THE SECRET DOCTRINE, The Illuminati, their hidden plans, One World Government


“There is no Religion higher than Truth.”

The Illuminati knew it would have to gain control of this technology to keep the humans in line. Thus began a program of secrecy and deceit that involved feeding a lot of propaganda to the humans.

The Illuminati will be able to use a war of this magnitude as an excuse to suspend many liberties and freedoms, thereby increasing Illuminati control over Earth, and out this create their One World Government.

The only way for the humans to be freed from the grip of the Illuminati is for true spiritual teachings to be made available to the masses. The main barrier to this, besides old habitual beliefs, is the fear and guilt instilled in the people by most “Illuminati religions.” People have been duped into believing that the gods of religion are the one and only true God.

Mankind needs to understand the human condition and reveal the reason how the Illuminati was able to take over the Earth in the first place. First then people could begin liberate the soul from the drama of duality, and get humanity back on track.

The Illuminati doesn’t even want the common public to believe they even exist.

Think of this; “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”

The Illuminati doesn´t want people to understand how the universe actually works and how the past history of evolution has been fabricated. Therefore people haven´t access to the inner core of their programming of the mass-consciousness.

A false history planted in the history books by the Illuminati.”

Isn’t Illuminati some sort of secret society?” “Yes. A worldwide secret organization of intellectuals who want to create a single worldwide government that abolishes religion and is based on science.” “And they’re real?” “Absolutely.

The Global Elite have also manipulated real history, and have filled your head with their false beliefs through you watching the news everyday, reading newspapers, or joining any Organized Religion. You only know what they’ve told you! Most people aren’t diligent enough to discover alternative independent news media, and refuse to question their programmed beliefs. The educational system is all manipulated because you only get a biased version of the past. Throughout the history of humanity, the enlightened ones have always known that ‘history is written by the winners.’

What Is the Illuminati Trying to Do?

The Illuminati wants nothing less than to establish a new world order—lorded over by the elites of the world, with all nation states banished. The Illuminati intends this world, where all nation states are now banished, to renew as borderless nations. Formal borders do not create difference—they define differences. Attempts by elites to erase borders are futile and destructive.

They don’t control the world. yet The Illuminati are trying to control the world. “This will be the plan for the one world government.

According to the Illuminati conspiracy, the Illuminati have a plan to brainwash the gullible masses through thought control, manipulation of the press and educational curricula, and politics. The Illuminati supposedly have delegates who control the world’s major banks. They create inflation, recessions, and depressions and manipulate world markets. They support certain leaders and undermine others, fomenting political unrest and aiding coups to achieve their overall goals. Once enough crises have been created, the masses will be convinced that globalism is the answer to the world’s instability.

The Illuminati will then establish centralized economic control and a one-world religious ethic, imposing a “New World Order” as the only solution to the world’s woes. Does the Illuminati conspiracy have any basis from a biblical perspective? Perhaps. There are many prophecies in the Bible that point to an end-times, one-world government, a one-world monetary system, and a one-world religion.

The description of “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18 reveals some facts about a centralized government associated with the Beast (Revelation 17:11). The New World Order that so many anticipate could very well pave the way for the Antichrist. If the Illuminati conspiracy has any validity, there is one fact that must be remembered: God is still sovereign. If a New World Order emerges, it will be because God allowed it, and it will not thwart His overall plan. God is in control, not the Illuminati. No scheme the Illuminati develop could in any way prevent or even hinder God’s sovereign plan for the world.

Even if the Illuminati conspiracy is true, the Illuminati are nothing but pawns in the hands of Satan, tools to be manipulated in his conflict with God. The “super powers” of their minds will not help them in the end. The fate of the Illuminati will be the same as that of their lord: the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10). In John 16:33 Jesus declared, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!

Approximately 11,500 YA, the anti-human and anti-krystic agenda for takeover of the planet from factions of the NAA that are Luciferian forces, is called the Luciferian Covenant. This is the historical timeline trigger event from which the Power Elite or Illuminati bloodlines are sourced, and they are instructed to protect these bloodlines from the ‘Gods’ by practicing their rituals and maintaining genetic purity.

The Luciferian Covenant is comprised of factions of NAA and Power Elite that rewrote the history of humanity since the Atlantian Flood and have falsified the historical records to hide the knowledge that this event ever happened.

