The state of the awakening of the bodha – kundaliní is actually the state of Self – realisation. The yogin, master of his energies through Kundalini, shows that the human being holds within himself the source and the inexhaustible storehouse of his sovereignty, bliss and efficience.

Sleeping within Gaia is the Goddess Kundalini, the tremendous creative, evolutionary spiritual energy that transfigures, when activated, the entire 7 chakra system—of the human, the Earth, the solar system. Kundalini, the Indian Tantric texts inform us, is “She who maintains all the beings of the world by means of inspiration and expiration and (who) shines in the cavity of the root Lotus like a chain of brilliant lights.” Moreover, Goddess Kundalini “is the receptacle of that continuous stream of ambrosia which flows from the Eternal Bliss. By Her radiance it is that the whole of this universe and this Cauldron is illumined.” The sequence of chakra openings

Kundalini – the Guardian of human existence and evolution and the Key to the Mystery of Existence.

The state of the awakening of the bodha – kundaliní is actually the state of Self – realisation.

The cosmic energy expands freely through the great centers of vibration, infusing into them the bliss of Consciousness. The individual organs function in such an impersonal manner that nothing more stands in the way of any torn of oneness, and in such dynamism that no longer can one speak of static coincidence, of microcosm and macrocosm.

The essential difference only lies between the dormant, separate, exteriorized energies and the unified, interiorized energies. Thus the yogin, master of his energies through Kundalini, shows that the human being holds within himself the source and the inexhaustible storehouse of his sovereignty, bliss and efficience.

And it is precisely in mystical efficience that the great unifying function of Kundalini culminates—the keystone of transmission. Through the power and subtlety of his divinized energy, the guru gradually interiorizes and activates the scattered energies of the disciple, whose Kundalini he awakens just as, one might say, a stringed instrument transmits its vibration all around.

Striking his own Kundalini like a tuning fork, the master gives the keynote; he transmits the “right frequency” As the register of his kundalinian energy covers all the harmonic progression of the fundamental vibration, he empowers the disciple to correctly tune in on the particular degree of the harmonic scale that agrees with him; he imparts to him both the initial impulse and the harmonized tonality.

Thus attuned to and by the master, the disciple’s Kundalini rises from wheel to wheel, moving up the scale toward the more and more subtle harmonics of the spanda. Just as a tuned musical instrument can make others vibrate in unison, through mere res-onance, so the master now makes the awakened heart of the dis-ciple resonate continuously, thus transforming his listening-in ap-titude and the acuteness of his hearing.

The disciple experiences his capacity of resonance as in-creasing, his harmonic register amplifying, and he receives with an ever-expanding consciousness what is given him by the master until complete fusion is achieved wherein all the notes merge into one single note, master and disciple being now but one instrument, one music, one consciousness.

The journey of the energy to the crown of the head is called the journey of enlightenment. This journey takes place when this serpent wakes up and starts to split and dance around the spine, ionizing the spinal fluid and changing its molecular structure. This action causes the opening of the midbrain and the door to the subconscious mind.

Further, the energy, like a dynamic conqueror marching, destroying, setting on fire everything in its path, is the march of the kundalini.

When the kundalini opens this energy, what it means in effect is that everything that has been hidden from you in the form of the subconscious, now that energy flows free will to a specific point in the brain, this area right here, the frontal lobe. Why is that so dramatic? Because the kundalini opening up the switches and doorways, allowing ancient knowledge to come to the surface, it really is allowing the subconscious total access to your conscious mind.

We call the kundalini a tribute to total enlightenment, because total enlightenment means when you get to peer beyond the veil you get to know what has never been known. You get to experience in a moment all that there is and in a moment you know all that there is. In a flash of blinding light you can immediately see all the lives that you have lived and all the ones you are going to live, and immediately it is all known. How is that possible?

The kundalini energy, or the dragon force of the Near Eat, sits here (base of the spine], has been encoded. It was set there to be, as we could call it, rocket fuel to enlightenment.

As the kundalini ascends , the chakras spin , and the petals open , signifying the expansion of the soul and illumination . When it reaches the uppermost sahastrara chakra , total enlightenment results , and the yogi attains samadhi , union with Divine.

