancient Hebrew or the Greek, were allegories, parables or fables based on the human body “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

These adepts knew that the secretion (gray matter — treat ive) that issues, (secretes) from the cerebrum, was the source and cause of the physical expression called man; and they knew that the “River of Jordan” was symbolized in the spinal cord and that the “Dead Sea” was used to symbolize the Sacred Plexus at the base of the spinal column where the Jordan (spinal cord) ends, typifying the entrance of Jordan into the Dead Sea.

The thick, oily and salty substance composing the Sacral Plexus, “Cauda Equina,” (tail of the horse) may be likened unto crude Petroleum, (Petra, mineral, or salt, and oleum — Latin for oil) and the thinner substance oil or ointment in spinal cord, may be compared with coal oil; and when this oil is carried up and crosses the Ida and Pingala (two fluid nerves that end in a cross in medulla oblongata where it contacts the cerebellum (Golgotha— the place of the skull) — this fluid is refined as coal oil is refined to produce gasoline — a higher rate of motion that causes the ascension of the airship. When the oil (ointment) is crucified — (to crucify means to increase in power a thousand fold — not to kill) it remains two days and a half, (the moon’s period in a sign) in the tomb (cere bellum) and on the third day ascends to the Pineal Gland that connects the cerebellum with the Optic Thalmus, the Central Eye in the Throne of God that is the chamber overtopped by the hollow (hallowed) caused by the curve of the cerebrum (the “Most High” of the body) which is the “Temple of the Living God” the living, vital substance which is a precipitation of the “Breath of Life” breathed into man — therefore the “Holy (whole) Ghost” or breath.

The Pineal Gland is the “Pinnacle of the Temple.” The modus operandi by which the oil of the spinal cord reaches the Pineal Gland.

The “Temple of God” is your body, not a building. Of course, if you believe we evolved from biological sludge 3 billion years ago, this doesn’t make any sense.

Now, we’re never taught this information because the powers that be don’t want you to understand what you are. They like you confused, distracted and deceived which is why “you give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt (Juvenal).” For the past 500 years, it was the church’s role to mislead the masses. Now the “scientism” and “new age” community has gleefully taken over that role.

Seed is the cause, the nucleus of everything, therefore a seed is “the beginning” In the beginning was the WORD.”

The fluid, oil, or marrow which flows down the spinal cord, comes from the upper brain, the Creator or Father, the “Most High,” and is known in physiology as ovum, or generative seed that life essence which creates the human form of corruptible flesh. In the Greek, from which the New Testament was translated, this marrow is called Christ, which is the Greek word for oil.

When this oil is refined, transmuted, lifted up, raised, it becomes so highly vitalized that it regenerates the body and “overcomes” the last enemy, death.

“ON EITHER side of the Thalamus, in the head, is a gland, known in physiology as the Pineal, on the posterior, and the Pituitary on the anterior side of the Thalamus.

The Pineal is cone shaped, and secretes a yellow or golden fluid. The Pituitary Body, opposite it, is ellipsoid in shape, and contains a whitish secretion, like milk.

The fluids that are found in both these bodies come from the same source, namely, the Claustrum, which means “barrier” or “cloister,” and is referred to as cloister for the very good reason that a precious and holy thing is secreted or secluded there. Saint Claus, or Santa Claus, is another term for this precious fluid, which is indeed a holy gift in the body of each one of us.

The precious fluid which flows down from the Claustrum separates, part going into the Pineal gland and part to the Pituitary body, and these, being special laboratories of the head, differentiate the fluid from the Claustrum, and it takes on the colors above mentioned, and in the Pineal Gland becomes yellow and has electric properties. The Pituitary Body, having the milk-like fluid, has magnetic properties.

These two glands are the male and female, the Joseph and Mary of the physical body, and are the parents of the spiritual son born in the solar plexus of each human being,

Man has turned the mighty power he possesses to every object and principle of force in the universe except himself, the greatest miracle of all. When man focuses his divine thinking lens upon himself, he will realize that he is an epitome of unlimited Cosmic Energy.