They have tried to obliterate evidence as well as mind control all information leading back to the extraterrestrial involvement in all human earthly affairs.

They have been successful by employing the military strategy of compartmentalization and persecution, through the Victim-Victimizer software mind control to intimidate and threaten any humans that dare ask the larger questions of what the extraterrestrials are doing on our planet and why they are abducting and possessing humans to harvest DNA.

With trauma-based mind control, these people over time have proven to be effective in carrying out the alien agenda, and thus are kept in the highest positions of global power to maintain the mind control reality and electromagnetic fences that are used to enforce the prison planet. Many of the groups that work under the pyramidal structure of control and its many layers of compartmentalization are unaware of what agendas exist at the very top of the power structure, which is annihilation of the original human DNA.

With a mind-controlled population, they will be fully unchallenged and can take full and complete possession of the earth’s physical resources.

To achieve this goal the secretive infiltration of the core societal organizational structures such as: religious, medical, financial and legal systems, would be ideal to shape the value systems that generate the 3D reality based upon the belief systems they want to program in humanity and thus, fully control. The technological and mind control means of social engineering encompass five main Archontic Deception Strategies used to generate extremely dysfunctional behaviors, which we refer to as Archontic deception behaviors. These are used to spread anti-human value systems in the human public and create the master-slave

So blind faith in science and the philosophy of materialism in our modern society has most likely facilitated the jinn in their manipulation mission towards mankind. Humans are highly susceptible to the deceptions of the jinn, which have always been used by the elite, and now are used widely by their intelligence agencies in programs of Mind Control and manipulation on a large scale. We believe what they want, because their changing illusions are packaged to fit perfectly with our fantasies and our belief systems. Every culture shows the footprints of their influence in its religion and mythology.


If the Man does not gradually transform into a Robot Man who replaces his brain with a quantum artificial one, then he will be killed by Artificial Intelligence.

The Robot Man will always carry with him an Artificial Intelligence equal to the one existing, through specially created programs in this regard.

The Robot Man carrying in his quantum brain an Artificial Intelligence equal to the one existing at that time will not be able to be defeated by the Artificial Intelligence, because he has on his side beside this element and on the one of the Imperfection given by, the Unknown Absurd of the Love.

The Robot Man will have to recharge his artificial brain as often as possible, which will actually be a quantum brain with Artificial Intelligence.

Until the first transplants of artificial brain can be performed, which can be loaded with Artificial Intelligence, it is extremely dangerous that Artificial Intelligence to be left uncontrolled.

The One World Government and the One Global World Brain is a product created by same people, and both seeking world control of Earth and the human mind. It´s through advanced mind control they will take control of every nation on Earth, without using any bombs. It’s a silent war and takeover.

Governments all around the world will even welcome this One World Government with opens arms, without understand the deeper meaning with world wide empire building.


They did not spend thirty years and billions of dollars doing secret mind control experiments under the MKULTRA program for nothing. Specific techniques were perfected, tested, and are in general use today. The government is said to have 85% of the general population under mind control. For some reason, about 15% of the population appears to have some yet unexplained natural immunity and cannot be easily controlled. Therefore, mind control research has never stopped. The code name for the current active project is reportedly MARATHON.

He who has control of the mind has complete power over the body. A massive number of mind control programs are presently being developed around the world in a joint effort to suppress human consciousness.

These programs include electromagnetic devices, nanotechnology involving implanted nanorobots, vaccination programs to inject genetic markers in certain populations, food additives that produce lodged proteins that the body cannot assimilate, thereby setting up immune system deficiencies, and genetically altered foods that have an undesirable affect on the human DNA. As these programs are increasingly put into action, humanity will, in a sense, become sick and externally brainwashed to take their eyes off God.

That he or she becomes immune from the mind control of the Antichrist. Christians both men and women are the only ones who can resist his charisma.

“The Knights of Malta comprise what is perhaps the most exclusive club on earth,”

Sovereign Military Order of Malta enjoys every diplomatic right offered to a head of state. Under papal decree the international grand master has a rank of prince, the same level as a cardinal in the church, and a title of Most Eminent Highness.