“The Alchemy of Bliss” is for those who have reached a certain point in their spiritual practice and yet find the experience and connection with the Kundalini spinal and bodily currents (especially the Bliss vibration)

Laja Yoga and Alchemy

As kundalini moves up through sushumna, it is with-drawn from the phenomenal world; hence kundalini yoga is also called Laya Yoga. Laya in Sanskrit means dissolu-tion or extinction. In this process kundalini ascends from the muladhara chakra (Saturn chakm) to the ajna (Sun) chakra. In jyo. tish (astrology) Saturn rules the metal lead and the Sun rules the metal gold.

The transmutation of the base metal lead into gold is, in the popular mind in both the East and West, the epitome of the science of alchemy, rasashastra. There is, of course, much more to the discipline than that. The deeper meaning of the ascent from lead to gold, from Saturn to the Sun, from muladhara to ajna, is the process of raising kundalini.

The goal of the process is to become rasasiddha, literally, brought to perfection by means of quicksilver, and skilled in alchemy. Quicksilver in this case is akasha, and the akashic pathway called sushumna. It is also known as the royal road, the pathway that allows one to enter other lokas and converse with the devas. The dissolution of Laya Yoga is the first part of the alchemical formula solve et coagula.

Energy is withdrawn in each of the lower four chakras, and the building blocks of our forms, complexes, and attachments dissolve into their respective elements. Earth, water, fire and air are transmuted into akasha, the fifth element.

The solve process of transformation is acted out ritu-ally in the Tibetan Tantric practice of sand painting in which intricate mandalas are created and then destroyed upon completion. This destruction of form is a clearing process that makes way for a more refined expression of kundalini via the four elements; in other words, the field is cleared so that one’s life energies can be reformed with fewer obstructions.

The reforming, the coagula of alchemy, occurs as kundalini energy is naturally drawn down into the lower chakras during the everyday processes of life. That down-ward moving kundalini expresses the four elements to create a new mandala; but this time the mandala (which is maya) is in accord with a broader and more harmoni-ous perspective of the universe. Each new mandala will also be destroyed and replaced in the process of kund-alini rising in an ongoing cycle, until moksha, liberation, is achieved.

There´s mastery there´s no mystery

Christ’s mission was to liberate humanity from the clutches of another deity, a harsh god, who had created the world and by means of the law had kept humanity in slavery.

The Kundalini contains the energy of Atmagni (supernatural fire energy).

We must understand that Kundalini energy like Fire or Atomic Energy , if not harnessed properly , can burn or destroy us

Kundalini can be awakened and taken to higher chakras only by super conscious manifestation.

Within this centre is super – light ( mahan archi ) with all – pervading flame , which radiates in all directions . In the middle of this is subtle Fire – flame ( Kundalini ).

One of the side benefits of Kundalini is the potential to activate all kinds of super powers – like the power to heal, and the ability to see into the future. Or to know the future.

In some ancient texts, the nervous system is compared to a high power station generating electricity in a factory and the network of wires carrying the current to various machines. The brain, spinal cord and sympathetic nerves constitute the power station while the nerves leading away from the brain and spinal column represent the electric wires running through the factory i.e. human body. In case you want to awaken your inherent dormant power – Kundalini – which may hash out uncontrollable strength in the body, how would you cope with it if your body’s supply lines are not even enough to transmit the same to the desired organs? Similarly, if the brain or nerves are damaged, or the latter are so work that they no longer transmit impulses the whole exercise of awakening the Kundalini may prove counter-productive. It is through Pranayam that we achieve the `Nadi- Shodhan’ or purification of the Nadis-subtle ones through the cleansing or the gross ones – and make our body capable of assimilating the power released by the awakened Kundalini in order to take it to open a thousand petalled lotus in our brain; Sahasrara.

But those super powers — called siddhis in the yogic traditions —are not the real deal. And in fact, they can become obstacles on the path because they’re so damn alluring that one can become enthralled by the power they offer and forget about going all the way to self-realisation.

The power of kundalini energy can be equated to that of atomic energy which when used correctly is of great benefit to humankind.