In the Greek, from which the New Testament was translated, this marrow is called *CHRIST, which is the Greek word for oil. So you see if this energy is raised up the spine, you are Moses taking by your choice (chosen people) the desire from (Egypt) sexual centre, and returning it transmuted into gold of the spirit.

In the it is referring to this most sacred ad, or seed. That is why seed, means word, hence you have “in the beginning was the word.” Until mankind can accept this ‘New Beginning’ and transmute the animal seed to gold, then they will continue to die in mind, body and spirit.

The whole alchemical system is based on these principles for transforming or transmiting lead to gold, a process of transform the leaden consciouiness to golden consciouness.

If people begin to remove the dogmas created by Being bound to religions, the journey of the “Oil” can save people or transform their state of mind to a higher levels of Consciouness. The transformed essence of life and its subtler energies is much more powerful than the denser energies, and has much more abilities.

When this oil is refined, transmuted, lifted up, raised, it becomes so highly vitalized that it regenerates the body and overcomes- the last enemy, death. How can it be lifted up? By lifting up the “Son of man,’ the seed, the word, the savior. The oil (Christ) in the spinal cord, is the salt which is mentioned in the Bible, and the savior is the seed, or Jesus.

In ‘Bible terminology the solar plexus also means manger, cave, Bethlehem, fog it is in the centre of this plexus of nerves that we find the thimble-shaped cavity or depression from which issues forth the redeemer of the Adam man. In a dual sense it is the ‘house of bread, as it is the place where the divine bread or seed is formed, and it lies directly back of the house of material bread, the stomach. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD(seed) that cometh from the mouth of God.” Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and this word means in Hebrew “House (Beth) of bread (lehem).” See how wonderfully the Hebrew words expressed the true meaning of the hidden truth. -I am the bread of life.’

At the place where the ARK entered the “water,’ twelve men were chosen to set up stones, and the Bible tells us that “They are there to this day.” These twelve stones correspond to the twelve Dorsal vertebrae, to each vertebra of which a nerve is attached that forme part of tine solar plexus. These twelve nerves terminate in the solar plexus. They are the twelve priests whose services enabled the Ark to enter the “River of God.’ The twelve forces, then, bore twhis ARK out of the water. They broke down the walls of Jericho and entered the city with the ARK of the MOST HIGH GOD. In the New Testament story Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. Then, when the time came for His crucifixion, He went to the Garden of Gethsemene. In anatomy this is near the Medulla Oblongata, with the olives on either aide, a physiological fact, as any anatomy proves. There are two ‘pyramid’s, also, at this place. In anatomy, Golgotha (place of the skull, in Hebrew) is the base of the skull, where the spinal cord enters the head. At this point is a double cross made by the Adi, The Pingala and the pneumogastric nerves.

Can we any longer doubt that this ancient records. told the scene story as i:s found in our own Scriptures, and that it was all in regard to one thing, one process, the MASTERY OF THE BODY? The seed, then, is crucified on the cross, it is raised in power, or nowhere does the crucifixion mean death.

Read John and note glory and glorify. John, or Ioannes, is ointment, or oiL, here personified. Glorify means to illuminate – to give light – glow ray. The passing of the seed over the crossed nerves, and its passage into the pineal gland, does, in very truth, cause the illumination – the flash of light, the raising or illumination of consciousness of the individual in which this process is allowed to take place. For it is man that prevents its accomplishment. After the crucifixion the “body’ of Jesus is claimed by Joseph, and it is taken by him into his own tomb, where no man had ever been laid.

This Joseph is the same Joseph – the father of Jesus, the pineal gland, for no other man, no seed had been absorbed by the gland previously, for this is the first seed that has been saved. In other words, the Son returns to the Father, the seed returns to its source. The Father and the Son have become ONE. No other explanation save a physiological one can make clear this statement of Jesus. “And greater things than I do, ye shall do for I go unto my Father.” The first seed that has been saved apparently makes this statement. When the first seed is saved, the entire body is changed. It vibrates at a higher rate, the fluids are purer.