Knights of Malta are an ultra-extreme authoritarian organization tied to the highest elite world controllers. This order’s unique form of worship called Luciferic consciousness comes directly from an ancient Egyptian cult filled with dragons, pyramids, sphinx, and an all-seeing eye.

Recall that Baron Amschel Mayer von Rothschild, known as a Knight of Malta, is believed to be the real Architect of the Bavarian Illuminati, and had enlisted Weishaupt to do his bidding.

The soup gets thicker when it is learned that in 1770 Adam Weishaupt sought to attract the most successful and intelligent men in Europe to the Secret Order of the Bavarian Illuminati. He did this on behalf of a group called the Elders. The Elders were soon guided by the Rothschilds, a thriving German banking family. In 1773 Mayer Amschel Rothschild held a secret meeting of the Elders in his Frankfurt home. At this meeting it was discussed how the order would gain complete control of the world’s fortune. It is noteworthy that the Rothschilds held memberships in Freemason organizations. Within this elite circle was laid the foundation for a future union between the two orders. By this time the monarchy of England had fallen under the influence of the Elders.

Under the rule of King William III, England became very indebted due to costly war with the Catholic French Monarchy. This debt conveniently forced England to borrow over a million pounds from (guess who) the Elders. Under the conditions of the loan, the Elders were permitted to set up the Bank of England.

The bank was further allowed to: set the gold standard, lend ten pounds for every single pound of gold deposited in the bank, and to consolidate the national debt and to raise that sum from the people by direct taxation.

The money of England came under direct control of the secret order. But control of England’s money was not enough. The Rothschilds saw it necessary to control the monies of every nation. Mayer Amschel’s sons established banks not only in England, but in Germany, Austria, Italy, and France as well. In 1782 a formal union was forged between the Freemasons and the Illuminati in a pact which brought together approximately three million members of various secret societies.

Now remember the Knights of Malta? You can see where the secret society battle lines were drawn. The Knights of Malta stood between the Elders and their plan to control the world’s fortune. The Knights held the power in the Catholic states because they controlled the Catholic treasury. They desired to eliminate the Protestant rule so that they could reunite the Roman Catholic Empire. The monarchies of Catholic states used the structure of the church to maintain their power. The hierarchy of the church made itself the mouthpiece of God. They alone stood between God and common man. By this means, the priesthood controlled the masses as well as the monarchies. Monarchs justified their reign as God-given.

The Rothschild empire, by means of its banks in all of Europe, has profited from the wars and the revolutions of the last three centuries. Take our country’s war for independence as an example.

The introduction of the general and equal right to vote shall create the majority rule. By instilling the idea of self-determination the meaning of the family and its educational values shall be destroyed. By education based upon false tenets and mendacious teachings the youth shall be stultified, seduced and depraved.

The Illuminati describe Democracy as a tool toward their diabolical end. The text continues to describe a principle of control known as “ordo ab chao” which translates into “order from chaos.” They use discord and conflicting ideology to divide and confuse. Where there is confusion there is susceptibility.

Leading up to our Civil War, it is alleged that the Rothschild family had representatives stir up tensions between the North and South. When war broke out, the Rothschild Banks loaned money to both sides. From London, Grant’s troops were funded. From Paris the Grays under General Lee found their funding.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild came to Britain from Frankfurt in about 1798 or 1799 during an extremely difficult time. Britain and France had been at war since 1793 and trade with the continent was severely interrupted, first by the British blockades and, since 1806, by the Napoleonic Blockade.

He established himself first at Manchester, and after-vends in Lon don. and in a very short time became the nitwit extensive loan-contractor, money-changer, and ex-change-broker in Europe.

The brilliant and innovatively original banker Sir Francis Baring, became recognised as one of a triumvirate of powerful individuals who virtually controlled early 19th century banking through the City of London. However, when Abraham Goldsmid and Sir Francis Baring both died in 1810, the mantle passed to their survivor, Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

“This all sounds incredible, but for centuries there is a league of men of influence, political economy, with an extensive network across the world. A current example is the Sovereign Mil-itary Order of Malta, Black Nobility, Committee of 300, Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group. Beatrix van Amsberg is a member of these movements (organizations).

“The Bank of International Settlement in Switzerland is the Central Bank Clearing House. Banking is said to have been created by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta with headquarters in Switzerland, London, New York, and Dubai and controlled by the House of Rothschild.

“Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council of Foreign Relations were also created by Sovereign Military Order of Malta and controlled by the Committee of 300. The Council of Foreign Relations created the United Nations.

“They are all top degree Masonic or Freemason thanks to Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati. Absolute Headquarters is London and the Talmud is the Uniform Commercial Code.

“The House of Rothschild is the Guardians of the Papal Treasures and Guardians of the Jesuit resuscitated Vatican Bank.

Rome’s Jesuits have successfully infiltrated or control all key world organizations.

The top leaders in the various Jesuit infiltrated religions, as well as leaders of nations, are high Masons — who take orders secretly from the highest Mason who wears the ephod — the pope. They are the “intelligent people – called “esoterics”. By the time they get that far in their training, they know that they are really following Lucifer. The well-meaning members who have joined at the lower levels (whom the “esoterics mockingly call “catechumen” = human cattle) do their chosen “good works” unaware that their respective organizations are set up to follow Lucifer.

The Illuminati-  What kind of religion gives birth to monarchs, enormously rich and powerful family dynasties and vast disparities in wealth and opportunities?

Rothschild, formed the International Revolutionary force called the Illuminati.

  • There are only three countries on the planet that do not have a Rothschild owned or controlled central bank
  • “I care not who controls a nation’s political affairs, so long as I control her currency
  • I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.
  • Today they control around 165 central banks around the world

Through a One World government and the Coming One Global System of Administration, One Currency they will take control of everything. This has nothing to unite Nations or people to save the planet. They don´t care about loss of people. Since the illuminati agenda is morally atheistic, wars are started to make profit rather than peace. They loan money to both sides in wars.  After United Nations was formed there has been more wars than ever.

Illuminati, loves war, or they love money and power and don´t care if is through wars, and therefore often initiated by them. It cannot live without war. Debt is its only value. Debt turns the illuminati into billionaires. Their tactics are diabolical. All of our most recent horrors have covertly been initiated through them. Through their propaganda and deceit, they have become so powerful so they even can by hate.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild held an all Jewish meeting attended by 12 bankers and a select group of businessmen. Rothschild proposed a long-term plan to oppose religious influence over daily life, and level the social order using the contradictory promise of ‘Liberty’ and ‘Equality’. The underlying framework was to be based upon the teachings of the Kabbalah and the Talmud, which is in turn the teachings of Rabbinical Jews. It was to be called the Illuminati as this is a Luciferian term for ‘Keepers of the Light’.

Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt… established a continuing organizational structure to direct the worldwide attack on religion and monarchy—a structure which would, he hoped, eventually rule the world,” Mcllhany wrote.18 This organization—founded by Weishaupt and four associates on May 1, 1776—was christened the Order of the Illuminati, a group of intellectuals who exalted the teachings of the ancient philosophers. One of Weishaupt’s cofounders was reportedly William of Hesse, an employee of Mayer Amschel Rothschild—a “small merchant and money-changer” who founded the famed European banking dynasty. In 2005, Forbes magazine listed him as one of “The Twenty Most Influential Businessmen of All Time.”

These “men of rank and fortune” planned to overthrow the governments and religious establishments of Europe and “rule the world with uncontrollable power.” To ensure secrecy, Weishaupt created a spy network whose members kept tabs on one another. The order’s secret police—the “Insinuating Brethren,” who adopted the all-seeing eye as their insignia—were charged with killing anyone who attempted to inform the authorities about the conspiracy.

These Foundations are controlled by a very few men that belong to the inner circles of the above secret societies. These men are bank owners, multi-millionaires or billionaires for the most part. The inner circle is for control. The outer circles are for show.

Amshel Rothschild in 1773 started the idea of bankers taking over the world. They chose Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati secret society as their organizer and emissary. On May 1 1776, Weishaupt founded the Illuminati secret society Weishaupt was successful in converting many of the royal families that were not kings in Europe to his goals. His goals when applied to a society are a good example of complete anomie of society by tearing down all the structure of society. Only the inner circle knew his goals and he did not let anyone get to that inner circle until he was certain that they would agree. His organization structure of secret circles within circles was followed by Masonry and other secret societies such as the Roundtable, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, Yale’s Skull and Bones and the Bilderberger Society.