Kuji-kiri (literally “nine hands cutting”) combines ancient mudra hand gestures with concentration and visualization designed to create specific effects depending on the specific mudra being used. According to tradition, these mudra were originally distillations of full-body yoga positions (called asanas). Tantra yoga teaches that there is a mysterious energy known as kundalini (Skt. “serpent force”) similar to the Chinese-Taoist concept of chi (Jp. ki) that fills, flows through, and animates all things. This kundalini “pools” at seven power centers along the spine known as chakra (Skt. “wheels”). When stimulated by kundalini, itself “awakened” by regular yoga practice, these power centers blossom open like flowers, granting the yoga practitioner enlightenment and siddhas (“psychic super powers”).

Kundalini energy is real. It is powerful, and it’s flowing through your body right now. It feeds your entire nervous system. For centuries, knowledge about it was kept secret because of its tremendous power. Because of the secrecy and lack of accurate information, many false repre-sentations have been put forth by otherwise respectable, so-called authori-ties. Sometimes people have had spontaneous experiences of the kundalini energy rising, but have not had the preparation and understanding to prop-erly integrate and use the energy.

It is nothing upon the Yoga of Kundalini . It is miraculous , but the use of a great gift their unique discovery . that is already in man in order that man Kundalini is the spiritual power may supersede his present stature of that is hidden in man.

It is by the great power of the Kundalini that the mind , the intellect and speech acquire their respective powers.

The yoga of kundalini moves the fibres of our existence so powerfully that our knowledge moves from the personal to the supra – cosmic.

This is a very important centre , where evil thoughts get transformed into good thoughts , and the intuitive knowledge gets develop . It is the location of third eye that offers super – consciousness when the physical mind gets dissolved into spiritual mind . All persons we find having faculties of genius , possess , to some extent , the power of this third eye , which they acquire by overcoming the forces of darkness.

The Kundalini is the great · hidden reservoir of psychic and spiritual force and when stirred up , it generates a force which activates our whole being and endows it with a colossal power and super – human omniscience.

In our subtle body, there’s an alchemical energy called “Kundalini” that’s usually dormant at the base of the spine. While approaching the Great Work, the Kundalini awakens and ascends an energetic pathway that runs along the spine, called the “shushumna,” which connects the major chakras. Ritual and meditation can stir this energy and begin this ascent. One of the greatest metaphysical benefits of having a spiritual teacher is that they can transmit divine energy into us, which is called “shaktipat.”


Pranayama should be followed by exercises in mental concentration, for immediately after Pranayama the brain is at its highest state of electrical vigor and is most capable of performing concentration of mind. The following ex-ercises are practiced by yogis for heightening the power of conception. By concentration of mind, with the eyes closed, you can see distant objects, hear distant sounds, send messages to any part of the world, heal persons at a distance and develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and precognition.

According to Patanjali, yoga means the suppression of the transformation of the thinking principle. Whilst the mind, when free to act, is continually transforming itself and forming itself, for better or worse, yoga exercises render it motionless and untransformed. Instead of wandering from one mental form to another, the yogi retired within himself and rises above the level of mental imagery and contacts deeper layers of his psyche, his Real Self. Yoga philosophy claims that mind is what hides us from reality. Meditation starts with concentration (on some external object, image, or idea) and finally deals with abstractions, and eventually the yogi strives to make his mind completely blank, which means the stilling of thought, leading the way to the birth of a new and higher psychic faculty, INTUITION, the Inner Voice of the Higher Self.

“By abstracting the corporeal senses from their ordinary media of communication, the Yoga is endowed with heavenly senses. He may not see or hear what passes around,—he may be insensible to external impressions, —but he has intuitions of things which his neighbours cannot see or hear. He becomes so buoyant, or rather so sublimated by his Yoga, that gravitation, or as Bhaskaracharya calls it, the attractive power of the earth, has no influence over him. He can walk and ascend in the sky, as if he were suspended under a balloon. He can, by this intuitive process, inform himself of the mysteries of astronomy and anatomy—of all things in fact that may be found in any of the different worlds. He may call to recollection the events of a previous life. He may attain an insight into the past and future.

The ultimate yogic achievement Samadhi can’t be attained unless Kundaini is awakened. Awakening of kundaini requires a rigorous hathayogic practice.

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