It is within this process the Philosopher´s Stone is created, transformed and transmuted from lead to gold. Next to the human soul, it is the most beautiful and the most precious thing upon earth.

When you have found the water which contains our Stone, you must take nothing away from it, nor add anything to it: for it must be entirely prepared by means of that which it contains within itself. Then extract the water in an alembic, and separate the liquid from the dry. The body will then remain alone on the glass, while the water runs down into the lower part. Thereupon unite the water once more to the body in the manner described above, and your task will be accomplished. Know also that the water in which is our Stone, is composed in well-balanced proportions of the four elements. In the chemical process you will learn to distinguish earth, oil, and water, or body, spirit, and soul: the earth is at the bottom of the glass vessel, the oil, or soul, is with the earth, and the water is the spirit which is distilled from it. In the same way you will come upon two colours, namely, white and red, representing the Moon and the Sun. The oil is the fire, or the Sun, the water is air, or the Moon; and Sun and Moon are silver and gold which must enter into union.

A Simple Account of the True Art

According to the Sages, no body is dissolved without the coagulation of the spirit. For as soon as the spirit is transmuted into the body, [the Stone] receives its power. So long as the spirit is volatile, and liable to evaporate, it cannot produce any effect: when it is fixed, it immediately begins to operate. You must therefore prepare it as the baker prepares the bread. Take a little of the spirit, and add it to the body, as the baker adds leaven to the meal, till the whole substance is leavened. It is the same with our spirit, or leaven.

Christ is the philosopher’s stone that transforms the flesh into gold ; he is the elixir of life.

The classic image of the ‘philosopher’s stone’ makes a powerful appeal to the human longing to be able to transcend the limits of the ordinary world. Base metals could be transmuted into gold; mortality into immortality.

Christ overcome this process of transformation and through this overcome death and won eternal Life. Christ is here portrayed as the one who transmutes the base metals of fallen, mortal human nature to his immortal and imperishable nature.

The portal to the truth is the human mind, when we connect the heart with the pineal gland — the center of our spiritual senses.

There are many ways to reach this center, namely, through different forms of meditation that imply exteriorizing our emotions. But the effect is better absorbed when the mind already contains enough synapses to process what is new. And there is only one day to accomplish this: through reading about the truth.

While scientists focus their investigations on the behavior of objects in consciousness, mystics concentrate on the subject to consciousness—that ‘self’ or ‘I’ to whom the objects appear. And while scientists seek to develop ever more refined and comprehensive theories about how reality works, mystics seek to Realize a Truth about its fundamental nature that lies beyond the grasp of any theory whatsoever.

This is why you must know what to learn before learning anything.

When stagnation appears and spreads, a few will break free, and become the rebels that push humanity forward and into that light.

So when the body dies, the fluids die thus man loses his soul when he loses his body. To prevent the loss of soul and flesh is the mission of the Son, or Seed, of God, or the Son of man. There are two very small nerves that extend up from the Sacral Plexus on each side of the spinal cord and cross at the base of the brain and unite the Medulla oblongata. These nerves or delicate wires are called Adi and Pingali. After the seed or fish has been Christed , if it is retained and not wasted in sexual desire, it goes up to “Galgotha” the place of the skull” and crosses the wires, then remains three days in the tomb or the three chambers of the Pineal gland, then it enters the optic, or third eye, and “giveth light to all that are in the house,” that is the beth or body, all the twelve functions represented by the twelve disciples the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Conservation and transmutation obtain in all the com-mercial world. The force of falling water is transmuted into the product of the factories. Steam, the vibration of copper and carbon discs that turn night into day, the automobiles, “chariots that run like lightning and jostle each other in the streets,” are the effects of the transmutation of base or basic material.