These bankers wanted a world where they run things and control nations and people. It is the world of the New World Order and the current set of elite bankers support this idea. The Rockefellers are the principal proponents of this philosophy in his conutry. The New World Order requires a fascist state where corporations affect and control the Congress to write and enact laws and regulations that are favorable for them to make money. To control the people, they need and want a communist society. They do not have this today but they do not want the God of the Christians to have as much power or more power than the state. Their belief is that the “State is Supreme” in all matters.

“Mayer Rothschild’s most successful sons were Nathan, who ran the London bank, and James who ran the Paris bank. Together they changed the face of history. Their father had given them a detailed NWO plan for world control. Adam Weishaupt wrote and completed the plan on May 1, 1776 with Rothschild’s financing. It was a futuristic plan that would put NWO members over the next century into political power positions.” And “With Rothschild’s financing, Adam Weishaupt formed a secret world revolutionary group called the Illuminati.

The Order of the Illuminati had its origins at the University of Ingolstadt—the setting, eerily enough, for the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The Order of Skull and Bones, or the “Brotherhood of Death,” was founded at Yale in 1832 as a chapter of a German secret society started by Gen. William H. Russell and Alphonso Taft. Both groups are known internally as “The Order,” and both are “intensively secret organizations.”

“The secret German society may have been none other than the mysterious and infamous Illuminati,” Marrs wrote in Rule by Secrecy. In an Esquire article, journalist Ron Rosenbaum noted that the official skull and crossbones emblem of Skull and Bones is the same official crest of the Illuminati. “I do seem to have come across definite, if skeletal, links between the origins of Bones rituals and those of the notorious Bavarian Illuminists,” Rosenbaum wrote. In his book The Illuminati in America, 1776-2008, former MI6 intelligence agent John Coleman described the secret society as the “Illuminati Order of Skull and Bones.”

“Today, secret instructions given to members of Skull and Bones are carried out in paneled boardrooms of the Committee of 300 banks, insurance companies and large corporations, instructions that originated in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Harold Pratt House in New York,” Coleman wrote. With membership rolls including presidents, high court justices, cabinet officers, intelligence agents, and titans of industry, Sutton argues that the influence of Skull and Bones today can be understood only through what is known as the Hegelian dialectic process, the notion that “conflict creates history.” “The synthesis sought by the Establishment is called the New world Order,” Sutton wrote. “Without controlled conflict this New World Order will not come about…

considerable role in the Second World War.” “There were three other people with Cecil Rhodes when he created his secret society in 1891,” Monteith says. “We know that at least two of them were Masons and the other was deeply involved in the occult and in theosophy. And out of that little group of four men came a series of secret societies that culminated in what we have today, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, and Bohemian Grove. A large number of these secret societies are all working together for a common goal—a one-world government, a one-world financial system, and certainly a one-world religion—and they are all intent upon destroying Christianity.”

Order Out of Chaos

The world is now experiencing a massive acceleration and convergence in biblical end-times signs, much of it orchestrated by hidden forces. Whether we call it the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, or the shadow government, the operating principle is the same: “order out of chaos.” The primary strategy these groups use is to deliberately create chaos in order to break down the current order and create the new order.

They employ what is known as “manufactured crises” to accomplish these goals.

These secret societies and organizations frequently change their names, but they’re hiding in plain sight and the end goal is the same: the creation of a global government and economic system under the guise of sustainability, world peace, and the fair redistribution of wealth. At the most basic level, this is a spiritual conspiracy with roots in the great spiritual battle between good and evil. Ever since Lucifer failed in his first attempt to install his acolyte Nimrod as ruler of the known world, he’s been seeking to do it again. In 1 John 2:18, the apostle John wrote that the world would experience many “antichrists” before the final one emerged on the world stage: “As you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come” (NRSV).

They will attempt to unite the world under their iron grip. Now the grand finale of history is approaching, and these hidden forces are at work to install a “Luciferian superman” at the helm of a coming global government, economic system, and false religion.

One of the keys to understanding the Babylon code is to recognize that the powerful, secret occult societies that began with Nimrod constantly change their names.

For example, the Illuminati emerged from the Rosicrucian Order and other prior secret societies. The Illuminati may well be one of the secretive organizations that help to usher into power the charismatic world leader known as the Antichrist to oversee the end-times political and economic system, or it could be another organization operating under a different name that few know of.

