“The West has nothing, only the technology of machine. The East has the technology of mind.” The more we know of psycho-spiritual technology the better. Awakening kundalini energy can be experienced as the awakening of the treasure within. It is your most creative potential waiting to be discovered by your heart. It is the source of your truth and energy, and the universal consciousness within you.

Your total body is the magnetic field of the kundalini energy: your nervous system, the beat of your heart, your breathing, your prana. The reason there is so much suffering today Is that people are not in touch with their energy. So kundalini energy is our basic sense of aliveness? a Without this you are nothing. It’s the life force. So it does seem that some of the Western traditions are getting in touch with the same energy? a The difference is that they work only to a certain point and they work toward it indirectly. Through Kundalini Yoga you work with the total self: you raise the consciousness, Increase the intelligence, clarify perception, and develop human values and commitment. When all these are present you can call it Kundalini Yoga.

The more obvious movement of kundalini contributes to rapid changes in psychological states, mental processes, and soul awareness.

As Kundalini ascends through each chakra, Kundalini delivers her powerful force and changes (her) name and quality.

We have come to the completion of our soul-con-scious journey. Beyond lies Infinity; in due course we will tread that path. Here in the Embodiment we have consciousness of all ten of our bodies of light. We are dap itipOesstand and direskttieltjbteraction. We are our oWfv.splritual master. We see all the chbices in every option and we choose God because it is our only option. We have reached equilibrium in our Self and now we choose to maintain and extend that equilibrium in our interaction with others, because we under-stand that we are all One.

The more we know of psycho-spiritual technology the better.

Kundalini can perform miracles for the Initiate who knows how to awaken it.

As you purify your body, align your whole-body system with your soul, quiet your mind, and tap into your heart, you will bring great coherence and vitality to your life.

Awakening kundalini energy can be experienced as the awakening of the treasure within. It is your most creative potential waiting to be discovered by your heart. It is the source of your truth and energy, and the universal consciousness within you.

The awakening of kundalini energy is the process of your own awakening and liberation, which happens in and through the awakening and rebalancing of the five bodies (physical, emotional, mental, soul, and spirit bodies) and the seven key energy centres in your body—your seven chakras—whose reclaiming is needed for you to align with the wholeness and the mightiness that you are.


The real alchemy is transforming the base self into gold or into spiritual awareness. That’s really what new alchemy’s all about.

Alchemists are the masters of transformation. They hold the key to the portal of wellness, for they shapeshift and transmute mercury into gold, toxicity into radiance, a broken heart into a well of love. Alchemists know there is great power in the sacred subtle dimensions of our existence, and know our bodies are but vehicles for spiritual transcendence.

Alchemists may choose to reside in the far away caves of the Himalayas, away from the busyness of the world. But today, more and more, you and I are becoming our own master alchemists, for we know our bodies best. Today, this brave new world is demanding that we step up, seek the support and stability the ancient rituals offer, and awaken to the truth that our very own mighti-ness is needed.

Alchemists know the secrets to longevity are not actually secrets after all. Synergy always plays a wild card and, if we stack the cards right, longevity, radiance and radiant health are a few steps away. Our challenges become our greatest teachers. They crack our hearts open and we are reborn with new insights, new perspectives, new tools, and new practices.

Kundalini is like the mythical philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals like mercury and lead into silver and gold. The philosopher’s stone is a power that can cause inner alchemy. It is also called the elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation. The philosopher’s stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolising enlightenment and heavenly bliss. The function of the Kundalini is also similar as it causes complete metamorphosis and alchemy in man. Fire, light and heat are the symbols of the Kundalini. It transforms a man, similar to how the application of heat changes the ductility and malleability property of the metal, and then the metal can be worked upon and various objects created out of it. Kundalini works upon a man and makes him a beacon of spiritual knowledge. Kundalini makes an ordinary man a philosopher and grants him great intelligence and wisdom.

Kundalini, the Divine Energy , is pictured asleep at the base of the spine , closing the channel leading up the spine.

As the awakened kundalini ascends from the energy center at the base of the spine to the crown of the head, it absorbs a portion of life-energy in the limbs and trunk. The body temperature drops measurably in those parts, whereas the crown feels as if on fire and is very warm to the touch. The physiology of this process is still little understood. Subjectively, however, the yogin experiences a progressive dissolution of his ordinary state of being, until he recovers the ever-present self identity that knows no bodily or other limits.

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