On some fair tomorrow when the subtle vibrations of the Aquarian Age, directed by Oranous, shall have awakened and called to action the millions of dormant cells of the wondrous brain, man will by the power of the lost word restored, conserve and transmute the mineral substance of his body, the soul, I 0 H N, and with the “product” the precious ointment—oil, Christ, triumph over the cross at Golgotha and ascend to the pineal gland that transmits the christed Son to the Optic Thalamus, the all-seeing Eye of the chamber, and thus furnish “light to all that are in the house.”

In these latter days our business world has been domi-nated by a great oil trust, petroleum, mineral oil, petra stone, rock or mineral and oleum; oil was exploited, and then by the law of transmutation changed into gasoline. The transmutation of gasoline by the miracle of the “conservation of energy” causes the “ascension” of the air ship, and the pathway of the Eagle and the open road of man lie parallel across the vaulted sky.

And when the Ego shall have triumphed over the car-nal mind and transmuted the crude soul fluids into the gold of the “New Wine,” it will ascend to the Father, the upper brain. “And the temple needs no light of the Sun by day nor Moon by night, for the light of the Lord doth lighten it.” The gospel miracle of turning water into wine is found only in John and appears as a companion piece to the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. The meaning of miracle is: “To uncover a truth.” .

The King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber stand in the same relation to each other as do the pineal gland and pituitary body. The King’s chamber being placed the highest and likewise the pineal body. No wonder man has considered himself to be above woman. The Pyramid well, which connects the Queen’s chamber with the subterranean grotto, corresponds in anatomy to the left sympathetic system, and the subterranean grotto is the sacral plexus, where the first crucifixion of the seed ( Jesus) takes place. Without a doubt the future will reveal other and more spacious rooms, corresponding to the organs of the body, and it is remarkable that the chambers which were first revealed to the eyes of hu-manity stand for, and represent those organs within the human body which mankind is destroying in excesses. It is no wonder that no trace of any lighting system has been revealed, for no system of lighting was needed. Those perfected builders enjoyed full use of the all-seeing Eye and were a light unto themselves the radiance from that inner eye giving light to all that was within the temple.

Humanity has been wandering many, many years in the wilderness, but the Promised Land, flowing with milk and honey, is very, very near, and soon the “Stone that the builders rejected will have become the head of the corner.

JACOB means “heel-catcher,” hence circle. The name Jacob, or Jacob’s ladder, is applied to the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and the sign Aries. the head, and Pisces, the feet, represent the point of contact, the place where the circle joins. In his dream Jacob saw the heavens open and God let down a ladder, and the angels (angles) of God descend-ing and ascending upon it. God promised him that his seed should be as the dust of the earth, and in him all families of the earth should be blessed. God promised to be with him and to bring him again to the land whereon the promise was made. On awakening from his sleep Jacob said.

“This is none other but the house of God and this is the gate of heaven.” The name of the place was called Bethel (House of the Sun). And Jacob promised to give one. tenth of all that he should receive, unto the Lord. (Sec Tithes). This story is one of the most remarkable and significant of all of the Biblical allegories, since it must he applied cosmically as well as microcosmically.

It represents the solar plexus in man—and the zodiac in the solar system. We can easily understand the meaning of Jacob’s journey, and how, in process of time he came to Mount Peniel (pineal gland) where he wrestled with the angel of God, who blessed him and changed his name to Israel. He hid then come again to the place from which he had started—for he had again seen God face to face.

It means that the circle was complete—Jacob had caught hold of his own heel. The bread that he was to eat was the seed born or formed in the center of the circle—the solar plexus, and. of course, stands for the cosmic sun also, the savior of the world. This bread or seed was to become the savior of the Adam man.

It is in the Pineal Gland that the Seed Atoms are first deposited , later travelling down John ” to the Heart and elsewhere . It is to the Pineal Gland that we first look , therefore , for our knowledge of the origin of visible Man . With this understanding of the importance of the Pineal Gland as the one pole of the Cerebro – Spinal column and system , the whole of the latter , taken with its ramifications ,

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