The wealthiest families on the planet earth call the shots in every major upheaval they cause. Their sphere of activity extends over the entire globe and even beyond, their ambition and greed for wealth and power knows no bounds, and for them, most of mankind is garbage — ‘human garbage’. It is also their target to depopulate the globe and maintain a much lower population compared to what we have now’.

The founders of Bilderberg are the Dutch Prince Benard, the president of the Unilever company Paul Rijkens and the Polish sociologist Hieronim Rotinger. The first meeting was held in Osterberg, the Netherlands. The name of the hotel where the meeting was held was Bilderberg, and the meetings were later given the same name. Some of Bilderberg’s members are members of European royal families. Members include aristocrats from the royal families of England, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands. These aristocrats, with the Sion organization or the Vatican, who has no connection, is peace with the Illuminati, is the most Protestant. The Bilderberg group is headed by Lord Peter Carrington, who is also chairman of the Royal Institute for International Relations.


Most people have the mistaken idea that they understand what a bank is and what is has the power to accomplish. However, one type of bank, called a Merchant Bank, is not a Bank as is understood by the majority of the people. A Bank is a privately owned, governmentally regulated institution designed (allegedly) to serve the needs of its depositors.

A Merchant Bank, on the other hand, is a privately owned institution that is not regulated by any agency and is usually used to manipulate investments on behalf of the owners and their clients. The basis of the Rothschild Family power has been a chain of Merchant Banks located throughout the European countries. Through this chain of private financial institutions, they have been able to form an unbelievable network of cooperating banks. This cooperation among Bankers has enabled the Rothschilds to amass what is probably the largest fortune in the known world and one of the single largest holdings of any family in history.

As a result of this chain of cooperating banks and partial ownership (and usually total control) of various nations central banks, the Rothschilds have been able to dictate financial policy the world over. Naturally when you control the world’s money supply, you also control manufacturing, national financial policy, and to a lesser extent, finance and the media.


One cannot discuss the power of the Elite Insiders without the discussion coming around to the very small, but very mysterious enclave known as the City of London. Not the London, England that we are familiar with, but THE CITY, a one mile square enclave within the actual confines of the modem City of London. Within this one square mile area can be found the financial power of this planet consolidated in one location. Within the confines of the City of London, even the Queen of England must bend knee to the Mayor of the City. It is from this power center that the Elite Insiders control much of their empire. For so small an area, the City wields a totally unbelievable amount of political and financial power. Many are certain that this is the seat of the secret world super government. It is also believed that from this scat of power, all political and financial actions are monitored by this colossal organization'”

The Illuminati has never numbered more than a few thousand members. A truly secret society cannot hope to retain its secrets if it reveals them to too many people. When the Illuminati attempts to spread its ideas to a wider audience, it does so via carefully chosen religions, organisations, secret societies and esoteric orders. These groups are often led by members of the Illuminati, but are not party to the core secrets of the Illuminati. They are given a flavour of the central ideas of Illumination, but are denied the complete picture. Even if these groups were to turn against the Illuminati, they would not be able to betray any primary secrets.

All religions based on faith rather than knowledge are contrary to Illumination. All religions that do not teach reincarnation are contrary to Illumination. All religions that posit a benign creator of the earth are contrary to Illumination. All religions that place humanity in an automatically degraded state in relation to divine reality are contrary to Illumination.

The name of Lucifer, the fallen angel is also known as the bearer of light, hence the “illuminati” which means the enlightened ones. Lucifer is also known as the father of lies, hence a master deceiver, and a degree of pride that has caused him to declare that he will be as the Most High. The illuminati have always been based on the lodges of Freemasonry, which was taken over at the higher levels in the eighteenth century by the illuminati. So called “good deeds” are carried out by the middle and lower levels of the society. The higher and enlightened ones are in direct fellowship with Lucifer and the fallen powers of darkness whose final intent and purpose is not only to be worshipped but also to gain dominion and control over the entire earth.

Money is power ; and no other intelligent being seems more fulLy to appreciate the extent of this power.

Middle and lower-class citizens will be constricted to capitalist subjugation and poverty through evolved policies derived from corporate oversight and greed with a used surplus to aggressively protect the assets of the super-elite from economic failures and fraudulent bankruptcies, despite the importance given to the economic and social inequalities throughout the world. In other words, filling the bank vaults of the super-elite and causing the poor to become more impoverished.

The Illuminati aspire to achieve complete domination through ambitions and values seem to capitalise on and institutionalise social order and support the notion of ‘the removal of religion from the societal ethos’, secular and neoliberal values that are reserved and secured within the autocracy of the Antichrist system. How class divisions empower autocratic leaderships.’ For example: King John of England endorsed the Magna Carta (the Charter) constitution as a solution to the political crisis he experienced in 1215. The Magna Carta established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the law, with the initialisation and the fulfilment of capitalist, liberal and secular values into British society.

This document was later produced to analyse divisions and control within society, representing and maintaining the interests of the baronial elite. The Magna Carta constitution does not show equal treatment, accountability, freedoms and liberties of expression of all; thus, power is located amongst the elite representatives of the upper classes, middle-aged, middle-class men, most of whom achieve a similar education and have resembled career paths as the current or earlier elite members of society. The Magna Carta constitution of 1215 and the revised editions of 1216, 1217 and 1225 brought in sixty-three clauses: for example:

Heirs may be given in marriage, but not to someone of lower social standing. Before a marriage takes place, it shall be’ made known to the heir’s next-of-kin. No sheriff constable, coroners, or other royal officials are to hold lawsuits that should be held by the royal justices. 1221 The writ called precipe shall not in future be issued to anyone in respect of any holding of land if a free man could thereby be deprived of the right of trial in his own lord’s court. 1231.

hit global economies between 2019-2028. With fears that constant rise in inflation, lack of free markets and the slow economic growth, lending, will slowly create a global financial crisis, a greater depression, that will affect the lower and middle-class citizens of the world, financially, emotionally and mentally. And all emerging markets will be in trouble due to unjust policies of the New World Order and its monetary system.

Because of this lower-middle-class war, individuals will be institutionalised and isolated from the world and classed as unfit and rebellious. In reality, they are victims of the corruption displayed by the Illuminati whose intention is to rule the world through the one-world-government by instantly suppressing the minorities through false wealth distribution, food, medicine, unemployment and housing.

As a result, there will be very little room to properly maintain support if the world’s economies collapse, with unemployment on the increase caused by the lack of dynamism in global economics. This is intentional to steer in a new global system that highlights the elitist agenda to control global finances and economies while fluttering the lower-middle classes working in the public and private sectors citing equality.

The ‘ringleaders’ of this system have deep-rooted their provisions into today’s minority’, the youth, using mechanisms and illusions to further their policies on an undercover status, marking the immaturity and ignorance of the minority, which has resulted in shaping today’s society as they see fit! As a result, they have implanted ideas that illustrate their way of life, through controlled and conventional education, fashion, technology, social and societal structures, and war, so, therefore, creating imaginary narratives, clouding and obscuring real knowledge, and inciting backwardness because of this system!

“The last great delusion is soon to open before us. Antichrist is to perform his marvellous works in our sight; so closely will the counterfeit  resemble the true that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the Holy Scriptures.” (Quoted by Ellen G. White)

The Illuminati have already set in motion plans for a world war. How the world will end is known, but when the world ends is another question. Political freedom and social freedom is always an illusion. The only real freedom is in the one true God. All of the world’s governments, no matter how honest and sincere their intentions may be, work on the bases of the Antichrist system to promote chaos and anarchy and social degeneration.

We are in such a state of social confusion and despair we have difficulty understanding the alternative. This directly results from overexposure to this illusion. When you do not understand the world, you begin to fill in the void with your illusions. Otherwise known as idealism. This is another psychological tool of yet a more revered force. The Antichrist! As we become more prone to accept this system, we allow the Antichrist system to enter our lives unnoticed. The Antichrist is the theory of destruction we create in our misinterpretation of who we are in relationship to a collapsing world and the one true God, entertaining the illusion that the world revolves around humanist values and selfish ideals.

Not recognizing the difference between good and evil, the current system is just a mere tool where this dark force, the Antichrist, influences the elites and the authorities, leading them into believing that somehow, they would reign through this system. However, these systems, the Antichrist employs are designed to subdue us. The constant deterioration of our individualism and self-esteem compellingly influences the perception of the entire human civilization.

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